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  1. April would have to be my favourite time to go there, so you're on the money for some good fishing! Especially on the South Coast. If there are offshore winds, it would be worth having a suss at some of the main beaches down there, might come across a salmon school for endless exhausting fun. Good luck ScaledUp! Really looking forward to the report P.S. I remember years back, I asked the same questions on this forum.. If it weren't for the help of fellow S&H'ers my trips wouldn't have been as eventful as they were! Great people make a great forum..
  2. Hey Stu, here's a link to an aquarium channel that caught my interest. Instantly thought of your projects. 

    1. Booma


      Cheers Alex, already subscribed to that channel haha ;)

  3. Hi Meppstas, those pencil sketches underneath the lures caught my eye in a couple of your images! Are they yours, by any chance?
  4. A couple of new light tackle toys. Un-regrettably bought one off a pleasant fellow S&H'er! Overwhelmed with them.
  5. No idea what it was called, Tinker! Got it ages ago in a pack.
  6. I managed to pull this big girl out yesterday! My second carp on fly and this beast went 72cm! Bring on summer!!!
  7. Cheers @jimbojames and @Marsone. I'll definetly look into it! I can imagine the buzz you'd get after hooking up on one of your own flies. Thanks guys @keenfisho, thanks mate, I'll PM him now.
  8. Hey S&Her's, I'm looking forward to this Summer and I'll be focusing on fly fishing quite a bit! Anyone selling any flies that'll do the job? Cheers.
  9. Bream over 40cm on a surface lure. YFW on surface Legal snapper Legal mulloway 45cm+ Bream. Bream on fly Carp on fly Redfin on fly I'll be heading back to Kangaroo Island these holidays, going to try my luck off the rocks for mulloway and other rock species. Interested to see the results Also hoping to smash a 40cm bream off the surface in one of the small KI creeks! Super keen..
  10. Cheers Adrian! Call me what you like, I'm no king. I've seen your recent reports too! Some fantastic waterways you're fishing and lovely fish also!
  11. Lmao! Still gives me a buzz when I think about it. A fishermans first instinct, keep the rod and reel dry!
  12. Had another fantastic time down at the Onk this arvo, only fished for 3 hours! I landed a dozen with the 2 biggest being 37cm and 35cm. Dropped quite a few including one that would have been similar to the biggest, if not bigger. My mate (Blan) landed his first bream on lure, followed by 3 more! All fish were caught on the ol' trust worthy Zman Grubz. Always feel confident using them. Hoping to get onto them again, sometime soon!
  13. Great report Doobie. Enjoyed the read, lots of effort put in for those fish! Well deserved.
  14. Here's a little video I put together. That's a very good point, I struggled with that when I first started targeting them. But once you land a few, you will feel more confident and persistent. Always worth the reward when you catch one, nonetheless.
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