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  1. SurfcaztR

    Heavy Surf Rod

    I have a 4120 with extended butt i'd sell if you are interested
  2. SurfcaztR


    Anyone intending to buy the new Penn spinfisher Vl http://www.pennfishing.com/penn-reels-spinning-reels-penn-spinfisher/penn-spinfisher-vi-spinning/1454457.html
  3. SurfcaztR

    Abu Gacia reels

    Same size as a Stradic 2500
  4. SurfcaztR

    Abu Gacia reels

    I should have put on there selling price,which is $300 both spools have braid. Originally purchased to use in the Onk river but since then got a boat. Price is up on these reels as it's made of carbon fiber
  5. SurfcaztR

    Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    Alright lets see what this baby can do !
  6. SurfcaztR

    Boat retrieval gone horribly wrong....

    should be alright if they got bearing buddies
  7. SurfcaztR

    Best 2 reels I have

    Vecta will work fine
  8. SurfcaztR

    Replacing Double Clutch trebles

    Hi,you'll want the "Owner ST-36BC X size 10" Model #..5636-011 https://www.fishingtackleshop.com.au/products/owner-treble-hooks-st36-bc-model-light-guage.html
  9. SurfcaztR

    A motorized lure to try out

    Just ordered this lure,anyone else tried it ?
  10. SurfcaztR

    What are you using now

    Few more things to consider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBGOVRi3fnY
  11. SurfcaztR

    What are you using now

  12. SurfcaztR

    What are you using now

    Invisable.No it never was.Nothing is as a leader line