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  1. That's a good percentage catch Adrian Geez, talk about dramas Besides being cold I'm sure and wet, I'd be worried about the camera as well. But 'pure arse' was on your side
  2. Nice day for you MAH. The closest I got to any fishing gear was $50 put into my paypal account
  3. Never knew about the underwater cams at Rapid Bay/Point Lowly. Some nice footage indeed. Thanks Wert
  4. Only put the E/bay link up as the boss has been to busy (forgotten lol) to ad it to the SA Fishing webcam link.
  5. Encounter Bay web cam. https://www.victor.sa.gov.au/community-information/community-facilities/boat-ramps/boat-ramp-camera
  6. I've never seen any ears on a squid so far But I suppose if the squid are 'on', I'd have a jig with a rattle and one without and see what happens.
  7. The serenity, don't ya just love it - and that short video just makes you want to be there Some little trout as a bonus for a nice day out.
  8. Nice to see them in the waterway at least - ready for your next visit Good photos too. I'm pretty sure they are - good for medicinal purposes I believe.
  9. Yep typical. If council want something to show they are doing good, they will refuse to hear any negatives and just do want they want anyway.
  10. Good to see them upgrading the St Kilda ramp. And yep Savage, the West Bch ramp is a nightmare with the weed problem for the boaties. Even the new marina at Cowell is looing the goods for the locals.
  11. Good one SurfcaztR. I have half a dozen of those Magic Fishing Tools sitting in the garage and didn't even know it
  12. Yes understand your frustrations and anger Adrian. My Dad was told he needed a knee replacement but after getting a 2nd and 3rd opinion, the last 2 specialists show it's arthritis - so no need for a replacement (yet). But, your spine is obviously of concern, but I agree that why you were not referred earlier is a big WHY. They'll probably come up with some excuses etc, but unfortunately at the end of the day it has happened that way and now you want things to happen. Now of course is to get the best treatment/surgery for your spine and sooner than later
  13. That is certainly a crazy spot , but obviously a very good area for fishing. But the amount of boats in the sanctuary is amazing considering the fines if they are caught - it's obvious the area doesn't get patrolled too often for them to continually go in to the sanctuary. But like anywhere, people will make the call to fisheries but unless they have the manpower, they can't be everywhere all the time - but saying that, you'd think that area would be patrolled quite often.
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