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  1. yellow door 1

    Breeding maggots without meat

  2. yellow door 1

    Interesting Camera and Sinkers that get hit as much as lures

    Yeah I wouldnt mind seeing that bream footage - seems like noone likes the paparazzi getting in their face
  3. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    Just ran 150m of 30lb braid through the book with 1.1kg of force. I was reeling as fast as I could and the line barely got to "luke warm" - by the time I touched the book - I couldnt notice any rise in temp on the paper
  4. yellow door 1

    Interesting Camera and Sinkers that get hit as much as lures

    Yeah makes me want to see footage of someone using that camera on local reefs
  5. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    For some people catching a fish is a bonus - for me - it just gets in the way of my true passion - testing things noone else cares about p.s. - if you think your bored now - wait til you see the video
  6. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    forgot to add - with 8lb braid and 8kg of weight - about 680g
  7. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    Ok so the results are in - results may differ depending on whose cook book you use Couldnt find any phone books, so I had to use a heavy cook book With 8lb braid and no weight - dragging the line through took about 115g of pull with a 4kg weight - about 320g with 40lb braid and no weight - about 240g with 4kg of weight - about 660g with 8kg of weight - abut 1kg
  8. Its a long vid but its interesting to watch how often the lures are ignored in favour of hitting the camera and the sinker https://youtu.be/Lh8RtB_x1dc
  9. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    Yeah theres every chance of that - but it is rare to find a manufacturer that doesnt recommend the pump and wind technique when retrieving line. If you try to use a reel as a "recovery winch" against heavy drags - it going to age many times faster than one that is used correctly - thats what I was referring to when I mentioned "damage to gears". Maybe I should have said "Premature aging" You could do a few years worth of wear and tear just spooling up against a heavy drag - because if you pump and wind while fishing - your gears would never see that sort of pressure in the field Obviously the pressures you're using dont make this a problem - but the heavier the setting - the more potential for wear and tare while spooling up
  10. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    Yeah the reason I swallowed everything being said in that vid is because it was being said by Peter Pakula - he's always struck me as a thinking angler with many years of experience. It would be interesting to see how much drag is added by the yellow pages method - I might just give it a crack - thanks Pakula did mention you can turn 8kg mono line into 5.5kg line through friction during the spooling process. I usually use wet gloves to counteract this - I also used to submerge my braid spools in water while spooling but I've been told this can cause problems with spool corrosion - I've never experienced any - but some blokes recommend against it
  11. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    I use digital luggage scales to set mine - then just dont touch the dial for that session. After a while - you get to know what certain drag settings feel like with different braids - You just pull line off the spool against the drag - I know I've gone too far if my fingers start bleeding
  12. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    One issue I can see is - if you dont have a spooling machine - getting that sort of tension by winding line on with the reel might do some damage to the reels gears - because you never real it on that tight while fighting a fish ie - you dont wind line on while the drag is running
  13. yellow door 1

    Get your line on tight

    I'm predominantly light line user - so I never really though about how much tension -"running the line through my fingers" while spooling - was putting on the line I imagine its well under a kilo - but I havent tested it. But it is something I will be thinking about in the future on all reels. If I'm going to be running 3kg of drag on an outfit - the line should be spooled on with 3kg of tension.
  14. yellow door 1

    What going on with your the Snappers?

    https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/al-mcglashan-ep9-aussie-snapper-tricks/id1450231254?i=1000443181526 If you fast forward to the 13min mark he talks about the SA snapper fishery and the importance of microorganisms to snapper recruitment