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  1. Well I tried typing that name out 3 times - gave up and just copy and pasted - who comes up with those names! Looks a great place and love the rock formation. Great write up and photos - thanks for sharing your adventure.
  2. Excellent .... I can catch Gold Fish now by the looks If Gar are near the surface, then yes
  3. doobie

    tuna oil

    Yeah .... mainly when I cook Asian dishes --- rate it highly
  4. You should patent them all I do similar - attach a hook onto 'something' for the grip and tighten the line = no more hooks into the fingers
  5. Where's Adrian .. (the wife said) ...under all these heat pads dear .. (says Adrian) That would have definitely helped catch up on your strike rate. I can see you now ...... at them A good variety of catches that would have kept you entertained for the whole session. Great video also Adrian - keep it up and keep using those heat pads
  6. Just did a quick search on here and came across these threads - might help you.
  7. I can't help you unfortunately as never gone out on a charter at all. Hopefully someone here can help and recommend some info soon.
  8. Great footage Adrian and a nice start with the 700g+ trout. Even though the amount of food on the surface for the trout slowed your catches, it's good too see a good food supply readily available atm. Good times ahead though when you see so many followers too - very encouraging for later sessions. (btw, what software do you use for the video/editing etc).
  9. Yep, sadly I haven't caught any YF, mainly because I haven't targeted them lol - but hopefully early 2020 that will change. Any of those beaches would be ok and even Kingston Park area - just south of seacliff. Northern beaches more so for success. The incoming for sure and hopefully the yippers are ok - they tend to go soft (well softer) before too long - but they are an ideal bait. I'd go a size 6 hook with running sinker. Bottom hook > running sinker > hook > swivel. 6lb fluro carbon leader if you have it. Good luck.
  10. They are a tasty fish for sure and the butterflying is a good skill to have - the grandparents always knew the best ways to catch and fillet
  11. It's a good video too We stayed in Trinity Beach (just down the road) in June and the whole area is just so nice. When we went up to Palm Cove it was blowing a gale and no-one was fishing on the jetty or beach - so can't help with any info. Trinity had some people fishing the rocks (south of beach), but the short time we walked along there didn't see anyone catching anything - but it was a good sheltered spot from any Easterlies. The beaches seem to have a good drop away, especially at Trinity, only metres out from the beach. At Trinity I saw fish jumping out the water from something chasing them - looked good size too. Apparently you can get a bucket of prawns for $10 at Palm Cove although not on the day we were there But plenty of eateries along there so I'm sure some locals could help out too. Sorry can't be too helpful for your question but enjoy the trip though
  12. Geez they are dedicated !! A bit like me, bit of wind in the air doesn't stop me
  13. Another great video Adrian. Nice flowing waters and what looks a lovely day to be out in the 'wild' - especially pulling up some nice trout
  14. Didn't know you knew my wife Looks like you put some thought into that and when it works it's a bonus.
  15. on the review YD1 I had basic polarized sunnies for sometime but find I still squint a bit when around water. So with some left over $ from last Chrissy/b-day I'm going splurge out and get some 'better' ones. Quite a few good brands out there and obviously everyone suit/likes a special type and I've never seen the sense in spending so much on sunnies. Yes, you can get some much, much cheaper but I might as well that cost towards the dearer. For me atm, I've narrowed it down to an Oakley Split Shot Deep Water Prizm (was thinking the shallow water ones but may not do as I want). Normally around $295 but with 30% off this Thursday brings them down to $206. Hope they will do the job for me lol
  16. FYI Sunglasses Hut has 20% off with their Black Friday sale to EoB Monday 2nd Dec .... but don't buy !!! Next Thursday 5th Dec they will be having a 30% off sale .... insider info
  17. Pretty drawing Yellow Door Yeah, that could have helped but it just seemed to be a random big tangle. Previous to changing to a lighter line there was an odd very small tangle that usually came undone with a jerk of the rod. But the lighter line caused big issues. Went to Bunnings today to get some clear tubing to hold line on float. Tubing was either too small to fit on shaft or too big which would slip off. Purchased some electrical cable and took the wiring out - line still slips through too easily, so looks like I'll need to put a couple of half hitches of line to the shaft to hold on. Not my preferred way, but it will work.
  18. Thanks Floatman and I'm hoping for that satisfaction - I'm sure it will happen. The corks I were given seemed to sand down quite well but not sure if they were reconstructed cork or not - not small lumps seemed to have flown off, so maybe they were reconstructed ones. I can get plenty of the Champagne ones and at least the Champer bottles have not become all screw tops yet lol. My issue at the moment though is attaching a small weight. I can attach a small sinker with a bit of wire through the middle and hooking onto the ring at the bottom of the float. But in doing so, it restricts the plastic tubing I'm thinking of attaching to the floats bottom shaft (to thread the main line through). And have a biro pen spring for berley down the line. My 2nd choice is to have no small ball sinker (but still the plastic tubing) and have a shop purchased small berley spring down the line. Both will give buoyancy to the float. Or ... attach the small ball sinker to float ring and have a running main line (with a stopper) say through an attached swivel. How would you do it or what do you do? Sounds like my wife
  19. Haven't heard of any YFW around that area, but if aitch.t has heard of something, it's always worth a try. Port Lincoln has been getting some and being directly across from Turton area there's chance Definitely YFW on the Yorkes Eastern side though from Port Vincent up. Again, haven't heard of any blue crabs reports. Best I've heard is around Balgowan. The Eastern side from Stansbury up have been getting good numbers (and raking too).
  20. I had a look at them on Sunday and they look really good.
  21. I did think about using the skewers and foam and would be very light. That would be ok casting with the wind (if any) but into it wouldn't be too successful. However might do some anyway for a second choice when needed. Hot glue is good but the Stux epoxy glue is even better and waterproof. And I will go fishing Thanks for the ideas dmck
  22. As some might know, I had a fishing float made up of some dowel with a foam indicator as my main float rig. It did it's job very well although sometimes a tangle would occur which was always easy to undo. However, after re-spooling my reel with lighter mono, I kept getting more and more tangles - some to the point of cutting the line and re-rigging. I decided to try something else and didn't really want to buy the stand shop float. So a bit of look around on Google I saw a guy make some cork floats that looked quite good. Problem was I didn't have any wine corks except 'champagne' corks courtesy of the missus. Being the cheap skate person I am lol, I FB'd my neighborhood for some and received a few - and free Problem was that the rest of the materials for the way I wanted to make the floats was a bit expensive But if I want to make more then the cheaper each one will become, plus the satisfaction of making my own. Here's what I did .... First - drilled holes through the cork and with some wood glue put a 6mm piece of dowel through it and let dry overnight. Second - put a couple bits of wood together with a hole to place the dowel to keep in place whilst sanding. I used 60 grit at first and down to 120 grit to get a smooth finish. This one is a champagne cork. A few different shapes and was also careful on a few not take away the wine 'emblem' on the cork so to give a bit of a different look. Then I cut some safety pins keeping the end ring part that will help attach a bit of weight for buoyancy and leader. I originally used some standard sewing cotton (black) but felt it may not hold overtime, so used some braid on the rest. Put some wood glue over it all to strengthen and let dry overnight. The fifth step was to give some primer to the ends ready for some enamel paint. I used Gesso craft priming paint and let that dry for 3 hours. Then the other end and again let dry for 3 hours. Then some black gloss enamel paint on the bottom of the float. Two coats given and will give a little extra to the braid/ring. The eighth step was giving two coating with a vibrant yellow enamel. Not too bad bad so far and could left without further painting, but decided to add a little decoration before giving three coats of Spar Marine vanish, by dipping the floats straight into the tin. Let them dry well and light sand before next coating. Pat the bottom tips to soak up the excess drips. Turned out reasonably ok for my first effort although a little 'rough around the edges' lol Took a bit of time and few dollars but