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  1. I should have clamped it all together on the spot and drawn my pencil lines once it was level coz just coz it’s perfectly level on a flat concrete garage floor doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way when it goes into the house
  2. Yeah if you dropped a marble on my floor. It would look like it was possessed by the devil as it rolled it’s way around the room, before charging at the wall.
  3. If I’d remembered how uneven the floor was in that room things could have gone a lot smoother:o
  4. Thought I may aswell grab the cabinet aswell - too easy
  5. You bewdy it’s still there look like my nightly exercise is taken care of
  6. As you might be aware - I use it to tie up flies or anything else that needed binding
  7. Taking care of business and working over time. I do my wood working on my breaks so If a job can’t be done in 15 mins, it’s going to take a few breaks Took an early lunch to get the dry fit and flat packing done. The last piece of the puzzle, that inspired the table, is on a junk pile I saw on the way to work. Fingers crossed it’s still there on the way home
  8. Accidentally got to work 20 mins early........so I did what anyone would do - started making a table
  9. Nothing to new here but if you want a temporary adjust screw - heat shrink and hot glue are the answer
  10. the boogeyman checks his closet every night to make sure I’m not in there