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  1. Just a few I have..............
  2. Majority of my reels are BC low profile & Overheads. I have removed the brakes on most & placed the Knob to zero friction. You get used to them & only have spinning reels for the grandkids. Easy self maintenance & seem to work forever. Now & then have them fully serviced by South Oz Rods. Many are over 20 years old & still work a treat.
  3. I presume you mean a Dabbing Light. Water proof LED torches work really well under water on calm nights or with a slight ripple. Just tape to an electrical PVC pipe to the torch...
  4. Been around for a while now - $40...bit rich. Good on the person flogging them off - but I have PVC cut away ones I've made many years ago - Same but different.
  5. I squid at night if the bait fishing is slow.....
  6. But do they glow in the dark? Also do they glow under water? (Nothing a glow stick cant fix....)
  7. Alot of tackle shops do the unspooling & spooling for free...Once you've bought the line from them...Well they have for me.
  8. Snook are ok eaten fresh, but need to skin them. They dont freeze well at all - become mushy. Need to heavily salt if you wish to use them as bait. Excellent for smoking.
  9. I stay away from graphite type rods of any sort. They are too prone to breaking. I use fibreglass custom made sabre rods with silicone runners which I have had forever. Initial cost was expensive but have lasted with all the nicks & knocks over time.
  10. I have tried garden worms in salt water and was a waste of time - die very quickly and became soggy. Although many years ago I use garden worms in the Patawalonga between the lock and 1st bridge and hooked up Bream. Maybe due to some fresh water in the Pat helped the worms to live a little longer. Also tried Catchall Crawlers (good for Sea and fresh water) - wasn't impressed with them either - died quickly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have mucked around with garden worms. They seem to burst easi
  11. Rybak


    The only "lure" I've caught Gar on is the Berkley Gulp Maggots Asticots - soft plastic gents..
  12. Rybak


    Gar are a weed eater & generally a bottom feeding fish hence their green poop. The large Gar at the moment are on the bottom (well in SA metro waters anyway) so if you want some, sinker on top swivel & cork float on the bottom of the rig & fish the bottom..... Just use gents as normal.
  13. They will still make & will make shit loads of money. Most if not all exported to Sydney markets & or overseas for maximum profit. Unless longlining is stopped along with trawling, netting etc including the crab baron, then recs in SA will just get shafted. Recs produce Billions of dollars in revenue as compared to Pros who only make a small contribution but with maximum devastation by raping & pillaging SA waters. PIRSA here are just pathetic to say the least & thats being polite. Politicians appointed here to manage fisheries have absolutely no idea about what is happen
  14. Catching plenty legal ones as a bycatch when chasing whiting. All have to be put back. Snapper starts early next year but probably with a severe rec limit. Almost not worth while chasing at all - while the Pros quota increases. Bloody idiots here in SA.
  15. What about drilling a hole through the steel bar & threading through a zip tie. Saves wrapping line around it...Also old spark plugs would also work.
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