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  1. Booma

    3lb brown

    Quality Fish, well played!
  2. Cracking fish and scenery! I always enjoy returning to rivers and creeks and after flood events, its often like fishing an entirely new stretch of water with the pool and run structures changing dramatically.
  3. Booma


    I would suggest contacting SAFFA (SA Fly Fishers) to see if they offer those kind of opportunities (I'm not a member myself) https://www.saflyfishers.asn.au/SAFFA_Contact.html
  4. Can I ask what sort of weed it is? Or if anybody has a photo of it I'd be keen to see it!
  5. Hey Stu, here's a link to an aquarium channel that caught my interest. Instantly thought of your projects. 

    1. Booma


      Cheers Alex, already subscribed to that channel haha ;)

  6. Booma

    Photo Theft

    Only on those sweet sweet named trout spots
  7. Booma

    Photo Theft

    The ones "she" has are also stolen from someone else haha
  8. Booma

    Photo Theft

    Just a heads up guys. Came across an instagram account tonight masqurading as a young lady who fishes adelaide hills creeks and streams for trout. None of her photos are Legit, and a reverse image search revealed at least one of the photos she is claiming as her own is actually one of Meppsta's (I presume) The account is https://www.instagram.com/ruzzomelissa/ if anyone wants to check it out for any of there own pictures. Meppstas stolen photo is from this article https://www.tasfish.com/135-rivers/mersey-river/2454-good-spin-session-in-tannin-waters-22-9-2017
  9. I've made them myself (still yet to try them out though). 1.3mm Stainless wire works well, and a 1m length should be enough to put together 2 slides and two stoppers.
  10. I think the issue with Redfin populations in pressured fisheries is that the bigger fish get taken out of the system. Redfin can breed by the time they are 12cm, and I wouldnt mind guessing that they get from egg size to 12cm faster than they get from 12cm to say, 30cm (a size I would consider a Redfin would need to be to regularly prey on smaller Redfin). I have nothing against guys who are catching and killing, as long as they apply it to every size fish they catch. Catch and release (yes it is illegal) has no overall impact on size and population, would probably work better if small
  11. No I have no idea how they got there, it's nowhere near my local stomping grounds and I've never fished there myself. Either in the water (eggs or young fish) they used to fill it, or translocated would be my guess. That's what I'm saying though, there will always be reddies in St clair, but the more pressure it receives, the smaller the fish get. Thought it was worth pointing out since Nick specifically asked for a location to get good size fish. Bushland Park is a great example of this. Being a local lake for me, I've watched the fishing pressure ramp up on it over the last 20years.
  12. I started with street directories, but modern technology is amazing https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/South+Australia/@-31.746348,125.9926401,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6aa7589e5be8c7f3:0xdb7e79993dfad0d8!8m2!3d-30.0002315!4d136.2091547 I wrote a post a long time ago on here about doing your own legwork to find freshwater spots. I don't have the patience right now to sit down and search through pages of my own posts, but that search button up in the top right hand corner of the page will net you plenty of spots with the most basic of searches. The other bonus to going out a
  13. All those whip baits will demolish salmon trout, and snook if they feel like that colour on the day. The prawns fish really well when fished slow on the bottom on a weedless style jig head (TT Chinlockz or TT Snagless Weight system). They still work great on a regular jig head, but they look and glide super realistically with the weight set back from the front. The added benefit is you can fish rocky and weedy ground for flatties alot easier with the weedless heads. Never had much luck with fish/shad style squidgy plastics myself. Have found they don't store very well (tails get bent j
  14. I've been back at work after a long time unemployed, hopefully get stuck back into some fish with some new gear in the next few weeks
  15. I use a loop knot myself and don't go near snaps unless I'm squidding. Shouldn't be too much of an issue unless you are using finely balanced hard bodies. I've found in the past using a snap or clip can turn a suspending lure into a sinking one, or cause it to sit at an odd angle in the water, impacting the presentation when not retrieving.
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