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  1. Plectropomus

    Anyone know anything about "Southern seas" blanks?

    Thanks. It turns out the rod is "South Seas Tackle" (not "Southern Seas") but I am not going to pursue it. There is a "South Seas Tackle" wholesaler listed in Kilkenny.
  2. Hi, I have googled "Southern seas" blanks and found nothing. I have been looking at an old "Southern seas BW141" rod for sale online and wondering about its origins, composition and taper. Has anyone any knowledge of these? Thanks
  3. Plectropomus

    Snyder Glas FT 4120 vs FSU 4120...same blank?

    Thanks, Projoe. My rod may even have been a Butterworth blank as I had it custom-made in SA in the early-mid 1980's. with an extra-high winch mount (I have long arms). It was marvellous for belting out "Wonder Pilchards" for salmon and poling them ashore. I cannot even recall the rod-builder now. I wish I had never parted with it.
  4. Hi, Can anyone inform me of the difference (if any) between the rod blanks specified with prefixes "FT" and "FSU" in the old Snyder Glas system? I know "FT"=Fast Taper and "SU"= "Surf Utility", but am wondering if there is actually any difference in the blanks themselves? I really enjoyed the old FT I parted with decades ago and am wondering if an FSU is the same stick? Thanks