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  1. keenfisho

    tuna oil

    There used to be a guy in the industrial estate at Parafield around the corner from the old no air and ROH wheels factories that sold in bulk, not sure if they are still there but work a look
  2. Welcome to the forum barramundi, great first post on a topic from nearly 4 years ago I still don’t rate the savage gear crabs, I have caught many bream and mullies in many different crab lures and plastic just don’t rate the savage gear crabs near many others, other savage lures are great
  3. Yummo, been awhile since Ive had a feed of gar or even targeted them they were the bread and butter fish my grandpa used to teach me how to fish spent many a trip out in the boat catching them, nan can butterfly fillet them better than anyone
  4. Looking great, they should attract a bit of attention
  5. Happy to help you out mate, you know where and how I fish for them. I don’t get out as much as I used to but have helpers these day with my older boys always out there with me
  6. I was dry wreching just watching the video think I will stick the buying them
  7. Well done for giving it a crack, but yuck! the smell must have been disgusting
  8. Don’t buy much these days i have a collection of hardbodies from my bream days a collection of poppers and stick baits I still use heavily for YFW and tend to only buy when I lose one or on a work trip to Lincoln where I always buy one when getting advise on what’s biting where have loads of plastics but tend to only buy and use demand and gulp turtlebacks these days would buy turtlebacks every time I go to Kmart (when they have them) or a tackleshop
  9. I’m generally a shimano man with a bit of Diawa and Abu mostly spend $150 to $250 but look for specials my favourite reels are the shimano Stradic but have a couple of Diawas I love when it comes to rods diawa outshine shimano in the pricing I buy to contradict everything about my absolute favourite rod is my little 6 foot bream rod which is a 1-3kg Azusa it is so light but strong
  10. You can get them in lighter versions mate I’ve got some somewhere from when I used to yak fish, 1/32 by memory
  11. Leave it to cure mate and cross your fingers you got it you won’t know till your on the water anyway its not as hard as we make it sound mmmmm I want a yak again
  12. Yeah that valley looks fine mate also agree with the foam I stick my foam down first, then filled with silicone then pushed my transducer into the silicone and put a weight in it till it cured just got to make sure no air bubbles then it will be all good im fairly sure I have some pics of my AI install somewhere, I will try to find them and put them up