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  1. AquaticResearch1

    Anyone have this happen to them

    Yeah I've definitely had that happen Micky, particularly with the smaller Daiwa lures. Mainly happens with either repeated jaring hits or suspected mulloway strikes on the stock terminals. Tend to upgrade any lure over 60mm for where I fish now to avoid losing good fish.
  2. AquaticResearch1

    What fishing gear do you purchase?

    Reels I tend to stick with Daiwa/Shimano/Penn/Finnor. I do have the odd no name reel for thrashing about but wouldn't buy them personally. Rods I'll have a play with in store, check out the components etc and if it feels like good value I'll take it.
  3. AquaticResearch1

    What Soft Plastics/ Hardbody lures do you use/purchase?

    If it's cheap and looks genuinely good then I'll have a look; but I normally stick to what works. If I'm buying hardbodies with any forethought, I'm trying to look at the action on YouTube etc and get reviews or discussions if at all possible. Soft plastics I'm far more open minded with, again if the profile is nice and I can somewhat visualise the action, I'll have a shot with any plastic brand.
  4. AquaticResearch1

    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Found a photo of the big girl. She may have seen even better days previously, judging by the size of her head, but what a beast it was.
  5. AquaticResearch1

    Freezing Crab

    Only way I've enjoyed crab that hasn't been fresh is when it's pickled, personally. Even then it's on cheese and toast or something and taking away from what could have been; but at least it preserves it somewhat.
  6. AquaticResearch1

    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Biggest I've weighed was 2.1kg and a touch over 50cm, but that wasnt caught on rod and line. Have seen a mate land a very healthy 49cm fish and have caught some mid to high 40's fish myself but no others have cracked that 2kg mark yet. All have been throughout the hills
  7. AquaticResearch1


    Are you wading the sandbar at the mouth to be needing such reels? Can't think of many other applications that require reels like this.
  8. AquaticResearch1

    recipe for preserving salmon

    Is there any way you know of to do it without a pressure cooker?
  9. AquaticResearch1

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    How's the Fuego holding up after another 6 months? Had a play with one today and they are very light for a given size. Would mean I'm able to get away with a 2500 deep spool on a rod I'd previously have to fish are far smaller reel. Has me tempted for sure.
  10. AquaticResearch1

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    I've used each size, for the two smaller ones I use these techniques for the following species. Snook: Constant roll with steady twitching and the occasional pause Bream: slow roll with lots of pauses Callop: slow roll with twitches and pauses Salmon: quick wind Mulloway: slow roll with intermittent pauses or hard fast cranks followed by a sharp pause if they are sitting mid water. Redfin: slow roll with pauses and twitches Trout: Steady wind with the odd change of pace thrown in Small cod: Similar to the callop retrieve They are a very versatile lure, I don't mind trolling them either but they aren't my first pick.
  11. AquaticResearch1

    Wading bags

    Another alternative which I may throw out there, is to use a backpack with a length of cord to caribena clip to hold your fish. I do quite a bit of wading now and I've found it more than sufficient, normally can take my phone out with me and it hasn't drowned yet (touch wood) I've not tried a wading bag though, so they could be vastly superior.
  12. AquaticResearch1

    New Shimano Poison Adrena!

    Looks good and all, but just like the back bay, will it be coming out in Aus at all? Being a bassmaster release, I highly doubt it'll be imported for the Australian market. You'll probably have to be keen enough to buy off Plat or similar to get one in. Regardless, I never used to rate Shimano rods overly highly but they have really stepped up lately imo. 2019 revolution feels a brilliant rod for the price.
  13. AquaticResearch1

    Lure ID

    Can't help with id but the black lure looks a bit like a buzz bait (variation on typical spinnerbaits) and you're correct, it is pretty f'd up, quite frankly.
  14. AquaticResearch1

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    Those clips work, I'm a fan. They'll crap themselves if dragged through structure though, think people bash them around and then whinge when they fall apart on a good fish.
  15. AquaticResearch1

    Anyone used a FG Wizz?

    I use this fg knot method But may use the Rissuto finish from Kelvin's posted video, as I can follow it a bit better it seems. Shall test.