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  1. Snook have been one of my favourite fish to eat and catch for as long as i can remember.They are second to none as smoked and as far as freezing them they need to be cleaned and skinned but before you crumb or batter them when defrosted squeeze a little lemon juice on them and season with salt and pepper.I will challenge anyone to pick the difference.Treat any fish you catch with respect ,ice slurry and clean and fillet as soon as possible and even salmon trout are a delicacy.I know so many people who say they wont eat this or that but after i have cooked them a feed they soon change their mi
  2. Trusted and union don’t go in the same sentence
  3. After checking my diary storms and and big tides = mulloway upper reaches of the port river
  4. White is the colour i use no matter what conditions.One of the most important things is getting the weight just right and having the jag as close to the bottom as possible.Slow and even dodge tides are best in my opinion.I dont over work the jig but i like to cover as much ground as possible by casting as far up current as possible and let it drift back a in a large arc.I always keep a jig ready when fishing for whiting or snaps as squid will often follow up a hooked fish.On a recent trip to emu bay on KI we sat on a small whiting patch and with 4 on board we landed our bag limit of 30 in very
  5. Come on guys we are all fishermen here, i think it was a sailfish and a bloody big one at that.
  6. I have used nippers on a couple of occasions at Vincent at the Julia spit .My method is to use them on the slow end of the tide on a lightly weighted running rig with a size 4 fine gauge circle hook.I hook them through the end of the tail once exposing the hook,and gently casting.Big whiting love them and i have hooked some monster salmon up there aswell.If the nippers are only small you can put 2 on it works great.
  7. Bring sea water to the boil add crabs and when it comes back to the boil set timer for 8 minutes… I then like to drop into ice water to set the meat or eat them hot what ever you prefer
  8. The snook went 97 on the brag mat.Just getting away fo a week was great, a nice tuna would of topped it off, was looking forward to some sashumi. I have until the end of February to make up for it might head down to the Althorps if the weather permits.
  9. Just spent 6 days cruising KI with a couple of old mates.Physically I’m not as capable as I would like to be, I’m one of the people who would of fished hard every minute of the day but now I’m more the deckie and I enjoy helping others to catch fish.On these trips I supply the gear tie the rigs bait the hooks and get a lot of pleasure from it .The fishing was pretty average for ki standards and the weather forecasters were having a bad week.The tuna reports of small schools out from Emu Bay had us doing a fair bit o trolling for no success,so we decided to spend most of our trip fishing in clo
  10. On the subject of the pro fisherman they pay big money for the right to do it it’s their livelihood.We all sit down to a feed of local prawns and crayfish for our Christmas dinner.They don’t just fall out of the sky and I believe all south Australians have the right to enjoy our natural resources not just the fortunate with boats .If not for the pro fisher how does that happen do we all buy boats ?? .YEh I don’t think that’s going to work
  11. All good points and no I’m not offended in any way but don’t compare me to that wanker in the USA .My concern is with the decrease in natural predators namely the great white what’s to say in the next 20 years that population doesn’t get out of control.I remember a time when carp weren’t a problem in the Murray river but with the demise of a natural predator with the Murray cod being fished out the rest is history.Although I’m a fisherman my passion is not fish I just love catching them to eat my passion is birds.How long before the fairy penguins are extinct here in SA and the devastation the
  12. Just more food for the hungry new zealand fur seal.On kangaroo island alone there is estimated 100,000 of them and studies have shown that they can consume around 500 ton per day of fish stocks,not to mention the penguin and pelican population that have been decimated by these cute little cuddly creatures.On a recent trip to Vincent we counted 11 of them on the breakwater and after talking to the local pro squid fishers they have put a huge dent in the local stocks.As their numbers continue to grow and a government that does not have the balls to take on the greenies we can expect to see less
  13. I have owned a Curado 200G7 for many years now. On a trip over to Edithburgh a few years back I lost it over board about halfway between Tapleys shoal and Troubridge island.As we were cruising at night and rods and reels are known to sink to the bottom we continued on and I was resided in the fact that I will never see it again.The next day some 20 hours later we were trolling for snook around marion reef just off of Troubridge island when I noticed something in the water.We turned around for a look only to be blown away to see my Curado and cork handled rod bopping away on the surface.I know
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