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  1. gregtech

    Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    Still on auto Adrian? If so, who needs advanced settings. But they're probably your DSLR I assume..... Great pics mate
  2. gregtech

    Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Never a dull moment down there in Tassie Adrian.
  3. gregtech

    More Fungi...

    Hopefully you post after eating some KS and give us all a laugh .
  4. gregtech

    More Fungi...

    Dribbling as Im reading your recipe Undies. Crawford sounds like the go this season
  5. gregtech

    More Fungi...

    You'll have to educate me here Undies.......Yellow Stainers? Sounds like something related to your username.
  6. gregtech

    More Fungi...

    Thanks Adrian. Just the 'ammo' I needed to convince my better half we need to visit Tassie. She loves fresh mushrooms.
  7. gregtech

    Autumn Fungi..

    Adrian, when Attenborough retires I'm throwing your name in the hat. What a place to live....
  8. gregtech

    Yellowfin Whiting ....just a few!!!

    YFW, more like WTF. Great pics mate and whats with the fox checking things out? I am green with envy
  9. gregtech

    New fishing camera test..

    Adrian, if thats the results on auto, the postcards we get once you 'know' your new camera are going to be next level .
  10. gregtech

    Entry Level Open Boat

    LL, you cant go wrong with either of the two rigs. Half the fun of a new boat is finding its limits I recon! Handy that you've got the old boys rig on hand. Whats your budget and what sort of fishing do you plan on doing?
  11. gregtech

    Entry Level Open Boat

    Hi mate. Exciting times ahead getting your first tub! Don't overthink it cos you'll want to upgrade within the first year anyway. It's a vicious cycle!
  12. gregtech

    Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    Nice pic Adrian. Watched a doco on them that was an eye opener. In some cases after mating, while the male is catching his breath, the female turns around, grabs him and chews his head clean off. Nasty girls.......
  13. gregtech

    A 1.6 kg KG Whiting caught in Tassie..

    Been onboard a few charters around the YP foot over the years where 1 kilo KGs popped up on a regular basis. They were great on the table depending who cooked them. The great Bill Kelly was the master. We think it had a lot to do with his pure pig lard deep fryers .
  14. gregtech

    Advice - family weekend escape - Fleurieu Peninsula

    TL, if the hound is an inside doggie and going with you, check out the PetLet chain of accommodations. They have heaps of rentals down that way and the dog is welcome inside in all of them. There is a couple of cracker ones around Encounter Lakes (PetLet#4) Bream fishing off the back door step!!! Oh, and there is playgrounds and stuff too Cheers, Greg.
  15. gregtech

    Greasing bearings on new reels

    Jeeez.....What would it cost Shimano to fit shielded bearings from new? .0001 Yen? I'm a Shimano fan from the dawn of time but this one is disappointing. Cheers for the heads up Knackers.