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  1. Rybak

    2019 Footy Tipping Comp!!!

    Do both...I do. In fact I'm in about 4 comps.
  2. Rybak

    Adelaide fishing

    Certainly will be.... coming up to Big Mulloway time again...some decent numbers of salmon trout already in the river. Lots of mullet around as well. Bream in the creeks have been consistent & will get bigger as the colder weather starts to roll in. Nice pan size Snapper around as well....I'm having a ball with this nice weather around.
  3. Rybak

    Adelaide fishing

    Beauty. One less fisher to compete with.....
  4. Rybak

    Northbank 750HT Info

    IMO, cant beat a custom made, to your specs plate aluminium. Last forever, just change the motor if needed.
  5. Rybak

    Catching Mullet info wanted

    Yes. But suggest that the squid is made soft & mushy first & put a bit on the hook.
  6. Rybak

    Catching Mullet info wanted

    I wouldn't worry about that at West Lakes. I never did & still don't.
  7. Rybak

    Lure is spinning while I'm retrieving

    Definately a loop knot or an easy lure clip should sort the problem. Otherwise go to your local tackle store & ask them to show you how to set up. I reckon most people dont ask when buying a lure how to best set up. You should ask as any tackle store worth their weight will show you.
  8. Rybak

    Catching Mullet info wanted

    Try the beaches at West Lakes. Tirana Reserve for one has mullet often. Simple paternosta rig with two hooks and a basic mince and semolina mix. Just a light sinker with berley cage or attach a berley cage to the sinker. Bread in the berley cage is all you need. No need to cast far either. Simple fishing.
  9. Rybak

    New rod

    I was going to say a Beastmaster Rod. Excellent value for money & heaps of grunt. ....But you already spent the big bucks.
  10. I purchased a couple of these a few months back. They do work really well & decent quality. Great on Mulloway & Snapper. But like I said, I usually skin the larger fish with scales on or cook on BBQ with scales on & then just peel the skin off with the scales. Just like different gadgets to play with now & then!!!.
  11. All good, but get someone else to do the cleaning....problem solvered. . No need to scale fish over 3kg. Just skin or cook with scales on as they come off simple as with the skin & keep the moisture in. .
  12. Rybak

    Mulloway migration info

    No. They can migrate. Just google as there is a heap of info & research done for years & years. In the meantime, best to catch one!!
  13. Rybak

    Mulloway migration info

    The big Mulloway come into the Port to breed in winter and there is plenty of feed for them as well.
  14. Rybak

    Kayak sounder

    My nephews run a Garmin 4" unit on their 12ft tinnie. Excellent clear unit with great detail for the price. I think a lot cheaper than $800?. Anyway, I always say, get the best unit you can afford.
  15. Rybak

    The Port Adelaide River Monster..

    There you go... I've fished the river for 45 years & still do. Have not seen anything remotely unusual as depicted in the videos. I guess just wait and see!