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  1. Good work Adrian. Would have been tough going with all those Caddis moths as a easy meal for the trout!!!! Nice photos as always! Cheers, Greg.
  2. Love the reviews Color:SW5000 Series К***ч Good, I like it, the hinges are not off, the move is good, it's light after use. And who is there says that we are collective farmers, so he himself was a collective farmer once, he thought that he was the original Shimano, for three they will give him. The coil is actually (behind the 2,600) good. Yep, sounds legit to me
  3. Hi Rob. As long as you don't drop your pipe and your lighter still works, you should be fine
  4. The 'Trout Assassin' is still hard at it!!! Great pics Adrian. Still on my bucket list to get down your way. Just got back from Exmouth WA getting into the Marlin and Sailfish so Tassie is next!!!! Cheers, Greg.
  5. Glad you're on the mend mate. I guess we're lucky to have wives that worry about us. Our small male brains think they're being mean but that's not always the case! Iv'e adopted the 'beg forgiveness rather than ask permission' approach and it's going ok so far!!!!
  6. Hi Adrian. Nothing worse than a bad back. Unless you've got a crook hip and a dodgy knee as well!!! Bad jokes aside, hope you're back in the river asap and posting the usual stories of great fishing in Tassie!!! Cheers, Greg.
  7. Good work Adrian. That second one was a cracker! Strange injury on its back for a freshwater stream? An angry eel maybe? Cheers, Greg.
  8. gregtech

    Snapper rod

    Your Saragosa has good and not so good impact on your rod choice I think. At around 700 grams it narrows down your options which is good in a way. No overthinking required! Its a big reel and is right at home knocking off a heap of larger models. It is overkill for snapper but like you said, you have it already. Doobs mentioned catching his first snapper on my gear and it was a nice fish but it was a tuna outfit and he made short work of it!!! That was a 6000 Shimano on a T curve Deep Jig 200. Again, huge overkill for snapper but it is a brilliant allrounder for offshore work. Troll the tuna
  9. 100% agree mate. Fresh, bled and skinned snook with the bloodline removed are spot on for eating. On the bbq for a couple of minutes and wacked on fresh buttered bread with salt & pepper or a dash of sweet chilli sauce. Bliss
  10. I don't think even Doobs can cast that far
  11. Haven't you got a new 'quietner' to deal with those things
  12. Got my 'quietner' today as well! A lot heavier than it looks
  13. Mate, I'll grab one of the large 'quietners'. Perfect for the rowdy Makos etc. PM your details. Cheers, Greg.
  14. That's a fair arsenal of weapons you've got there YD1.
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