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  1. I think you win Jack kee - that is a big one
  2. Another good book of photos and memories - and good discount too
  3. Was a good session with a bakers dozen and achieving the 400 milestone. Was a good day in your memories
  4. They will give you the advantage for the next trophy too
  5. Never had any doubt Nice Salmon too.
  6. There's always one, but thought your Patrol could this. Obviously it couldn't do everything Look forward to seeing all the photos - good luck, especially for a Cod
  7. I could do with one of those machines, but need to catch the fish first
  8. The pressure ... I don't need the pressure Good luck
  9. Like you Mike .... everyday is a long weekend But I rarely go away anywhere anyway, so will just do some Salmon flicking locally.
  10. Certainly a well used lure with some life still left in it I hope you have a spot on your trophy cabinet for when it retires
  11. Great video and product for the Snapper. I have heard a lot about boaties needing and using release weights but I never knew how they worked - now I do
  12. You'll be a busy man soon Southie ... oh, and remember to spray them all with Glen 20 when you receive them
  13. Sorry to hear the back and hip isn't doing the best at the moment Adrian. Must be too much trout fishing in those rivers taking its toll But I would have hoped, as you would have, after around 3 weeks without any fishing in the rivers that the body may have recovered a little better. Hope the results tomorrow are all positive and also your Doctor can get back sooner than later.
  14. Another good video Adrian. Nine trout from 11 hooks ups is a good catch rate and a 500g + weight was a nice bonus. Hope the hip is standing up ok since you did the video