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  1. Geez, you were getting me excited with that fish, what ever it was, spooling you. I was utmost disappointed for you when mentioned "busted off" I can't give you any idea what it could have been, but with 4lb line I suppose it doesn't take too much of a weighty fish to bust it. The pleasing thing and most excitable thing is .... it was spooling you - what a great excitement I reckon
  2. Considering the ups and downs of winners and loser, you did do well. Pity it was a pretend session
  3. On another point when wearing tracky dacks under the waders .... do not wear trackies that have zips in the bottom legs. If you are out in water up to say hips, the water pressure down by your feet will push those zips into your ankles - it is very annoying to say the least
  4. I've worn waders for a number of years now, but have never wanted to fork out big dollars. So I have only use the PVC type. If you have purchased the size above your normal foot size (hope so), then 2 pair of socks is best - as with 1 pair you'll find your feet are not 'snug' fitting, like wearing untied shoes. I wear track pants and always tuck the legs into the socks - this stops the tracky legs riding up your leg when putting waders on. On very cold days I will have some bottom thermals as well. Then I wear an old long sleeved cotton shirt (warmer one on colder days), but if cold but sun is out, I stick with the cotton one. A thin, sometimes a thicker jumper, depending on temperature. Some kind of belt around the waist, just in-case of getting dumped, so I don't fill up with water. Mind you, I'll be walking/casting for a lot Kms over a lot of hours straight, whereas, if you intend to just fishing at 1 beach and move 50 metres now and then - keep the warmer stuff on when it's colder.
  5. doobie

    1-3 kilo rod

    What's a better excuse than Fathers Day to buy fishing gear Oh yeah, Birthday, Christmas and every other day in between If the rod feels good - do it.
  6. There's no 'special' comp topic dogtooth, so if it a say Yorkes trip - post under the Yorke Peninsular, or if in the river - use Freshwater Fishing. No right or wrong, just where you feel is best - we'll see it
  7. A nice quick trip Adrian even with that cold water and a few drops of rain. Pity you didn't have the net to weigh the last one, but at least he'll get a big bigger now ready for his next hook up Look forward to your next trip when you catch 5
  8. 3 degrees Adrian .... brrrrr ... but we fishermen do what we have to do A steady start to the new season, but a few on the score board is a better start than none at all.
  9. Top photos Banga, you definitely have a photography skill (wish I had it lol)
  10. Port Noarlunga has one as well as by the Onkaparinga river (by Commercial road) ... 2 quite close to each other
  11. Do your Trout ... if the only report you win lol, not that we're eligible
  12. It's definitely a beautiful sight from your back yard. But, on the otherside of things, you obviously need to take things easy, which I'm sure you will be doing, even though you'd like to be in those rivers catching the fish you love. Hip replacements still seem, and are still a major surgery, but nowadays they'll have you on your feet within a few days. The backs discs though are a different matter. We'd like to think we can 'manage' the discomfort/pain but in the end the requirement of surgery has to be done. Whenever that comes around, it will give you 12 months to sit back, reminisce and look through past footage - but also be planning your future trips Fingers crossed all goes well as nothing will keep the Brand Ambassador for Mepps Lure & Tackle Tactics down
  13. Lucky bugga lol Those photos look great and on a remote Island too - wouldn't get any better Obviously, "enjoy it" would be an understatement, but look forward to another report as excellent as the first.