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  1. Your vid inspired me to get the old 2000/5000 grit stone out after a bit of elbow grease, the knife is sharper than it’s been in a while
  2. Yeah but no matter how quick they go to the bottom - much of the damage done on the way up can’t be repaired by a quick descent all those hernias, prolapses, ruptures and haemorrhaging have already occurred. it might be worth passing that on to your customers. Because I bet the average angler thinks these weights provide more benefits than they actually do. I know I used to. .......all fish exhibited various clinical signs of barotrauma, including a prolapsed cloaca (60% of fish); gastric herniation (46%); ruptured swim bladder (73%); organ displacement (48%); and kidney (3%), liver (73%) and coloemic-cavity haemorrhaging (33%);with the frequency of nearly all positively associated with capture depth"
  3. Yeah I think I have tried just about Every dodgy method and cheap sharpener available the only things left to try are quality units. So I’ll keep yours in mind if I need to join the Razor Gang
  4. Yeah I’ve tried belt sanders with sand paper and grinding wheels on angle grinders but my problem is the heat Produced on the blade Making it brittle. Even with a bucket full of water to dip the knife in between passes (admittedly I may have been a little heavy handed during those experiments) sounds like the scotch bright pad doesn’t produce as much heat?
  5. Yeah I remember watching Starlo talking about deep sea fishing on Rex’s show It was words similar to. “There is no catch and release fishing out here. Get your bag, then go fish shallower water if you want to catch and release”
  6. I spose as long as these death rates are being passed along to the anglers buying them- it won’t encourage people think they can go catch and release fishing out deep but I suspect people have the wrong idea about these weights i used to think they were the answer to barotrauma. But after doing some reading and looking at a few different studies. The rupturing of organs on the way up is not something a lot of fish will survive Long term I remember watching catch and release charter operators releasing Samson fish in this manner and thinking - these guys are ahead of the game and really taking care of their fishery. but after reading the results of tests it seemed like they were just sinking fish, that are going to die, down to the bottom, so clients don’t have to watch a trail of floaters behind the boat
  7. Graham Keegan from MRFAC Says 90% of snapper that go through the release weight process die. So while it may be the best case scenario. It’s still a pretty dismal scenario
  8. Here it is. Fingerling shad
  9. It was a “mojiko” one they used to sell at anaconda. I think mojiko used to rip off river 2seas designs . So it’s probably just a copy of a river2sea. I bought a heap of mojiko a when they had a massive clearance in the Melbourne store ill see if I can find the name when I get home theu used to dive to around a metre or 1.2m
  10. Yeah I’ve got a mate who occasionally eats a mulloway And he says when the bait schools are in, their guts are jam packed with 3 inch skinny bait fish. He said the stomach was like a sausage casing stuffed with tiny bait fish so small lures definitely have their place for mulloway here’s one I got on a 5cm hb and 8lb leader
  11. Yeah I’d just dropped a mate off on a floating litter trap to collect some tennis balls for his dog. As I was floating away, I glanced at the sounder and said to my mate “you should see the bait on the sounder!!!!” He says have a cast, so I did one hop of the blade and there was a solid weight. It was on bream gear, so my mate had to balance awkwardly on a floating litter trap for the next 30 mins
  12. This fella ate a 4cm blade
  13. Heres my best - he fought harder than the fatter yellas from the same water