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  1. Yeah I've fished with a couple of those blokes over the years They can lead you to do some crazy stuff to catch up When ever I get the opportunity - I'll rub some local scents on my hands before a session
  2. A mate of Mine and Doobies called Dave went out 2 days ago, for a short session with a mate and got outfished 13 to 0. Same baits, same boat, same everything - they even swapped rods at one stage. So sometimes the striking technique you have chosen for that day, doesnt match up with the way the fish are feeding and it can make one bloke think they were timid and another think they were bighting well
  3. Some band wagons exist because of the “hype train” and some band wagons exist because they are a phenomenal product. but neither of them matter if you can’t make them work. So personal trials are all that really matters in the end. Even if 100 blokes tell you procure is the best- if it doesn’t work for you and something else works better- they are wrong Im a firm believer in not believing everything I’m told So much of what gurus say doesn’t work where I fish- and in some spots the exact opposite of what they say works best for me. So you just have to find the right
  4. Yeah my experiences with stimulate weren’t as good. When that Mark Berg infomercial came talking about pheromones etc I had to get some my test was on hoards of tiny bream in clear shallows. I was watching them from a bridge. They were happy to peck away at my unscented lure but when I put the stimulate on, they were actually backing off it when I dead sticked the lure. I gave it a couple of hours, targeting different schools then never used it again. By the end of that session I was thinking they should explore this recipe for possible uses as a shark repellent That was the
  5. Yeah the reason I switched to procure was both from recommendations from bream comp winners. But also because they did specific scents for different prey items When I used to make my own scents - they were all made from local things the fish ate every day. Mussels, crabs, worms, shrimp and bait fish. So I like the idea of smearing a worm scent on a worm lure etc
  6. I like the procure range aswell - Ive got the mullet - blood worm - shrimp One thing I did find amusing about their branding was that they would put a little sticker over the original name of the scent - To make it sound more Aussie - but that sticker easily peeled off to reveal the American species that the scent was actually made from
  7. interesting - I initially thought it was very unnecessary because all the snells I tie are with hooks with eyes - but then I noticed he was using a spade tip. Tying snells on those is a bit annoying
  8. whoooops - i may have mispoken about the fines - but $330 is a very popular fine amount for on the water infringements
  9. Thanks Mate. Yeah I use the same reels in tiny lakes with little redfin in them as I do in waters where much bigger fish live. So I need reels that can give me a chance in both. P.s. if you stick the little strip of duct tape to a desk a few times it loses a lot of its stickiness. That way it will definitely pop off if another monster grabs one of your tommies
  10. Yeah its genuine insanity - being in only 4m, fish dont have far to run down, before they start heading side ways. You can hear the polite-ish exchange between the boats as the kids fish runs into another guys line - and I imagine there is an understanding between the boats, that they are fishing in very unusual circumstances. But you can imagine it wouldnt always be that polite, when the adrenaline is pumping and 2 full grown meat heads are arguing over a fish. We fished the area once - and that was enough - the potential for madness was too high. We only saw some minor flare
  11. .....and if worst came to worst - you could just strip off the braid and fish with the backing
  12. One issue I had forever when using the backing was the joiner knot poking through I used to run 120yard top shots and if you were casting 1/20th jigheads around - the likely hood of wind knots goes up dramatically unless you really watch your line control each cast. so if I’d had a really really bad day and lost a bit of Braid to wind knots. The leader knot could poke through and catch the line while casting i took way to long to come up with this duct tape solution. Smooths over the knot so you dont have to cut a session short I now do it on all my reels not ma
  13. If I’d had a shallow spool when hooked this on 6lb leaders, it could have all been over by the second run instead he ran back under a bridge so I had to jump in the water- wade through balls deep mud - swim for a bit- then pick my line of snags with my head under water and then stuff around for ages trying to get him back All that hassle could have been avoided if I’d just used a shallow spool
  14. Yeah they are spread pretty thin. We have never been stopped by fisheries out in the bay. Plenty of encounters with the water police. When we used to go bream fishing in winter the cops would safety check us nearly every weekend in the Yarra. (It was close to their home base and there were often no boats to hassle out in the bay on a windy winters day) but Fisheries are rarely seen out on the bay
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