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  1. Replacing Double Clutch trebles

    Yeah those 'SASQWA' or something to that effect are sticky sharp but bend easily. I've always gone to owners and haven't found it affects action too much. However, the owners I used (size 10 ST36 BC) still bent out after a good session. So if you're changing hooks on the 75mm or less lures, maybe keep an eye on it after you get a lot of decent fish. Particularly the front treble; always seems to cop a hammering on mullys and such. (I know the treble was too small for the lure, it's just all I had one me at the time)
  2. New fishing camera test..

    Do you use water resistant cameras, Adrian? Or are you unlikely to get them wet in the process? Half considering a camera for the kayak, but it'll get splashed and knocked around.
  3. Cranka lures

    My mate has one and he prefers the double clutch, but I rate it as a lure. Never seen it used on bream but big dam trout don't mind it.
  4. Dicky Anti reverse

    Cheers Fellas. I've had a play with the roller bearing (was a bit sticky) and also found a part which looks to have been damaged at some point but is doing the job. Not sure what it is just looks pretty rough. Will give the anti reverse itself a suss and go from there. @snapperhead I agree, it's a bloody small portion of the market that wants to wind backwards; should be custom models for that feature just like some bait runners.
  5. Dicky Anti reverse

    Long story short, the anti reverse on my little Aird 2500 is playing around. Some times it is fine, then it will have maybe a cm of play on occasion. It was worse at 1 point this weekend but it semi-righted itself. In my little brain it doesn't make sense for an anti reverse to work instantly sometimes and not others. Any ideas? It has been thrashed lately so maybe I should just take it into a shop for a service. At this rate it'll be clapped out by year's end.
  6. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Barker rocks, mint squidding off there. Had squid cannibalising hooked squid for a good couple of hours a year or so ago.
  7. Photo Theft

    Had a lot of fun with one of them the other day. Couldn't believe my luck that the board decided to give me 200 powerball tickets for only 45 euros. Couldnt convert it to South Australian Murray's though, our republican currency, so I ended up missing out.
  8. What are you using now

    Really depends. Nylon in the smaller stuff, but I have question marks over its' abrasion resistance, flouro in 15lb (just a happy medium, happy with abrasion resistance but still subtle) and in 30+lb stuff I just use whatever leader material (Black Magic, Jinkai etc) Might go back to maxima ultragreen if I don't like the Nylon.

    It'll be interesting, that's for sure. These super light, overpowered reels are great and all but will they last? Will the rods they match be able to perform to the same capacity as the reel? Will the frame hold up when someone cranks up the drag on a big fish? Give it 3 or 4 years and we should have an answer.
  10. TD SOL III

    They seem very nice. Beautiful looking bit of kit and they have really nice specs, with niche sizes for a lot of applications. Might have a look at the exceller though, as these are a good way out of my price range.
  11. Diawa Double Clutch, What is Your Favourite?

    I only use the bleeding ayu colour, partly because I like it, mainly because while I have one, there is no way I am forking out for more! Haha
  12. Cheap Snook Lures

    Casting, I've had just as much success on Zman Grubs as I have the nice hard bodies. But trolling, IMO, you want something you can work slowly. The metals are good when they are on, but you'll snag plenty if you're fishing shallow and trolling slowly, not to mention lack of action on many. Shallow divers often run pretty straight, as long as they are half decent. Get something from Atomic or rapala, storm, even halco tbh. The little scorpions are meant to dive to 1.2m and run well behind a boat. A 60mm version would do well.
  13. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Picked up a 7ft 1-3kg Trion Sunday. Should be a bit softer than the current rod and help out casting small hard bodies in open water for trout in particular. Keen to give it a run soon
  14. Guess what

    Shellfish kilpatrick
  15. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    I love the Tassie crays. Australia has a ridiculous freshwater crayfish diversity, and the king of them all would have to be the Giant Tasmanian IMO. @Del care to mention or PM me any of the hills rivers/creeks you've seen platypus? I've not seen one in my travels thus far, would love to.