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  1. Have you noticed any deterioration over time with the time it take to sharpen knives with that unit ie do the spinning wheels wear out over time or would you have to sharpen 1000’s of times to wear it out
  2. Yeah thanks for the details - it interesting to hear others views on how to sharpen and why certain techniques are better than others. If I filleted more fish, I might take it a bit more seriously - but I do alot of catch and release. So as long as my knives can go through a couple of carp or a few snapper and still be sharp at the end - thats all I ask from my knives. I've still got my old stone - and in the back of my mind - I will get around to mastering it one day - but for now - my $6 knives will continue to get the rough treatment
  3. Crikey - the Sorby looks like a serious bit of kit - especially next to my $40 electric diamond wheel.
  4. This is sure to cause rage amongst stone lovers but I’m going to post any way the Jarvis Walker deluxe knife sharpener is a brutal little unit, that will get a knife shaving sharp in a few strokes. and for $10.50 you can get a sharpener and knife you can shave with.
  5. Ahhh so that’s why there was some “player hatin” on the Facebook page I couldn’t work out why there was an unusually high amount of negative vibes being sent his way, as I didn’t recognise the reels. I was just marvelling over the ingenuity and workmanship of his cart - without realising these photo’s were “flexing”with a heap of expensive reels
  6. And heres a quote on what the powered cart is capable of "I have driven it around, it's unbelievably quiet and more powerful than imagined, it will drag my 250 lb carcass, lol Upgrading to 2 -12v - 100ah lithium's. ouch!! Come spring we run er through the paces."
  7. Yeah he’s definitely an ideas man and if you are wondering how he gets it to the water....that’s not quite finished yet but it’s nearly done
  8. The guy is from America and some states have crazy allowances for how many rods and hooks you can have in the water at once. "Current Texas law allows each angler to have as many 100 hooks in a water body at one time. A single line may contain as many as 50 hooks.Oct 8, 2019" But even in Aus - if you were chasing multi-species, having 12 prerigged rods could be handy - 4 for snapper - 4 for whiting and some assorted squid jigs, gar float rigs and lures on the others. Alot of snapper fishos over here keep spare rods prerigged, so they can get straight back into the action on a hot bite, if the fish swallows the hooks.
  9. I use 17lb braid and 17lb flouro when chasing Jewies land based - thats quite light - but if I go heavier, I cant cast my lures far enough to reach the spots I need to hit. So I need to squeeze every ounce of strength out of that combo, when trying to muscle a big fish out. I think guys who redline line their gear around structure, probably think more about this stuff than others - Losing half your leaders strength, after it gets wet, isnt a luxury all can afford. So if there are solutions to that problem - they're worth thinking about