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  1. Hi fellas , I done a quote for a bloke on some brickwork that owns the commercial hotel in Port Adelaide he has a house on west lakes with a pontoon out back on accessible by yak I asked him if he fishes much he took me out back on his deck and omg bream with blue lips everywhere I’m guessing 50 to 60 cm 3-4 lbs maybe more never seen anything like it they were making eye contact with me I guess waiting for me to dish up some treats for them he feeds them all the scraps from dinner lunches ect he tells me they don’t ever look at lures or plastics bread is
  2. I’m up for it got a tribe of kiddies that live locally would love it
  3. Pasani.he is the dog in this gulf. all the other netters are getting older .and how would you get a feed of fish from the pub or resturaunt if they are all banned.wich will never happen for a long long time.and the fishing was heaps better in 80's and 90's And there was a 100 plus net licences and now there is only 40 and millions of recos.do the math dont go blaming all netters for one idiots actions
  4. All fish returned quickly and healthy Kuerschie. But might keep one friday when i go on a hunt again.
  5. You can freeze them after they are cooked .there fine after a month in the feezer ..guarantee it..done it for many years
  6. Yeah poppa.got good head space in the cabin now..and i designed it .happy with the finished product.fiam filled floor and gunnles aswell very safe tub..
  7. Thanks for all the psitive feed back fellas .
  8. Yeah softy my son took some awful pictures as the adrenaline was pumping and slimy wet fingers..
  9. My oldest son and I have been hanging out to get the new look bertram of ours on the water and catching and relaxing..a last minute decision as the winds droped off seen us heading to Ardrossan. There was 8 trailers in the park and no pros wich was met with delight.we gathered our bait ..at ardrossan port jetty wich was a heap of slimy macks..we waited till around 100pm till we headed to my drops and look for signs of fish..first drop 4 km of ards no sign of fish move to the next drop south of ards called sarges..no sign of fish ..i was getting a little worried.so we headed to the combyvan ..
  10. I run shimano ,Daiwa, a silstar- uglystick ,wilson 4120, gomoku, a penn 5120,,i aint sponsored buy these brands ,i sponsor them , i would luv to have more ..but these brands have held up fine and stood the test of time...take as long as you can sorting the one .have a good look at whats on offer. but have taken liking to wilson over the years awesome feel and durability ,tuff,good aussie brand but very pricey ,
  11. i carry a scapel in first in my first aid kit like brankim states ,a nik here and there ,as for for these larger hooks .like Tinker has posted .id like to see him do that
  12. when i catch me a tuna i will give this a go,just looking at it makes my mouth water ..
  13. the good old days of walking to the end of the outer harbour break wall ,round 30- 45 min of rock jumping depending on how fit you are ,opens up a whole new world of land based fishing metro ,salmon trout ,rugger snapper, squid rays,snook,school mulloway and plenty little bronzes ,gar,and more, and no one can real complain about you fishing for big stuff ,as not to many people go out there for a stroll like metro beaches these days .do not walk it in the dark can be dangerous as a mate had a bad fall one night and fractured his arm and lost a lot of skin ,but highly recommend it .there is a
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