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  1. Good thoughts Floatman. I've only used the light line for last 2 sessions ... one of Sullies rocks (so overhead casting) and second, out on a boat with lofty64 (mainly side casting or just dropping the float and letting the current take it). Both O/head or side casting received the "odd" tangle. I'm yet to get out on the jetty (this Monday hopefully) so see how it goes and will all be under arm casting. Food for thought. However, having the indicator further down (past the length of the float), can also cause a tangle, so could cause more headache lol. Hopefully a jetty session might be ok as that is the main place I use a float - fingers crossed.
  2. You should enter yourself to the "Shark Tank" ... could make millions
  3. That makes sense Floatman and with different sizes and slightly different lightness in each float (weight), they can be used for a variety of fish I'm sure. I have a different type of homemade float that uses some dowel (as a pencil float) and a champagne corked (carved to a small ball) that becomes an 'indicator'. This best for Gar, as with any slight movement on the 'indicator' then you know the Gar are there - other fish (eg Tommies) will just take the floats under like any other float. Although lately, after re-spooling the reel with lighter line, I am getting a few tangles - so got to sort that out Courteous of Google
  4. They look great Floatman - I see where you get your name from now Quite an art to make your own float not to mention the time you put into them - all with passion for sure. So the line goes through the bottom 'hoop' but can't see a top one - is there one? (might be the angle) or a rubber ring supports the top attachment.
  5. These were stored purchased, but will still try them out on the hook just to try, although they wont present well. But probably throw a few in the water occasionally as burley.
  6. Here's a big tip that should not be repeated also .... When you have a supply of maggots/gents and have put the container of maggots/gents inside another container for a short period of time ......... Do not, I repeat, Do Not forget they are inside the other container and put that container in the freezer The maggots/gents do not like it
  7. wow, lesson learnt. I know with even small fish heads it is a pain getting them out, so can just imagine what you just went through But gotta to try to see how things work out.
  8. doobie


    They look like they've come from the props out of Queen of the Desert I've never made any though, I just buy them - much easy for me lol
  9. Yes it begins That is going to smell I'd be wrapping that in newspaper and then burying it under soil or sand Hope you get lots of fat ones though.
  10. I wont be out fishing Saturday, so will watch it and hoping GWS thumps the Vics BBQ and beers are the go
  11. Nice spot to go but I've never fished there - only driven past as a tourist I have heard it is open to the end also, but it is also dependent on any ships coming in. This site generally lets ppl know if it is closed/open. https://portmis.flindersports.com.au/ Point Riley is good for Salmon & Salmon Trout atm and just maybe there could be be some still around when go up - worth a flick maybe. Yeah, a jig under the float but would probably need to be wary of depth (low/high tides) so not to get snagged. Enjoy the trip and hopefully you can let us know how it all went
  12. Can't think what to say .... I'm just staring at that can .... just can't work out what it says
  13. I've never seen that reel and stubbed rod being used around my local beaches
  14. Personally prefer the 2nd photo option whilst the last photo option is a bit of a concern