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  1. Rattle used in dirty water makes sense,glad you bought that up must try it..thanks
  2. Does the built in rattle sound increase catch rate.Ran one yesterday for the first time but not sure yet as the area was lacking after the first few catches without rattle.
  3. The only way you are going to find out is to buy one of each and go from there.
  4. The differences could be with scents as it works for one but not the other. Does the location produce catches,what lure works in that area.What lure action is being used,does the colour or size work for you.Is it the right scent for the species. So what's the right combination wtfk.
  5. Another popular one is garlic flavour,works well on metals but that's as far as i've gotten with it so far.
  6. Had most brands and this Tuna one has given me the best results so far,or maybe it's mind over matter scenario ?
  7. Could be designed for the JAP market only as they do have reels the rest of us don't get unless we import them ? maybe..
  8. Does the same question apply to someone buying a Shimano Vanford deep spool 1000 size spin reel $287 with a full 95m of 10lb braid ?
  9. I'm currently running the Berkley 9X in the 0.8 dia for squid.Using the Emeraldas reel but want to try the Sephia 3000 and due to arrive soon.
  10. Shallow spools are for finesse fishing and ideal for those super fine expensive braided lines,it also decreases the chances of the thinner line digging into the spooled braid line. I think it's when you got 20-30 reels spooled up on a shelf ready to go you just choose the one you need for the species you are targeting on the day
  11. Bream,Trout or squid reels don't need 300m on the spool so the shallow spool comes into play.
  12. For those who love Shimano,this is the new look Nasci that's arriving soon.
  13. Could this be the ultimate jetty tackle box ?. By adding a cooler bag to the bottom section with some ice to keep food or bait cool would be handy on those hotter days,plenty of room to store some warmer clothing or wet weather gear.Room for torch spare reel,rags and water for washing hands.Throw in some storage trays with squid lures weights hooks and swivels.On the lid you could put on a cutting board and ruler for measuring fish. Or use the cutting board for filleting fish or squid while waiting for the next one and throw them into the cooler.This box is weather proof and will not
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