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  1. SurfcaztR

    O'Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp Community Meeting

    For some who don't use FB what are the improvements y'all are seeking ?
  2. SurfcaztR

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    This guy is known for using DC and sugar pen lures just about every video he puts out,look thru his vids and you will be entertained
  3. SurfcaztR

    Pro's tackle

    They usually take about 15 rods and reels and they will already have lures attached to the line,if a certain lure's not working that good they just pick up another rod and start catsing
  4. SurfcaztR

    Pro's tackle

    Interesting to see what the tournament pro's carry in tackle supplies
  5. SurfcaztR


    Bula is a word your'e going to be hearing a lot on arrival..lol I was there 2 years ago and stayed at the Radison Blu resort which offered kayaking and catamarans .I was only interested in fishing charters which are expensive.There is a small charter that will take you out on the cheap which is located in the heart of the Port Denarau shopping centre it's near where the island's local bus service in the pick up drop off area.These are the small local buses that do a loop between the resorts 24/7.The resort you are staying at should be able to give more advice on where to fish,as fish is there main diet there and red meat is too expensive for them being a 3rd world country.
  6. SurfcaztR

    Disposable sinkers

    Old car spark plugs work
  7. SurfcaztR

    Are Shimano Nasci Reels Dunkable

    I did go onto there site and have a look though and seriously considered a Alvey,one thing i always do is to throw a few lures after the bait fishing session usually walk the shore line casting covering ground.This works well with a casting reel or spinner but not that good with a Alvey and a couple hundred casts.
  8. SurfcaztR

    Are Shimano Nasci Reels Dunkable

    After seeing this ended up getting a Spinfisher SSVI
  9. Sounds like a good idea
  10. SurfcaztR

    GLISS fishing line

    Not that much different is Berkley Nanofil which is easier to find
  11. SurfcaztR

    Are Shimano Nasci Reels Dunkable

    Hi D,i did run Alveys reels years back but these days the rods and reels are so light to hold and you can hold onto them for hours,that's all i use these days light weight gear.
  12. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    Somehow lost the original sheath so picked up a cheapy of ebay and so far 5th season untouched
  13. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    My setup using a dive belt,the black loop is for resting rod butt while changing lures or baiting up hooks. Two lengths bags depending if i'm standing deep or shallow depending on that day's location