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  1. https://www.facebook.com/matsupesca/?__cft__[0]=AZVtnwNSB3yBvY8-Elrdo8OU_2djAGr2BDQF1D1k3wufsx-vfzBFE-z5Fus3c19bnHrXVihEu01F0PrT6JfiM4LyRmC9cDfq1R5qkOMPPpHTdA_PmGiYstMqOSsW9wqaK7QBnsmB6S1hZCM5vgMY8d9tmpxh3KQoRgRnE4DIW0YyasT4LEcxJ0K2pSPMkOsQijzwlIwgw7l9912bA863wMWr&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R Not sure if the above FB link will work, but it shows heaps of worms coming out of the ground using a serrated stick being rubbed.
  2. You can always try small pilchard pieces, prawn pieces or whiting snatchers. Blood worms & tubeworms (salted) can also work really well. I have used small pieces of trumpeter flesh (skinned) which has also worked. Mashed up/soft squid pieces are really good generally. The other thing I also do is put cockle flesh in a jar with salt & leave in the shed fridge. They last forever, become really smelly & stay on the hook really well. Half a cockle is usually enough as the flesh becomes really firm. Just stock up on cockles as you can afford them & eventually you will have a h
  3. ....Also with easy cooking, head & gut, then use a rolling pin to flatten, belly side down, a bit of salt & pepper, fry in frypan with a little oil & done. Peel back the backbone & eat. There will be a few pin bones but have bread handy as this helps if bones are hanging around in mouth/throat. Otherwise fillet or butterfly if you dont want any bones (like my kids).
  4. Artificial maggots/gents work. I think Berkley was the brand I used. Basically plastic look alike gents. Either rub them with a pilchard or when you catch the first one, rub in their green poop or even dip into tuna oil or just use as they are. If no live gents onboard, then just as easy to use small slivers of cockle, pilchard, soften squid, fish flesh, worm etc. The key I find is to start with no float or weight & play with the rig until it works on the day with only a small amount of berley. Often the larger ones are further back. Also, when there are plenty of gar about, there is
  5. Well at least they are doing something albeit a drip in the ocean. Its all about perception but in the long run, longlining needs to be banned to stop the rape & pillage - simple as that. This is not restocking IMO. No where near enough being released if this is what they think will help!!. This should have started when the ban came in & many, many, many more thousands. We will see what happens. Is this just a once off or an ongoing project? Who will monitor this....etc. etc. I have been sounding several pro grounds as I pass them in GSV since the ban & have generally seen ple
  6. I think I did OK in the tipping...................
  7. For the fastidious people.............
  8. The simple "fingers" sharpener has always worked well for me. I have also bought a cheap V shaped spring sharpener which also works. I reckon the better quality steel you buy, the longer they last & the longer they stay sharper. Otherwise, just but new mid range knives every few years as they are cheap anyway.
  9. Like I said, release weights are the flavour of the month. The more research I have done, the more I am unconvinced. But...I'm no marine biologist so if the powers that be say its the way to go, then who am I to argue. I catch to keep, so when I have what I need, then I stop. You will have the unexpected catch which I try to release quickly as best as possible. Do the bread & butter fish survive, especially undersized, maybe. Who knows....
  10. Thats interesting....I know its the flavour of the month, but I'm still to be convinced it makes a significant difference. How many were recaptured compared to how many were released? I just think the mortality rate is high, but these may save a few overall. Just my view & research.
  11. How do they know that it is successful?? & if the fish survives afterwards?
  12. Nowhere on the long weekend. But in 2 weeks or so to Pt Vic during the week for a few days depending on weather. Good luck peoples.
  13. I am yet to be convinced these work. Can anyone definitely say or show a Snapper has survived in really deep water let alone shallower water??
  14. Thats a nice Gummy.
  15. Thanks for the responses. A few areas to try at least. I like the Edithburgh idea.
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