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  1. Looking sweet mate, keep the pics coming they are feeding my lure addiction perfectly
  2. FG knot for me using the Knott Assist 2.0 if I’m doing it at home if I break a leader while wading (like last trip that cost me my favourite lure you can not buy any more) then I revert to the double uni prefer the FG how it is smooth and does not catch on guides but too lazy to tie while out fishing
  3. Nice work mate, they are looking good
  4. I second this yes clips work but I’ve always found direct tie to pure results in better strike rate I also hate the little clips and I find them fidly and can tie quicker
  5. keenfisho

    tuna oil

    There used to be a guy in the industrial estate at Parafield around the corner from the old no air and ROH wheels factories that sold in bulk, not sure if they are still there but work a look
  6. Welcome to the forum barramundi, great first post on a topic from nearly 4 years ago I still don’t rate the savage gear crabs, I have caught many bream and mullies in many different crab lures and plastic just don’t rate the savage gear crabs near many others, other savage lures are great
  7. Yummo, been awhile since Ive had a feed of gar or even targeted them they were the bread and butter fish my grandpa used to teach me how to fish spent many a trip out in the boat catching them, nan can butterfly fillet them better than anyone
  8. Looking great, they should attract a bit of attention
  9. Happy to help you out mate, you know where and how I fish for them. I don’t get out as much as I used to but have helpers these day with my older boys always out there with me
  10. I was dry wreching just watching the video think I will stick the buying them
  11. Well done for giving it a crack, but yuck! the smell must have been disgusting