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  1. Who's been catching salmon this season?

    Thanks guys, so they are around and looks like metro catches are mainly the smaller models, no real thumpers. Down south they are looking larger and I've seen a couple posts on Facebook and earlier from Southie and Kuerschie that Yorkes is producing a few of the larger salmon that I like to see.
  2. Hey guys as the title suggests, who's been catching salmon this season? What sizes are you seeing and roughly what areas? Cheers
  3. One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Onward and upward, you will be missed by many customers. That Yorke's trip sounds good... I don't know about that Softy fella though
  4. Who's fishing over Easter?

    The Easter day trip out with my mate and his Mrs wasn't as successful as I'd dreamed the night before but was a great day to get out on the water. A quick and easy launch and retrieval at O'Sullies straight to my mates spot X. I swear there aren't any fish there, not sure why he swears by it, perhaps I'm a jinx on the trips we go on. We caught a few tommies, squid and leatheries for quite a few hours of fishing. Our baits were being destroyed by pickers, I'm guessing the leatheries, there was one pygmy leather jacket that my mate pulled up and the sounder showed heaps of small fish. Cruising around were some gar but only one hit the deck and was thrown back as it was undersized. Next time I may be able to convince my mate to try a new spot
  5. Who's fishing over Easter?

    That's a very tasty bag there @brenton not a bad effort at all. Hopefully I do as well today.
  6. Who's fishing over Easter?

    Awesome @Underpants I hope to see a few of them making an appearance at my local soon. I should do a recon mission and see what's about.
  7. Who's fishing over Easter?

  8. Who's fishing over Easter?

    Slacker! Cheers to that though
  9. Who's fishing over Easter?

    Nice way to start it off @piratepom
  10. Who's fishing over Easter?

    Easter Sunday locked in for a southern metro session out in my mates boat It looks like we'll be targeting squid, gar and KG's
  11. Who's fishing over Easter?

    That sucks mate!
  12. Who's fishing over Easter?

    Happy Easter everyone! Who has plans over the long weekend to partake in our fantastic obsession of fishing? Let us know where you're heading and what you're targeting. I'd like to second what Doobie said in his Easter fishing report, take care on the roads! Good luck everyone getting that bag, pb or feed you're after.
  13. Ecooda Mini wasp lure

    Edited the title for ya Micky.
  14. Autumn Fungi..

    I see those spider webs that you mentioned in another post. There are lots of interesting natural sights down there.
  15. The Best Squid Jig?

    The colour charts that PP is talking about above I've sworn by on some sessions then completely thrown them out the window on others. I do believe UV plays a massive part in a quality jig though as they have been some of my most successful. That being said a jig with no UV still catches squid. All it takes is a nice silhouette of a jig flicking past a squid to attract it's attention and getting that jig into the right spot / zone like the other guys have said is the most important factor in my opinion. If the squid don't see the jig it doesn't matter how bright the UV, how pretty the colours or how awesome your technique is.