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  1. I started this post a while back But I'm thinking about wimping out on the lack of facilities and that a caravan park with a neighboring productive beach may be a better option. Still tenting but like the idea of a hot shower and kitchen facilities! So please recommend likely camping grounds with facilities or caravan parks maybe on Yorks or the Fluerieu - and that have some fish producing beaches nearby. Cheers
  2. I foubd western districts club and have sent an email.
  3. Cheers. What clubs are there? I've never been a member of a fishing club but it's a good idea.
  4. Anyone aware of any organisations that take relatively inexperienced campers on beach fishing trips?
  5. I'm going to do a camping trip with my son in December or Jan and was thinking Hillocks Drive. Is there much to be had at Hillocks / Butlers beach in the summer months? Are there other Yorks spots likely to have success on the fishing side of things? I gather not the best time of year for Salmon. Any other locations recommended for a camping/fishing trip that time of year? West coast is probably a bit far, but still on the radar.
  6. I have one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shakespeare-Sigma-Supra-840-Long-Cast-Spinning-Reel/402396021424?hash=item5db0ac02b0:g:RZ4AAOSwMqtfSu3f that is missing the bail arm (just the wire bit, not the mechanisms). It is otherwise a decent reel. Anyone know where I can get such a thing or is it a matter of salvaging from another reel?
  7. Anyone familiar with main gear bearing shims and where I might be able to get a hold of some? Need some for one of these: https://www.bcf.com.au/p/penn-spinfisher-850ssm-spinning-reel/127342.html
  8. Thanks! Only a few days now - hope the weather is OK!
  9. Headed to Robe on a couple of weeks. Looking for tips for land based fishing. I will try long beach for Mulloway as have had luck there before. What else? Any beaches likely to have nippers for pumping? Would have liked to jump on a charter but looks like there are none! Cheers
  10. Staying in Middleton for a few nights next week. Was thinking about some fishing options without boat. Here's what I was thinking but I've no idea what is biting at the moment - let me know! Also any other options I hadn't thought of. 1. Murray mouth / Sugars Beach - mulloway / mullet ? 2. Sea side of the goolwa barrage / Beacon 19 - mulloway? 3. The Bluff / Salmon trout, squid etc.? 4, Middleton / Chiton beaches - Salmon trout ? 5. Goolwa beach near the mouth - mulloway? Never been there - is it a reasonable drive in an a Subaru Outback or is a proper 4WD required?
  11. After recommendations for a charter Middleton / Victor area for my son and myself. We will be there towards the end of January.