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  1. Softy

    2019 Footy Tipping Comp!!!

    First game is tonight.. Don;t forget to get your tips in!!!!
  2. Softy

    Adelaide fishing

    I've been getting plenty of St's in the river.. But what's going to happen when they start dredging in June?
  3. Softy

    Adelaide fishing

    Try the Zman grubs, Bream seem to fancy them.
  4. Softy

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    It might. I tried to hook it from the 2 and 3 "rib" but didn't look tright to me. Probably wouldn't bother the fish but it bothered me.
  5. Softy

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    I did the hook that plastic over the eyelet thing today.. It doesn't stay on there.. every half hour or so i'd check it and have to redo it.
  6. Softy

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    I actually saw that video on Facebook this morning about hooking it over the eye. Going to give it a try tomorrow. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  7. Softy

    Anyone used a FG Wizz?

    Improved albright is all I used.. from 4lb up to 50lb
  8. Softy

    Anyone used a FG Wizz?

    Waste of money. Use your hands and tie a improved albight!
  9. Something you will never find out.. You need to catch some first.
  10. Got out this morning to test it. Working perfectly [emoji108] had a gut feeling it wouldn't read right but thankfully I was wrong. As for the unit it does all I need except it doesn't measure distance travelled... Unless I'm not looking at the right thing. Just gotta get my head around what it's showing on the screen VS my location on the water.
  11. Softy

    Catching Mullet info wanted

    Plenty of Mullet off Henley Jetty.
  12. Pretty happy how it turned out... Not bad for a kitchen bench job... [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  13. I'm yet to wire it up.. but the fuse will come out of the crimp that comes off the battery.
  14. Oh and thanks for having patients guys with all my Noob questions.
  15. Well I'm all done apart from the battery mount. Thinking about getting one of them Hobie hatch battery holders, I'm guessing Brink's will have them? Just hope it fits.. i reckon I saw somewhere that there only 150mm wide and the lip on my hatch is wider.. Cuttla pics. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk