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  1. The big question now is, has anyone tried them? And can you catch squid on them, I think if you could cast them around bait fish they may be good, or if squid were following lures.
  2. These were the only actual lures I could find that had a squid jag. I know the critics will say why isn't every one using them, but 40 years ago they said that about anything that did not have a dead fish tied on it. At least it might be a bit of fun lure.html
  3. This is what I was thinking too. Where did you buy the jags from?
  4. Before you judge a crazy, you should run a mile with their tackle box. That way, when you judge them, you're a mile away and you have their tackle box.
  5. This is what I was thinking too. Where did you buy the jags from?
  6. Hi I was reading this old post from 2010 and thought I would bum it up and see if anyone else has tried converting lures to squid catchers?
  7. Hi I have been trying to research catching squid, to improve my chances on a bad day, there are hundreds of articles and videos on line. There is an almost unlimited array of colours, patterns, features and manufacturers, as well as techniques. One of the interesting things is Squid are colour blind, yet colours are so important. I have been watching old black and white movies and there is an unlimited amount of different shade, that represent different colours. Apparently this why squid are attracted to different colours despite not seeing them as we do. For the older Fishos out there who c
  8. Hi has any one here tried out the cheap under water cameras. They have about 20 meters of cord on them and a 4 20 5 inch monitor. I was considering one for the boat, I though they might be good for checking out what the bottom was like when the water is murky, even if you could only see a couple of feet, you would get some idea. And they are pretty cheap, you can get them from around $120. Might also be some fun checking out the reefs as well, on clearer days.
  9. If the metho works they might be more natural looking. I would have thought the metho taste would put off the fish, but they don't seem to mind it on worms.
  10. Hi I have been surfing around looking for the best way to keep nippers alive and came across a post about using Metho, I know people use it on worms. This guy claims he soaks them in Metho for around 8 minutes then dries them off with paper towel and puts 4 in a small zip lock bags and freezes them, he says they last months and are tougher. Has anyone tried this?
  11. This is with out elastic and is an American shrimp, but it is interesting.
  12. Thanks Doobie, I could quickly compensate for any pollution by picking up a couple of bits of rubbish on the waters edge, so I am not really to worried about that side of it. The other thing that I have been thinking about (I do over think things :)) is I have read that fish take nippers and prawns from the tail end as it help them swallow them. The way most people put a nipper on a hook, the hooks backwards when it goes into their mouth and the lines in the way. I am thinking of trying putting the hook through the meaty part of the tail from the bottom up, just once, then running the shank o
  13. Hi I was wondering if anyone here uses bait elastic? I have been thinking about trying to pump some nippers, for KG whiting fishing from a boat. But I keep hearing they don't stay on the hook very well. I was thinking of trying to use bait elastic to keep the nippers on longer. Has any one here tried it on live nippers?
  14. I was wondering how long I should cook blue crabs, I looked it up on google and could not get a straight answer, most of them want to pollute the pot with all kinds of herbs, spices and other crap. And even the cooking time is all over the place. Years ago I use boil them in an old stainless steal laundry trough, but I forget for how long
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