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  1. I have been catching some impressive gummies around Edithburgh.Try the rips around Saltana Point around dusk.Use squid heads on a running rig.I know its not against the law to catch and keep females but after gutting a good size female a few years ago and finding over 30 pups happily swimming around inside her,i have made it my rule not to keep females.The one I am holding here is a male.
  2. I have fished in South Australia for 44 years from beach jetty and the last 30 years from boat only.Here lies the problem,in that time I have been approached twice by fishing inspectors.....
  3. jackmac

    tuna oil

    I have never used tuna oil or any other oil for that matter,half a block of pillies in a burley bag will produce enough natural oil for a whole days fishing.
  4. There is a fish called Black snapper it looks more like a large bream,they are usually caught in the Pacific and Indian oceans.Every now and then strange things do show up in our gulf such as elephant shark at Price and on one occasion a massive sun fish crusing the shallows of the upper reaches of the spencer gulf.
  5. When fishing from a boat or wharf I use a running rig,and simply drop it down to the bottom and lift it up a meter.This encourages the bait to keep swimming trying to find cover.Surf fishing is different, I will use large slab baits of salmon or whole squid.I like to hook my livies just in front of the dorsal fin just piercing the skin.when fishing river systems I would use a large foam float, I have seen this work well around west lakes and creek mouths around the port.
  6. One rule I learnt many years ago when fishing for mullies if they are there and hungry they will bite if they they are not there,no matter what moon you will go home empty handed.I have fished the west coast on different tides,moons and times of day and been successful.Salt creek is the same. My biggest mullies(30-40 kilo)have all come from outer harbour end of the port in the last hour of the outgoing tides on live baits(mullet and salmon trout being the best) in the middle of the night.I have kept a diary since the early 80s and I can say looking back the best time of year has been August and the moon phase has played little part.A tip for anyone fishing live baits ,keep them off the bottom,about a meter is fine.Any live bait casted out with a hook shoved in it is going to hide and only become crab bait.Here is a cryptic clue to the best mulloway spot in Adelaide,the deep side of 34...….im to old to sit there on cold nights so I don't mind giving up my fav mullie hole...good luck to anyone giving it a try,remember august is the best time but they do show up all through the winter months.
  7. When fishing the port the moon didn't make much difference.Most of my mulloway were caught on the low tide around midnight with the bigger ones coming in the last month of winter and heaps of schoolies in the later part of summer.
  8. Jump in the car and drive north to a little town called Price,it is SA,s best kept secret for small boats as it can be fished in all weather conditions.There is a channel just out from the mouth of the creek that has exposed sand bars on either side when the tide is at its lowest that's where you fish.About midway through the runout tide is the time to fish.Over the years I have spent there using half pillies on ganged 2/os I have landed a multitude of spieces,including salmon trout(not small ones either) in their masses,snook,huge mullet,big yellow fin,monster flatties,eagle ray,elephant shark,mulloway, all on the run out tide.On the in coming tide I move to the end of the channel where it meets the ocean,this is where the KGs hang out in the shallow murky water, I use cockles there.Then I move in closer around the the 2 marker poles on the sand flats where I finish the day off with a feed of yellowfin and bream on worms.I haven't fished there for a few years after losing my fishing buddy and good mate to a sudden heart attack aged 40.Give it a crack life is too short not to.
  9. I landed some thumping big slimmies on a recent trip around the west coast of KI and I have to agree DMCK I kept a couple for crab bait and cold smoked a couple of the smaller ones along with some trevally and a kilo plus whiting.The macks were very good,i would give the trevers about 4 out of 10 and the whiting 3/10.
  10. I have not tried smoking shark although I have been smoked by a few.I would put gummy shark into the same category as large mulloway as far as taste and texture goes and yes I have tried smoking them but found them to be dry.What I did find though is hot smoking without brine,just to add a smokey flavour worked beautifully.I like to stick to the oily fish when it comes to smoking (hot or cold) my favourite in order of preference would have to be snook,tommies,snapper wings,kingfish wings and salmon trout.The brine I like to use is to 2 litres of water add 400gm salt 250 gm brown sugar and brine for at least 4 hours or over night is fine.Wash them well and dry on paper towels in front of a fan.The drying process is important...If I was to try gummy shark I would first try the flaps or wings as they are sometimes called,have a crack and let us know how it went.
  11. Simple answer is that the gar just wernt on.I have been fishing for 45 years and my best advice I can give you is to just persist.If I had a dollar for every fishless night I spent chasing mulloway in the port through the seventies and eighties I would be a richer man.Now days when ever I step onto a boat I do so with the utmost confidence.
  12. Bread crumbs,curry powder,garlic,tuna oil,semolina,bran,chilli powder,..
  13. Looks like my wifes sunday roast and six other ingredients.
  14. Caught a lot of them around the old Rapid bay jetty,they are very nice eating.