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  1. Personally not a fan of the MRFAC (just another committee) but not sure if SAFA has resigned. However I'm led to believe John (someone) has resigned. Steve
  2. Mulloway numbers have declined, that's why they increased the size limit to 82cm a couple of years ago. Long story short myself and S&H Tony B were invited by FRDC to attend a full day fisheries seminar/course around 4 years ago, that was being run in every state, anyway Professor Mehdi Doroudi (Executive Director Of Fisheries and Aquaculture; at that time) attended also and give him his dues he allowed us to ask him questions (one on one) during the lunch break and I asked him why doesn't the size limit of Mulloway down the Coorong meet their own requirements, Size limits There are minimum and maximum legal size limits for some fish species that are caught with rod and line or other permitted devices. Size limits let fish: reach maturity complete their breeding cycle contribute to sustainable fish stocks. Fish taken for use as bait must still meet size limits. which he had no answer too but agreed at 46cm the Mulloway are not mature and he would email me a response after he further investigated it. I never got a reply so I emailed him and got some vague answer that had nothing to do with the direct question. I'm not having ago at those who fish there and keep any legal fish but find it strange that in a known nursery PIRSA set a ridiculous size limit imho. Steve
  3. Yep Plus it will require those that work to take a day off and by memory I think they only get compensation for the travel costs. Steve
  4. Fingers crossed it all goes well ! ... the Minister will be convening the inaugural meeting of the MRFAC from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on Wednesday 17 April 2019, at the John Pirie Motor Inn, 166-172 Warnertown Road, Port Pirie, 5540. Steve
  5. The black cord you can see in aussieDave's photo of his/our anchor set up is a piece of bungee i.e. drop the anchor, tie it off on the buoy then clip the bungee onto our anchor trolley (in your case onto your yak). If you need to follow a fish unclip the bungee from your anchor trolley (yak) and you can then come back to the buoy and clip back on. The idea of the bungee is to act as a shock absorber thus you will not need chain or a larger anchor to hold bottom. This set up is perfect if you have been burleying up your spot or you are fishing a specific piece of structure (rock etc.), i.e. you know you are exactly back on your spot. In your smaller yak you can probably get away without a anchor trolley, you can see mine in the previous photo I posted. Steve
  6. You may be able to save a couple dollars by shopping around or you could simply go to Jaycar and get the battery and charger. Pros and cons for both. Using the original mount adds no additional cost, keeps the sounder lower and out of the way. Higher may make it easier to read and adjust but it may also be more likely to get in the way. Also consider which side you prefer to enter the yak from and mount the sounder on the opposite side imho, especially if you intend to launch into any sort of sea (shore break). I like to keep the left hand side of my yak free/uncluttered i.e. ease of getting on-board and remount if you happened to go arse up. KISS = keep it simple steve Have you sorted out a anchor i.e. in the above photo you can see the yellow crab buoy and cord, which has a folding anchor attached to it i.e. Tackle World Metro sell the buoys. Most of use that go to see use these, although in a smaller yak you may prefer something smaller than the buoy we use. Suspect you already have a life jacket but if you haven't may I suggest a kayakers vest type especially if you intend to go to sea, i.e. aussieDave and others will back me up on this. The yoke inflatables PFD's are ok for protected waters (West Lakes, Murray etc.) but even then if you can get use to wearing a proper Yak vest life jacket you will be better off imho i.e. S&H Kuerschie uses a kayak vest type Life jacket, even on the Murray. Steve
  7. This is what I use. A lot of yak manufactures have copied the Hobie hatch and as such the Hobie bracket fits them also i.e. battery clicks in the holder and the holder sits on the inside lip of the hatch. Some yakkers also use these but I'm old school. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Portable-DC-12V-1800-20000mAh-Super-Rechargeable-Li-ion-Lithium-Battery-Pack-AU/273408461305?hash=item3fa86a09f9:m:mkWzZDW_uf6ZSpJttoQ8d4w:rk:1:pf:0 Steve
  8. Selleys All Clear works fine i.e. most of the interstate blue water off shore yakkers install their transducer with it. Steve
  9. I sometimes fish amongst the snags on the Murray and in the mangrove creeks in the salt so I have my transducer cable protected by a short section of aluminium channel that I got from Bunnings. It is secured with 2 stainless steel screws (3mm by memory) with nyloc nuts. You can see the two screws above the water stain line. The self adhesive clip is as others have stated i.e. various types at Jaycar and if you clean the ali prior to sticking them on then they will not come off. If you need stainless steel screws, washers or nyloc nuts that Bunnings don't stock or you don't require a full packet of them then, go to United Fasteners i.e. if you only need 3 or so they normally will not even charge you. Steve
  10. I suspect the photos are still up on the wall i.e. go into Niks BBQ on The Lake (yep that's how it is spelt) at Mawson Lakes, the shop is located next to the roundabout and there are a couple of photos next the his freezers showing Carp, Silver Perch and even a small Murray Cod. Steve