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  1. Also rigged up some sliding ones
  2. Yeah those carp anglers, sitting for days without a bight, dont want a dull hook to be the reason they didnt land any - But when Diamond files are $8 - thats what I'll stick with
  3. Yeah my "something" is a nail in the desk - Means you can apply pressure to both leader and tag end while tightening - but in spots where you cant whack a nail in - the tightening hooks will have to do
  4. Also twisted up some berley cages this arvo
  5. Can also use the scissors as hook puller and clear tube over dowel for tightening sticks
  6. Yeah these weather extremes are getting old
  7. Yeah tend to lean towards the cheapest tool that will get the job done
  8. About 20 years ago I did a side by side test with spotters and my servo sunnies - my servo sunnies were much better at penetrating the waters depths in the Yarra - So I havent spent over $30 on a pair of sunnies Since. I'm currently using the KastKings which could be bought for between $25 and $12. But I cant find this model online anymore - Lucky I stocked up and got 3 spare pairs when the price dropped to $12.
  9. They look slick Doobie WHen you mention problems with tangles and light line it struck a chord with me. I had very similar problems when trying to cast really heavy floats on light tackle. I found that casting in a large loopy arc and 85% power really help get rid of tangles - this sort of cast wasnt possible on my light bream outfit so I started casting with 14lb pound braid and a snapper stick - that sorted it out. The overhead cast kept everything in alignment and sorted out my issues. This may not be relevant to your rigs but I thought it would be worth mentioning - the loopy cast at nearly full power was the answer to my problems
  10. Yeah It has its uses I originally bought it to glue lots of little rocks to PVC pipe in a fish tank - but it didnt work well in that application - there could have been some driver error but the rocks didnt hold onto the slick pvc - I ended up using silicon instead. Its elasticity was much better suited to gluing fairly smooth rocks to pvc pipe But I get the feeling there is a variety of different hot glue sticks you can buy, with different formulas and hardness's - and that roughing up the surfaces, is quite important while gluing slick surfaces together