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  1. I bought some i won't be trying until November in the bigger size when the boat comes out again,just currently beach fishing for mullet and salmon.I'd be curious if they work maybe you'd be interested in me sending you some in different colors and you can use them and tell us if they're any good. If you want them just private message me with the address and i'll get them in the post.
  2. Did you buy the 3.2 gram 35mm the smaller one and maybe the 5cm 11gram might have been better the next size up
  3. Hey Micky any luck with those blades ?
  4. Have a look at this guys vids as he uses blades often
  5. My son has 2 marine dealerships,he closed one down last month due to how the economy being slow before the virus started.Not sure if the second one will survive,lots of hard work over the years to get himself established.
  6. By using a tapered leader pre sold in 5m lengths usually 5 lengths on a spool.One end of the leader is 25lb,the other end is 50lb.They come in different combinations and sizes and makes it easier for smaller knots going through guides.Bought mine from UK.
  7. Not at this stage,they are more concerned about people be in groups.Can change just see what they are saying when you are getting closer to leaving.
  8. Everyone has there reasons why they want this FG knot,for me when i switched to 90% lure fishing i wanted the best knot for $20,$40,$60 lures getting thrown about and least amount LO$$.
  9. Now that's a nice place to fish,thanks for the video
  10. Many things to consider Species,rod,reel,line,rod guides,heavy/light line on what rod,distance,wind,alcohol consumed.
  11. When i was yakking i'd have 3 rods and reels all pre-made some with the double uni or the FG depending what species i'm chasing on the day.Always try not to be in a position in having to tie knots just change to another pre made outfit. Now i'm in a boat and take 4-5 pre made rods/reels
  12. For heavier fish FG,for small fry double uni
  13. The answer is some fish will die if they are under sized and being thrown back or for those who play the game of catch and release only which has never made any sense why people need to do that. Some lures are expensive and digging them out wouldn't do much in keeping the fish alive same with baited hooks or break offs with hooks stuck in the mouth now the fish can no longer feed. So what's new or different..nothing much this has been going on like this in my 50 years fishing