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  1. Thank you Wert. Port Hughes is bit far from where I live but will definitely try if I went fishing at yorke. I’ll keep updated my kayak journeys on en the weather is getting better [emoji106]
  2. Thank you soobz. I will definitely try Snowden beach and seacliff . I know there is some ray in Snowden beach would be funny to fight them in a kayak. And heard lot of stories about squids/ snook at seacliff and marina rock. I don’t have much experience with fresh water fishing but have been fish at happy valley for cod few times was really disappointed they are in good size and good number but they don’t fight at all feel like dragging a dead fish from the water.[emoji23]
  3. Thank you Kelvin. After seeing ur suggestion I will definitely try metro area to gain more ocean kayaking experience. And yes my kayak don’t do well in current. On my first kayak session i try to paddle through some current at west lake and it took me hour to reach where I want to go (less than 2km from my launch point ).
  4. Thank you for reply kelvin My kayak is kayak 2 fish next gen 11. I’ have only been kayaking in west lake 3 times. Maybe I should try coorong before vb [emoji23]
  5. Hi! I want to explore some new fishing spot have never fish in coorong and VB but keen to take some adventure. I’m thinking of rock fishing in vb and maybe bring my kayak but have heard story about great white in there. Can anyone give me some tips about fishing in these area ? Like land based spot in coorong ( not asking for secret spot just general area) and if it’s safe to kayaking in these places. Thank you
  6. https://maps.app.goo.gl/bJbXZ6jc6ZNtXp5w5?g_st=ic This is where I lost my rod and reel. If anyone find it I will happy to pay 150 as rewards or u could just keep it [emoji23]
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice haven’t be able to log in to the website somehow sorry for the late reply. But appreciate for every suggestions.
  8. I just bought the same set up today. Although I don’t have much hope That I could get it back but I will go back this weekend and try to get it back by magnet fishing
  9. Yesterday went to west lake for my first ever kayak fishing session. And some how I knock my rod into the water went for a swim but couldn’t get it back. Brought the rod and reel less than a month 🥲🥲 anyone had same experience ?
  10. Thx wert. I usually just stay in one or two spot for few hrs I think that maybe the problem. I’m thinking of getting a kayak I hope that can help me to get a bream on lure. 從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送
  11. Thx doobie. You should try west lake some day. It is surprisingly good [emoji38]
  12. Hi ! I have try to catch bream on lure for couple weeks now. I have use sp hb and cranka crab with 6lb briad and 4-6lb leader but couldn’t get any bream. But when ever I switch to bait the fish will go crazy. I have heard stories about the bream is over feed and won’t go after lure. Does anyone have success with lure in west lake ? 從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送
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