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  1. doobie

    Southport weed.

    Apparently the weed is back at the west beach boat ramp
  2. doobie

    Southport weed.

    Obviously the recent weather can bring in some weed along the coastline, but I haven't seen it clumped like this before at Southport.
  3. I knew you could do it vogon - science always wins out Congrats mate.
  4. doobie

    recipe for preserving salmon

    It does sound interesting/good - might have to try that Thanks kelp
  5. doobie

    Setting up a trout pond

    A long road, but it's Trout in the water now - they've come along way.
  6. doobie

    Frozen Salted Carp VS DIY Blender

    But surely if they were defrosted it would be so much easier.
  7. doobie

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    Of course I meant via a mobile call that would vibrate also, to get someone out of the bed I thought that was a plan as day
  8. doobie

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    Just get Softy to nudge you out of bed
  9. doobie

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

  10. doobie

    fishing the onkaparinga

    Don't go by Softy These might help give an idea.
  11. doobie

    Roof racks

    Saw that photo on FB and looked a good catch - so that was you then
  12. It is pretty interesting on what happens down deeper.
  13. doobie

    Get your line on tight

    I spool mono through my gloved fingers with some tension, but have no idea what that tension would be. I'll spool braid with more tension through my gloved fingers though due to not wanting the braid to be loose and creating knots/bird nest within a few casts. But one thing I don't know how to or understand, is using xkg of drag on the reel. Twisting that dial to get a certain drag in weight tension is beyond me, so I just tighten or loosen as necessary
  14. doobie

    Biggest Mully...

    A solid beast Mullymaster - great photo too.
  15. doobie

    Breeding maggots without meat

    That's pretty good yellow door and an interesting trial. So you'd probably get around 50 odd days if you had been taking to fish with, considering warmth of days while out of fridge. Will very interesting if you decide to try them in the coir/coconut fibre.