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    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    I certainly don't have this done pat by any means, hell, only my 3rd go - over past 18 months So I filleted the Tommies and butterflied the Gar and put them in a brine of 1lt water, 1/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup of brown sugar and in the fridge for 24 hours+. Got my 'deluxe' Mojiko smoker ready but only had Samba Poultry/Pork chips, so they had to do. Smoke vent was only just open a tad and smoking well. Thought maybe 45 minutes but this 30 minutes in, so them off. Look over done to me compared to other that have a darkish tan, but they tasted ok - a little dry maybe. The Gar didn't have as much darkness to it and the taste was milder than the tommies. Practice, Practice and Practice ...... and catch more fish would help too
  2. doobie

    Wading bags

    I've tried a scaling bag like surfcazta suggests. Does work also, but found it got in the way, mainly around my legs. I only use my wading bag when luring for salmon and doesn't interfere for me.
  3. doobie

    Wading bags

    I got the std one and quite sufficient. Had for a couple of years now and still as strong when new.
  4. doobie

    An arvo in the Swamp

    Sorry Yellow Door, I didn't know it was 'your' video - thought it was just a link to someone else. A great video and I did like the way you flicked the SP out by holding and pulling it back and letting go - good accuracy too
  5. doobie

    2019 Footy Tipping Comp!!!

    Carn the Crows indeed But not the 'wrong' tipping - the SH tipping is also a friendly tipping site for us Strike Hookers - you should join ours too and and enjoy the banter between us
  6. doobie

    Why don't I catch fish?

    ok, that sounds pretty good although line could be lighter. You mention the water was rough, so 'probably' not the best for Gar, but then neither is absolute flat calm - a bit of ripple on the water surface is good. The wind and current was the same direction, so that was good. Incoming/outgoing tide which you probably had, so good too. Really ... the Gar just weren't there at the time - nothing to do with what you did or tried. I went for a walk yesterday along the Port Noarlunga jetty about 3pm. I was windy and it was choppy on the seaside of the reef, but calmer water inside of reef. A couple people were going for Gar and in the 1/2 hour I hung around watching they had caught nothing - not even a bite.
  7. doobie

    Why don't I catch fish?

    The Gar are being caught on most jetties, but in saying that, this year has seen less caught from the jetties - why? only the fishing gods know. The last few years, Gar has produced well but it has been very up and down this year, although the boaties have done better - but there have been many reports where they have struggled too. But like jackman says, the Gar just were on. You might think, 'but all the time' ... sometimes yes. Were there any others going for Gar and catching them? If there were and not catching then it wasn't just you. If they were catching, then watch what they are doing, go and stand near them and look at their set up. Have a chat to them. Many of the regular Gar fisho's on the Port Noarlunga jetty have all said this year has been slower. There have been many times when talking to the other regulars they mention nothing being caught for the whole week, then the following day you hear that the Gar 'were on'. If we knew when the fish where to bite guaranteed we'd all be down fishing, but that would then be boring. Ok...... - Gents (best) - Gar flesh a 2nd good option - Burley (could rub some stale bread between hands so crumbs fall into water, have a burley bucket with pellets into dangling in water or a very small spring on leader to put some burley) - but don't over feed them, just enough to entice them, then back off on the burley. - Light set up (6lb line is good) - Float (as light as possible) - Hook (size 10, 12 long shank) or what I tried on the session was size 14 short shank (worked well) - Rod (I like 6'6" to 7'6" length with a nibble action tip) - Reel (something small/light, say around 1000-2500)
  8. doobie

    Why don't I catch fish?

    You are becoming a real 'pain in the back' lately
  9. doobie

    Why don't I catch fish?

    More times than you wish to mention I'd say
  10. doobie

    Why don't I catch fish?

    For us to help you, help us in letting us know what you wish to mainly target. Don't list a dozen species, just 1 or 2 to start with, otherwise it will get too confusing. Then let us know what rod, line, hook size, baits etc etc, so we can help with that too. Also, where do you mainly fish.
  11. doobie

    Advice - Shimano TK3G series of rods

    While I was in Anaconda today, I looked for the TK3g / 732. Wanted to have a touchy of it to give some input, but couldn't see/find it - sorry. But some of the rods looked so appetizing for flicking in the 1-4kg range I nearly walked out with one.
  12. Don't think I'd be putting my fingers near those teeth!!
  13. Nah, never really said they were 'my' special ingredients that I put together especially - I just gave it a name for the comp Was just some fun to pick what went into it and 'most', not all were from David and you can put in it what ever you want.
  14. Competition time for all Strike & Hook members and it’s an easy one to do …. Sort of The idea of the competition is guess what ingredients have been used in the Scientifically Endorsed “Super Dooper Doobie Fish Attractant Guarantee Catch Fish Burley”. Yes, you heard it right, the best burley mix you can put together yourself to make sure you catch some fish. This doobie burly mix will attract Gar Fish, Mullet, Salmon Trout and Bream and possible many other species. In this burley mix there are 7 ingredients, so it is not a basic burley mix, but one that has special fish attractants. To help, some ingredients are the “norm”, but the remaining has the edge that you need over other fishos. Watch the video and have a look at the photos and see if you can pick what 7 ingredients have been put in the mix. If you are the first person to correctly pick all 7 ingredients in the one post … you are the winner. The prize includes …… - 1 x $20 BCF Voucher - 1 x Fireline Cap - 1 x Strike & Hook Bottle Opener - 3 x Kamashark Soft Glow Beads (various sizes) - 3 x Gladiator Super V point Hooks (various sizes) - 4 Good Spot Swivels (various sizes) Good Luck to all Strike & Hook members and there is no limit to the number of “guess’’ you have. (S&H moderators/staff are ineligible to enter)
  15. No worries, it was something different and thanks for joining in too Today on the PN jetty it was slow for a bite around dawn. I only use quite a small homemade burley spring under a float, so the amount of burley on it doesn't 'bring in' the fish. But if they are there it helps to bring them closer to the hook/bait. After putting some in the burley bucket with a very slow trickle the Gar came in - along with Tommies sprats But 6 in the bucket plus other fisho's got around 4 -6 as well - so seemed to do it's job Then I left, cleaned them up, cooked them up and all tasted nice
  16. I just asked my wife if I had noticeable boobies - she laughed I might go into business if every S&H member wanted to buy some
  17. talk to Kelvin lol I was thinking that you were going to start getting it right very quickly. I agree, but it's only cheap crap lol ... The fish don't deserve good quality but might change the taste of them
  18. My secret will be out though But for my mates on S&H I will For what was shown in the video/photos, it was approx ..... - 1/2 loaf of bread (stale/frozen leftovers etc) and blended to crumbs - about the same volume of Bran (as the breadcrumbs, or less) - 2 packs of those cheap single curry packets (or about quantity if you have bulk curry) - 2 packs of cheap single Garlic powder packets - 1 pack of (Coles) grated Parmesan cheese packs - about 1/4 cup of sugar Mix it up...... - about 1/4 Tuna Oil Mix it up well ..... Then, to save it going moldy, due to moisture from mainly the bread, spread it all out on a board in the garage (or where ever) to allow it to dry out overnight. Store in a container. When using, just add water - not too much, just a bit at a time, so it doesn't go to mushy. Fish will jump out the water into your burley bucket because they it so much
  19. very true and was .... Coles brand $1.70
  20. But you know how sweet I am, so would have thought sugar would have been one of your first guesses
  21. And in comes Kelvin to enjoy the pain of guessing the ingredients - Welcome mate. And with 1 guess .................. WINNER WINNER Congratulations on identifying all 7 ingredients of the "Super Dooper Doobie Fish Attractant Guarantee Catch Fish Burley" Thank you to all that participated in the competition and to those that also put in some hard work trying to work it all out. I hope you at least enjoyed, but very frustrating, competition and hopefully had a bit of fun along the way. Kelvin, I'll be in touch.
  22. pffft, I'll make it up as I go along
  23. KS, I can hear you swearing now Unfortunately not right ...... 5/7
  24. You'll need to put all 7 up for answer