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  1. Good to see you're still getting stuck in Alex. Always a pleasure reading your reports.
  2. Cracker. Haven't seen a mullet like that in a while. Well done lads.
  3. They're good reels, but we had a hell of a lot of trouble getting parts for them when people brought them in for repairs. Just be aware of that, I guess.
  4. Maria's. And yeah they're a great little metal lure and not too pricey either.
  5. Witnessed a guy lugging what had to be a mully back across the rocks from the inner breakwater when I first started working there, and have nailed 2 decent flatties in there on plastics plus lots of trouties. Just stay out of the way of the boaties, they always have priority over fishing in all parts of the marina.
  6. Congrats southie! I love fly fishing but haven't done it for years. One day I'll get back into it.My first was a little Tommy Ruff in Coffins Bay many many years ago.
  7. Went and had a little fish off the rocks out the front of the shop this morning as it's pretty slow here.Bam, bam, bam troutie after troutie all decent size, all released. Even got a double header on the one lure! One on the front treb and one on the back! Using a Duo Toto and just cranking it in fast. Good, quick session and some nice fish to get me back in the game.
  8. Okay, I'll admit it I am yet to have a fish in 2014. No, not catch a fish, have a fish. At all. Haven't even looked at my fishing gear yet! :woohoo: It's been a reasonably busy summer both at work and at home so now that it's starting to wind down I am hoping the Salmon start showing up and I can get my first fish in. Over the last few years I've decided that Salmon are by far my favourite fish to catch. Most of my quality gear was bought with chasing Salmon around 1kg for sport in mind. I heard some good reports at the shop of fish over 45cm being caught by guys out in the boats within the l
  9. the t-curves are really good rods. can't go wrong. popular and reliable.don't know about the ifish nano's as I haven't seen one, but the catana nano's are great.
  10. Yeah projoe's pretty much on the money. Unfortunately you generally won't get a single piece replaced like that, usually if it's under warranty they will replace the entire rod. The Jewels have been replaced by the new range of Catana's which are really nice rods. The Catana Nano's are the same price range and in my opinion, better quality rods than the Jewels.
  11. Seriously fail to understand how people can say this stuff with a straight face. Yes it's so effective that you can't even spot 1 in 5 sharks off the coast. That's the very definition of effectiveness right there... /sarcasm
  12. Can't say I didn't see this coming. Where was the promised consultation and review? Oh that's right, the latte sipping greenies who got this introduced in the first place had their consultation and review 12 months ago.
  13. As well as the births, it's also damaging the properties on that side deeper into the marina.
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