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  1. Yeah with the bran soaking up the stink, its only half as bad as methods not involving bran. I also think the skinned fillet of carp has less pong than the guts, skin and head.. I'd be lying if I said the process was pleasant - but it was better smelling than other times
  2. Thanks Plec - Yeah that would work well - as long as I could block off the pipe for the first six days to ensure they stay gorging themselves on the meat. Mine try to escape as soon as they are big enough to crawl Ill rig something up for my next batch
  3. Yeah the buggers are everywhere - they roost in palm trees and under bridges - the noise is so deafening at dusk, that there are some bridges I cant fish in the evening
  4. Yeah thats the last piece of the puzzle for me - super quick processing of the maggots to get them into fresh bran - but Ive actively encourage crows to hang out in the back yard, so I cant leave the fillets exposed - I'm hoping a full newspaper inside the bucket will provide the absorption I need.
  5. As I refine my technique (translation - just listen to what knowledgeable blokes have already told me( Bran is the ultimate smell absorber - and when it comes to soaking up liquid - loose newspaper turns to mush - but whole newspapers placed under the flesh act like an absorbent pad that can be easily removed before harvest. Harvest time can be a sh!t fight that lasts 45 mins - or a forgone conclusion that is over in seconds - its all about controlling moisture content of the bedding material. Once I get that right - Melbournes $30 for 300 maggots is a price tag, I will never have to worry about again I'm still in the middle of that sh1t fight - but im only a newspaper away from having the game solved
  6. I’ve never replicated the tests he does but I trust his judgement. my experience with gama’s is through tt jigheads and they used to straighten without too much effort but I’ve seen enough bad press and snapped gamas on the internet To avoid them my experience with bkk is with their small trebles. I found them to be stronger than the owner st36ers I used to use. I also had Similar feedback from friends who were using them bit this was before I started testing things with scales and it was all based on feel and how they performed in the field
  7. Yeah my first experience with BKK was before they had established their reputation - (they were putting them on cheap lures from China) (It was cheaper to buy entire lure from China just to get your hands on the BKK trebles, than it was to buy Owner st-36ers in Australia) But now everyone knows they're good - they sell them in 9 packs and charge the earth. I like pushing the boundaries of my tackle just to know how hard I can push in the field (None of these are BKK trebles - but using hook like Gama's - in terrain like this - made me start testing all my tackle before getting it wet)
  8. Nice fish Yeah I’ve found that to be the case on some fresh water snag dwellers aswell.
  9. Yeah there are very few circumstances where I would tie such a knot. Its a bit bulky for my liking But when I used to chase trout in the early evening - tying leader knots, that took a long time, was dangerous because of the mozzies - those little bastards always know when you have both hands full and cant swat them away I used to set my self a 5 bights, then pack up rule - but tying an fg would have meant I couldnt defend myself - quick knots like 3 turn surgeons and double uni's were the go under those circumstances. (But they were also the reason my leader knots would break) Since discovering the fg - my leader knots break so rarely I dont even consider that they will - but if one did, in a mozzie infested area - having a quick leader knot like this would have come in handy
  10. Or in my case - constant nibbles that never hook up
  11. Yeah the bike track was like a truck had lost its load of hot dogs - absolute carnage
  12. Your vid inspired me to get the old 2000/5000 grit stone out after a bit of elbow grease, the knife is sharper than it’s been in a while