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  1. That was some obstacle over the fallen trees to start that session The drop in water levels certainly helps wading through the streams a bit more safely as well. A nice session with plenty of takers on the day makes it even more enjoyable too. Good video Adrian
  2. Yep agree, those caramelized bits of the sweet chilli sauce are a nice bonus I did buffalo wings not long ago - first time ever - and now hooked on the Sriracha Hot Chilli sauce & Franks Redhot sauce
  3. Top info Des - a wealth of information for us and future fishos Thank you.
  4. They are strong winds for sure. When looking on windy.com at times, many strong/gale force winds that head towards SA/Vic change direction and head down your way. Some look as if they would wipe out Tassie Hopefully not too many (extra) fallen trees in the rivers as they will make life even harder for your fishing.
  5. A good start to the new season with 5 trout. Looked a bit cold and plenty of fallen trees from the storms by the looks. All the best for the new season Adrian.
  6. All looks god MAH. Wish I had the room to do lol hey, that brown border - what is it? Metal I presume. I have that black plastic border, but it warps in Summer and looks unprofessional.
  7. Just crazy prices. Saw whole Gar at $50 p/kg the other day, so maybe around $60-70 p/kg fillets. Like you say Wert, 'you can't afford to not go fishing'.
  8. Good luck for the new season. And as they say, you're going to need a bigger display unit
  9. Always nice to go back over some fishing footage - especially when some nice trout were on the bite.
  10. You should get some (small) Gar, Tommies & (some) Squid from Stansbury jetty. Maybe some Winter Mullet & Salmon Trout from the beaches (south around brick beach). Probably Tommies and small Gar off the Pt Vincent rocks/jetty. Deep Gully beach (and a bit south) is worth a try for Mullet & Salmon Trout. Good Luck and enjoy the trip.
  11. wow that is strong. And not nice to find cattle with such injury. You may have to take a chain saw with you to clear the way
  12. Great video Adrian and totally agree .... don't be under that tree when it comes down
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