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  1. Yeah fair enough, it's unfortunate that all the people stockpiling for the apocalypse make it that your average Joe needs to get involved for a carton of eggs. This whole year has shown how mass hysteria in the population just stops people thinking things through.
  2. Just quietly, the people flocking to stores now is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. All these people flooding the stores when it is clear that supermarkets will still be open during lockdown; why? The people then crowd and cause chaos, potentially spreading it even more. Just wear a face covering and go during the lockdown people, it's all good. Be efficient and plan things well and it'll be fine. I'd understand shops that will be locked down such as Bottle shops even more so, but man, this is a great way to spread a virus, by cramming into tight
  3. Yeah bang for buck on special you can get a lot of the savage stuff really cheap. If you've got the gumption to ask for a bit of the price to be knocked off the savage stuff, they often will do it just to keep stock moving in my experience
  4. I've found this also. I tend to think it is for the following reasons -Lighter flouro holds up better than the equivalent breaking strain mono, therefore you'll be using it in a situation where you may call for mono 50% to 100% stronger again than the flouro. - I've caught decent fish on 5lb flouro in complete comfort, knowing the line won't have any issues, but the same fish I would have needed to have been nervous fishing even 10lb Trilene or 6lb magnathin. Maxima ultragreen on the other hand in an 8lb or so I wouldn't have been too concerned, but I don't believe I would hav
  5. Personally used nylon leaders up until relatively recently and don't think I'll go back in the lighter line classes; that is to say anything under 20lb. Flouro is more abrasion resistant, lasts longer without weakening and personally I find it is less prone to breaking in the knot than the nylons I previously used. I used Maxima, YGK, Berkley trilene, Stren magnathin etc etc and the rockfish FC outperforms them all. In anything over 15lb I use black magic leader material. Really rate it for everything from surface whiting (yes I use 20lb for yfw) to livebaiting kings,
  6. Don't think you'll find much in the way of nippers down there. The bream lakes are good fun, definitely an option when the beach is quiet or weather doesn't allow. Both Robe and Kingston jetties can hold an assortment at times. Flathead and smaller salmon pretty common. Not my first choice to fish but an easy option if all else fails.
  7. I'm working the public holiday, but I'm going to head up the river and give it a crack in the kayak. Fingers crossed.
  8. The recent Spinfisher VI gets good reviews from those that use it in very punishing conditions. Well sealed; but that's not really an issue if you aren't getting it wet. I think they might have a bait runner feature available, would need to double check.
  9. If you managed to get onto any bent minnow blanks, Southie, I'd be very interested. Anywhere from 70mm to 180mm I'd have a use for them.
  10. Absolutely love that one, a bit of the SX40 colour 'carmen red' on the gill plate would absolutely set that off imo. Absolute ripper of a colour. Would be a demon on rainbow trout
  11. Good to see you got onto a few, pm sent.
  12. I've had a bit of trouble with these bending out of shape and needing to be re-adjusted with pliers. Have you had similar? Maybe I'm just being a bit ham-fisted with them but it's a recurring theme at this point.
  13. FG knot initially, revert to an improved Albright if conditions don't allow re-tieing a good, reliable FG. Honestly the only time I'll find out that my Albright isn't as good as an FG, is when I hook a snag and end up having to lock up. Even massive rays and things, I've tied an Albright and they've held without issue. FG just casts better and is a better connection for when you've got to really lean into something.
  14. If anything, sink the lure on a semi slack line rather than an overly slack line. It sounds like they are using the excess slack to choke the lure. It can be somewhat unavoidable at times, if you're chasing the trouties, maybe it is worth changing to a shorter jig head or wider gape hook also. If it really bothers you, maybe just fish tighter to the rocks. It's tricky and can be hard to get around at times, but if it seems to be an unusual trend, the above may make a difference.
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