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  1. They look really good. Well done.
  2. Thats how I do squiding for years now. Always works plus never snags up on the bottom. Great when also Whiting fishing as you can just leave the jag as is without worrying about it.
  3. Go and see Jimsgotworms in Moonta. Just google....prepares the worms for sea fishing. I thing Pt Hughes deli has them for sale. By all accounts, they work well.............Good price too for the amount of worms you get...
  4. You will have to make Mark II now...............
  5. Try This...hope it works https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=623288336193672&set=pcb.3270620673267947&__cft__[0]=AZXAGc-E5j2yjsDt8SoOe07d2djQSZm9BSfN2AQ8tEvyynAmwVXNAaeo_TzDmTg8L2e6DfWN71YiNQ5ofRzm8aks8AmwvC2KMoQLkR-j-a630vdO6y3GdTBpGM1hDQfzthVmSUGgkzmYoBIFTYVg1n1s&__tn__=*bH-R
  6. ....Lucky I just ordered another 10 Red head jigs then...Always been my favourite. Then all White, then all Black, then all Blue & finally fluro Pink....Thats it... No other jigs needed.
  7. Good going overall. Always good to do reconnaissance trips. I do a lot of this on the boat, looking for new spots etc. Its amazing what you can find & how many new spots you come across with no one around. Your next catch is a new dog to keep you company.....maybe..
  8. No worries. I'll just keep buying 4 cheapie jags for the price of 1 expensive one. Actually, I usually buy bulk when the cheapies are on sale or when online sites have them at good prices. Bye the way, I bagged out twice last long weekend on the cheapies........
  9. None of mine cheapies have rusted at all..............Just wash straight afterwards, thats it & put into a dedicated squid container. When the cloth has been chewed to bits just get another cheapie...Dearer ones I used previously have the same issue with the cloth cover getting hacked after one day use when the squid are on - there goes your $20 + jig. Not worth it IMO. With sink rates, you can add a small sliding sinker, split shots to line or the weight on the jag itself, small cable tie a glow stick to top of jag etc etc.
  10. Me too. Cheaper the better. Still get squid. Nothing beats a tommie on a skewer jag if all else fails.
  11. Just dip measure into water beforehand quickly or use a rag wet to handle without measure. Simple enough to have a bucket with clean water in it beit fresh or saltwater. I always have a bucket filled with clean water.
  12. Good try but a bit stressful for the fish..Was the PVC wet & not hot/warm before hand - Just saying..
  13. I'll refrain from commenting (Already done on FB & other sites) for fear of being banned here to .............. Cant fix STUPID!!
  14. Wow.....$4.75 per worm - Bit rich for me....I think I'll stick with salted tubies. What are you selling cockles for per kilo? Would you consider a discount for S&H members at any stage?
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