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  1. Noz 2

    Hello fellow fishers!, sorry for being inactive for so long. i can assure you i have caught at least five hundred red herrings. sadly i will disable my account in 1 month time due to my dog forcing me to, keep safe fishers and don't forget 

    One, two, three, four, five
    Once I caught a fish alive,
    Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
    Then I let it go again.

    Why did you let it go?
    Because it bit my finger so.
    Which finger did it bite?
    This little finger on my right.

    (Count from 1 to 10)

    One, two, three, four, five,
    Once I caught a fish alive,
    Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
    Then I let it go again.

    Why did you let it go?
    Because it bit my finger so.
    Which finger did it bite?
    This little finger on my right.

  2. Noz

    Cranka lures

    I've caught reddies on em, no luck with the Bream tho
  3. Noz

    The Best Squid Jig?

    I've actually got that hs jig mate! Will chuck it under my UV torch.. Cheers for the info
  4. Hey hookers! Squid fishing is one of the more relaxing opportunities fishing offers I reckon.. I've certainly had a ball with mates in the past just sittin out on the rocks pullin in squids with a nice sunset backdrop.. Nice and easy for of fishing to get into as well Will be headin out Monday's sunrise for the dodge tide to try and get onto a couple from the rocks at OH. Me and my mates have little competitions with who catches the most on which jigs and whatnot, a little bit of fun.. I'll be defending my previous win against him from Wool Bay a while back, and I lead him 28-18 for the year so far So I'll be heading down to a store tomorrow possibly, to get my hands on a new jig, was wanting to get some opinions on you guys' all time favourite squid jigs.. My favourite is from the Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live 490 range - the Pink Rainbow Tape jig, has got me many a haul and has actually been torn to shreds by the squiddlies, so will either go get another one, or if I am convinced otherwise by some of you, something else! Any opinions and thoughts are welcome, would be interested to hear the different jigs you all love Cheers, Noz.
  5. look up AlexsFishin on youtube and check out some of his KI vids would be my advice.
  6. I figure you're looking for something Metro mate.. but the only thing that's big on the Metro ones are Snapps really Your best bet in my opinion would be to travel down to Marion Bay and go out on a charter there, where theres some deeper water and therefore, bigger fish; lots of pelagics such as your Kingies. Have heard of some really great catches from down there of late!
  7. I've got a 2 hour math lesson tomorrow, will study up on some spots for the weekend then..
  8. Well.. guess I'll head to Yorkes Lots of ideas forumulating in my head now, will post up my results if the weekend doesn't turn to crap.. Cheers everyone, legends!
  9. Appreciate all the tips mate, that's awesome.. really considering heading up there
  10. Will give it a suss mate, cheers!
  11. Looking at heading out this weekend somewhere not heaps far from Adelaide: within 3 hours, to camp and hopefully fish, just overnight saturday sunday trip. Just wondering if anyones got any suggestions for a good spot to camp, but somewhere that's fishing well, would love to get into some rock fishing if anyone's got any suggestions, cheers
  12. The two blokes above have definitely covered a lot and give some good tips, so I would go by what they said definitely. What I can say is that Squid are versatile in terms of tides, just make sure its more towards morning or more towards the afternoon, and even if its not, they're still available. They really are awesome fun and you don't have to spend much in catching them. Port Noarlunga Jetty is good, just cast out into the weed and retrieve out, use pinks, oranges and greens, or red and whites. Can be good fun for the kids also!
  13. Noz

    Cheap Snook Lures

    oooooh looks good bud.. im getting keener and keener with all these pictures!!
  14. Noz

    Cheap Snook Lures

    Thanks Kelvin mate!! Will definitely give them a good look, you seem to know what youre doing
  15. Noz

    Cheap Snook Lures

    yeah mate I plan to troll behind and stop when we get a fish and have a few casts.. i'll take a look at some savage gear ones, cheers mate!