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  1. Beau_H

    Knot help please

    haven't had that problem before mate, try watching Briggsy Fishing's video on the FG knot. That's how i learnt it and it works for lines from 5lb - 100lb+.
  2. Beau_H

    Knot help please

    100%, FG is easy as after a bit of practice and has never let me down. I find using a Rizzuto finish works better than half hitches, as its stronger, and doesn't slip as much.
  3. I reckon the Gulp worms would be the go and fishing wise i think it'd be similar to bait fishing but with more changing of spots/drifting. Also fishing shallower would probably be better because of the visual aspect and being able to fish lighter jigheads.
  4. I try and keep it simple when squidding so ill change through a few colours (mainly white, silvery baitfish colour, green, gold) if i have to but i try not to. Changing colours too much does more bad than good sometimes as you end up too focused on the colours and not focused enough on actually working the jig. Most of the time for me its not colours to be reason the squid aren't biting, its usually the way your working the jig or the spot that your fishing. any way in saying that i have found that the Shimano Sephia clinch flash boost jigs with the inbuilt flash are really good, even wh
  5. either will be fine but a 2500 will be lighter and more compact when fishing all day. Just make sure you load it up with 8 - 15 lb braid for detecting the bites easier.
  6. also you can try adding garlic powder and curry powder to a breadcrumb burley mix. I found that works well for mullet so id say gar would like it.
  7. I would often fish 3-4 days a week through daylight savings but only 1-2 times a week during winter. So I would say I would do 100-150 days a year. Mostly short sessions after school, but I guess any fishing is better than no fishing.
  8. that would slay in myponga i reckon
  9. I don't remember where I got it from but I'm sure most outdoor/fishing shops would sell something similar.
  10. for most of my fishing I use a small 5 litre waterproof bag. i generally fill it with lures, line, pliers and braid scissors. I've used it when wading up to my waist without any problems, just make sure its done up properly.
  11. i might give the "bender" a go for flatties. Do they have the exact same action as an osp bent minnow or are they a bit different?
  12. Yeah its definitely worth it. I've got a cheapish Rovex 8'6 squid rod and I've used it for salmon, mullet, squid, flathead, whiting, bream and garfish. I've matched it with 2500 - 4000 sized reels and they seem to balance well. It's only 70 dollars from BCF as well. I use it mainly off the beach, rocks and wading. It casts decently well with light line
  13. I went down there yesterday, just behind the footy oval. I only got 1 smallish bream and a few hits.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys this helps heaps. I'll try and post the results next time I'm down there. Also what time of year fishes best down there?
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