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  1. Bait Caster

    End of RecFish SA?

    Isnt that the whole reason for some of these new "organizations", all some have done is attempt to divide recreational fishers. Nothing to add to the discussion, agree with him or get either abuse or blocked.
  2. Bait Caster

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    Can you name them. As I said, the advice makes little sense.
  3. Bait Caster

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    What shop made these recommendations? Make little sense.
  4. Bait Caster

    End of RecFish SA?

    Current system has only "failed" due to complete apathy by the recreational sector. Only have to look at the pathetic response to the various surveys and questionaires published in the last several years. Instead the process has been distorted by a few individuals who represent almost nobody, and distort the facts.
  5. Bait Caster

    End of RecFish SA?

    one of my favourite books.
  6. Bait Caster

    End of RecFish SA?

    Still no comment from any group about where they have been getting funded from. Looks like the rumours are true. Lobbying for the pros, anyone? And lets not forget, a very prominent member of the government now owns one of, if not the, biggest pro fishing companies in the state. Guess we know where the funding was, and is, coming from!
  7. Bait Caster

    End of RecFish SA?

    When are all the bodies mentioned going to show where they get their funding from? Lots of rumours that could easily be squashed if this information is released. Lots of hiding going on at present.
  8. Bait Caster

    A little whinge

    Go into enough tackle shops and you will find out that a lot of staff dont really have a clue. Was in one the other day that told me vibes dont work. When I told him there is hardly a species I haven't caught on vibes he pretty much called bull####.
  9. Bait Caster

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    Get your mate to tie some BIG white ones. Mulloway killers
  10. Bait Caster

    Quantum Reels

    The site shows Kmart type stores or best chance for a reel would be BCF
  11. Bait Caster

    Greasing bearings on new reels

    Non shielded bearings are easier to maintain and facilitate better casting without a layer of grease, as was mentioned.
  12. Bait Caster

    Fishing with an old thong...

    "Thong Things" aimed, particularly for Aussie Bass were, and probably still are, extremely popular for many years in the eastern states. Minor mods would make them work well here to. Bream love them.
  13. Bait Caster

    Knife Blade Rusting

    Probably carbon steel, not stainless. Never store a knife in its sheath. Not much you can do about the rust, if it is a decent quality, you should be ok. Give it a good sharpen and try it out. Have an old KBar style knife i have had for about 35yrs. Blade is wearing away from use and sharpening, but still holds a razor edge.
  14. Bait Caster

    Two Winters of snow at Sheffield...

    You need to find a secret spot all to yourself... feel free look me up if you manage to get down this way.. cheers Adrian Had a couple mate. Unfortunately they have been thrashed from social media. Will definitely take you up on that offer. Bucket list is to get a tassie trout. Hit the nail on the head. Why people feel a need to post every single thing and spot on social media amazes me.
  15. Bait Caster

    Low profile Baitcaster reels and braid .

    Adaminbinfishin, where have you tried a Concept Z? Don't think they have been released yet to the public.