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  1. Cheers Floatman it was a good afternoon and yeah i was very surprised to land a catfish
  2. Hi all here is a quick video I put together of my most productive carp fishing session this year Cheers LL
  3. cracker fish, I wonder what the food source is have not seen many mosquito fish or galaxias lately... if you are fishing the area I think you are ...
  4. Unfortunately, I didn't measure this one ( how stupid of me ) so 40cm was a guess, was a chunky fish which took the lure 1 metre from my feet from the undercut was awesome to watch it scoff the plastic
  5. Hi all wondering what the biggest Redfin Perch is that has been caught in SA waters. I managed a Pb pushing 40cms on the weekend, not huge but a cracker fish for a freshwater novice like me. Whats your biggest? Cheers LL
  6. Cheers TL, might have to grab blue smelt pattern, reckon that will be a ripper for snook/ salmon inshore Cheers LL
  7. Hi Guys, Turns out Fishing wholesalers got new stock in !!! I just purchased a few more than I really needed ohwell
  8. Howdy all, looking to add a few double clutches in 75mm and 95mm to my quiver. Does anyone have any suggestions for what local retailers have a well stocked range at present? Most of the colours i want at the moment are out of stock. Cheers LL
  9. Well done on the good year so far!!! awesome fishing!!! I am simply chasing the 20lb yak double. 20lb mulloway and 20lb snapper. so far I am only up to a 14lb mulloway and a 55cm snapper but will be giving it a red hot crack.
  10. cheers Southie and Surfcaztr, I will get busy and pick some up before my next trip. LL.
  11. Hey Guys, After landing a few mulloway, flathead and small salmon on my double clutches it has become clear that as deadly sharp that these hooks are. They bend and snap after a few good fish. I currently own 8 double clutches and need to replace hooks on 6 of these. Have heard the owners in the same size are a much stronger hook but are heavier. I am sure many of you have had to replace these hooks so what has been your go to?
  12. Cheers Mate, Luckily i will have access to go out with the oldman in his 21 footer throughout the tuna season!!! but i know what you mean i am just going to start simple and work my way up aha
  13. Howdy guys, Just looking for a bit of info and experiences from you all regarding seas-worthy open boats. Looking at purchasing my first boat later this year and i am looking at open boats between 4.2- 4.8ms preferably something with substantial freeboard. So far boats in the Stacer range have been looking like a winner. But i am after suggestions for brands and models that could also be worth a look. Here are some of my favourites from my current research https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2013-Stacer-449-Seahorse/SSE-AD-5275909/?cr=42&psq=((((Service%3D[Boatsales]
  14. Rapala X-rap has been doing well, (aren't too bad on price if you can find a special). need to get creative for the larger models I have found this season.
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