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  1. 99% of my plastics are ZMan or Squidgy Biotough as I have what you might term "confidence lures" in both ranges. Metals I'm not fussed with whatever brand; hardbodies I mainly sway towards Rapala . This is all todo with th estyle of fishing I do as I am a lot more likely to throw plastics over hardbodies for bream/flatties and the like whereas where canal fishing/breakwalls I am mainly throwing Rapala baits.
  2. Look at the TCurve Saltwater spins.
  3. I've never used glue, or hooked over the eyelet or anything like that; maybe I'm just used to realigning my plastic that it's a force of habit.
  4. Anyone have any feedback or experience with the Crucis Travel Rods? Looking at grabbing one for a FNQ trip, specifically the 7ft 11 4-7 kg one, and wondering if anyone has anything to say about them? Never heard of the brand before until today. Cheers.
  5. Light? Shimano 1-4kg 7ft6 Cranx with either a Sedona2500 with 10lb braid or a Daiwa Laguna 2000 with 6lb braid. Good surf fun.
  6. 10ft 6 Prevail with a Freams 4000 and 20lb braid. *or* 7ft 6 Shimano Cranx with a Laguna 2000 and 6lb braid; still can throw 30g on that.
  7. Braid with a mono leader all the time.But I have experimented with the Platypus lo-stretch stuff.
  8. I'll definitely be in to say hi when you open mate.
  9. MoTackle.From the USA-fishusa.com and tacklewarehouse.com
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