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  1. Some good info there Tinker,and for Doobs i see a problem as he's catching and i ain't.Did try Maslins last Friday with no luck except for a bloke that kept looking at me in the nuddie end of the beach.Had to be careful for him not to catch me.
  2. Hi,which part of the Murray do you head to usually and what species are you targeting
  3. I picked this one up last week and it's new,very lucky me thinks.
  4. Whatever is chosen can you get it,as there's a world wide shortage on many items.I'd be walking into a tackle shop and be asking for what you got in stock that suites my needs.
  5. I like the bait caster for lure fishing in chasing whiting and other flats/boat species,one of em is a BFS BC for 2-4 gram lures.more entertaining using BCers.
  6. @Soobz... Green reels always catch more fish Mickyj ..Is it the original dark green FL model.?
  7. Selling as combo's $200 at most Shimano tackle shops,also known to be a cheap Stradic
  8. Fishing 100 to 150 days a year.Anyone here do that ?
  9. I occasionally use one of these. https://www.aussiedisposals.com.au/camping/packs-bags/canvas-bags.html
  10. Some word out on a second ticketing system was being used which shut things down.
  11. Spawning One fish can produce 300 a year
  12. Could be a push to ban whiting during this time of year,as seen on channel 7 news today.Momentum to stop may get some support.
  13. On the 7 news tonight,some accusations on how the money was being collected.
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