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  1. Autumn Fungi..

    Amazing spot of colour out of nowhere
  2. 2018 Footy Tipping Comp

    And a loss to the Pasties in Round 1 hahahhahhahahahahahahahahahaha
  3. A little whinge

    I reckon you use what works for you - simple
  4. New fishing camera test..

    I'm sure it wont take long before you master the new camera
  5. Custom Super Stik Flick Stick 9ft

    Didn't he put out some songs once while he was playing rugby And I think you are being quite generous by putting me in div 9
  6. Custom Super Stik Flick Stick 9ft

    I'm surprised you purchased a rod without knowing much about it - that's not like you
  7. Bird, Bumble Bee & Bug..

    Well, when ever it is time give up fishing (which we hope is a long way off), you can certainly handle a camera and get some great photos to put up
  8. Photo Theft

    Yep, definitely one of Adrians photos from his report (per your link). There is a 'report user' if Adrian wants to But good find Booma.
  9. low tide jetty/ river fishing

    G'day Nick and what UP has mentioned is very good and some great tips. I live down South and mostly fish from Pt Noarlunga jetty during Summer where you can get are good variety of fish. Fishing the low tide doesn't bother me, but do prefer to have an incoming tide. That said, and if fish are on the slow side,once the tide turns then many time the fish come on the bite better. From the jetty around low tide, you can get Gar (towards end of jetty with Gents - but drop a burley bucket in as well to bring them in), small tommies (but can be a nuisance at times) and squid (when water is clear helps and dodge tides the squid will be there too). In the shallows you could get onto some Mullet, maybe YFW (and bream by the submerged rocks but not if water is out too far). Some good ST/Salmon of late using SP's about 1/3 way along. Jetty to Onk river can get Mullet, YFW, ST's and good Salmon when they come in. I don't fish the Onk, but see people fishing low tide, but they don't seem to have much water to play with imo. But they get YFW, Mullet, Bream and if very lucky a Mully. Christies Beach each side of the outlet, can get ST, YFW and Mullet and the O'sullies breakwater Mullet, Bream, St and Gar. The other beaches, Moana, Maslins and Pt Willunga have Mullet, occassional YFW, STs and Salmon. You can Gar from all the beaches, but you need to burley (stick a rod holder into sand and put burley bucket to it - not with rope, use a clip for ease). Hope that helps, but I reckon you'll need to burley up for all species to help cause
  10. Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    lol, fair point
  11. Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    They do good things, but I still have an issue with picking one up
  12. A 1.6 kg KG Whiting caught in Tassie..

    wow, that is big .... I'd be happy with just the .6kg kgw or even a .3 kgw .... anything
  13. Quantum Reels

    But there do seem a few places on-line to get them, which you probably have seen anyway.
  14. Quantum Reels

    the scene at seaford might have them. http://www.thescenefishing.com/product-search?query=quantum
  15. Advice - family weekend escape - Fleurieu Peninsula

    Yep, second what Brutus says. Near the Causeway there is nice lawned areas especially along Flinders Parade where this a small playground also - grab some fish and chips from 'The Original Fish & Chip Shop' in Ocean Street and pop around to lawns. The Causeway and Screwpile jetty (on Granite Is.) has Gar, Tommies & Squid. The Bluff wharf (or off the rocks) along Franklin Parade has Squid and a Snapper was recently caught there too, but has a rocky/weedy bottom (seals some times sunbaking on the rocks in front of you, so can make the fish disappear). The beaches generally has too much seaweed around for my liking. The Inman River and/or Hindmarsh River do have some bream as does Encounter Bay lake (around the rocky structures). If you have time, have a drive around to Pt Elliott Horseshoe Bay - a great little family area with nice beach, lawned area (with small playground for memory), kiosk. If it is a bit windy or swell is up from generally the South, the waves hit some big rocks called 'The Sisters' and one of those rocks is large and round. When the wave hits it, it gets covered in white and resemble a Pudding with white custard over it The rock is usually referred to 'The Pudding'. Hope that helps and enjoy the family time.