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  1. Some days it pays to go to work

    I think Tinks is suffering from a touch of heatstroke or maybe a few of these
  2. Some days it pays to go to work

    Very nice score Popps!
  3. It was a damn good prize pack put together by Alan that's for sure. Enjoy it Dave
  4. Hi guys, The December Fishing competition has now closed and a winner has been selected. Firstly We would like to say a big thank you to AA Mobile Mechanic AKA Alan (Kidney Slapper) for sponsoring the December comp with an awesome prize pack. Please head over to the AA Mobile Mechanic Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/aamobilemechanic and show our appreciation for supporting Strike & Hook by hitting the like button and following the FB page. You will also see a banner pop up at the top of the site that can take you straight to the FB page. Now onto the winner... Unanimously selected as the best report due to the effort and straight up ballsyness of the fishing session was AuusieDave With his Encounter Bay 9/12/2017 Report. You can read the report here if you haven't already An absolutely fantastic effort mate, thanks for sharing it with us and well done on winning the prize pack! Please send me a PM with your details so I can get the pack send off to you. Thank you to all who wrote up a report in December, we hope to see more of your reports and insane adventures in this new year.
  5. Let's see some more reports go up for this comp guys! While everyone is busy at this time of year it is always a great time to get away from it all and go wet a line!
  6. Snapper Opening 2017

    That was a bloody awesome video! your mate knows his stuff and you know how to catch a red! Thanks for sharing
  7. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Prices slashed for Strike & Hook members, awesome!!!
  8. I'm hoping to see some snapper reports posted up tomorrow and over the weekend that can enter the comp
  9. As @The Fishing Guru is a little shy about telling people about his crabs I thought I'd post this up for him. Check out The Fishing Guru's other videos on YouTube -> https://www.youtube.com/user/gourmetfishingguru
  10. As the title suggests... What are everyone's plans fishing plans for the Christmas and new years period? Mine, to have a break and get my lazy arse out there fishing, for anything! I'd definitely like to target, yellow fin whiting, squid, gar, flathead and bream. See how I go!
  11. DECEMBER COMP TIME!!! Every report posted up in December will give you the chance to win an awesome prize pack put together by AA Mobile Mechanic AKA Kidney Slapper on the site. Please head over to Kidney Slapper's (Alan's) Facebook page AA Mobile Mechanic - https://www.facebook.com/aamobilemechanic Make sure you hit the like button to get updates from AA Mobile Mechanic, also great to get hold of his contact details when you need a mechanic. The Prize Pack includes: Daiwa Laguna 3000-5BI Reel Berkley Gulp Plastics Berkley MF50 Soft Vibe 2 pack Zerek Live Shrimp Rigged Plastic All Strike & Hook members who read this topic in the forum are getting a few days head start to write up a report or start planning a fishing trip. This is also giving me a couple of days to get a video together so you can all see the great prize pack on offer. At the end of December the site staff will choose the best report. Reports should be posted in any of the forum categories not in the comps category as we can check all new topics posted up in December. You can target any fish, crab, cephalopod, saltwater or fresh, boat or land based, if you catch heaps or none at all. All reports are up for the prize as long as it's legal and clean. We will be looking for a quality report, get us immersed in your fishing adventures, photos always help tell the story, videos can really add an exciting edge too. *** The comp starts NOW *** GOOD LUCK!!!!! *Please note the comp is only open to fishos located in SA.
  12. The lighter, flatter jackets look a lot better than the huge foam block style jackets most people have stashed away.