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  1. stormboy, I hope I am not misunderstanding you. I do not believe that Yelliwtail would use the words "recfish will be abolished". From what I understand, RecFish SA are welcome to come and take a seat at the table.
  2. Thanks for putting that up Yelliwtail. It is good to see the truth being presented.
  3. RJ You write that,....."Every online discussion is driven around and around in circles by them....."......Who is "them" ? I ask with due respect.
  4. Can't have failed, it's never been tried, and If you have your way, it never will be. "Just a call for "faith". Waste of everyone's time." The silliest statement from a member of an anonymous "representative organisation" ever. Since there are no office holders, no elections, no meetings and you insist on remaining anonymous - your entire organisation is relying on "faith" . Your anonymous computer game is based on the hope that maybe you can achieve some kind of change without ever meeting with the wider rec fishing community to confirm that they agree with what you're doing
  5. When I go over the border to Victoria I am very happy to buy a fishing licence as it is easy to see that the funds raised are going back into the fishing sector.
  6. Hi again doobie. You have asked the difference between 3 oils, those being Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil and Coles Oil. I must admit that I did buy Coles Homebrand Oil, ( Thankfully, I only did it once ) I have used sunflower Oil and it was OK. The Rice Bran Oil, ticks all the boxes, for me.
  7. It does look like I need to play arround with the settings on my computor. But for now, that can stay in the too hard basket.
  8. Hi doobi. I find that using rice oil is good as it has a very high flash point. Also it is good as it does not add it's own taste. As far as how to use the oil goes, it depends on what has been cooked mainly, as some things will leave sedament in the bottom of your cooker. This depends on how well the coating has bonded with the fish etc. I change my oil, when I see that it is noticeably darker than it was when new. Too much sedament in the bottom of cooker, can effect the heating and taste. From time to time either coles or woolworths, will have it on special, some times at h
  9. Thanks for the pictures to keep us up to date with the situation in Tassie, Adrian. It must be tugging at your heart strings, to see the damage and knowing that many fish have been washed away. I hope that Tassie can soon get back to something as close to normal as is possible. For you, Adrian, I hope you soon find a big trout that wasn't washed away but is just waiting for you to come along. All the best to you and Tassie from Alan.
  10. Good on you for going in to bat for the Rec Fishers of South Australia, Les. I am sure that you will keep us posted with any replies.
  11. SAFA have put their / our Media Release into the SAFA section on Strike & Hook. They ( SAFA ) have done well. It is good to see, that now the Rec. Fishers of SA. are getting a voice. How far that voice goes, depends on the amount of coverage that the media gives to it. SAFA is OUR Voice.
  12. SAFA's Submission to PIRSA has been put up in the SAFA - South Australian Fishing Alliance section of Strike & Hook. SAFA have done well, with this submission. The thought , planning, putting together and presentation of this submission, shows the commitment that SAFA has to those that SAFA represent, This is us, Rec Fishers. The Submission makes for some very good reading and I recommend it to all on Strike & Hook. Thankyou to the mods that run Strike & Hook, for allowing SAFA to show that they truly represent Rec Fishers. The voice of Rec Fishers is now getting heard and our re
  13. I should have added and will now, I clean my crabs before cooking. Some refer to the yellow stuff as being flavour I refer to it as being crap or more to the point,.......shit.
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