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  1. SurfcaztR

    Wind Knots

    This subject on line twist and swivels has been covered by different forums over time that swivels on braid is a waste of time but the view here is swivels work on braid ? some catching up is still required.
  2. SurfcaztR

    Wind Knots

    I think it all depends on how one fishes the braid,if i'm casting 2-4 lures per minute on braid and that lure comes back in up right then the lure doesn't cause line twist so no swivel is used.If i were casting a spoon or spinner bait then i'd expect to get some serious braid line twist,i'd switch to using a mono or FC line with a swivel because i know the swivel will take out line twist.If i was dropping line straight down then the set up would be different again. People get so use to fishing there own style/way that they sometimes can't see what others are doing.
  3. SurfcaztR

    Wind Knots

    Nah not wrong,no swivel no issues
  4. SurfcaztR

    Wind Knots

    When using braid on a spinning reel i don't use a swivel and only get wind knots when i'm not paying attention to what i'm doing.The braid twists onto the spool,line twists off coming off the spool but no wind knots and that can be from two three or four casts per minute depending what i'm chasing.
  5. SurfcaztR

    Wind Knots

    Surprising to read so many think swivels will undo twisted braided line no matter what size or brand of swivel is used it won't work.Yes on Mono or Fluorocarbon line but not on braid.
  6. SurfcaztR

    Wind Knots

    But Des is not using a Shimano bait runner reel
  7. SurfcaztR

    Wind Knots

    To get even line lay you take the spool off,remove the drag washers and fit a narrow nut and bolt through the spool.You attach a variable speed drill to the bolt and let the line go on evenly at a desired speed,this way isn't much different to a shop spooler.Once the spool is back on the reel you can spray some line conditioner or i use Johnson baby oil as it works just as good. Every cast you manually flip the bail wire over by hand then lift the rod tip to take up any slack line before starting to retrieve,make sure the line looks to be in place before turning the handle.
  8. Should be able to set up a release like they have on down riggers and using two rods and reels send the unit out there release the bait and retrieve the unit.1,000m is good range for reaching some areas.
  9. "What would i do to get back my fishing gear" after jumping into black water Making sure no one else knows
  10. These arrived today,will be interesting to see how well they work in salt and fresh
  11. Labor's Peter Malinauskas says he has all the answers sorted for rec fisherman,i beleive him and trusted ex union organisation staffer.
  12. But as you say they could have dropped a few new lanes for future demand,unfortunately no help/assistance can be provided to novice boat owners when they don't know what to launch or where.
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