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  1. Rybak

    Quick Friday night / weekend comp!

    Found 9 as well. Came 2nd again......
  2. Rybak

    Quick Friday night / weekend comp!

    Ah, well. Thought there might be others hidden within posts. Good luck to those who find them. I don't have the time as busy with 5 x grandkids most of the weekend. Was hoping to get lucky to give to the eldest grandson on his 5th Birthday. Always next time.
  3. Rybak

    WOW really !

    Seen it before on FB several months back. It s all about the technique..........
  4. In reality the size limit in the Coorong should probably be increased to be consistent & be in line with the current 82cm. Having said that, the Mulloway numbers in my view have generally been very good there even with the local pros netting daily. Not sure if that area is an issue but perhaps it maybe. There are still plenty of Mulloway in the Port River & the big boys are always consistent during winter, however the current size limit applies as it always has in the Port & there is no netting.....Different scenario I guess, but I don't agree that Mulloway numbers in the Port have declined at all....In fact last year was one of the best I have had for awhile. Anyway, the Coorong is a different kettle of "fish" & as far as I know to date, not an issue.
  5. Been like this for years at the Coorong without any issues. Why fix what isn't broke??. Concentrate on the Pro Crabbers, Longliners & Prawners. These have and are still causing the problems BIG TIME.
  6. No Charge for me anyway. You just need to form good relationships. Often I get good prices for all fishing gear & that includes bulk spools so no need to buy off ebay for me. Not that many buy bulk spools so to move stock, the retail sell price is reduced. I usually get near shop purchase price so they still make some profit. If I do bring in a bulk spool purchased elsewhere, they still help me out .
  7. I just go to my go to tackle store to split bulk spools & they do it for me.................
  8. Rybak

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Bran & Pollard mix only. Did not last long either even when kept in the fridge. Was just not worth the effort.
  9. Rybak

    Breeding maggots without meat

    I have found that "meat" bred gents tended to explode when putting them on the hook ?. They were definitely larger & fatter than the bought ones but looked unappetizing on the hook. I don't breed them anymore as I cannot be bothered. I too buy the long life gents now & found they do last quite some time, so for the amount they cost, more cost effective for me. I just keep the unused gents in the fridge until next time.
  10. Rybak

    Plano tackle storage with rust inhibitor

    ...and the price is ??? Just spray some Inox or even WD40 in the box & on your lures. Have done this for years & works for me.
  11. Rybak

    2019 Footy Tipping Comp!!!

    Do both...I do. In fact I'm in about 4 comps.
  12. Rybak

    Adelaide fishing

    Certainly will be.... coming up to Big Mulloway time again...some decent numbers of salmon trout already in the river. Lots of mullet around as well. Bream in the creeks have been consistent & will get bigger as the colder weather starts to roll in. Nice pan size Snapper around as well....I'm having a ball with this nice weather around.
  13. Rybak

    Adelaide fishing

    Beauty. One less fisher to compete with.....
  14. Rybak

    Northbank 750HT Info

    IMO, cant beat a custom made, to your specs plate aluminium. Last forever, just change the motor if needed.
  15. Rybak

    Catching Mullet info wanted

    Yes. But suggest that the squid is made soft & mushy first & put a bit on the hook.