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    Knowing cockles have been difficult to source lately I rang ahead to BCF to ask whethere they had cockles and where they were sourced. The answer I was expecting was Thailand in which case I would not have bothered going (have purchased these before and found them to be way inferior). Instead he said 'I've been told they are from Melbourne or Sydney' so I figured that was a reasonable compromise. So I drove to BCF and these are what they had. They didn't look like the interstate variety to me, and looked just like the Thai imports I'd tried once before. I left without bait (to make it wor
  2. Well I'm headed there today. Looks like a dodge so don't know how that will affect things? Any tips on tide time or location?
  3. Cheers. Might get there before the rain.
  4. Goolwa season has just opened. Anyone had any luck? They were mostly tiny last year without travelling for km.
  5. You are right, $20 for a kg which sounds a lot better than BCF (don't know the weight of the tiny bag BCF sell but it is $18). Unfortunately they are out of stock until tomorrow!
  6. Done and thanks! Next time I have bait left over I'll think of you rather than toss it.
  7. So if you had a day to collect bait (and I do today), where would you go? I'm heading out in the morning and need bait but don't want to pay nearly $20 for a tiny bag of cockles - and it is tiny. I gather ghost shrimp / nippers are mostly great yellowfin bait, but are they any good for KGs? Could collect some this arvo and they'd be OK in the morning.
  8. With price of cockles so high I'd like to know what other baits work well with KGs. I've alwayws considered fresh cockles (fresh are never available anyway it seems) to be the best bait. Easy to use, stay on, the fish love them, and they were once inexpensive! I've never had a lot of luck with Squid. Maybe others have? What else? BTW, if anyone knows where I can get cockles at a reasonable price please let me know!
  9. Yellow door your methid is what I have being resorting to lately. One question for you and others is do you use a deep fryer or just a frypan and some olive oil? I do the latter but find the fish and crumbs use up a hell of a lot of oil!
  10. Doobie the video you posted is how I would have done iit until I saw Brentons post.
  11. So not a video but a series of photos. Made sense to me to have the join at the lower portion not the flesh behind the backbone and no need to gut.
  12. Polished them off Tuesday night and just looked back to find all these posts! Interstate for work hence need to consume! Doobie I'll check your video but the reason I thought best to not gut first was due to another video I saw on another thread. By the looks of that video the butterfly fillet halves are joined at the belly rather than begind the backbone. In fact the filleting starts with a close cut along the backbone. I'll find that video and re post it.
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