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  1. yeah wow not good hey! im likely moving to tassie soon - was hoping for the unspoilt waters
  2. Nice fish mate - pearler... Imagine that first hit was like a car crash!!! Ive caught heaps of snook hey but never gone over 75cm on one... my mate down Victor Harbor seems to find bigguns like your Snooky very cool fish wouldve been spewin if it nipped you off at the last second lol
  3. Mate, whats the story? Do you have anything positive to contribute? Stick up a decent fishing report and please god save me from organisations established to represent the rec angler! Personally, i think its only a matter of time before the carpark goes and residential buildings riseim just not really that clear on who would pocket the $25mil.
  4. Rest up mate - that explains why I haven't seen you back out and about Hope youre back soon!!!
  5. Firstly - Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post in this thread :)After some consideration we have decided to lock this up. Members will still have access to view the content, but for those of you wishing to contribute, please consider using the Report Section.This will ensure your reports are only viewed by members & lets face it, most of the reports here deserved their own thread. Again thank you for all who have contributed and we encourage you to continue doing so in the designated Fishing Reports Category.CheersJack
  6. I reckon the split grip is mainly just cosmetic appeal.The best sensitivity is going to come from a cork grip anyway.Having said the above, I really liked a mates Shimano Jewel when having a loan once and so soon found myself in a tackle shop with my 2500 Twinpower reel in one hand and a fist fulla cash in the other. I tried a few rods and found the light weight jewel balanced very nicely - This is easy I think because the split grip design would've given the makers length options to suit the balancing with standard modern 2000ish reels. In contrast the shorter full cork rods in say a GLoomis
  7. Congrats mate!!! I wonder if there is a better fish in the ocean???Top effort- I do a lot of solo fishing and honestly mate you must have willed that fish into the boat haha cos I really doubt I could manage something like that... the wonders of adrenaline You hear stories of mums gaining super strength to protect their kids - ...and fisho's gaining super power to manhandle their catch over the gunwhales :woohoo:
  8. Far out man - what a session nicely done !
  9. Wow! That mustve been ridiculously good fun - well done and congrats mate!
  10. You can take YFW at will from the reserve side of the breakwall - some dudes still did and I believe the fine was 700-800 bux.I fished there until it was pointed out to me I couldnt- damn. Was a silly rule since the fish can swim through the drain thriugh the blocks and clear accross the parsts of the breakwall at high tide anyhow See you in the spring U4L
  11. Im very excited about this and am looking forward to a very productive spring out on those flats - very good news and thanks for the heads up mate - would never have known otherwise :)
  12. I love fishing for Mulloway - very challenging past time - but every now and then you get one and it keeps you hooked.
  13. Surely that thing will go for much more than 25k :ohmy:That aside, you need to be very discriminating when it comes to the motor on any given boat. Remember its the package mate BMT.Loads of people get fooled by nice hulls - especially at yards man, the dealers have all sorts of old donks stuck on decent hulls - when ive looked at boats I expect to get a boat and motor of similar vintage if not you want the motor to be younger than the boat know what I mean - be careful of nice boats repowered with donks 10-20 years older than the boat ;)My boats worth $1.99c lol but if spend8ng $20k id be rea
  14. Not sure whats the matter with some people - horrible to see this lack of respect - and worse that I dont even think there are any laws protecting these fish :(You are right its a disgrace but its good to hear that im not the only one outraged. Feral minority do this sort of thing
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