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  1. Onk Habitat Group Taking Strides

    Thanks for posting this up Jimbo
  2. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    That is a cool find Adrian, thanks for sharing. How many of these creatures would you come across normally?
  3. I just saw this on Facebook and found a version I could post on here. I thought it may be a handy reference for those that like colourful, shiny lures. Now to decide what fish actually see these colours the same way we do. I believe UV plays a huge roll.
  4. OnkaStompa 12 - 2017

    A few pics from OnaStompa 12 - 2017
  5. Goolwa Cockles

    Very good to know Aff, thanks for posting up. Not a bad idea catching up for a cockle day @nosaj.
  6. OnkaStomper 12

    OnkaStompa 2017 was off to an early start yesterday as it always is. A total of around 238 entrants and approximately 298 in attendance. It was a hot day but people still came out and enjoyed a family day of fishing and fun. The total raised throughout the year and announced on the day was $24,760 with that number to be topped up a little when every last cent was counted. Well the grand total ended up being an astounding $25,181.60. The official results... Champion - Brett Haslett Bream 44.5cm and Mens Title Women - Lisa Solly Bream 28cm Junior - Christina Fontanot 39.5cm Mulloway - Caleb Maunder 61.5cm Other Fish Senior - Peter Hayesman Mullet 35cm Other Fish Junior - Beatrice Nash Mullet 24.5cm The BBQ although a bit quiet compared to other years went well with the Strike Hook crew at the helm. Just look at this bunch of legends! We have Kidney Slapper, Myself, Southie the Banger, Doobie and The Fishing Guru who was an official on the day. A huge thank you to the guys for helping out with the BBQ and continuing the Strike Hook BBQ tradition. Nigel another legend who has helped at the Bunnings BBQs couldn't make it but still managed to drop in and drop off a very well received frozen drink for us. While in the BBQ area most of the time, I tried to get out and take a few pics of what else was going on during the day. A few of natures freakiest creatures made an appearance and one of the locals decided it was too boring and just slept all day. It was great to be part of and so good to put the feet up afterwards.
  7. OnkaStomper 12

    For those who aren't sure where the OnkaStompa is I have included a link to GoogleMaps. The usual parking area will be blocked for the volunteers to use during the day but parking can be found at either end of the boardwalk. Parking near the main bbq/park area is across the road. You can also find parking along the road in some parts. GoogleMaps link https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Boardwalk/@-35.1578537,138.497093,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x6ab126a5df8e9125:0xba074597b4b5f4a2!2sRiver+Rd,+Noarlunga+Downs+SA+5168!3b1!8m2!3d-35.1613407!4d138.5007068!3m4!1s0x6ab12697d88333e3:0x97ab85da1f978b23!8m2!3d-35.1573736!4d138.4986882 The main gathering area looks like this...
  8. OnkaStomper 12

    Beat me to it Doobs! @AuusieDave I'm not sure I've seen anyone fishing in a yak as it's pretty much that chockers you would get hit by flying sinkers and plastics if you were in the river. Here you can watch a small video that you may have seen on TV recently on SA Weekender featuring Mark Mills talking about the OnkaStompa. More info about the Onkastompa can be found at the website www.onkastompafishingcomp.com and at the OnkaStompa Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/OnkaStompaFishingComp A few of us from Strike Hook will be running the BBQ so come and say G'day Anyone who might be able to help lend a hand at the BBQ on the weekend let me know as we can always use another set of hands.
  9. 5:40 am Sheffield, moon setting..

    Nice colours in that photo. Your little fishing camera did a great job.
  10. Was a campaign about ten years ago? Thanks mate, I was just wondering as that domain became available many years ago as it wasn't renewed by the website so Strike Hook purchased it. I was thinking....What?!
  11. Hey BarneyB have those stickers been around a while?
  12. Most would know about this topic and most would have seen the article. Have you voted 'YES' or 'NO' to the call to ban sea nets in the Gulf of St Vincent? You can find the poll on the article page and also view the results. Article from The Advertiser (not sure how it will paste) Link to original article - http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/calls-to-ban-sea-nets-after-thousands-of-dead-fish-found-dumped-off-ardrossan-jetty/news-story/2050a17b1edbc66de3a7865ad065b81d Calls to ban sea nets after thousands of dead fish found dumped off Ardrossan jetty CRAIG COOK, The Advertiser October 11, 2017 7:01pm THOUSANDS of dead fish dumped by the BHP jetty at Ardrossan have caused outrage among recreational fishermen. The Advertiser has been told the catch of around 400kg of Australian salmon was released by a commercial fisherman based at Stansbury when his nets snagged on the jetty. Danny Simpson, executive director of Recfish SA, that took video of the dead fish lying in shallows, said his members “strongly condemn” the dumping. ”He appears to have dumped them there and just disappeared which we regard as a pretty irresponsible act.” he said. “From our perspective this is outrageous behaviour and why we want to see sea nets removed from Gulf St Vincent.” He questioned why the fisherman was netting so close to shore. “We want to know why he was apparently netting in front of the jetty of a major Yorke Peninsula township,” he added. Still grab of part of the huge fish catch seen at the bottom of the Ardossan Jetty. The Marine Fishers Association (MFA), representing the interests of South Australia’s 300 Marine Scalefish Fishery (MSF) statutory licence holders, said one of its members was responsible for the dumping. MFA executive officer, Nathan Bicknell, said in a Facebook statement that “gear failure” and the operator’s decision to “operate outside industry norms” were to blame. Clarifying the statement, Mr Bicknell told The Advertiser: “The operator’s decision was to keep his whole catch and that’s how he got himself into mischief. “There’s nothing illegal in what he did but there is strong peer pressure to do the right thing.” Chief executive of Yorke Peninsula Council, Andrew Cameron, who lives in Ardrossan said he was seeking more information from staff in the town but was “extremely disappointed” with such “irresponsible behaviour”. RecSA member David Bryant posted on Facebook: “Absolutely disgusting, remove his netting license, problem solved, total disregard for our marine life and local fishers. This behavior (sic) is way too common from netters. I call to ban all netting in any areas close and around our gulfs. Absolutely horrified” Tragic waste ... around 400kg of prized Australian salmon, similar to the one above, was released by a commercial fisherman when his nets snagged on the jetty. A statement from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions said: “PIRSA received reports regarding a significant number of dead Western Australian salmon near the southern Ardrossan jetty on Monday and dispatched fisheries officers to the area to make inquiries to determine the cause and circumstances. “The commercial fisher responsible subsequently identified himself and has assisted fisheries officers with their inquiries. “Based on the available information, it appears that a combination of gear failure and poor fishing practices resulted in the unintended release of part of a school of salmon caught by the fisher about 300 metres from the BHP jetty. “We understand the fisher initially unsuccessfully attempted to retrieve all of the released fish and has since returned to the area to collect what fish he can. “Although a rare occurrence, PIRSA is none the less disappointed with this incident and will continue to work closely with industry to ensure all fishers adopt best practice commercial fishing operations in SA.”
  13. Some days it pays to go to work

    Wow, SCORE!!!
  14. Box might be a bit full there mate...cant send you anything? Ooops, try again mate.
  15. With a very slow salmon season this year, we struggled for salmon reports but did manage to pick a winner. A clear winner! Firstly a huge thanks to SPOTTERS for supplying the awesome prize pack including the really cool pair of Fury sunnies (Gloss Black) with Halide lens! Check out the SPOTTERS website for their huge range of sunnies. They now have a ladies pair of sunnies so well worth checking out if the Mrs goes fishing with you, also great sunnies for everyday use! Now onto the winner...... Underpants with Salmon and by-catch bonus Congratulations Undies, a great report that was an absolute pleasure to read. Please send me a pm with your details so I can send off the prize for you Thanks to everyone who got out and chased salmon in this tough season. Hopefully next year will bring better conditions and lots more fish!