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  1. You and me both mate! Could almost wheel the kayak through the gate from home. Will be hitting it and you up for sure.
  2. I Would suggest KI/Cape Jervis offshore for one place. Another spot is out off Port Victoria on the whiting drops, have a slop line with a whole squid head and gummy gets taken out there. I’m unsure on the season for them there though. Depending on how far you want to drive, Coffin Bay has them in the bays at times and outside the bay to the north. Or down in the South East down Robe way they can get them as well.
  3. I’ve used them for yellowfin whiting, salmon trout and bass. I haven’t used them on bream but I know that the eastern states guys have and they definitely work. Use a Slow retrieve with a pause or two thrown in.
  4. It’s still going strong mate. I ended up selling the old Lowrance unit to a mate and all the wiring still worked fine. It didn’t get too much splash and I always cleaned the unit with freshwater after each use. Once I began fishing the river a bit more I upgraded units to a Garmin Echomap 45DV with downscan to find all the hidden logs etc. Cannot fault it. So long as you give the unit a wash and dry it out properly, it’ll be fine. Stainless screws all still holding great.
  5. +1 for this. A buddy of mine has this in his tinny running along the inside of the gunnal. Keeps the wires well out of the way tidily.
  6. I run a Garmin Echomap 45DV on mine and it’s an awesome little unit. I paid close to $500 for mine and I highly recommend checking it out for its highly detailed maps, sonar plus down/structure scan. For your rough budget of $800 you can definitely get a good sounder for that. The Hook 2 4X is a basic unit that still gives you sonar and maps. But it’s at the lower end of the features scale. I would invest money in a slightly higher class of sounder than the Hook 2 as it’ll mean higher quality target separation and a more accurate representation of what you’re seeing on the display
  7. Wicked red spots on that brownie!
  8. It was all about catching sand whiting on surface lures and how his experiences could translate to our yellowfin whiting. Starting from the beginning was gear talk; graphite rods, 1000-2500 sized reels with 6lb braid and 8-15lb leader depending on bycatch (flathead, tailor, salmon, trevally etc). Next the lures and the main three that Bushy rated highly were the Bassday Sugapen, Atomic K9 Bulldog and Zerek Trail Weaver in lures that are transparent. Instead of the trebles Bushy definitively recommended using assist hooks, home made or bought in the size 8-10 size. If making your own then have
  9. I look forward to you ticking them off AR1. You can get salmon over 3kg from Waits/Parsons on ocassion, just keep on the move to find the schools when they’re in full swing. Fishing the Murray for cod will be lots of hours but the reward is worth it! Learninglures I really hope you tick the double off as a 20lb snapper especially is an epic fish from a boat let alone a kayak. AussieDave hope you’re on the mend, can’t keep a good man out for long. Good time of year to tick off the mully and kingie if you are prepared to fish the Port and Augusta respectively. Meppstas, you’re sm
  10. With this year nearly halfway through, I thought it be time to revisit some fishing goals I had set for this year. I was wondering if any other S&H members had any fishing goals for this year they’ve ticked off or aim to in the next 6-7 months? Personally I’ve had a good year so far with a lot of new PBs and new species ticked off including first SBTs and samsonfish, PB snapper, kingfish, flathead, callop and cod etc. For the rest of the year I have a couple more goals to tick off. Mainly a salmon over 4kg, new PB kingfish (>5kg), new PB bream (&
  11. You will be missed in that store for sure. Sad to see you leaving the industry but I know you’ll be back in the future. Probably under better circumstances. Im looking forward to us fishing more though. Yorkes is calling us...
  12. Burners was peaceful until I nearly blew us up with that dodgy butane cooker ahaha. Yorkes is an awesome place to camp and fish like the others have mentioned. It’s probably myself and Southie’s most common overnighter trips. So many options available.
  13. I was wondering how she got brook trout in SA, explains it if she’s photo stealing etc.
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