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  1. Did wonders on the Gar/Tommies today
  2. Yes, technically. But they have turned a blind eye (that I have witnessed twice) if using slithers of red meat/chicken or mince as bait on a hook.
  3. Well there you go, but never seen any lol
  4. I suppose you could give them a go but wouldn't think too big. After all, a successful lure is the Sugapen 95 and that is longer (but not cheap). The 70mm is worth having too. The best thing is to have a range of sizes and types - on the day, what doesn't work another might. Have a look at these posts by mikecatts - he has a range of lures of lures that may help in what to have in your kit.
  5. Yep Should be about $6-7. Tackle shops will have them (not bcf etc) so shouldn't need to order (unless you have too). Can get with some frilly things on the end as well, but wouldn't really bother.
  6. They'll be ok, but get some size 8 at some stage - most use 8's. Yeah xmas/NY ok, but the getting a few fish ain't working too well lol
  7. Yep it's the way to go. Even add a couple more split rings to give more swing with the hooks. You can put assist hooks on the belly which of course provides another chance of a hook up, but most don't. Size 8 assist hooks. Good luck on Sunday.
  8. Was indeed a good session for you. Good water, lots of trout and looked a lovely day in the background with nice green pastures - what else could you ask for
  9. Good clear video I fillet my fish similar to that. With Gar, I can butterfly them pretty well -- but with other fish I find it difficult. So I'd be up to seeing a video on butterflying Thanks again for putting up.
  10. wow, you wouldn't want to get a snag or get it scratched along some rocks.
  11. Good pic up from those shots SurfcaztR Now that is too far to cast!
  12. My money is on not being completed on time
  13. Different type of lure for sure - obviously can get results
  14. Enjoyed the video Adrian and looks like your friend would have enjoyed too
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