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  1. Goolwa Cockles

    That's good news Aff. Last two seasons have been tough for size. Plenty of cockles but a lot of measuring. We'll make the effort now you've given us the heads up
  2. Odd find at Largs beach

    Off topic Knackers, but how do you find your scallop beds. Passed on info or skilled sonar reading? Love my scallops but never had any luck metro.
  3. Top Shot mono

    It's the leader mono (50m spools). The "plus" version is a bit "stiffer" especially above 24kg but still ties perfect knots. Still better than any fluro Iv'e used and cheaper.
  4. Top Shot mono

    We have used Jinkai for years in various strains and love it. Supple as and ties great knots. I tie 15kg braid to 20kg Jinkai mono with an improved albright without doubling the braid and have never had an issue. I run up to 4 rod lengths of mono and the memory is acceptable. Cheers, Greg.
  5. Odd find at Largs beach

    It did look tasty. If there was 2, they would have been entree tonight! Anyone done the taste test?
  6. Odd find at Largs beach

    Hi Team. Came across this critter at Largs this morning while walking our dogs. I thought it was a very lost Morton Bay Bug! Apparently it is a Balmain Bug (Ibacus peronii). Never seen one before. Common? The dogs were not happy we let it go! Cheers, Greg.
  7. Sweet chilli prawns

    Well Brutus, I might have cracked the first white a little early and overcooked the rice.....Oh, and the prawns . But the sauce was good. Will try again and take a pic this time. Being an ex-chef, you've probably got a few more " seafood dishes for dummies" I hope! Feel free to post them Cheers, Greg.
  8. Rod suggestions to match 4000 stella

    Dutchy, is your T-curve the 701 one piece? Great plastics rod. My only gripe is how easily damaged it is. Mine rarely leaves land anymore. The single foot guides dont tolerate rough treatment that happens with a full crew and gear gallore! Even sitting up in the rocket launcher, there's a few deep rub marks. Being a one piece adds to the problem. Got my first decent red on SP with it so its a bit special . Dylbaa, we've been lucky with the SP's when using the Saltwater Spin. The 'ol jig jig whip whip was all we had to do. No real technique. Would be a nice match with your Stella!!!
  9. Rod suggestions to match 4000 stella

    T-curve Saltwater Spin 5-10kg. Tough as nails. 2 piece for convenience. Had some epic battles with large unexpected critters and the rod handled things with ease. Im assuming your Stella is a 4000SW? Might be a bit "tippy" for some soft plastic work if correct action is required. Cheers, Greg.
  10. Sweet chilli prawns

    Sounds delicious Brutus. Dribbled on the laptop reading it . Might be tomorrow nights tea. Chucking a Castle Rock riesling in the fridge right now. Might make that two bottles just in case
  11. OnkaStompa BBQ

    Great work team. Hats off to you. That is a hell of a lot snags sold!!!!
  12. Haines Hunter hiring?

    Well I got that totally wrong! Seems they are expanding the factory and need more staff (no mass exodus as suspicious me thought). The post on Boatsales states that Haines Hunter are building a different line of boats which will be offered as "hull only" for the DIY brigade.
  13. Haines Hunter hiring?

    Hi Team. As we are looking at a new rig in the near future, I have just noticed a list of job vacancies on the Haines Hunter web site. Anyone heard any industry "whispers" about the company? Some of the job descriptions seem fairly "senior". Could be they are selling heaps of boats and need more staff? I'd like to think that the team building my boat (whatever brand), is just that. A team that has been together for some time. Tried beer to blur my concerns but it hasn't worked. Will try again .
  14. Weather moving in at sunrise..

    Adrian, Tourism Tasmania should be slipping you a "sly one" for all the promotional shots you do for them . Must get down that way one day!!
  15. The " Trout Stalker " has new sunnies!!! My money was on you for the win Adrian. Well done! Cheers, Greg.