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  1. What an exciting time , the OzFish Onk Habitat group have been making great headway in the restoration of habitat in the Onkaparinga river . We have finished stage one which was to deploy Limestone blocks into the Onk to place some substrate for small critters to attach to and hide around . These living critters such as oysters , barnacles and small crustaceans will in turn encourage bigger critters to congregate in the area . The placement of these blocks also should help the tides that flow over them to scour more of the sediment from the bottom of the river in an aid to make a deeper hole i
  2. Cheers fellas , i did also manage to get the bracket sorted also for the inlet and outlet . Sooooo keen to give it a crack now .
  3. Been playing around with my 3.3hp outboard for the Canoe (aka Mully Magnet) . I had a broken thread on the motors original tank but i also wanted a bigger tank as it is really hard to re-fill the little 1.5ltr tank while you are bobbing around on the water . So what i have done is i put a fuel line in with primer bulb and fuel pump to a T piece and then a fuel return for the pressured fuel so it doesn't blow the carby apart and then a feed near the carby to draw fuel that it needs from the third part on the T . Works a treat and i cant wait to give it a crack . All i need to do now is replace
  4. The placement of these are to encourage people away from the no fishing zone and to provide better fishing in this area . Are easily cast to and will be a good snag spot . They have a hefty chain to the rope and the rest will take a long time to rot away , i will have a suss at them soon enough . The rowers should be able to avoid them and it is just the rope and buoy that is near the surface , if a rower gets tangled in that then they are doing a great job .
  5. Did my good deed last week and volunteered for the Recfish , Reef design lab and Charles Sturt council Artificial reef deployment and construction for West Lakes . Was an interesting first day at the council putting the reefs together and even tho the 6 volunteers were split into 2 groups for two time slots i ended up staying and helping out for the whole day . They went together fairly easily and was interesting to be so hands on . Some extra tools would of been handy but we managed with what we had , lol . I took the camera along to get some footage of the second day being the deployment of
  6. All happening next weekend at Goolwa. Proudly sponsored by Fishing SA , StrikeHook.com , Fishing Wholesalers ,Mully Hunters , Fishing Guru , Reel Scream Fishing , SA Canoe Experience Goolwa round Start is 10am Sat 3rd till 2pm Sun 4th Dec $10 entry , Registration will be at the tent next to the Goolwa Aquatic Club carpark (near the toilet block) Open to all and everyone . Once registered you will be given an ID slip that MUST be in CLEAR photo with fish on a brag mat or clear measuring device . All legal means of capturing fish are ok from Boat , Canoe , Kayak , beach or wading . Any area in
  7. Look into doing your own bud . It really isnt as hard as you think , i have made my own Redfin , Carp and Mulloway fly's . Craft store's are a good place for fly materials as well as some good suppliers online . So far i haven't caught Redfin on the flys i have made , but the satisfaction of fooling a fish with your own tied fly is awesome .
  8. It is probably the market sending the non sales , being right handed overheads to Australia . LOL . And then the retailers just putting the spins on the same side . hahahahaha . I have managed to get myself a decent shimano td25 overhead with left hand wind for those bigger fish eg , Tuna , Sampsons rays and hopefully a Kingy this year for myself , you know for fishing properly , hehehe . Putting the whole handle , to what ever side , it really does come down to having better strength , feeling and control in the dominant hand and using this to fight the fish with .
  9. Could always just buy a spool of line , say around 10lb from a bargain bin for as little as $5-10 and some hooks from the bin next to it for a few dollars . Tie the hooks on the line with a basic knot . Slap some bait which can be just a bit of bread which is a $1 for a loaf or $3 for a good loaf and then you also have a snack for the rest of the day and you are fishing . You only spent money on a bus ticket to get there which was $10 for a day trip (haven't caught a bus for a while so not sure) and you have spent a total off $16 minimum . Fishing like anything tho can easily suck a lot of mo
  10. Good luck bud , hope you do well .
  11. If you are keen then i am always keen to get out for a fish . Let us know ?
  12. Cool fella . Cant wait to see the end result . Hope it turns out well for you .
  13. How did you make the rod or did you buy the rod and are putting the eyes on ?
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