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  1. SurfcaztR

    Disposable sinkers

    Old car spark plugs work
  2. SurfcaztR

    Are Shimano Nasci Reels Dunkable

    I did go onto there site and have a look though and seriously considered a Alvey,one thing i always do is to throw a few lures after the bait fishing session usually walk the shore line casting covering ground.This works well with a casting reel or spinner but not that good with a Alvey and a couple hundred casts.
  3. SurfcaztR

    Are Shimano Nasci Reels Dunkable

    After seeing this ended up getting a Spinfisher SSVI
  4. Sounds like a good idea
  5. SurfcaztR

    GLISS fishing line

    Not that much different is Berkley Nanofil which is easier to find
  6. SurfcaztR

    Are Shimano Nasci Reels Dunkable

    Hi D,i did run Alveys reels years back but these days the rods and reels are so light to hold and you can hold onto them for hours,that's all i use these days light weight gear.
  7. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    Somehow lost the original sheath so picked up a cheapy of ebay and so far 5th season untouched
  8. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    My setup using a dive belt,the black loop is for resting rod butt while changing lures or baiting up hooks. Two lengths bags depending if i'm standing deep or shallow depending on that day's location
  9. SurfcaztR

    Are Shimano Nasci Reels Dunkable

    My thought was to run some grease just under the seals to add bit more protection
  10. Looking through a variety of sealed reels at budget prices and lightweight 1000-2500-3000 sizes Tsunami Shield – good seals too heavy Penn Spinfisher V & V1 - good seals too heavy Kastking Sharky ll – has seals cheap to buy but major fail for dunking I can’t think of anything other spinning reels for knee deep fishing for Mullet and Gar Nasci has 3 rubber seals to prevent water intrusion does anyone know if they work for the occasional dunk ? and when I say dunk it may get one to three on a day,but will they survive .Anyone put that to the test.
  11. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    Back in my younger days while spearfishing 10-20m deep and sometimes 300m out like horseshoe reef and myponga beach would have 2 bronzies circling and fish tide to my weight belt makes you nervous,only seconds spent releasing the fish.It's the pointer that scares you the most..No shark shields back in those days,as to knee or waist deep less worrying
  12. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    Spent 90 mins and most were undersized only had 2 legal and because they were in the bag and alive i let them go.Was hoping for some gar and with a oily surface slick 500m+ long not one was seen or caught.I know of another spot 30mins away that produces fish easier should have gone there instead
  13. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    Possibly one of each for different conditions,if i were to move around a lot at the waters edge then i'd have the Alvey bag,Thursday i was chasing mullett at PT Noarlunga Sth and stood mainly in one spot knee deep and that's where the scaling bag was more convenient for me.Different bags for different conditions
  14. SurfcaztR

    Wading bags

    If you are standing in the water then may be a scaling bag tied to the belt might be more convenient,i got a Alvey bag and found it awkward casting lures or when standing knee deep the scaling bag will keep the fish alive.Just another option. https://www.bcf.com.au/p/neptune-scaler-bag/127061.html https://www.hookedonline.com.au/jarvis-walker-fish-keeper-bag-with-2-inch-mesh-dra