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    It'll be interesting, that's for sure. These super light, overpowered reels are great and all but will they last? Will the rods they match be able to perform to the same capacity as the reel? Will the frame hold up when someone cranks up the drag on a big fish? Give it 3 or 4 years and we should have an answer.

    They seem very nice. Beautiful looking bit of kit and they have really nice specs, with niche sizes for a lot of applications. Might have a look at the exceller though, as these are a good way out of my price range.
  3. Diawa Double Clutch, What is Your Favourite?

    I only use the bleeding ayu colour, partly because I like it, mainly because while I have one, there is no way I am forking out for more! Haha
  4. Cheap Snook Lures

    Casting, I've had just as much success on Zman Grubs as I have the nice hard bodies. But trolling, IMO, you want something you can work slowly. The metals are good when they are on, but you'll snag plenty if you're fishing shallow and trolling slowly, not to mention lack of action on many. Shallow divers often run pretty straight, as long as they are half decent. Get something from Atomic or rapala, storm, even halco tbh. The little scorpions are meant to dive to 1.2m and run well behind a boat. A 60mm version would do well.
  5. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Picked up a 7ft 1-3kg Trion Sunday. Should be a bit softer than the current rod and help out casting small hard bodies in open water for trout in particular. Keen to give it a run soon
  6. Guess what

    Shellfish kilpatrick
  7. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    I love the Tassie crays. Australia has a ridiculous freshwater crayfish diversity, and the king of them all would have to be the Giant Tasmanian IMO. @Del care to mention or PM me any of the hills rivers/creeks you've seen platypus? I've not seen one in my travels thus far, would love to.
  8. Knife Blade Rusting

    Haha yeah, she was more than a touch rough when I had just got the sanding done. I've touched it up with a couple of grades of file/steel since, and will probably take the wet rub to it at some stage. Luckily this knife just floats around the house for odd jobs (in this case, cutting arum Lillie's) and isn't overly dedicated to show and tell.
  9. Knife Blade Rusting

    Cheers fellas. I attacked it with the sand paper and got the rust off, not too many worries. There are a few marks in the finish on the back of the blade but otherwise fine I heated the blade up and oiled it lightly. Looks a lot better and I gather it isn't any worse off for now. Note the weird marks in the finish. They won't sand off, weirdly enough.
  10. Knife Blade Rusting

    G'day, just pulled an old bone handle bowie out of it's sheath today to find some pretty bad rust on its' blade. Have given it a quick touch up on the file, but the rust is deeper than ideal. Anyone have any ideas? *knife is still surprisingly sharp given its' condition
  11. Savage 3D Crabs

    How do you intend on fishing them Micky?
  12. Edithburgh trip

    Lot's of gar around last I was there. The odd whiting off the jetty from sand patches as well.
  13. Any good jerky recipes from our members?

    Yuuuum. I need to go fishing with you blokes
  14. God you can be a cock tease sometimes Rybak. I couldnt even get a livebait in the port last week! Are you in a boat or land based?. Plenty of live bait from a boat.Not teasing at all........just facts. Landbased mate, imagine it'd be different on the water. I'm just stirring, hence the
  15. God you can be a cock tease sometimes Rybak. I couldnt even get a livebait in the port last week!