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  1. Speak to Ross at the Rod Works here in Adelaide. Hes been building rods with them for years.
  2. Report reliability varies depending on the store you visit. Plus fishing varies daily. Not all fishers report catches to stores they know are staffed by people who will blab to anyone to sell a pack of hooks.
  3. Dragging up an old thread. Any long term reports on Gliss? OS reports seem to indicate, it casts extremely well but has atrocious abrasion resistance. Cheers.
  4. 7'3" was originally sold as a vibe rod I think so will have enough midrange to work larger whiting topwater lures, as is designed with enough give so you wont pull hooks on soft mouths. The blanks are a bit doughy, being composite, but are fine for what you are doing. I have one of the original pale blue sticker rods, with cork handle.
  5. Just remove the bail return spring and operate the bail manually. If you dont want to do it yourself, most competent reel techs inlocal shops can do it.
  6. Harrison. If you live out that way, St Kilda breakwater is good for snook on fly. Usually more abundant in late spring, early summer, but still some about. Always the chance of STs, YFW and bream at the right times too.
  7. Something like a tcurve PPB. Designed for what u want.
  8. Mickyj, sit at home in front of the TV, or where ever, spend some time winding with the handle and you will have it down in no time. I find when changing from one side to the other, I do it with BC reels with different techniques, they hardest part is the initial few winds combined with a solid hook set. Stick to it and after a while it will be second nature.
  9. Isnt that the whole reason for some of these new "organizations", all some have done is attempt to divide recreational fishers. Nothing to add to the discussion, agree with him or get either abuse or blocked.
  10. Can you name them. As I said, the advice makes little sense.
  11. What shop made these recommendations? Make little sense.
  12. Current system has only "failed" due to complete apathy by the recreational sector. Only have to look at the pathetic response to the various surveys and questionaires published in the last several years. Instead the process has been distorted by a few individuals who represent almost nobody, and distort the facts.
  13. Still no comment from any group about where they have been getting funded from. Looks like the rumours are true. Lobbying for the pros, anyone? And lets not forget, a very prominent member of the government now owns one of, if not the, biggest pro fishing companies in the state. Guess we know where the funding was, and is, coming from!
  14. When are all the bodies mentioned going to show where they get their funding from? Lots of rumours that could easily be squashed if this information is released. Lots of hiding going on at present.
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