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  1. Out of the hundreds of mullet that saw it tonight - only a few let me know that my lure choice and retrieves were interesting enough to hit but not enough to inhale.
  2. No worries - yeah it seems no retrieve could be too violent when the prawns are in full panic mode. Fish are much better at tracking stuff through the air than I first thought. I remember being on a 3 story boat that takes tourist snorkeling up north - my mate left her camera on the second story, near where I was and asked me to get it. It was a cheap disposable with a float - so I threw it near her, off the balcony - she got swamped by all sorts of reef fish. I could see them tracking the camera as soon as it left my hands. The staff on those boats throw fish scraps off th
  3. Yeah in the past, Ive tended to keep things simple and I was mainly catch and release for alot of years. So I didnt have a chance to get bored of my recipes. But since discovering redfin are delicious, Ive been thinking of branching out
  4. They are some Mighty tasty looking recipes Des - thanks for passing them on
  5. I’m having a bit of a crackdown on my hands getting unnecessarily stinky at the moment and my fingers now have a faint whiff of rubber instead of fish
  6. Very Nice - Yeah I think I'll add a loop- I was just going to chuck the whole thing in the washing machine but the carbeena might hook on to something in there and wreak havoc. Worked out really well tonight - didnt have to touch a mullet - no more stinky hands on the steering wheel. And no more slime wiped on my clothes Ended up just rinsing it under the tap and I'll give it a sniff test to morrow to see what extra needs to be done - Thanks for the tips on cleaning and separate towels for different jobs - makes alot of sense
  7. after mucking around with those slimey mullet the other night - the time has come for a dedicated fishing rag with caribeena
  8. Heres a little snippet where they are more panicked
  9. Maybe try prawning vids - where guys go at night with lights and underwater cameras - you'd see a variety of fleeing I imagine Or a night wade over the flats would give you a first hand view and maybe get a tasty feed of gars and prawns
  10. Not as many suffered as I’d hoped but it was a bit of fun working them out. Ended up covering about a km and polaroiding new schools when the bight slowed I could only pull 2 or 3 from a school before they shut down. And they didn’t respond to burley for long before leaving. Even mullet can be tricky when they want to be but hopefully the snapper recognise these and know what to do with them
  11. Yeah something was off. I expected much more interest on the yabbies. Other guys have had success on them - I just couldnt make them work Even the salting process didn’t spice up the reddy chunks enough to make them tasty I’ve just got back from scoping a mullet spot. Plenty there but I didn’t have my gear just salted up a batch of chicken to try to secure a few for snapper baits. The local creek is still too mozzy infested to consider going for carp. Even during the day So the mullet will have to suffer
  12. Nah we found a few schools but they were all tiny pinkies - So I I just ripped the tails off and used those with the shells still on - they might have been a bit big for the little pinkies to swallow. But they werent getting anywhere near the amount of bights as the pilchard cubes. I gave them about an hour to prove themselves as my mates were pulling in little pinks consistently on the pilly cubes. I had cut up redfin cubes the same size as the pillies, out on another rod and they were basically getting ignored aswell. Withing seconds of my first pilly cube hitting the bottom I
  13. yabbies and reddies couldnt compete with the Pilchards on the undersized/just size pinky schools we tried them on. They got convincingly beaten - I wont try them again
  14. Got a window in the weather tomorrow morning - and Ive added another freshwater bait for the snappers consideration
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