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  1. I threw this reply back at them and got this lol "No worries Alicia and thanks for your reply. Just thought with yfw in your local north beaches there could be worms for food, so thought they hopefully found their way around to Coffins lol TW ...We get them in winter down on the front beach and also clickers but more on the Lincoln side."
  2. Finally got a reply from TW PL.- but isn't really helpful. " Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, it’s something we don’t get asked often. As far as we know and have asked nobody has really tried to get them that we know. There maybe seaweed worms around but as to exactly where we are unsure. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful but it’s not a bait that is used a lot around here."
  3. You're right, they are South of Pt Noarlunga - Maslins and Pt Willunga also. I did send a msg to TW in PL asking if worms could be pumped/caught in CB - but no reply yet.
  4. Not sure for Coffin Bay, but I'm only guessing that they might found over at Pt Lincoln north beaches - only because they get YFW there, so presume there could be some food of the worms. Just depends if you want to drive there 'if' c/bay area doesn't have any. Good luck.
  5. doobie

    Jetty fire

    Geez there are so many idiots around. Good on you snafu for your quick action Do you know if the jetty is fully closed or just up to the missing planks?
  6. You're probably home now lol How did you go? Heard there were a lot of smalls atm.
  7. Currently, the Kingscote jetty has been closed to the Northern half due to being unsafe. The first half remains open.
  8. But deeper is bigger too But you must be brave
  9. Pretty good effort though and even with the kitchen sink.
  10. Nicely done Adrian on some nice trout, especially your PB for this season. Plenty of moths around for food too - they looked great flying around.
  11. Always a thinking man You should gather up all your inventions/hacks and put your name down on Shark Tank
  12. wow that is cheap. Hopefully the plan works out - fingers crossed.
  13. Might be a while before you can get there with the covid, but hopefully sooner than later. The images of Cebu on google seems to be a nice looking area.
  14. wow, something you don't do everyday - would have been a great experience.