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  1. p.s. extremely unsafe testing methods were used
  2. Snapped my testing rig and punched myself in the face - but it got to about 18kg before the wire testing rig snapped - The fishing hook glued into the jighead did not budge
  3. If you want to add a tow point to a jighead. Just cut a hook - drill a hole and super glue it in gives a surprisingly strong hold. I couldn’t pull it out with 2 sets of pliers
  4. I've started chucking 1/28th's in 9m of water, when conditions allow me to get them down to where the sounder says the fish are. The same plastic will remain untouched (Almost) on 1/4er's or 1/8th's - but a plastic that doesnt plummet, will get smashed on the drop by the unstoppables that make this technique a bit ridiculous on my current tiny jigheads. Sure you can grub heavy heads along the bottom and get hits and land the smaller dumber fish. But on the 1/28th's you barely need any skill at all. Just spot the fish on the sounder and count to 40 as the 1/28th sinks - then hang on
  5. Thanks you just reminded me to fix a guide I busted last week a mate busted one of his in the same incident - I said its an easy 8 min fix - he said he was just going to buy a new rod. This aint pretty - but based on previous experience - it doesnt have to be pretty to last How does your system work?
  6. Beautiful scenery and Fish Adrian Ive only recently become a true convert to the spinning blade. I always thought fish had to be fired up to hit them. I actually ran a test last night on a small lake - I walked the length of it casting a 2 inch paddle tail for a few hits - then walked my way back with the jig spinner and they were whacking the hell out of it. They were tiny reddies -too small to fit the big hook in their mouth but the increase in hits was very noticeable. Ive had sessions where the reverse is true - but I used to assume if they were not hitting subtle
  7. couldnt find my old hand paddle so it was time for a new one - Finished with cooking oil varnish
  8. Googled earthed a possible redfin hole today - it wasnt smooth sailing trying to find an access point - and that theme continued for the short session. Forgot the Mirage drive - Got my balls wet getting in and discovered I have no idea how to use my new sounder. (Not completely my fault - the stupid thing has a feature where it turns the transducer off for some reason - and I could fix it on the water no matter how many random buttons I pressed)
  9. Nah Mate Ive only got enough for personal use I bought a heap ages ago and I dont really use blades that often anymore - but Ill hang on to the ones I have left
  10. I was told more than once we were there to dump stuff - not to pick stuff up
  11. Mate invited me down to check out the new joint he just moved into. Sounded great. We were going to have a BBQ, Go watch local footy and have a few beers. That translates to - a few trips to the tip - few loads of furniture from the old place and spending the rest of the day building over head storage in his new car-port
  12. Nice one MAH - Handy skill to have the old DIY Tackle making. It can get you out of alot of last minute jams, where if you dont make it yourself, there is no immediate alternative. And in your case, you have to option to choose High Quality components and make something better than store bought - thats mm perfect to your specfications. Hats off
  13. Plus all the money you save can be spent cheap power tools to make stuff for “free” I say cheap - but the prices for individually purchased “dremel bits” make some of the rip off merchants in the tackle game seem like saints
  14. Nice one Wert - thanks for the tips. I love the drilling hole and bending tines so they clip in, suggestion. If I need to build a tougher net that method will 100% get a run I used to fish for Bream on Lures - So Im well versed in how to throw cash at a problem - A loomis/certate combo was as crazy as I got - but that didnt fix anything - I still sucked - If you offered me 10 x $20 ecogear blades or 10 my favorite little $1.40 blades I found while gambling on Ali Express (and I couldnt resell them) - I'll let you guess which ones Id pick. Gambling on cheap lures is very low s
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