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  1. bjorn2fish

    Carp for bait and burley?

    Yep working again, it was a Youtube issue.
  2. bjorn2fish

    Carp for bait and burley?

    Tried to fix the links above and it appears that YouTube is actually down at the moment.
  3. bjorn2fish

    Strike hook stickers

    I picked up a batch of the stickers today!!!! I'll get them up in the store as soon as I can. You can also buy them at our catch up that we're planning. There is only a small batch available at the moment, if they are popular, I'll get more printed. I'll get a sticker on my car tomorrow and take a photo.
  4. bjorn2fish

    Strike hook stickers

    Waiting for the printer... [insert sound of crickets]
  5. bjorn2fish

    End of RecFish SA?

  6. bjorn2fish


    You did well PP
  7. bjorn2fish

    Strike hook stickers

    They will be available soon. I'll get em organised tomorrow and also add them to the SH store as soon as I can. A bit of an idea what they will look like with the mockup below.
  8. bjorn2fish

    Strike hook stickers

    All good @Softy I should have specified. The stickers are cut out not rectangle. So will have no background.
  9. bjorn2fish

    Strike hook stickers

    Ok guys, We're looking at 2 types of stickers. First: Full colour printed on gloss vinyl, laminated to protect against fading. Boat sticker quality! 276mm x 100mm $9.95 including standard postage. Each additional sticker is $7.45 e.g. if you order a couple. Second: Strike & Hook web address, gloss vinyl. Choice of a few colours: black, white, royal blue, navy, red. 280mm x 48mm $4.95 including standard postage. Each additional sticker is $2.45 e.g. if you order a couple. If this sounds ok, I'll order in a batch and will also add to the online store.
  10. bjorn2fish

    Any good jerky recipes from our members?

    Awesome thanks mate, I was actually thinking of doing a batch soon
  11. bjorn2fish

    "Just the one"

    A great way to spend your day off work, nice brown mate!
  12. bjorn2fish

    Strike hook stickers

    Softy's been after stickers for ages now. We did have some years ago but they didn't last very long at all. This time they should be all good. I'd be looking at larger stickers for boats, cars etc and perhaps a small window/esky/tackle box sized sticker also.
  13. bjorn2fish

    Strike hook stickers

    Can be arranged mate! I've been looking at different options and looks like there are a few for us now. Send me a PM with the sizes you are after and I'll get something organised.
  14. bjorn2fish

    Quick session

    Great effort mate seeing that they've slowed down. Real nice photos too
  15. bjorn2fish

    Pb brown

    Cracking brown mate!