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  1. Thinking maybe a ray also - or a lazy gummy mullie
  2. Another good video Adrian .... and cold, very cold at that. Thought of you yesterday when watching a fisherman in Tassie on SBS catching 'wild' trout, hanging them in a tree to get 'extra' flavor before cooking them up. Looked ok but boy did he 'hack' the flesh when filleting - a bit disrespectful to the fish.
  3. Nope, can't say I have - worth a go if you catch some nippers (wonder if throwing them in a bag of rock salt would dry them out - just a random thought that entered my brain for a moment lol)
  4. That's definitely worth a try and makes sense with head through hook first if the whiting hit the tail first. I've not tried that - only through tail first - I'll have to wait until Summer comes around to try lol
  5. I've thought about using bait elastic on nippers but never bothered. Mainly because I'm only casting say around 7 metres from the shore and have enough nippers to re-bait quickly. Nippers are a great bait for whiting. From a boat like you'll be doing, I understand the frustration of dropping the bait down the side and before it's maybe hit bottom the nipper has be attacked and of course you strike and more than likely the nipper has come off (being soft flesh) or eaten and you need to retrieve straight away. The other thing with elastic is there is that little bit more plas
  6. Thanks Tinker - I'll stick them on my list
  7. If you are on FB, have a look or ask on the SA Blue Swimmer Crabs page - I'm know I have seen the 'how to's' on there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/464982433665544
  8. Nope, just woke up lol, but yeah seen some photos of a few caught.
  9. yah never Tinker. What would you recommend/suggest (have a birthday coming up, so might as well have others buy them for me lol)
  10. Thanks FECB I didn't see any Tom Cruise bounding towards in the 'high point' position (luckily lol) - although a girl a use to know always thought I looked like Tom I helped her cross a street and handed her white stick back The gear I use - being nothing fancy - is a 11' Daiwa Seabass - Shimano Sienna FB4000 reel with mono backing topped with 15lb (cheap) braid, then swivel, then about 1 - 1/2 m of 20lb mono leader, the swivel and lure. I only use 40g lures (rarely a 50g and only if wind is in my face) with a single hook (I always take off the trebles as they either grab w
  11. Thanks Adrian. It was a nice keeper and crumbed with Panko tonight for tea Even back in your day it would have still been a little dangerous on those rocks - but a Northerly would have helped sooth the soul of no real breakers hitting those rocks. I'd like to try the rocks on that point, but am not game lol - I have done the far end Parsons rocks/cliff but even then I was still 'concerned' and didn't cast more than a dozen times before I felt enough was enough
  12. If you're using Gents, grab yourself a small bottle of aniseed oil and mix a couple of drops to them
  13. I use chicken pellets also - about $14 for 5kg bag from Petbarn, but there was a 'budget' bag a bit cheaper, just not showing on their site. The night before, I put cheap Bran and Tuna oil into a container with the pellets to soak it all up. I fill a burley bucket with about 1/3 of the pellet mix (as they swell up in the water, you don't want to fill the bucket too much). Any remaining, I put in a zip lock bag and take along to refill the bucket if necessary. The pellets have small bits of corn and other bits that wont go thru the bucket slits while in the water once the ot
  14. No not me. Only 52 Mondays
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