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  1. Yeah I practiced with shit knives and I'm glad I did - the spinning motion can suck the blade into the machine when you came at it from the left had side. I managed to put a couple of divots on a 20 year old bait knife while honing my technique. All I own are cheapish knives, that are easily replaced, so I'm willing to risk them on these machines. The electric sharpener is by no means a finely tuned instrument - but in the hands of a skilled operator - you could probably get some acceptable results - If I ever find one - I'll get him to have a go and let you know But as it stands - I'm happy with it - but I'd only recommend it to someone who hates sharpening - and is happy with lightning quick, mediocre results
  2. Yeah I've had mixed results with stones - I lack the patience and the skills to get the best out of them - these, "almost idiot proof" electric units, are more my speed. I dont want to cut my fingers off when reaching into a soapy sink full of water - so "almost razor" is where I like my knives to be
  3. I can imagine with todays sounders and a vigorous jig - you wouldnt even have to wait for the fish to be hungry
  4. Yeah nothing worse than casting a mile then coming up solid to a clump of weed as soon as you turn the handle. I’ve switched some of my metals trebles over to singles to help minimise this problem
  5. Yeah I’ve had limited experience with alveys but I do remember them casting a mile......but bringing the line back in wasn’t much fun yeah I’ve never understood aniseed scent in the salt. I know there are plants that grow along the creeks that smell a lot like aniseed so it wouldn’t be too “foreign” a scent there - and would probably mask some human odours but I wonder why it works well out in the salt. i occasionally think some people catch fish in spite of the scents they are using, not because of them like wd40 - a lot of people used to use because they believed it was made from fish oil but the website says that isn’t true. But i spose when the fish you are targeting mistakes golf balls for duck eggs - you aren’t dealing with the most discerning palate
  6. Yeah when I was loooking at the profile of these old lures they looked like they could do with a bit of bending to get some action out of them
  7. Ahh I spose retrieving with an alvey ensures you arent brining it in that quick. I've got them on blades before but I havent thought to use metal slug type lures
  8. Thanks for all the info Plec - I spose ID-ing a lure was alot easier back then - as they were only 5 of them How did you retrieve these metals for Mulloway - Hop hop pause or straight retrieve?
  9. Yeah they look like some “mullet lures” I’ve seen basically a lump of metal to jag with
  10. No worries Dave. could achieve a very similar result with duct tape and a dab of super glue on the end of the tape to stop it unraveling
  11. My negative fishing experiences with contaminates like sunscreen and petrol on my hands have shapeD they way I look at metho soaked baits and my experiences with the salting down of fish flesh have me wondering why guys use metho have you tried just putting the worms in a bag full of salt and draining the juice after a couple of days this method turns fish flesh, to some where between fresh and jerky, with no metho required - and it lasts forever
  12. Do your hooks snap? This could be why, Metal fabricator has a simple hack that may improve the life of your hooks
  13. If you cant find any info on sores or bruises on Mulloway - search google for sores and bruises on other fish - "Red spot" seems to crop up a bit on a variety of different species around the world - Any bruising on Species like carp or bass will have been thoroughly discussed and may offer clues to why it happens in Mulloway