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  1. Yeah I've got a love/hate relationship with bait casters. In certain circumstances, there is no better reel. but they are so fun to play with, that I've found myself using them in circumstances, where a spinning reel is far better suited to my skill level.
  2. To the guys using bait casters - is that so you can easily feed line to a nibbling fish? or is there another reason? I used to love bait casters for deep fast flowing water as it gave you a much more positive indication of when your sinker had hit the bottom.
  3. I remember Rex Hunt used to advocate super long - super floppy - fiberglass rods with nibble tips. And he was a competition winning whiting angler back in the day. The idea being, they feel very little resistance from the rod when having a nibble - Then BANG - you whack them when the tip loads up. Theres something about this approach I like but I've never used it - I did use nibble tips but only 7 footers. Ive seen guys who specialize in super spooky docklands snapper using nibble tips aswell. If the area you fish has spooky whiting that nibble but dont get hooked- A "Noodle-stick"
  4. Yeah even though berley prep and equipment may seem like a few extra, unpleasant, stinky steps to a relaxing afternoons fishing. It’s so worth it. It can turn a relaxing afternoon with a few nibbles, into a fish catching frenzy There a very few forms of bait fishing I do, where burley isn’t used and using a burley cage in amongst a crowd of anglers who aren’t, can make you seem like king of the pier I remember showing my non fishing brother the pulling power of burley for the first time. It was crystal clear water with no fish in it. Then about 15 mins later it was a blo
  5. Yeah floating and sinking burley cages and are a great fishing tools Very simple to make with galvanised wire just wrap it around a fat texta to form the spring and then the possibilities are endless You can make them out of plenty of other stuff aswell But I would 100% recommend trying burley cages out
  6. Gars are a fish that responds very well to the surface slick that tuna oil makes you can see there little beaks sniffing their way along the slick from a long way away when I used to fish for them, I’d make sure I had tuna oil in my bread crumb burley and that I kept an unbroken slick trail going over the water. Some days that slick would stretch for 100’s of metres but they seemed to know, they have to follow trail up wind or up current to find the source. another bonus of a tuna oil slick, is it calms the surface of the water down creating a clear window to
  7. My most often used burly for catching live bait is a can of cat food and a bag of bread crumbs. Just mix them with about 500ml of water in a bucket and you’re done but you can take further if you wish (you can fast forward to 2.24 for the actual mulching)
  8. My longest stretch was 65 days in a row - But a terminal hang over broke that run
  9. Speaking of tool bags..... - tool belts make a great tackle storage option if you travel light. They even have a holster for your rod - I still use mine as the preferred option for landbased missions where I'm not carrying alot of lures
  10. Also found a cheaper version on a roadside junk pile I needed a tackle storage solution for wading I just cut the internals out of a soft esky and sewed in the shoulder harness with $2 buckles from Aussie disposals
  11. Op shops often have old lap top bags for $2 plenty of compartments etc
  12. I’ve never done any binding when replacing rod tips I just clean up the blank with a very small tooth hobby saw and stick em on with 90 second, 2 part epoxy and they are good to go with in minutes. binding does add a significant amount of strength to the part of the blank it’s wrapped around but I’ve never found it necessary on tip replacements On the other hand - if you are shoving a male part down into a female - that needs to be securely bound to stop the blank splitting around the join. (here’s my first attempt at shoving a solid fibre glass tip section into t
  13. Not sure if this is the live unit you have - just googled this up but didnt watch - good luck
  14. Yeah that would be one tool where it’s really worth reading the instructions from my brief reading, people carrying them around while plugged in and walking around the prongs while live, weren’t the best ideas
  15. Thanks Doobie. Yeah I did a bit of a deep dive on weird worm catching methods. there was a product recall in the USA after 30 deaths. People were dying for worms by plugging these device directly into mains power a car battery sounds like a much saner option https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/1993/electric-worm-getter-worm-probe-recalled-by-six-retailers-electrocution-hazard-cited
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