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  1. @TL This guy uses a Curado i usually follow his channel where lures are always getting used some on spin gear and BCasters on a variety of lures.This guy should have his own TV show.
  2. Oops for got to mention the smoke runs 8lb braid and centrifugal brakes not really the best choice for the weights you want to throw,it can be done but there are easier reels to use.Minimum i'm throwing with the smoke is 5g.i'll weigh my lures and mark them with a sharpie so i know what i'm taking with me for the day and if i'm going to be casting into head wind all day then i'll take a spin reel instead
  3. Quantum never had any problems,i got the Smoke S3 PT and that thing is just so easy to cast .Got 3 BC Quantums,2 Kastkings and the shimano DC all up.Did give the Daiwas a go but we don't seem to get along for some reason.If you want to try we can meet up at the water
  4. Currently using the Quantum KVD BCaster for 3.2g lures 4lb fireline,one thing i learnt was to use a 100 size reel or less.The reel needs to only run on magnetic braking without centrifugal brakes installed this gives me usually averaging 3 casts a minute,light weight and easy on the wrist
  5. Same here sold off the more expensive reels and cut right back to basic,only the DC Curado @$300 remains at the highest price.Also switched over to low profile bait casters as they are more entertaining. 6 in total..LOL
  6. Sienna 2500.. Caution for some on language
  7. 14lb Coorong mulloway. 4lb flats fishing.These braids usually break near double rated strength
  8. What you need is a BFS bait caster reel usually all have a low profile spool and there's some really good Chinese copies out there and with the correct rod you'd be fine
  9. I haven't tried anything under 1/4 once but if i did i'd have to drop from 14lb to 4lb braid,really got a felling the computer won't allow this,and this is why i was looking for the feed back.I was thinking of adding a LH but then i have read that LH and RH sometimes don't work the same being the same model.
  10. Any bait caster will throw 90mm -120mm,its when you start getting down to 10-15g lures.I was just wondering if the computer chip can work with out issues,i just don't want to re spool just to find out they're no good for that low weight .And what sort of run have people gotten from the reel.
  11. Anyone here running a DC reel ?Just wanted to know what's the lightest lure you are throwing on what light braid
  12. Try tying on some lead weights,should see an improvement within a couple weeks.
  13. Quite a few people have been waiting on feed back on these new lures,looks promising.