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  1. Advice - family weekend escape - Fleurieu Peninsula

    Yep, second what Brutus says. Near the Causeway there is nice lawned areas especially along Flinders Parade where this a small playground also - grab some fish and chips from 'The Original Fish & Chip Shop' in Ocean Street and pop around to lawns. The Causeway and Screwpile jetty (on Granite Is.) has Gar, Tommies & Squid. The Bluff wharf (or off the rocks) along Franklin Parade has Squid and a Snapper was recently caught there too, but has a rocky/weedy bottom (seals some times sunbaking on the rocks in front of you, so can make the fish disappear). The beaches generally has too much seaweed around for my liking. The Inman River and/or Hindmarsh River do have some bream as does Encounter Bay lake (around the rocky structures). If you have time, have a drive around to Pt Elliott Horseshoe Bay - a great little family area with nice beach, lawned area (with small playground for memory), kiosk. If it is a bit windy or swell is up from generally the South, the waves hit some big rocks called 'The Sisters' and one of those rocks is large and round. When the wave hits it, it gets covered in white and resemble a Pudding with white custard over it The rock is usually referred to 'The Pudding'. Hope that helps and enjoy the family time.
  2. Fiery sunset as weather moves in...

    wow, it's like a huge bush fire reflection onto the clouds - very impressive.
  3. Goolwa Cockles

    Nice to get down there UP and the kids to muck around too on the beach. Yep in front of the main car park is pretty thin for cockles as you say, but still fun for all without having manouvre between all the 4x4's further down the beach. Just go down there when a more serious collect is needed
  4. Congratulations AussieDave on a great report. Thanks also to Kidney Slapper for putting up such a great prize for our members. Thanks also to everyone that put up a report during December and even though there could only be 1 winner there will be more opportunities with future competitions for all to enter.
  5. Another great vid Dan. One thing I'd like to know - well 2. 1) do you actually use the gym equipment behind you or is it just for show lol 2) I now have to buy ice cream to make a crab measurer, which is good because I like ice cream, but how do I tell the missus I need ice cream to measure crabs
  6. $10 well spent

    mmm, might grab that for my reports As long as there is not a lot of ingredients - simple is my wishes
  7. How to measure Cockles (Youtube video)

    Another good video mate and hopefully educates a few that don't know the rules.
  8. Snapper Opening 2017

    Great video by your mate Sambo. It looks like an absolute fun day with some very nice dinner food taken. Love the 'fish finder' images above, but unfortunately have no idea what it is actually showing lol - but looks nice
  9. A good video for those wanting or learning on how to catch those crabs. And never get your fingers near those claws ...... never
  10. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    yeah, still married to one
  11. Kids desert

    I would have a couple of servings of that dutchy
  12. Kids desert

    Nice Your sons request, but did you actually give it to your son or did you scoff it down ?
  13. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Top job Chuck and you certainly got around on the day say 'hi' to everyone and showing how it was such a successful day. The video is great, but that is expected from the ChuckT man