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    Smart thinking fellas and well done on picking the scam bastards
  2. doobie

    Best 3 Jigs

    That would be a Bjorn job - he has the controls
  3. Seems the Seacliff club has 2 cams now. Here's the other 'original' still going https://www.ipcamlive.com/slsc
  4. After a 35 minute 'hike' to get to the stream, it was great session for you Adrian. And 7 in a row - lucky 7 Nice video as usual.
  5. Panga is not part of this site anymore
  6. Great effort Des. Water temp, dodge and a nice ripple on the water is a great combination for the YFW. Good quality eating
  7. I'm a basic fish cooker. Generally just some S&P and maybe some lemon juice. Sometimes will use some instant batter mix for more of crunch. Have a deep fryer but not used much due to having to put 3lt of oil in just to have it at a minimum level
  8. Very unfortunate for sure. However, Softy should get down there for some fish - after all, he doesn't catch much and this would be an easy score for him
  9. doobie

    Snapper rod

    I've only caught 1 snapper in my life - on someone elses boat and someone elses rod - so I'm no help for you That someone else is @Gregtech and he has some good rods and seems to have good knowledge of them too. If he sees your post he may have some good input for you.
  10. That was quite a distance you ventured Adrian. Nice to look back of some fishing adventures, especially when you remember how much it can take out of you Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  11. Nice sized YF and pity there weren't more about. At least some action with the other varieties too
  12. Although I don't like 'musicals', I think you have done a great job (yet again) in putting a great video together Well done.
  13. Not big, but still good size and a couple of feeds there. Another lure lost and as far as the wife is concerned
  14. Good to try somewhere new and at least you didn't go home empty handed
  15. That flow did look to be moving at quite a resonable strength - a good footing was essential A quick start for the session was hopefully going to be a far better day - but still, better than nothing. And a caramelo koala to finish off is a nice little bonus
  16. A couple of good keepers to start off Mike. Godd the floating weed was minimal - that stuff is a pain. Thanks for the photos and good write up.
  17. That was some obstacle over the fallen trees to start that session The drop in water levels certainly helps wading through the streams a bit more safely as well. A nice session with plenty of takers on the day makes it even more enjoyable too. Good video Adrian
  18. Yep agree, those caramelized bits of the sweet chilli sauce are a nice bonus I did buffalo wings not long ago - first time ever - and now hooked on the Sriracha Hot Chilli sauce & Franks Redhot sauce
  19. Top info Des - a wealth of information for us and future fishos Thank you.
  20. They are strong winds for sure. When looking on windy.com at times, many strong/gale force winds that head towards SA/Vic change direction and head down your way. Some look as if they would wipe out Tassie Hopefully not too many (extra) fallen trees in the rivers as they will make life even harder for your fishing.
  21. A good start to the new season with 5 trout. Looked a bit cold and plenty of fallen trees from the storms by the looks. All the best for the new season Adrian.
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