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  1. keenfisho

    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Leave it to cure mate and cross your fingers you got it you won’t know till your on the water anyway its not as hard as we make it sound mmmmm I want a yak again
  2. keenfisho

    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Yeah that valley looks fine mate also agree with the foam I stick my foam down first, then filled with silicone then pushed my transducer into the silicone and put a weight in it till it cured just got to make sure no air bubbles then it will be all good im fairly sure I have some pics of my AI install somewhere, I will try to find them and put them up
  3. keenfisho

    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Here you go, just got to make sure you squeeze smoothly and push the transducer in smooth and weigh it down while drying so as you don’t get air bubbles air bubbles are the enemy
  4. keenfisho

    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Buy one of the small tubes of silicone that has the handle built in its what I used on my moken and adventure island, made it very easy
  5. keenfisho

    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Put up a pic of the bottom of the yak and maybe inside of it flat spot under your seat?
  6. keenfisho

    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Agree through hull is definitely easier with a yak ive had two through hull set ups and one off a ram arm off the back off my old PA as it was side scan needs to be tight enough not to kick up with swell and waves but loose enough to kick up if you hit something or beach landing have you bought a sounder yet? im thinking about upgrading my Garmin ecomap5 if your interested
  7. keenfisho

    Who's been catching salmon this season?

    I can’t remember what fishing is let alone a salmon
  8. keenfisho

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Awesome Brayden hope the new job goes well more importantly now your not having to work in the fishing industry now you can get back to your passion and fish mate hit me up for a fish mate my boat need to get wet let’s organise another fishing trip maybe even get softy out with us see as he has actually fished again lately
  9. keenfisho

    Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    We just bought my son a spiney leaf insect for his bday interesting little creatures
  10. keenfisho

    2018 Footy Tipping Comp

    Yep let’s go round again
  11. Agree ive only chased them once and the old halco lazerpro dominated think we were using the 140 size by memory
  12. keenfisho

    Snapper Opening 2017

    Nice work Rhett great video of what looks like an absolute cracka day
  13. keenfisho

    Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Oooooi now ya talking shun are my absolute favourite
  14. keenfisho

    Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Beautiful knives Rod if you need any commercial knives etc down the track I have access to just about everything through work and will do Sharp prices for Strikehook members
  15. keenfisho

    Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    I use a 1000 for all my fishing from chasing bream In the port, to Mullies down the Coorong to trout in the hill and even while wading the flats ive had it for going on two years and it hasn’t missed a beat I absolutely love it i also have the older fi version which I think is a bit stronger but the ci4+ is just so light it does get a bit of flex when hooked to larger fish but nothing that has worried me