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  1. Hey All, I know the 'Regatta' is currently on at WB as I've seen the signs well in advance. I tried to book my ticket for saturday and the 50 rec launches are already gone for saturday (all because of Recfish was this an option so thank you Ash). I have just been made aware that North Haven had some issues on the weekend and it was reported on by channel 7 (went away so was oblivious to this) . Since this is my second ramp option, what was the main reason for the hold ups? Is the regatta also taking up the NH ramp? Honestly, why do we do sh*t half assed in this state! Buil
  2. This is my favourite Jig too! I have 1 in a 3.0 the yellow/orange/pink shadow and 1 in the 3.5 blue/purple shadow. I had another 2 but lost them really early on. The dark red was my favourite At the time these were around $28 and I'm talking 8-10 years ago
  3. I would have closed it, did nothing, opened it on the actual opening date and pocketed the 5million Same thing really
  4. Well, where do I start. I managed to get out on the boat on Australia day and launch at the so called 'new and improved'. On the fishing front, it was very slow and didn't do well. But more importantly the ramp itself (I was curious to see what the improvements were). First of all, I couldn't believe my eyes that $5million was spent to 'upgrade' the ramp. On what?? To dig a few more deeper holes for the new pylons? Come on! To put on a steel capping to 3/4 of the the existing steel divider wall where sailing club boats launch? the pontoons were meant to go out
  5. With 15 days to go to their anticipated 're-opening', will they finish on time With moving of the inner breakwall over to do works, there seems to be plenty of room still for the sailing club. If they don't add a 3rd pontoon, it'll be a robbery.
  6. Well it has started. Just saw the trucks etc on the camera They've given themselves 12 weeks to rip up the old, dredge, install the new and extend the breakwater, pontoons etc... I can see this blowing out until after Christmas... https://www.dit.sa.gov.au/infrastructure/major_projects/westbeachboatramp
  7. And probably costs them about 500k a year to dredge it The sad thing is, I've seen 'new' drawings for an 'upgrade' recently. The only thing that I see changing is removing the old 'tyre grip' concrete slabs to new ones. It needs a massive overhaul! Needs to go deeper because at low tide around 11.30-1 in summer is horrendous (1 maybe 2 smaller boats dock only), a 3rd lane added and a massive breakwater with 1 entry / exit point. Something like this should happen I think. WEST BEACH.pdf
  8. Looks good. This needs to happen at West Beach Boat ramp all around the perimeter of the breakwater also. Gets people on the walk to their cars a lot quicker, meaning faster retrieval. Well, in theory anyway.
  9. Keyword there IF... These fingerlings will not reach sexual maturity for another 3-4 years. That's 3-4 years of avoiding predators, nets etc. So you're still relying on the 'original' stocks by the time the ban is lifted again.
  10. It's nice to hear we've acted swiftly to get the first step sorted with the fingerlings (just over 12 months) . expected this to be released just as the ban finished Hopefully our government can take a leaf out of the Vic book (in banning all commercial net fishing of Port Phillip Bay) and do something similar here in our gulfs and passages. Perhaps going one step further and ban long lining in these zones also. I don't have an issue with charters with in these zones, but maybe put a stricter limit especially to the larger snapper above 80cm. Maybe 2 fish max per boat above 80cm a
  11. I wish I could find them, let alone move away from them Assuming your fishing for KGW with the snapper by catch?
  12. haha well done Vogon. I did the same scientific method, but i was thinking my next guess was 107.
  13. Awesome! Thanks fellas. Well, reading between the lines , my second guess is..... 105
  14. i don't have face book so i haven't joined in on the guess. Looked you up on Instagram but you just have a location and no page First guess 100 even If its not valid, fair game
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