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  1. Imagine casting that off coz of too light line or rod rating lol
  2. Quality Black Bream there, Mussel Vibe , who would of thought. Be deadly around rocky shorelines ,jetty pylons, pontoons anywhere they grow really.
  3. It will also keep your rod out of the way, when landing a fish. Not getting damaged ,by accidentally stepped on in the excitement . land fish, put rod in holder vertically, open bail arm , take fish off hook.
  4. Ive owned the same rod holders for yonks, did not think they could be used for anything more. Cheers Yellow door for the tips. Will now be using mine for baiting & rigging. Sick of leaning up against a bush & getting line tangled up in said bush while rebaiting. Make life so much easier, they say it takes another pair of eyes to see things differently, well done.
  5. Fingers crossed Happy Valley is going to be better to fish L B. Think i will be waiting for that to open & being 15mins down road even better. Otherwise wait for the water to warm up & fish shallow hardbodies. Its easier to fish when the water is lower , so u can cast further away into the drop off. But at the moment its very full, right up to the tree line.
  6. Ok am i the only 1 having weed probs using lures landbased down there. Using vibes / blades are the go at the moment, to get out to where the fish are schooling. But for the life of me, im not getting enough time for the fish, can see or feel the lure , before it fouls in the weed. knowing they are hugging close to the bottom , thats the strikezone for the lures to be. Even weedless sps are getting weeded up . Been doing are lot of Ks down there for no reward. Its actually doing my head in ,hearing that people are catching 40+ models landbased. The only way i can see a way around this is
  7. styla

    Coupla Juvys

    Well done Hunter, pretty little brownies there on fly.
  8. Thanks Guys , thats what i was thinking myself. Confirmation Mr Raymondo.
  9. Had a brief encounter with a fish on a live salmon troutie, fishing the coorong. At first i thought it was a Mullie ,but it was just steady weight ,when it swam off slowly. Then it accelarated with a nice run , then spat the hook. At no stage was there any headshakes, on examining the bait i could not see any teeth marks. So im stumped at what it might of been, any ideas fellow Strike Hookers?
  10. Well done Hunter, some nice looking juvi Browns ,on the Wand.
  11. 3 Reddies in a sesh over 40 thats some fine angling there Braids
  12. Stunning looking Reddie mate , great pics. Mine is 45cm 1.67kegs
  13. styla

    P.b Trout

    Very nice well conditioned Brownie, congrats!
  14. Very pretty Brown ,nicely done!
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