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  1. styla

    Coupla Juvys

    Well done Hunter, pretty little brownies there on fly.
  2. Count me in on that Braids, Kershman.
  3. Thanks Guys , thats what i was thinking myself. Confirmation Mr Raymondo.
  4. Had a brief encounter with a fish on a live salmon troutie, fishing the coorong. At first i thought it was a Mullie ,but it was just steady weight ,when it swam off slowly. Then it accelarated with a nice run , then spat the hook. At no stage was there any headshakes, on examining the bait i could not see any teeth marks. So im stumped at what it might of been, any ideas fellow Strike Hookers?
  5. Well done Hunter, some nice looking juvi Browns ,on the Wand.
  6. 3 Reddies in a sesh over 40 thats some fine angling there Braids
  7. Stunning looking Reddie mate , great pics. Mine is 45cm 1.67kegs
  8. styla

    P.b Trout

    Very nice well conditioned Brownie, congrats!
  9. Very pretty Brown ,nicely done!
  10. styla

    Pb brown

    Beautiful big Brownie, well done.
  11. All the best for your new job Braids. Got to love more time for fishing!
  12. Stunning looking trout ,never knew they existed.
  13. Awesome photos, beautiful big Brownie! If only we had them that size here.
  14. Stinky,bloody make good crab bait.
  15. Mate your in the wrong job! Great photo, would make a wild calendar shot.
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