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  1. BFC have the Shimano Advance Eging spinning rod on special today for anyone looking for something like that $200,PE 0.4-1 ,Jag 2.5-3.5 only weighs 88gram. It's listed under the wrong section in overhead rods.I got one but will try out next week to see if they are worth it.Price drop from $249.
  2. Those lures should be tested in a pool for accuracy before making a purchase Softy.
  3. Easier way just buy a $2 philips head screw driver from the dollar shop and use that,want it sharper grind the end a bit more
  4. A couple pics of Pt Douglas taken at a water side cafe called "the tin shed" and next to the ramp.Sat there having lunch watching a school of Kingfish doing loops out in front,surface Kingfish diving one foot you would lose site of them being murky water.Here's a few links of the area live surf cams. https://www.newsport.com.au/beachcam/ https://www.newsport.com.au/beachcam/palm-cove-beachcam/
  5. Just got back from Palm Cove a few days ago,the first thing getting off the plane in Cairns was we all had face masks on plane and in airport but once you step outside no one had a mask on.I asked the shuttle driver why..too hot.. never seen one again in any shopping centre or cafe during the stay over. The weather everyday was usually 32 and 24deg overnight,air conditioners run here 24/7.The real heat starts in December and goes through Jan & Feb with lots of humidity.Interestingly no flies or mozzies over the 7 day stay. The water was surprisingly warm at 28deg while the SA coa
  6. I like this one for price and reliability
  7. Still got the rod for sale Bratko ?
  8. Maybe Happy valley res be easier when opened soon
  9. SurfcaztR


    Majority have left the Onk but they'll be back once it starts to warm up.3 of us caught them all the time near the Murray mouth starting in December through to April,some nights a school would come through and all 6 rods would go off.You'll need a 4WD to get there,never forget those fun days of Mulloway plus sharks.
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