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  1. Well I tried typing that name out 3 times - gave up and just copy and pasted - who comes up with those names! Looks a great place and love the rock formation. Great write up and photos - thanks for sharing your adventure.
  2. Excellent .... I can catch Gold Fish now by the looks If Gar are near the surface, then yes
  3. doobie

    tuna oil

    Yeah .... mainly when I cook Asian dishes --- rate it highly
  4. You should patent them all I do similar - attach a hook onto 'something' for the grip and tighten the line = no more hooks into the fingers
  5. Where's Adrian .. (the wife said) ...under all these heat pads dear .. (says Adrian) That would have definitely helped catch up on your strike rate. I can see you now ...... at them A good variety of catches that would have kept you entertained for the whole session. Great video also Adrian - keep it up and keep using those heat pads
  6. Just did a quick search on here and came across these threads - might help you.
  7. I can't help you unfortunately as never gone out on a charter at all. Hopefully someone here can help and recommend some info soon.
  8. Great footage Adrian and a nice start with the 700g+ trout. Even though the amount of food on the surface for the trout slowed your catches, it's good too see a good food supply readily available atm. Good times ahead though when you see so many followers too - very encouraging for later sessions. (btw, what software do you use for the video/editing etc).
  9. Yep, sadly I haven't caught any YF, mainly because I haven't targeted them lol - but hopefully early 2020 that will change. Any of those beaches would be ok and even Kingston Park area - just south of seacliff. Northern beaches more so for success. The incoming for sure and hopefully the yippers are ok - they tend to go soft (well softer) before too long - but they are an ideal bait. I'd go a size 6 hook with running sinker. Bottom hook > running sinker > hook > swivel. 6lb fluro carbon leader if you have it. Good luck.
  10. They are a tasty fish for sure and the butterflying is a good skill to have - the grandparents always knew the best ways to catch and fillet
  11. It's a good video too We stayed in Trinity Beach (just down the road) in June and the whole area is just so nice. When we went up to Palm Cove it was blowing a gale and no-one was fishing on the jetty or beach - so can't help with any info. Trinity had some people fishing the rocks (south of beach), but the short time we walked along there didn't see anyone catching anything - but it was a good sheltered spot from any Easterlies. The beaches seem to have a good drop away, especially at Trinity, only metres out from the beach. At Trinity I saw fish jumping out the water from something chasing them - looked good size too. Apparently you can get a bucket of prawns for $10 at Palm Cove although not on the day we were there But plenty of eateries along there so I'm sure some locals could help out too. Sorry can't be too helpful for your question but enjoy the trip though
  12. Geez they are dedicated !! A bit like me, bit of wind in the air doesn't stop me
  13. Another great video Adrian. Nice flowing waters and what looks a lovely day to be out in the 'wild' - especially pulling up some nice trout
  14. Didn't know you knew my wife Looks like you put some thought into that and when it works it's a bonus.