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  1. DeathCal

    Couple from the Coorong

    Thanks guys for the kind words! Hopefully have more this weekend!
  2. DeathCal

    Couple from the Coorong

    I hadn't picked up the camera in about a year. I usually do Motorsport Photography, but enjoy a good scenic shot too.
  3. DeathCal

    Couple from the Coorong

    Took the old 80D with me when I went camping in October.
  4. DeathCal

    Photo Theft

    Seeing as this is an instagram topic, I run an instagram page, with my own photos called South Oz Fishing. If you guys (or girls) have any images you'd allow me to share, I'd happily credit you for them and where they came from. I'm not one to use people's images without permission either (I actually do automotive photography as a side-gig).
  5. DeathCal

    Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    Metro would be good, if one existed by the looks of things. Might make it a three day trip or something and go to Marion Bay. Snapper would be awesome too, I wouldn't say no.
  6. DeathCal

    Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    There isnt anything local that would target those species? Thats a bit of a solo drive for me and I'm not comfortable in taking my littel Ford Laser all that way haha.
  7. DeathCal

    Tips and Gear for Landbased Fishing Cairns...

    I lived in Cairns and as said, land-based is difficult. Bring your crocodile repellant Any beach fishing comes with the risk of a crocodile attack, that's why everyone usually fishes out of boats. Why not go on a charter out of the marina instead or hire a tinny for some estuary fishing? They can be used on a car licence up there.
  8. Hey all! I've been contemplating going on a fishing charter here in good ol' SA. I'm curious to know, is there a specific one that focuses on sport-fishing as such? I'd love to get out and hook up a Kingy or Samson for a bit of fun. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or if any of you have a boat big enough to go after something like that, I'd happily pay for fuel/food and chip in for any bait for the day.