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  1. Yes mate, have caught YFW and Salmon trout with it, would work on the old bream in the correct situation
  2. Great start to the season Des especially with this cold weather
  3. Cmon on softy I know you want it
  4. This combo has been sitting in storage and not getting any use like I planned ive used it once to dial in casting and never hooked a fish thinking it is extra to my needs and I need new wheels for my mountain bike not sure what it would be worth to sell hit me up if your interested and we can work a deal. Rod and reel only
  5. Amazing post Des yfw flats fishing is easily my favourite form of fishing and these days I just don’t have the time like I used to posts like this certainly give me some motivation, thanks mate
  6. They started out as a way to launch boats and are still used this way but in the last few years I have seen a increase of them being used to take families and groups of people out and then used as a platform to fish from as well as like a home base for swimming, kayaking etc
  7. I use some similar plastics on yfw i use both nedrigs and normal plastic jig heads i work them slowly back with puffs in the sand and the yfw love them
  8. I’m interested to know if he is working the lure or dead sticking it like bait
  9. Interesting, some quality breambos right there
  10. Yep, gulp turtlebacks work and as softy said nedrigs work well too
  11. Is it going to be open for fishing? I thought this was only opening for walking and riding? I hope they do allow yaks and fishing. Only problem will be how accessible it is, it will get smashed
  12. Years gone by yes definitely but these days with the kids and sport etc, not a chance. I’d be 20 days if I’m lucky and possible only single digits of full proper sessions with out the kids
  13. I too have been struggling to find a shoulder bag in local tackle shops seems like no one is really stocking them atm the only place that had one was tackleworld on port road but because it was a ‘trout’ bag in the fly section it had a price tag of nearly $250 i think I will end up ordering this one from online
  14. found the pics of my old Noarlunga PB this was caught on a good old wriggler but memory and was released perfectly
  15. I’m not a local and don’t fish it very often but there used to be some big old dark ones in the upper system, need to fish in tight to the plentiful snags and then good luck getting them out For every good fish I’ve ever caught from there, Ive lost a lot more
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