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  1. oh hell!! That is way worse than the 40 boats on the mackerel spot I fish!! What if a snapper runs around someone's anchor rope or someone else's line? They look closer than the run a big snapper can make in 4 metre of water!!
  2. are those reels Saltigas????!!!! There are 17 of them!! Saltigas are over a grand each!!!
  3. Bill Sawynok from InfoFish sent me this extract from their 2018-19 Annual Report. He is going to analyse the snapper tagging data and send some plots too. Thorough gentleman! West Australian Dhufish For the last 10 years from 2009-2010 to 2018-19 there were 708 West Australian Dhufish tagged. Figure 54 shows the numbers tagged each year, average length and the size range of fish tagged over the past 10 years. The largest Dhufish tagged was a fish of 1,260mm in 2002/03. Figure 54: West Australian Dhufish tagged, average length and size range (bars) Depth of cap
  4. 90% mortality sounds extreme. I am doing more digging, and found this article on Fishing World: https://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/fish-facts-snapper-barotrauma1 Maybe that is one of David_C's release weights in the cover picture on the article One might imagine "Fishing World" is pro-angling, but it is surprising different studies (even on the same species) give such different mortality rates. I have contacted Bill Sawynok (from InfoFish) to ask about the fate of tagged fish released after venting. InfoFish were heavily involved in the "Release of Line-caught fish"
  5. Could I get hold of that video from Fishing Guru somehow? is it on YouTube?
  6. Good on you!!! From the point on these I assume you are puncturing the lower jaw to get them in? I tried longer, blunt, hook section to avoid this by slipping it under the gill cover and out the mouth....but (as you say) solo operation means they sometimes slip off before you can get them back in the water. It just needs care and attention. Great to see these being made. I have not seen any in North Queensland tackle stores. Is SA having any media campaign to help anglers release snapper with barotrauma? It would be good to see your product (and its use) highlighted with a video cli
  7. Trouble is the undersized bycatch. I use 10/0 circle hooks to try and avoid small fish, but I still catch undersized coral trout and non-target "flowerpots". I'm out there for a feed in deeper water, not catch and release sportfishing...but still have to catch and release. It will be the same with SA folk having to release all snapper. Red emperor have massive head and rib skeletal framework, and their swimbladder bursts out just behind the vent where the skin is thin. You can see this in clear water as a cloud of bubbles accompanies the fish on the way up. Same with "slatey bream". The worst
  8. Fishing reefs up north we get a wide variety of small "bycatch" species, as well as undersized "targets" like coral trout and red emperor. Many are "blown", and few can "self-vent" (red emperor are notable for this ability). Much research has been done, with venting trials and cameras in cages, but not a huge amount of campaigning for public awareness exists in Qld at least. The NT Fisheries has posted a video showing hollow-gutted, feeble, golden snapper (in a cage) on the seabed after venting at the surface using a hollow needle. Their policy discourages catch and release of golden snap
  9. I bet you can make an "auto-sorter" ramp and funnel using your observations of the maggot behaviour in relation to heat and light. Black Soldier Fly (BFS) larvae are grown and traded around the world as chook food and for pet stores. If you Google "BFS harvesting bins" you will come up with many images and videos. The goal is to concentrate clean larvae in collection bins. Like this one: https://imgur.com/gallery/iQZgzDO
  10. you have Indian mynah birds down there too??!!
  11. I met a bloke supplying SA bait shops a long, long time ago. He used to wrap (fly-blown) fish frames in multiple layers of newspaper, then hang these packages in a tree over a bucket of bran. High enough to avoid cats and dogs. Enough newspaper to stop liquid dripping into the bucket. He reckoned the gents (maggots) would burrow their way out between the wrappings when ready to pupate and drop into the bucket of bran. They would "purge" there and he would sort and refrigerate. Looks like you are producing bumper crops.
  12. Thanks to AA Batteries for a top-knotch sponsorship. I deemed myself ineligible for the prize, as I think my tropical opportunities were unfair compared to an SA winter, so I let the judges pick another winner. I just love fishing, reading about fishing, talking about fishing, and writing about fishing!! Strike and Hook teaches me a lot Over to you admin.
  13. Well I would have to rate my DIY Jig a "FAIL". It does tie a very nice FG Knot...but the braid slips under the increasing pressure between my rubber washer "bobbins" and buries in the screw threads. I then have to dismantle them to get my knot out!!! I tied 3 knots on various outfits with leader from 40-80 pound, and was absolutely delighted the way they slip unimpeded through the micro-guides on modern rods. Now I can use wind-on leaders. Caught a barra on one, too, and did not slip.......but ordered an FG Wizz online when I got home ($44). I see now he is using adjustable bobb
  14. There were'nt no "hop hop" about it with an Alvey 650C5 and 13 foot Butterworth blank!!! Hop hop" was not in our rule books. It was flat out for as long as you could stand it for me!!. I remember retrieving flat out off the cliffs at Troubridge Point for salmon and seeing them idle up and then casually peel off...despite me busting a boiler and going as fast I could to overcome the marvellous 1:1 gear ratio!! I spun up a few salmon on the Alvey but never even looked like getting a mulloway, and firmly believed they only took Baltic bobber "gardies"!! Mind you, if someone said bream (or ev
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