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  1. learninglures

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    Cheers TL, might have to grab blue smelt pattern, reckon that will be a ripper for snook/ salmon inshore Cheers LL
  2. learninglures

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    Hi Guys, Turns out Fishing wholesalers got new stock in !!! I just purchased a few more than I really needed ohwell
  3. learninglures

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    Howdy all, looking to add a few double clutches in 75mm and 95mm to my quiver. Does anyone have any suggestions for what local retailers have a well stocked range at present? Most of the colours i want at the moment are out of stock. Cheers LL
  4. learninglures

    2018 Fishing goals

    Well done on the good year so far!!! awesome fishing!!! I am simply chasing the 20lb yak double. 20lb mulloway and 20lb snapper. so far I am only up to a 14lb mulloway and a 55cm snapper but will be giving it a red hot crack.
  5. learninglures

    Replacing Double Clutch trebles

    cheers Southie and Surfcaztr, I will get busy and pick some up before my next trip. LL.
  6. learninglures

    Replacing Double Clutch trebles

    Hey Guys, After landing a few mulloway, flathead and small salmon on my double clutches it has become clear that as deadly sharp that these hooks are. They bend and snap after a few good fish. I currently own 8 double clutches and need to replace hooks on 6 of these. Have heard the owners in the same size are a much stronger hook but are heavier. I am sure many of you have had to replace these hooks so what has been your go to?
  7. learninglures

    Entry Level Open Boat

    Cheers Mate, Luckily i will have access to go out with the oldman in his 21 footer throughout the tuna season!!! but i know what you mean i am just going to start simple and work my way up aha
  8. Howdy guys, Just looking for a bit of info and experiences from you all regarding seas-worthy open boats. Looking at purchasing my first boat later this year and i am looking at open boats between 4.2- 4.8ms preferably something with substantial freeboard. So far boats in the Stacer range have been looking like a winner. But i am after suggestions for brands and models that could also be worth a look. Here are some of my favourites from my current research https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2013-Stacer-449-Seahorse/SSE-AD-5275909/?cr=42&psq=((((Service%3D[Boatsales]%26BoatType%3D[Power])%26Price%3Drange[..10000])%26LengthInFeet%3Drange[12..17])%26(((SiloType%3D[Dealer used boats]|SiloType%3D[Dealer new boats])|SiloType%3D[Private used boats])|SiloType%3D[Demo and near new boats]))&pso=30&pss=AdvertAge https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2005-Stacer-460-SEAHORSE/SSE-AD-5282113/?cr=14&psq=((((Service%3D[Boatsales]%26BoatType%3D[Power])%26Price%3Drange[..10000])%26LengthInFeet%3Drange[12..17])%26(((SiloType%3D[Dealer used boats]|SiloType%3D[Dealer new boats])|SiloType%3D[Private used boats])|SiloType%3D[Demo and near new boats]))&pso=0&pss=AdvertAge Cheers LL.
  9. learninglures

    Cheap Snook Lures

    Rapala X-rap has been doing well, (aren't too bad on price if you can find a special). need to get creative for the larger models I have found this season.
  10. Howdy all, I just picked up my first Double Clutch in ghost wakasagi 60 mm. I love it, so far it has only picked up a small St and squid , (yes a squid on troll- weird) anyway i really love the action and am looking at picking up a few more in other colours and sizes. so what are your favourites ;P .
  11. learninglures

    Leatherback Turtle in Coffins Bay

    https://cie-deakin.com/about-sast/ some interesting information about turtles turning up in Southern Waters
  12. learninglures

    My recent fishing escapades

    Howdy all, In my spare time, I have created a fishing blog where I write about most of my fishing trips, well the successful ones anyway. To save copy/ pasting content from my blog to this forum I have provided this link below for any of you who wish to read about my recent fishing adventures: Cheers all- LL http://lachycross.wixsite.com/crossyscatches
  13. learninglures

    My recent Trips and reports-

    Howdy all, over a quite time at University I started writing a few reports about some of the fishing trips I have recently done so here is a link to my reports, as it is easier than copying and pasting them all in. http://lachycross.wixsite.com/crossyscatches cheers members. http://lachycross.wixsite.com/ Here are a few pictures from some of my reports