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  1. Not sure - probably, but doesn't seem worth it. I would have thrown it back anyway.
  2. There really are some stupid people in this world
  3. You may have seen this this link. https://skyaboveus.com/fishing/Ways-to-Get-Earthworms-to-Come-Out-of-the-Ground I like the car battery
  4. Yeah seems like a Flute but I thought their body (just before tail) was skinnier. A Tubemouth maybe.
  5. Good to see some bigger ones in there - that will keep the Breamers happy. A number of Bream were swimming around with a lot Gar on the PN jetty late morning today - none biting and all looked undersize.
  6. Nicely done daninozz with a good couple of Salmon. And to have a flatty take the lure for the first would have had the heart pump a bit quicker at the time lol But good to get a bit of variety even though many small and pity about so many trumpeters. The point does look a good fish spot and glad you enjoyed your time there. Thanks for the write up
  7. As far as I know, and have tried on the few squid I have caught, is to run your thumb nail down the tentacles/suction caps a few times - I haven't found any little hard bits.
  8. Yeah, the Onk council has made a number of accusations - whether true or false only those involved really know. This is the kiosk operator (Rob) response .... " Dear Customers, friends and boat ramp users. Apologies for the lengthy post. Most of you will have already discovered that the council has taken over the boat ramp and locked the kiosk. Thank you for the many, many phone calls of concern that I have received. I feel that you all deserve an explanation for this. On Wednesday 17th March I arrived at the ramp to open up as usual only to find that the l
  9. Yep loving also - great find SurfcaztR. Great stories, footage and photos. So many similarities to here - secret spots, issues with surfers and the crowds that turn up if someone says where they caught fish and always a few crazies fishing in neck deep water lol
  10. Agree with Or check with any local tackle stores that may also know of someone local to your area. Good luck with your assignment and well done on convincing your teacher
  11. FYI for those that use the Sullies boat ramp - immediate effect (18.3.2021) Boat ramp launch permit Important changes at O’Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp The City of Onkaparinga has temporarily taken responsibility for operating the O’Sullivan Beach boat ramp. This is because council has identified concerns about the current operator’s compliance with conditions of the operating agreement. The council has invited the operators to respond to these concerns. Once the response has been received, council will review it and make a final decision. Council
  12. I always get bones if I don't fillet them - even the smaller ones, but could be I don't cook them too long to dissolve them. So I always fillet them and only cook for a few minutes.
  13. I'd say deep frying Gar might a little over the top being such a thin and delicate piece of flesh considering how long the batter/crumbs take to crisp up. Fry pan shouldn't really need too much oil, as long as the pan heated to at least medium - not too hot. Most of the oil will be soaked up in the crumbs (compared to just a coating of flour, herbs etc) but by the time you flip the fillets there should be enough on pan to allow the fillet to 'swirled' around the pan - I turn the heat off when I flip Gar as the remaining heat in pan will be enough to finish off the fillet. Also,
  14. Yeah have seen that - I can't get hang of butterflying with keeping the belly joined, in-fact, I can't butterfly any fish like that
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