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  1. Manufacturers set the eye of their hooks at a particular angle to aid with hook penetration when tied with a standard through the eye knot - changing the angle of pull can assist penetration with certain rigs or make it less effective. If your hook is designed to have best penetration at a certain angle of pull - you need to understand the angles before changing them and have a good reason to do so.
  2. Heres the weirdest thing Ive thrown
  3. Heres a vid that explains why running the leader back through the hook eye can be advantageous - especially with circle hooks
  4. PS - if you need any tips on how to make your first work bench - just ask
  5. Also looked into reel storage ideas as mine was a bit messy - the fancy photo From the Pen fishing page is taken on an angle to make it look more compact than it is. Decided to just stick with the mess
  6. Theres plenty of stuff lying around the house that can be converted too
  7. Out till 3am not catching Jewies If you are looking for tools and are looking to do more diy -and dont want to spend a million bucks - just bight the bullet and get a combo kit - much cheaper than buying piece by piece - Ozito cordless arent up to scratch - they lack power across the range in my experience - but Ryobi one will take care of alot of DIY - and the 6 year guarantee is real - anything breaks - just take it back and get a new one on the spot (At Bunnings - not sure about other shops returns policy but Bunnings is very painless). Ryobi make 100's of tools that work with
  8. Have you got a photo of the way you do it- sounds interesting
  9. A $4 can of Fiddly bits Matt black from Bunnings can work Miracles
  10. That style you bought is also easy to attach to the side of a storage tower
  11. one of the cheapest ideas Ive seen is a wall mounted $2 pool noodle with slits cut into it. Its completely customizable with regard to spacing. Quick to make - And the Verticle slit holds your rod neatly. Also super quick to put your rods away at the end of the day. Some people also you Computer cable management clips - they have a self adhesive backing. Just stick those to a bit of wood and mount it to the wall or just stick them straight to the wall
  12. But if you dont need it to be compact and get free wood from Kerb side junk piles you ride past - you can stretch things out a little. Or just grab a little table with wheels off a junk pile and you have a mobile unit with storage capacity
  13. Yeah if you want a small rectangular footprint. Those racks are hard to beat. it can be hard slotting all you reels together. Especially if they all sit at the same height. I added feet to mine so they could handle big bait runners pulling the over
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