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  1. I think I did OK in the tipping...................
  2. For the fastidious people.............
  3. The simple "fingers" sharpener has always worked well for me. I have also bought a cheap V shaped spring sharpener which also works. I reckon the better quality steel you buy, the longer they last & the longer they stay sharper. Otherwise, just but new mid range knives every few years as they are cheap anyway.
  4. Like I said, release weights are the flavour of the month. The more research I have done, the more I am unconvinced. But...I'm no marine biologist so if the powers that be say its the way to go, then who am I to argue. I catch to keep, so when I have what I need, then I stop. You will have the unexpected catch which I try to release quickly as best as possible. Do the bread & butter fish survive, especially undersized, maybe. Who knows....
  5. Thats interesting....I know its the flavour of the month, but I'm still to be convinced it makes a significant difference. How many were recaptured compared to how many were released? I just think the mortality rate is high, but these may save a few overall. Just my view & research.
  6. How do they know that it is successful?? & if the fish survives afterwards?
  7. Nowhere on the long weekend. But in 2 weeks or so to Pt Vic during the week for a few days depending on weather. Good luck peoples.
  8. I am yet to be convinced these work. Can anyone definitely say or show a Snapper has survived in really deep water let alone shallower water??
  9. Rybak

    Gummy Sharks

    Thats a nice Gummy.
  10. Rybak

    Gummy Sharks

    Thanks for the responses. A few areas to try at least. I like the Edithburgh idea.
  11. A mate of mine wants to catch a Gummy Shark. Is there anywhere in SA that is worth a try on a boat ??
  12. Didn't know he retired. You can still chat with him on the other web site. You have quality products David at sensible prices.
  13. Perhaps the government/fisheries provide free fish rulers/measures/mats to all tackle stores, boating suppliers etc. etc. to give away whenever you buy anything fishing related instead of having to buy them !! together with a basic current pamphlet with the common fish sizes. As already said, there is a heap of free info available as well as apps so there is no excuse IMO.
  14. "The Government has offered to buy back up to half (about 150) of the state's longline, line and net fishing licences from those who wanted to exit voluntarily. An independent assessment on licences had been conducted by the international business advisory firm BDO, which determined they were valued between $150,000 and $211,000. Mr Schmucker said it was not enough. "Don't forget, that's someone's life," he said. "I've been fishing for 35 years and they want to buy out my licence for $150,000? "I've $300,000 to $400,000 worth of boats." Mr Whetstone said fishers would be able to put forward a price for consideration in what was a "voluntary tender process". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well if Mr S hasn't sorted out his finances in 35 years, then he has a problem........................!!!!
  15. Ray & Annes is pretty good as well as Port Adelaide Bait & tackle. SFS are really knowledgeable especially when Yatsey is there.