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  1. yellow door 1

    Extension poles for landing net

    Yeah would be a piece of piss - as long as the tubing your gaff is attached to slips snuggly into or over the top of the extension pole - you're in business. I dont use gaffs where I fish because I intend to release the big fellas I catch - and the spots I land fish are pretty forgiving to the use of nets - Ie - they arent going to get tangled in kelp, mussel or craggy rocks The double button springs are fine for what I do - I mainly fish man-made structures with easy netting opportunities - but there might be complications with the buttons being depressed if you were dragging them through and over rocks. I havent found 2 grown men who can pull apart the button mechanism on my poles but dragging them up a rock face might accidentally trip the mechanism - I doubt it- but its something to consider The Land based game marlin gaffs, they use off rock ledges, have screw in attachments and 2mm thick aluminum tubing. Where as mine has buttons and 1,2mm wall thickness tubing. So mine is built for the little fellas I tangle with The weakest part of my set up is the net frame.
  2. order parts from tent supply store measure up chuck in rivets and double button chair springs Spray with enamel to stop black hands and you're done
  3. yellow door 1

    Trout dam

    Sorry to dredge up the past but I was wondering how the Dam was going now. I'd love to hear an update on how it all went.