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  1. Spot On down in Mt Gambier had a heap of them when I was last down there in February. Might be worth giving them a call to see if they have any stock left.
  2. Bent Minnows are great fun in the warmer months. Possibly my favourite bream lure for the warmer months.
  3. The trebles are Decoy Y-S25s which are fine wire, but not barbless. They penetrate really well and I haven’t had any issues with them falling out of fish.
  4. All the Pro Lures are fantastic. I have used them and done pretty well on bream with a slow roll. Throw in a pause here and there on the retrieve as well. I favour the prawn coloured ones but black is also a great colour. They do make three versions of that lure; an Extra Shallow, Shallow and Deep. The deep diver works very well during wintertime on deeper structure like poles and rockwalls etc.
  5. S-Factor, Pro Cure, Sax Scent, Berkley Gulp Gel and Slime are all scents I have used. A big thing for me is the UV factor on all of them plus the scent. Depending on what style of fishing or what target species depends on what scent I’ve used but all seem to do a little bit of something, even if it is a confidence thing.
  6. Kuerschie

    1-3 kilo rod

    The rods state 2-6lb rating which converts to roughly 0.9kg-2.7kg. Which will be exactly like a rod that states a 1-3kg rating. Some companies prefer to put their ratings in pounds (lb.) because most commonly, fishing line is rated in pounds (lb.) so it makes it easier for the angler.
  7. Kuerschie

    1-3 kilo rod

    Samaki Zing Gen 3 2-6lb 7’0” Savage Gear Black Savage 1-3kg 6’6” Daiwa Tierra 702LXS 1.5-3kg 7’0” Atomic ArrowZ Estuary 2-6lb 7’0” All of these four rods will suit your style of lure flicking. All graphite, lightweight etc and mid-range price point.
  8. I tie a new leader before every trip, so I hardly get memory on my spool from the fluoro leader. Normally I’ll be fishing within 24 hours of tying the leader so it doesn’t coil up. At the end of the day like TL said, it’s perfectly fine to have 1 rod length leader and you will catch fish like many people do. One other option entirely is to go down the route of straight fluorocarbon and getting specific casting fluorocarbon and then no more tying leaders at all. Some pro breamers use them during tournaments when the fish get super picky.
  9. I started at a rod length of 4lb leader with bream and went up to 2 or even 3 lengths in the last 2-3 years. Can’t say for sure if it made catches go up or just better lure technique learned over time. But I will say that it made my confidence go up a little bit and that can only be a good thing. I run 4lb fluoro. Savage Gear, Black Magic, Sunline FC Rock all have done me well. You’re probably not doing much wrong, it’s just that bream can be fickle at times and just need to persist.
  10. Kuerschie


    Bream on blades has been a fairly simple technique for me. Similar to how you would fish a soft plastic. Long cast, let it sink to the bottom and pause when it’s there. Pause for a second or 5 depending on the fish activity, and then lift and take up the slack. Let it back down to the bottom and pause again and repeat that until you recast. I have also done alright with a burn and kill technique where you let it hit the bottom and then wind straight for 3-5 turns of the reel before pausing and letting it back to the bottom. Rinse and repeat etc. Blades that have done me well are the Pr
  11. They’re sold out of the BCF stores online and I store it seems.
  12. Shimano Curado 201, Daiwa Tatula 200L, ATC Combat 201 are all great options. If you’re worried about the ‘low’ level of drag, your thumb will naturally find its way to add a bit more pressure if the fish is going hard. Have had a Curado 200 for 5 years, and it’s done a magnificent job for my cod fishing. The DC is next level though with the computer braking system.
  13. BCF has assist hooks made by BKK that do an excellent job for assist hooks for whiting. The best sizes are the Smalls. BKK Strikers is their name. We used to sell Atomic Trick bitz but they were cleared out a few years ago.
  14. Could be a Jinker? Kind of like a high top tractor that can drive through the water. There’s a few guys on the northern flats that use them to launch tinnys if I recall.
  15. Well I’d say that because Daiwa make well over different 100 reels and models that it would be an easy thing to miss. All I did was go to Daiwa website and search for 1000 and they came up first click. The most common small Daiwa reels made now are 2000s which are similar in weight and line capacity to that of a Shimano, Abu, etc. As mentioned above, all you need to do is do some statistics checks/cross referencing and you’ll see similarities.
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