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  1. doobie

    Knot help please

    I presume vogon you're meaning line to line knots? (not to a swivel). If line to line, which I rarely do as always to a swivel, but when I have, it is the Double Uni Knot as I find it easier and haven't had it unravel. Mind you, this is 15lb braid to 20lb mono leader. But as I 95% tie the leader to a swivel/hook, ( all lightweight like you), I always use the Improved Clinch Knot - only because I find it easier and never had a problem. I have a 11' Daiwa surf rod and it is long enough to allow a lengthy leader using a swivel to main - if it does snap (rare) just easier to put a
  2. What ? The photo? That's mine in the garage.
  3. It is just luck as is most fishing - one day the fish are at your spot - the next day = nothing. Brighton jetty is good for squid as is Pt Noarlunga, Marino Rocks, sometimes off the rocks at Hallett Cove, Wirrina breakwater, Rapid Bay jetty, Second Valley jetty, Cape Jervis jetty. Not sure about Semaphore jetty (don't seem to see many reports from there), but OH rocks is good. Sometimes it is the colour of the jag that excites them too. Weather can play apart, but generally a nice calm day and clear water (not murky) is good also.
  4. Good test YD1. I've never found any 'good' cutting pliers for braid. Even the special braid cutters are usually useless. So I generally stick to a sharp knife - not perfect all the time, but pretty good.
  5. Lovely size Trout and it took your breath a bit by the sounds
  6. doobie


    Gar are definitely bigger in Winter and although I have no idea on many of the questions you ask Des, I still always use a float. On my local jetty at Pt Noarlunga, Gar are mostly caught towards the end of the jetty during warmer months (all on floats). Although the Gar can be caught in the shallower water as well, but are smaller. It is also better to have some ripple on the water and depths of hook will vary depending where the Gar may be holding on the day. Over the weedy spots you'll generally have more success too. Burley is always well worth using to 'bring in' the G
  7. Great advice / info MAH. And yes, slithers of Gar flesh do work - just need to catch one Gar to get those slithers though lol Red meat slithers, like chicken slithers, are also another alternative that I have had success with. (Now some may say 'can't use meat/chicken' - well as slithers it is all ok and given the ok by Fishery guys/girls walking the planks)
  8. Great information Des - thank you
  9. doobie

    Wind Knots

    Agree - something I forgot to mention. And also 'feathering' the line with your fingers just before lure hitting the water - then manually close the bail arm.
  10. Great information Des I only targeted them once along a metro beach this Summer, but using nippers - only caught one. I'll need to try get my act together :lol:
  11. doobie

    Wind Knots

    I use to get wind knots quite regularly whilst luring for Salmon with 15lb braid. It was always time consuming trying to get the knots unraveled and of course it was always when the school was in front of me. I read on Google that lip balm helped 'untangle' the mess (some just use saliva). But it seemed to work and tangles/knots were easier to 'release'. Now, I can't remember the last one I had. Reading more from Google, it seemed the most important thing to do was making sure the braid was spooled on reasonably tight/firm. And don't over load the spool. And tha
  12. Can't wait for your expertise knowledge
  13. Never used it, nor do I recall seeing it - will have to look a little harder. Thanks Des.
  14. Glad to hear your back/ribs have improved enough to be able to get back in the rivers - but take it easy
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