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  1. Staying in Middleton for a few nights next week. Was thinking about some fishing options without boat. Here's what I was thinking but I've no idea what is biting at the moment - let me know! Also any other options I hadn't thought of. 1. Murray mouth / Sugars Beach - mulloway / mullet ? 2. Sea side of the goolwa barrage / Beacon 19 - mulloway? 3. The Bluff / Salmon trout, squid etc.? 4, Middleton / Chiton beaches - Salmon trout ? 5. Goolwa beach near the mouth - mulloway? Never been there - is it a reasonable drive in an a Subaru Outback or is a proper 4WD required?
  2. After recommendations for a charter Middleton / Victor area for my son and myself. We will be there towards the end of January.
  3. Well that didn't go so well! We are going to be at Middleton for a few days so will start a new thread based on Victor and the area.
  4. Reckon the bit of chop that was there at somerton helped. Bites were reasonably consistent at around 230pm. Yeah we should have had more hookups!
  5. Had no luck at Kingston park though they were there. Then gave somerton beach a go on the far side of the sand bar. Two nice YFW and a couple of undersized flattys. Not a great day but at leas not empty handed and my daughter enjoyed herself.
  6. Today I collected around 40 nippers from seacliff and tomorrow I want to put them to use off the beach - but when and where? I haven't done much fishing over the last decade so want to make these count. Where and when would be the best bet? I see Tennison has been good, I know that Seacliff is popular for YFW, and I have seen people fishing for YFW off Somerton. Where would you go? I gather best time probably the first 2 hours after low tide?
  7. Trying to get in on a charter (local or maybe Victor?) with my son who is not (yet) a fisho but there are only 2 of us so need to be joining up with a group. 4 hour trips seem to be available with some Adelaide charters but my fear is these will be brief and only target inshore areas and small fish. Maybe there is a group already heading out over the next week or two?
  8. Elecmuso


    Thanks fellas. Collected 20 this arvo. Was going to try them in the morning. Are there any suitable land based spots on the coffin Bay township side of the bay? Haven't seen a sole fishing off the shore.
  9. Elecmuso


    So I had a quick go with the pump and there are plenty of clickers around (coffin bay). But I've never been all that sure of the best way to bait up and hook size. Also are they good for most species apart from the obvious (ie. Yfw)?
  10. Thanks Undies! Yeah maybe I need to drive a bit further.
  11. Yeah great suggestions guys, only a bit far with a couple of young kids. Coffin bay is high on my list but not for a weekend - more like a couple of weeks. I suppose I was hoping someone may have some ideas for a holiday house or farm stay near Waitpinga or say Goolwa.
  12. Thinking of a short holiday next weekend and figured here might be a good place to ask for suggestions. I'd like to find a moderately priced holiday house (or cabin?) situated near a surf beach with the hope of catching a few salmon. Yorks and Goolwa come to mind, but there must be plenty of others, and some of the remote beaches don't have accommodation, but maybe someone knows of something? House needs to sleep 2 adults and 2 kids. Cheers