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  1. Mr Fish Don't have as much as I thought. But if they are OK I'll use them. The jig heads are 1/8 ounce.
  2. Yep and it works on my phone too. Must have been something to do with my tablet last night. Thanks for trying it for me.
  3. Start and finish waypoints as shown on this google maps snip:
  4. Could it be that my tablet ran out of memory or something and the automatic route function stopped at that point of the journey? When I checked this morning on my mobile phone installation the route appeared to work for the entire length of the journey, but last night on my tablet the route always terminated before the 2nd waypoint. I was experimenting late last night trying to create the route.
  5. Just downloaded the paid version but having an issue creating a route from Mundoo ramp to Towatchery island. Automatic route stops halfway and states 'cannot traverse barrage' or something to that effect.
  6. Cheers MrFish! I'd like to give plastics a go - I will have a look at what I have and get back to you (wifey buys me random stuff for gifts cos it looks pretty) . Can you be specific about the brand/model you used? Maybe I already have something similar. You meant 1/4 ounce jig heads?
  7. Thanks but I'm having a hard time picturing that! I've never used ezyrigs either. Is this close to what you are saying which I found here: http://wp.fishingmonthly.com.au/2019/12/06/mulloway-we-will-fight-them-on-the-beaches/
  8. Heading to coorong next weekend for first try in a boat. What rig should I use? Assuming the mulloway will be smallish but legal size. Will be using Pilchards I guess. No time for live bait. May give plastics a try but I'm a newby - so advice welcome.
  9. If the low tide is not very low (1m) does that mean there will be no need to walk out as far? Ie. Will they be close to the car park where it is only a few inches deep?
  10. Is it doable? I've been invited to go crabbing tomorrow but I don't want to be the bearer of bad news explaining that the lack of tidal movement means not a good day for crabbing. But that is an assumption as I've only been twice in my life. Can you actually do ok crabbing on a dodge? The plan was to be there at 'low tide' which is around 9.30. There's minimal tidal movement with the 9.30 low being 1.0m and high tide at 5pm around 1.2m. does that mean the blue swimmers won't be swimming?! https://tides.willyweather.com.au/sa/adelaide/st-kilda.html
  11. Cool. Actually I can see now how it could be a reflection. Sorry I mentioned it - you've done a great job. Now its my turn.
  12. Nice job. I was interested because I have one to fix myself. But when I looked at the ceramic part of your recycled tip I noticed a notch in the ceramic. Where it is circled. Is that meant to be like that?