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  1. Nice effort rjgu42, but not correct.
  2. Primarily for sea water dmck. I wouldn't use it for eg. dams.
  3. Those sound good lofty64, but not correct.
  4. I like your thinking dmck but not correct. I actually left your new ingredient out as I didn't have any lol. But there is the first hint
  5. dmck and Kidney Slapper .... some, but not all ....
  6. Competition time for all Strike & Hook members and it’s an easy one to do …. Sort of The idea of the competition is guess what ingredients have been used in the Scientifically Endorsed “Super Dooper Doobie Fish Attractant Guarantee Catch Fish Burley”. Yes, you heard it right, the best burley mix you can put together yourself to make sure you catch some fish. This doobie burly mix will attract Gar Fish, Mullet, Salmon Trout and Bream and possible many other species. In this burley mix there are 7 ingredients, so it is not a basic burley mix, but one that has special fish attractants. To help, some ingredients are the “norm”, but the remaining has the edge that you need over other fishos. Watch the video and have a look at the photos and see if you can pick what 7 ingredients have been put in the mix. If you are the first person to correctly pick all 7 ingredients in the one post … you are the winner. The prize includes …… - 1 x $20 BCF Voucher - 1 x Fireline Cap - 1 x Strike & Hook Bottle Opener - 3 x Kamashark Soft Glow Beads (various sizes) - 3 x Gladiator Super V point Hooks (various sizes) - 4 Good Spot Swivels (various sizes) Good Luck to all Strike & Hook members and there is no limit to the number of “guess’’ you have. (S&H moderators/staff are ineligible to enter)
  7. doobie

    Buying live worms?

    It is annoying, especially when you feel you have the No. 1 bait to use. Neither .... it's the fishes fault I reckon lol.
  8. doobie

    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Never in doubt .... that deserves a oh sorry
  9. doobie

    Buying live worms?

    Tried those Catchall Crawlers this morning. They were biggish/thickish worms, look like a tiger worm and stayed on hook well enough. Advertised to work well in freshwater and saltwater - I didn't find them that good unfortunately. After retrieving the line after say 5 minutes in the saltwater, they looked dead. I have tried tiger worms in the past in the saltwater (as a test to see how long they would last) and these C/Crawlers reminded me of them. Maybe they may work better in freshwater - would I buy again ....no.
  10. doobie

    Buying live worms?

    Yep, Fishing Wholesalers - Lonsdale. The Sheldons Bait link above has a stockist page depending on the area your in.
  11. doobie

    Buying live worms?

    Can you remember how many (approx) were in a packet Southie?
  12. Hi Doobie , I was trying to delete all my messages , and had trouble as could only delete one by one gggrr , then I disabled the whole lo , so I can no longer message HELP lol

  13. doobie

    First Fish on Fly

    Sorry Harrison22 but I don't know anything about fly fishing except only what I've seen on TV fishing shows. Hope there is a few here that might be able to give help/advice for you. I would think burley would help in the at least the sea to pull some fish towards you and would like your chance might improve. But I look forward to hearing of your future sessions though. Good luck
  14. doobie

    Buying live worms?

    Has anyone used Catchall Crawlers? Just thinking if they are as good as they state then they are good as beach worms etc. The beach/sand worms are expensive for a 'couple' of them, but the Crawlers are still expensive ... but how many do you get in a tub? If you get a dozen for $10 compared to say $10 for a couple of beach worms, maybe they are the way to go. I don't know ... just putting it out there. http://www.sheldonsbait.com.au/catchall-crawlers/
  15. doobie

    Variety of colours at sunset..

    It is nice to sit in your backyard watching those colours form.