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  1. yellow door 1

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Yeah I'm sure there are blokes who reckon dirty stinking young maggots, with their stomachs full of meat, are the ultimate bait. And I wouldnt take much convincing to believe that. But you cant argue with the effectiveness of clean maggots in bran either. So - as I only have one fridge - a clean maggot is my chosen path
  2. yellow door 1

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Thanks Doobie Nah not yet - after a few dud sessions with lures , I usually recharge my batteries with a livie session - but I've still got a couple of dud lure sessions up my sleeve before I hit the livies again
  3. yellow door 1

    Setting up a trout pond

  4. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Just tested how long the batteries last on full power - "After a 90 min constant battery test on full power - it seriously weakened the beam to the point where it sucks after 3 hours you could still tie knots with it but not much else. after 4 hours you'd have to squint to tie knots
  5. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Yeah the reason I prefer a "focus-able" beam is - there is no single "factory setting" that can match all the different scenarios I come up against in an evening. With the way I use torches........ a torch that cant focus, is similar to camera that cant focus.
  6. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Yeah - in the wrong hands - even a spoon becomes a deadly weapon
  7. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    I'm reluctant to share this Vid, as my camera sucks in low light - but there might be something in it. White light tends to illuminate the hell out of an area - but yellow light gives a truer representation of the colours you would see in day light - and for what its worth - I find when I'm spot lighting fish - they are much more likely to spook on a white light than a yellow light
  8. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Yeah I bought the "knock off" version of the Night Core and trialed it for a while - (mainly just to see if it was going to work with the way I searched rivers at night) - The version I bought was super bright and worked off 4 x 18650's but it didnt have a focus-able beam. The spread of light was too wide for what I was trying to achieve - lights with much lower lumens could focus in on my target in a more effective way I can attest to how hot these things get - but without a focus-able beam, I was always wishing it had one. Because when you want to isolate one particular object in your field of vision - a focus-able beam is indispensable - I need a light that can put a "tight spot" on an underwater object that might be a meter plus Jewie or a white garbage bag. When the light is spread too evenly over a large area - it can make your eye focus on details you dont want it to. Thats why I love a "tight spot" But I understand my requirements are fairly unique to spotting fish in the dark - but thats is the sole governing criteria that my lights have to meet, before any other criteria is taken into consideration. Then comes battery life - then comes durability - then comes comfort... etc I want to be able to focus all available lumens onto a particular spot no bigger than 1 meter, to make sure my eyes arent playing tricks on me. So while a light could be far superior in 100 different ways - if it doesnt meet the one particular way I want it to perform - it becomes a dud light. p.s. the weight is without 4 x 18650;s in it - I wouldnt even want to get punched in the face with an empty one
  9. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Yeah head torches arent for everyone - I used to do alot of river exploration at night. A push bike was the chosen method of transportation - finding concentrations of predator attracting bait was the mission - I tried hand held torches but riding and hand held torches dont mix - so thats why I got so interested in head torches. The biggest draw back of head torches is their lack of power (unless you want to carry a large battery pack and burn your forehead due to the heat produced from powerful lights - but there biggest advantage is I can comfortably use them hands free. So its all about compromise - head torches often dont have the power I want - but they often have the power and stamina I need
  10. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Haha - trust me, I understand your pain. I would have to be the most considerate head torch user known to man. I always ask for permission from fellow anglers before turning it on and I'm extremely mindful of where the beam is pointing. The guys I fish with are veteran head torch users, so the "rookie errors", alot of people make, do not occur in my circle. I have introduced alot of people to the joys of head torches but after a few years I started giving safety briefings before handing them out. For instance - If I was going camping with a new crew I'd always buy some cheapies from bunnings. (Mainly so they would stop asking to borrow mine) Watching a newb use one for the first time, is a night mare. Direct blasts to your eyes - Shining them over the water at inopportune times and "over use" are the major crimes. But on the head of a considerate gentleman - A head torch is a weapon that has greatly increased my catches - my head torch has been responsible for unlocking angling secrets that would never have been discovered otherwise. - this fish would not have been caught if I hadn't "Head Torched" the area the night before
  11. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Just got some feed back from a bloke whose been using a similar unit for 5 years without problem I must have been too rough with mine and dislodged the wiring by pulling to hard on the light to get it out of a bag - (the soldering job on the wiring was dodgy though) so If you look after these lights - they could be a real option. not saying there arent better lights out there - just saying these might be a legitimate option based on intended use
  12. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Yeah I use my head torch to spot fish at night so they need to be super bright, with a single handed focus-able beam. My main gripe with the Led Lenser I bought is it doesnt focus all the way down to a really tight spot like the old ones used to. I've bought these cheap lights before and I've experienced the problems you mentioned. Thats why I splurged on the Led Lenser. I dont expect the ebay one to last too long but I was just too curious about the 13,000 lumens they offered - and for $20 I am no longer wondering (p.s. I dont think its quite 13.000 lumens)
  13. yellow door 1

    $200 head torch versus $20 head torch - Brief test in garage

    Yeah the build quality,longevity and battery life are yet to be tested - but as far as brightness goes - those cheap Leds can put out some serious light