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  1. Unreal!! I can just imagine some smart alec trolling up tuna on these or jigging with them and "cleaning up". I wonder if they will "pop" on the surface??? The next "big thing" in lures??
  2. Your the gadgets man.....how about hanging this under your hull?? It could get the seal of approval from the pinkies? Or seal the fate of future hookups? https://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/shark-deterrent-mimcs-orcas/
  3. You are both most welcome!! I look forward to seeing some mako fillets from Greg Tech and marinated fur seal from YD. Yep, it is darn heavy wood. Old timers all tell me they made "shangais" out of it as kids, then used it as through-the-spokes brakeing when tipping cane bins
  4. PM'd you. Here are the images. Brown one goes off tomorrow. Can make plenty more to size. These are 540 mm long by about 50 mm at the business end
  5. Ooooh Yes!! I have never seen anyone smash chickens. What are you cooking " "Bin Chickens"?? I'll turn up one next week. There is a 3 day "Turnout" of 56 Qld woodturners being held up here next week and I'm going as a newbie to learn everything I can in the 3 day camp-over. Chicken smashers and fish dongers will be "de rigeur" to this mob!! Thanks for the drawing.
  6. the TiG rod end is sharpened to a hollow point, and the hole is drilled only into one side of the handle. Then line up the hole in the spike with the hole in the handle, poke the rod the in until it bites. Cut it with a cut-off disc or hacksaw to leave about 10mm length sticking out of the handle. Pull the little pin out, add some 24hr araldite to the little hole, then hammer the pin through the hole in the spike and into the handle on the other side...not so much that it emerges, though. Then grind off the pin flush with handle. That way everything is nice and tight. Pin is like a n
  7. see reply to gregtech. I will PM you the same images next to a ruler and you can decide on custom order if you wish?
  8. OK will do. Those two sold already, but I have some more (longer) ones in stock and can easily turn up some shorter ones next week. I will send pics of the ones I have next to a ruler, and you can decide what dimensions you are after. $20 plus postage
  9. I've been turning these up to raise money for the local Men's Shed. Trying to market them in Tassie for the tuna chasers down there who often just jam a flexible filleting knife into the head. Not good. All made from cherry guava -- an invasive tree taking over the rainforest in patches. Heavy, dense, tall straight trunks. Great for "fish dongers". Turns green like a dream and does not crack as it dries. I drill a hole in the blunt end of the stainless spike to pin it in the handle through the side with some 316 Stainless TiG rod
  10. oh hell!! That is way worse than the 40 boats on the mackerel spot I fish!! What if a snapper runs around someone's anchor rope or someone else's line? They look closer than the run a big snapper can make in 4 metre of water!!
  11. are those reels Saltigas????!!!! There are 17 of them!! Saltigas are over a grand each!!!
  12. Bill Sawynok from InfoFish sent me this extract from their 2018-19 Annual Report. He is going to analyse the snapper tagging data and send some plots too. Thorough gentleman! West Australian Dhufish For the last 10 years from 2009-2010 to 2018-19 there were 708 West Australian Dhufish tagged. Figure 54 shows the numbers tagged each year, average length and the size range of fish tagged over the past 10 years. The largest Dhufish tagged was a fish of 1,260mm in 2002/03. Figure 54: West Australian Dhufish tagged, average length and size range (bars) Depth of cap
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