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  1. doobie

    Couple from the Coorong

    Nice shots mate and the 80D's still do a good job
  2. doobie

    Daiwa Saltiga in action underwater

    That is a good video. He seemed to be at his depth limit - a little last stumble and goodbye rod/reel I reckon.
  3. doobie

    Wild brown trout in a tannin stream..

    Great footage and very informative Adrian.
  4. doobie

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    (Have corrected link)
  5. doobie

    American White Oak Shavings

    Thanks for the offering Roley and hopefully someone here can put it to good use. Wondering if I could stick all the shavings back together to make a nice table
  6. Hi matey I thought it was a bit early for gar , but it sounds good matey , if next Monday is a good day I will give you some notice and hit Horseshoe reef in the boat if you are keen cheers from Dave 

  7. doobie

    End of RecFish SA?

    We have nothing to be ashamed about as everyone is entitled to their opinions whether others agree or not. Obviously you have strong views and others have strong views on this topic, but your other statement wasn't necessary. Maybe everyone should agree to disagree.
  8. Hi Matey Dave here  ( lofty 64 ) ,

    Hey in the report it states Snapper at seaford reef ,is that in close , or out a bit just curious matey cheers buddy and come on SUMMER lol (y)

    1. doobie


      Howdy Dave and hope you are well mate.

      I'm presuming in reasonably close, but from what i get, it is the reefy area out from Seaford Road - and around left and right.

      If you look a Google maps, there seems to a 'sandy / cleared' area out from Seaford Rd.  So directly out from that and left and right.

      Apparently it is near some Pro's Ground according to this also 

      Hope that helps, and yes, come SUMMER :)




    2. lofty64


      Cheers matey 

  9. doobie

    Strike hook stickers

    I'll have to replace this then - although wifey doesn't like stickers on the car
  10. doobie

    Single Hooks

    I've really concentrated on single hooks this year, although dabbled a bit last year. After hooking too much weed when it was around, I found a single to pull through most weed or hook very minimal amounts. I have found that it has not mattered if the hook is facing up / down / sideways etc. All hook ups so far has not mattered with the hook angle. I generally find it hardish to put a hook on the split ring even with using split ring pliers - I find using a staple remover better. The Salmon have a good sized mouth so when they swallow the hook/lure it really doesn't matter on angle as they do get hooked either way
  11. doobie

    Any good jerky recipes from our members?

    Nice place, went there a few years back.
  12. doobie

    Any good jerky recipes from our members?

    And which restaurant do you own? if close, I may have to venture in there for a meal Will give that jerky a go too - thanks for putting it up
  13. doobie

    "Just the one"

    Good onya Hunter for getting today in the windy conditions. That's a nice sized trout by the looks
  14. doobie

    Quick session

    Nice couple of trout and photos Hunter. Looks a nice little spot too
  15. doobie

    Pb brown

    Well done Hunter and very nice trout. Doesn't it always happen, well, sometimes lol, that you go for a fish with not much expectation and 'bang' you get fish you don't expect. Thanks for sharing