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  1. Yeah they look alright but i'm quite keen on this one from Banga
  2. With the Sugar Pens on some sites now getting up to $33 and demand is there for that brand as being a successful lure,but the copies are on there way.I was shown 4 copies (pictures) last week and gee they are very close to the originals.He said he would send me a few to look at,thinking if people can buy them cheaper then they will sell quickly,who ever gets them out there first will be making some money from it.
  3. While BCF and Anaconda have got the range they still aren't cheap when the sales are on. I wanted a Shimano Sedona this week and seen them for $99 normally $124.99. Ordered direct from overseas and is delivered to my door for $70.Not a huge saving but the gear i go through every year every bit helps to save me something,as for warranty that's virtually non existent these days.
  4. The Micro Wave system is starting to show up on various brands
  5. Planing to fish Palm Cove beach mid next year,has anyone fished there and what species have you caught.Will mainly fish the beach as seen in this video.
  6. Look alike blue crabs discovered in Australian waters. Heard about this the other day does anyone have any more info,apparently these look alike crabs are not to be eaten.
  7. SurfcaztR


    They work but would use soft plastics in most cases with more results and more fish variety go for SP's.We don't have Kings locally like as in NZ
  8. SurfcaztR


    Did knock up a few years ago,more commonly known as bucktails. (Waitpinga salmon)
  9. The biggest problem here in Aust is the lack of lures,i see lures being used in the U.S. and go searching for them just to find we don't have them here.Then i have to import them,guess the population is to small in having everything here. Having accessibility to brands that work is the solution,for me mainly target mulloway so big light colored lures with glitter paddle tails work best for me.
  10. I asked the Mrs what was she drinking that day of the photo.."Bud Light"