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  1. Tie them all together to make enough line possibly to spool another reel using a braid to braid knot.
  2. In some glasses, you can carefully drill very small holes at the end of the arms & tie some line or thin cord.
  3. SAFA has not resigned. They are not the ones appointed by Whetstone. Its the individual people that were appointed. Go to SAFA FB to get the facts. You should be a fan OF MRFAC as they are the only committee fighting for rec fishers !!!
  4. I have always used clips or swivels to attach lures/squid jags. I've not had any issues doing this. Quick & easy....
  5. Don't forget to enter your tips..........Unknown if footy will still go ahead.
  6. Interesting comments peatop. The problem in SA is that the tossers that run the fisheries here just do not listen to anyone. They have all these public consultations etc etc which mean absolutely nothing & all a waste of time whilst in the meantime the fish keep getting rapped. They cannot put together a sensible plan together at all. Its all just smoke & mirrors whilst they bumble around BS ideas. Unfortunately they have no idea in SA as is evident from the nightmare they are in now. Its just so frustrating that it is not funny anymore. There is just no confidence here at all in anything they propose.
  7. SA Bait supplies will sell to you if you ask nicely!!!. I have bought bulk bait from them before.
  8. Upload the podcast when available...
  9. The Minister has been living under a rock for the last 10 years. PIRSA had & has absolutely no idea. Pissing around with stupid rule changes has achieved nothing. Now they are worried about Snapper stocks...Bloody pathetic. This has been so obvious for many years & nothing done. Leave the Recs alone & ban the pros/commercials.....simple as that.
  10. Not as big of an issue as the commercial rapists.................
  11. Fair enough. I do not have the time nor inclination to breed myself. I did all this in my younger years. As a back up, I have used & still use on occasions the Berkley Gulp "Maggots Asticots" in natural white. They are a very good substitute & last for many casts/catches!!!. You can dip them in any substance you like. I just dip in pilchard juice. Just another option.............