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  1. The word 'massacre' comes to mind watching that. But I guess Barney Bills squid rings have to come from somewhere
  2. I've gone from cooking whole crab to backing them (removing shell and guts/lungs) before cooking. Way cleaner process and drops cook time by 1 min. 7min after return to boil and mandatory plunge in iced seawater to set meat as Jackmac said
  3. A Greek guy I used to work with years ago used nail clippers to remove them. Both for whiting baits and cooking. He reckoned whiting wouldn't touch tentacle baits with suction cups on them.
  4. No....really? That rarely happens. Hows the size of that snook!!!! Friggin horse!!!! Agree that the snapper are a 'pest' at the moment and hopefully it isn't an outright slaughter on opening day Still looks like a great trip even without the SBTs
  5. Practice your braid to leader knots Doobs.......
  6. No surprises there David. Fishing and politics were never going to mix well.........
  7. Mate, another job will be there when this crap blows over and we all have donut days.........But to lose your doggo is a very deep cut. Sharing your pain.
  8. Geez mate. If that's your 'thrown together' effort, what's the polished version gunna be like?? Well done
  9. Ripper pics mate. What make/model drone? I would love to take one offshore in filthy conditions and film how nasty it can get. Seeing what Ash Smith does to spot the tuna schools does get the blood pumping. Any video?
  10. The FG is the king of braid to leader. As for braid direct to a swivel, the simple Palomar knot is hard to beat. We had a monumental group tangle on a charter out the back of Wedge resulting in lost bimini doubles. Bite was short with no time for for tricky re rigging. 50lb braid straight to swivels using the Palomar did the job on BIG sambos. Stressful fights though wondering if the knot was going to hold.....
  11. Still on auto Adrian? If so, who needs advanced settings. But they're probably your DSLR I assume..... Great pics mate
  12. Never a dull moment down there in Tassie Adrian.
  13. Hopefully you post after eating some KS and give us all a laugh .
  14. Dribbling as Im reading your recipe Undies. Crawford sounds like the go this season
  15. You'll have to educate me here Undies.......Yellow Stainers? Sounds like something related to your username.
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