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  1. Good job though and yep I've have the same problem with things I have made - my floors are always uneven
  2. I'll keep that in mind lol, yes, but am ok with doing them - although I could stand in a bath of water to practice as if I was wading
  3. yep could use them as backing dmck - didn't actually think of that as I only had mono in my head for backing Did just buy a Daiwa Crossfire 2500 yesterday cheaply, so might just do it on that. Otherwise I'll send them to you Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Like many of us I'm sure, but what do you do with any left over braid? I'm thinking of ditching it, but there are other uses for it.
  5. I like your job ... cut 4 bits of wood and smoko time
  6. Great intro on the rods, reels and lures And great session on the water
  7. I'm just glad I saw that this morning and not last night ... would = nightmares
  8. I took the chance ....... with one eye closed - just incase. I was relieved
  9. Before I watch your video, I'm not going to see you in bed am I
  10. Just for the tease to you jerky lovers - a new batch done today for something to do
  11. Nice video Allroy with a couple of models hooked up too. You talk to the fish like I do - keeps us sane I suppose
  12. Definitely a good session and no better way to do that, but with your son. Good video too and thanks for putting up
  13. Here's a few to start you off. Hopefully you get the right cover photo you're after
  14. Hoping it works for you - always a great satisfaction when it does. Let us know how it goes
  15. wow that was certainly was a hard slog session and that running water has some power behind it. It amazes me that trout can be hiding and waiting in such fast running water 'ponds'. But a nice number of 14 was a good achievement, so we wont talk about the lost hook ups