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  1. The whiting werent firing as hard as last time but we still got a few - Freshly caught squid was effective early on but by the end - if you didnt have a pippie squid cocktail - they werent interested. We had to pack up just as the current started and the fish were coming on the chew - but you'll never miss a nibble on a nibble tip. That Whippy yellow tip leaves no doubt as to whether you've had a nudge or not. You get alot more tip movement from the same bight. Its not a huge game changer, if you are already watching you tips like a hawk - it just really accentuates nibbles which
  2. Also slipped some a scrubbies in to see how they like em
  3. If weather permits this weekend. I’ll give the old Jarvis walker fibreglass nibble tip -a head to head challenge with the daiwa scratchy graphite stick
  4. Yeah we used to catch 40 pinkies for every snook on lures. The standard snook take was a noticeable single take - no warnings with missed hits - then a bit more weight than normal - then they would come to boat quite easily in a slow arc. Then when you pulled there heads up to the surface, they would shake their heads and slice through 8lb leader and steal your lure. But occasionally you would get one that put on the after burners and went nuts - usually the bigger than average units. I watched them getting air bourne while smashing gars, so they do have the ability to generate power
  5. This should shave a few seconds off the braid reversing process
  6. Yeah if I break up a 300m spool - a 100m top shot of 8lb braid currently costs me $3.16. But when I think of all the extra effort I go to save $6 by not just using the whole 300m of braid per reel - Its bordering on my limits for effort vs money saved But it all stems back to my bream on plastic days, when I used to buy 120 yard top shots of braid, for up to 10 times the price I pay now. Using top shots is how Ive always done it - so Ive just continued doing it. Back in the day - top shotting would save me $60 a reel - so there was really no questions to be asked - but the
  7. Yeah my braid shopping is all online these days - and I tend to buy bulk spools and break them up into 100m top shots to stretch the dollars a bit further. So all my spooling is done at home - the lengths Ill go to, to save a few bucks, sometimes doesnt even make sense to me.
  8. Yeah if I wasnt a tight arse using 100m top shots of braid - life would be a lot simpler when it comes to respooling - Just slap on a a few hundred metres of straight braid and then the jobs done But these line spoolers came about because I would often do up to 4 reels at a time - so my fingers would be nearly falling off if I tried to do that manually. Reel on Braid first, then the mono backing to fill out the spool then unspool then reverse then respool Completing that process once in row is not something I look forward to - but doing it 4 times in a row manually would
  9. Had to google what Mud guard washers were - Nice. Yeah I wasnt quite sure what Diameter washers I would need for the variety of different spools I had - and the standard washer looked a bit little. But I do have a shed full of ply offcuts and a hole saw kit - Dodgy mudflap washers of all sizes on tap
  10. Although I use a bottle top with a drill attachment and 2 litre bottle to take old line off.( Stuff that’s going in the bin.) a guy on face book just mentioned he cuts knife grooves into a spool and then just cuts it off over a bin so now I have a back up plan if I can’t find my bottle top
  11. free style was a mix of hand winding - dodgy "knocked up on the spot" drill attachments that kept malfunctioning - and alot of swearing I kept trying to do the bare minimum to get it to work and it ended up taking forever with all sorts of complications. Everything was just a smidge out of whack but I only had one reel to do - so I thought Id just try to get it done with the wrong tools - huge mistake The tension wasnt there - and the spool kept slipping on the drill - I hadnt been that frustrated in a while
  12. 2 tennis balls and a stick are another option
  13. I couldnt find my old braid reversing spools the other day so I tried doing it freestyle - what a nightmare that was. So it was straight down to the Hardware the next day to make a new set
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