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  1. Best way of knowing if you are going the right direction in purchase is to youtube or google the info and decide from that.. Some i got with RH & LH some not used yet.
  2. Soobs..switching across to a totally different style of reel is at first challenging but can be a fun experience getting there and getting better at it.I still use both in spin and BC depending on wind conditions or species,but once you start mastering a BCaster your fishing experience changes but you have to do it to get there.Most of my BCaster use is at Happy Valley Reservoir or fishing the flats.
  3. Mike..we know you enjoy fishing the flats,so why not buy the Fuego and the MGX and have some added fun with them.
  4. As TL explains most long term casters find a happy medium with spinning reels,but after going through hundreds of casts in a day i just found it easier to switch to low profile bait casters.Light weight no wind knots,and having shoulder and upper back issues i switched from RH to LH winding using light weight rods and reels which are pricey.Now depending on species i can cast 3 to 4 casts per minute,just gave me a longer trouble free run in continuing fishing.
  5. I had the 3000,Mag seal not really known for being water proof for a quick dunk.Mag seal more for stopping rain and sand blast on a beach.The Exceler LT and legalis LT have the same body as Fuego without Mag Seal,all nice and light reels but all have stem flex.
  6. YD1..Yes i did see that B4 in one of your posts and considered that self made spear.But i had this $50 BCF gift voucher burning a hole in my pocket and $40 later walked one out the shop instead.And I did remove the barbs.
  7. No one locally had a flounder spear for sale so i knocked one up and adjusted the prongs,plus some night underwater recording
  8. Giving this one a go..2600Mha lithium battery..84-leds..5000lux..High light 2.5 hours..Mid light 3.5 hours..Low light 5 hours..Waterproof: 164ft(50M)
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  10. Forgot to mention best using shallow slow sink jigs
  11. There is a cafe on Marine Parade called Marino rocks social,just park out front in the public car park and walk down to the water.There is a YT video with guys fishing off the rocks which will give you some idea of the area.
  12. What are you using that's light weight
  13. 40 years ago when starting a lawn mowing service we only had the choice of wearing a shirt,polo shirt or T shirt,20 years on the polyester shirts came out as pictured above and they made a huge difference.Working at 8-10 homes a day in 30+ deg heat and walking an average of 10ks a day during summer anything that made a difference was a benefit and todays franchise mowing contractors wear those micro vented shirts in there daily jobs because it's cooler.
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