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  1. Cal

    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    Anything goes I guess,I smoked a crab once and it was quite surprising .Just threw the whole thing in and the meat was moist with a nice smokey flavour, better than fish I thought.
  2. Cal

    Wading bags

    I have done lots of wading over the years and wherever possible I use my home made tub these days.In it I can carry everything and have mounted a pvc pipe to store a spare rod,or landing net or crab rake.I will use a bag on a beach, but the main reason I dont wading anymore is once out Thompsons beach years ago had a big lit up bronzy that wanted what fish where in the bag, not good when the thing is attatched to your waist. This thing was fast and determined and circled ,rushed at me and my mate numerous times .We were using our rod butts to fend it off.Scared me that bad ,yeah kinda puts one off the idea..
  3. I remember them, here is a clip on you tube of a guy using one to catch a huge mully,I would love to get my hands on one of those fluro ones.
  4. Cal

    Why don't I catch fish?

    Interesting question....,why dont I catch fish? I am partly blaming the internet for this dilemma,nowadays info is hand fed.Back in the day it was fishing reports in the paper, after that it was up to the individual to actually go out ,see what other experienced anglers were doing right,taking in the info,spending time on the water,working out tides,feeding habits, gathering or buying fresh bait,experementing with different rigs...basically doing the hard yards. You can only be hand fed so much, time on the water= experience ,actually working things out yourself plus seeing from others is the key.Plus one thing my Dad always taught me is fish for what is there.No point fishing for salmon trout when everyone around you is catching say yellowin whiting for example. Cheers and all the best.
  5. Cal

    Braid to flurocarbon

    The FG knot maybe the best, but in normal fishing situations ,after snags ect what you find is regardless of knot if one of the proven ones tied well ,the leader snaps off near the lure, on the leader and not the braid and continually gets shortened.Reason for this is braid is stronger per diameter, example a 4 lb braid tied to a 6lb fluro leader,the leader will snap every time .If the fluro snaps close to the knot its a retie job which sucks, doesnt matter whether you have an fg knot or whatever, its the LEADER and not the braid that snaps 90 % plus. Best advice IMO is to tie an extra long leader, that even after snapping a few times keeps a reasonable length and saves having to tie the joining knot whilst out on the water,which is nothing but a pain in the dark,in the wind, wading, off the rocks ect ect.
  6. Cal

    Shimano Travel Rods

    I had a live fibre explode on me one day,and when I say explode it literally did,my mate heard it and yelled out WTF was that, sounded like a firecracker going off,almost like it was under some kind of huge stress and it shatterd.
  7. Cal

    New Artificial Reef at West Lakes

    I guess on a featurless bottom anything that sticks out will be an attractant.Hopefully not too much taxpayers money went in to building these things, a one off day out with a barge and a heap of old concrete blocks or bricks from a building site would of been a permanent , cheaper solution. Not having a go and appreciate the effort, and time spent, but yeah those plastic whatever they ares don"t look overly flash.
  8. Cheers saltflyer,what interests me is the 795lb 11 + foot tagged tiger shark that is in SA at the moment[being tracked]...according to the sites tag it is off ceduna right now
  9. And just to show how little we actually know about them, this baby 4 days old caught in the Mediteranian , well genetic tests show these are linked to the Australian population, not the South African ones ,which is closer to there . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfgtS2nYfdU
  10. And I remember when the news broke out of this monster from SAs South East. http://www.elasmollet.org/Cc/Ken_Jury.html
  11. Here you go guys,this ones out there , so there must be more surely?
  12. Cal

    BBQ sauce

    Nice one underpants, that looks delish. A bought sauce I dont mind is Levi Roots regae regae caribean barbeque, quite nice.
  13. Cal

    Action Discs

    I have heard the smallest sized ones matched up with a small SP like squidgey fish or wriggler ect are good for Trout.
  14. I reckon smoked squid could be used as slingshot rubber I tried doing it once and if you wanna hear your mates saying its got nice flavor but its a bit chewie then this is the method
  15. Cal

    Vintage Big Shark Fishing

    Its history, please dont shoot me down in flames JMO....the human race was uneducated in those times... a big thing in mankind is the greatest mindset to be No 1 and , in the US it was Bears,In Africa it was Rhinos Elephants,Leoapards and whatever... but in hindsight what was the point in going out and killing the supreme predator of the ocean ,just to stand at a gantry with it hanging upside dead.......