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  1. AquaticResearch1

    The Pat

    Jesus those decoy plugging singles absolutely shit me to tears. Used them on a hot bite one time off some rocks and dropped fish after fish after fish swinging them up onto the rocks. Personally use gamakatsu or owner inline singles and never had a problem with those. Interesting you have a good landing rate with the decoys. My hook up rage was good but lifting fish was... I'm mad just thinking about it.
  2. AquaticResearch1

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    You'll smash it without a leader in that case, just don't bother. Keeping a clip on reduces the line loss from changing lures as well.
  3. AquaticResearch1

    Any good jerky recipes from our members?

    I've double hot smoked it, 2 to 2.5 times as long as I would normally, and that dries it right out with a beautiful strong smoke flavour. Lasts about 4 days unrefrigerated but wouldn't trust it at all past a week.
  4. AquaticResearch1

    A little extra on a lure....

    Might do the same to a couple of mine, Adrian. Looks nice and although I've never had many issues getting trout to eat them, it may just be something that pushes that good one over the edge to hit. I've taken permanent markers to lures for decent results, not that they 'really' caught all that many more fish.
  5. AquaticResearch1

    Slimy Mackeral

    Big ones are choice in the smoker.
  6. AquaticResearch1

    Goolwa camping

    Always preferred Mundoo for safety myself tbh.
  7. AquaticResearch1

    Pb brown

    Very very nice brown. Kudos. You tie them yourself? I looked into doing it briefly but realism wasn't my forte, so to speak.
  8. AquaticResearch1

    Winter's here..

    Beautiful pics Adrian, can't wait to get down to Tassie in future. I prefer the cold comfort wise, just put another layer on if you're cold for for goodness sake. The heat, well you can't beat that.
  9. AquaticResearch1

    Who's been catching salmon this season?

    Plenty of trouties up to 35cm tops down sugars beach. Otherwise haven't tried in the surf proper yet. @LoftyHow big were the Chinooks? Pretty keen to head over that way in future for brook trout and Chinook salmon. Groovy fish.
  10. AquaticResearch1

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    The rusty ayu is my go to on the fresh. Callop and big trout.
  11. AquaticResearch1

    OZ Fish TV and fishing line

    Sounds like WTF 'gliss', Mick. Single strand polyethylene, casts a long way and abrasion resistance good. Can't fault it really, but wouldn't like it in anything > snapper on plastics pressure wise IMO. But that's just a gut feel not based on anything solid. Get 150 yards of 6kg on a 1000 symetre easily. Can be bought at BCF and Dinga.
  12. AquaticResearch1

    2018 Fishing goals

    That's a bumper year in anyone's books. Absolutely killing it. I want to try and get a cod over 50cm. I've caught 2 cod in my life, and both have been no longer than 6 inches. Laughable at that size really. Going to be taking the kayak up the river after exams and trolling like a mad man. If I can get a surf salmon >3kg that'd be great as well, but I'm not too fazed about that one as I am unlikely to be heading west or anywhere bar waits really. Also want to get an Elephant shark from a low energy beach, but again not too fazed as I'm not really one for surf fishing on my lonesome.
  13. AquaticResearch1

    What would your best all round combo be?

    Of my rods, the most versatile would be the 9ft livefibre trophy, with a 4000 daiwa BG. Purely because it chucks lures and baits well, sensitive for small stuff but gutsy enough to really load up on bigger stuff. 9ft gets me a bit of distance if I need it, and I've used it with a smaller reel for redfin even. In saying that, I'm always one for taking multiple combos.
  14. AquaticResearch1

    Rod and reel combo for tuna and kingfish

    I guess it depends how serious you are and under what circumstances you're chasing them. Taking small tuna like that you'll be able to use 20lb braid on snapper gear if you've got enough capacity. If the kings are by catch in surface skirts in deep you should be alright also; although it'll be a hell of a fight on a 10+kg model. If you're targeting kings near the reefs with Jigs and live baits etc though, you'll want at least 50lb. 10kg + kings over reef will turf you in an instant if you hook them within 15 meters of the reef itself on snapper gear.
  15. AquaticResearch1

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Damn didn't even know they made 90's. Hopefully there is a stock pile somewhere