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  1. Just when you thought salted carp baits couldn’t get any better
  2. Turns out - Short of serious bodily harm. There are very few things that will deter a seal Best to up anchor, move and pray he doesn’t jump on your bow wave and follow you to the next spot
  3. Yeah they are a salmon not highly prized for their eating qualities . Popular with guys who run dog sled teams. They use them as a cheaP source of food for their dogs
  4. Thankfully everything I’ve made from my other steel rods is performing flawlessly. No rust and no bending. So the generation one spikes will be used for something else and replaced with the fatter silver steel The spike goes through pinky skulls like they aren’t there and the bigger Alderney ring has a 100% sucess rate of jumping the anchor chain and working as it should
  5. When I made Chopper and Keithy out of steel from a metal clothes horse with plastic coating - I knew I was taking a risk I only used it because I had left my other steel rods at work that risk has not paid off the one I left in a mates boat oozes a black substance as it rusts and Keithy just got done again by a couple of carp this evening. That steel is way too bendy for carp heads
  6. I do a fair bit of meal prep ahead of time. So that means a lot of chicken needs to get whacked Heres a batch of 732 7 parts veg 3 parts chicken 2 parts rice
  7. You blokes can believe what you want - It was designed for a specific purpose, just maybe not the one you guys would use it for.
  8. I put a plastic bag over the top before the pounding
  9. Ive got a mate who works on Orca spotting boats - so I'll see what he has to say
  10. Yeah I reckon you'd have to find specific calls from them group hunting seals for the best effect - but who knows how that would effect the snapper. I've got a vague recollection of some orca pods going into silent mode, when hunting stuff further up the food chain The pinkies were still feeding with the seal diving through them - but the larger arches did want a bar of our baits.
  11. Yeah If the truth been known - its pretty slim pickings on all our old marks at the moment - very few big fish being spotted out deep - so we are targeting small fish in big schools - My mate likes deep frying them whole, so he doesnt mind them a few cms over legal. But as we were discussing at the end of last session - the time to go searching for big single, double or triple arches has arrived. The seals tend to set up camp on top of big schools - so if we can avoid those, we will be in a good chance of avoiding them. But if that fails - I'll be looking into rigging up a blue
  12. Just been doing some googling I reckon if I taped it to a stick and loosened up the shoulder. I might be able to give one a head ache Regulation Canadian hakapiks consist of a metal ferrule that weighs at least 340 g (12 oz) with a slightly bent spike not more than 14 cm (5.5 in) in length on one side of the ferrule and a blunt projection not more than 1.3 cm (0.5 in) in length on the opposite side of the ferrule and that is attached to a wooden handle that measures not less than 105 cm (3.4 ft) and not more than 153 cm (5 ft) in length and not less than 3 cm and not more tha
  13. Actually- if I speed some bits up, slow some down and cut some out. Not even Ned Flanders could complain
  14. Haha I could have jumped over and whacked the smug fella in the face. He was that close. Just back stroking around the boat waiting for us to bring him his dinner
  15. Unfortunately my potty mouth ruined the footage. So I can’t post it here. But here’s a still image of what took my pinky
  16. My reading suggests alot of monos absorb water and lose a lot of their dry land abrasion resistance. Up to 50% in the case of Berkeley trilene mono after being underwater for 20 mins Fluorocarbons are supposed to have a harder outer shell which doesn’t absorb water like a mono. So thats the key for me. There are monos with a harder outer coating which don’t absorb water like Berkeley Trilene If a test doesn’t take into consideration water absorption over a session. It’s still a good test but it is missing a vital element Also trusting manufacturers to correctly state
  17. Was making some Velcro line maintenance loops today and made the classic error of not reading the fine print on the packet (the Older your eyes get - the more things qualify as fine print) finding out the Velcro had a sticky back was a huge disappointment when I got home. first I tried sticking them to paper to get rid of the stickiness then hot water then sticking them to dirty bits of wood outside but just like you fight fire with fire - fighting the sticky with sticky was the answer - duct tape to the rescue.
  18. This bloke is Special - I didnt even bother asking - I just instinctively went in to trying to fix his problem, as opposed to asking how it happened We were fishing in 20 knots on the week end and he managed to get the bridle rope snagged on his snapper rack - so the full weight of a 2 tonne wooden boat which catches alot of wind - folded the snapper rack and the rod holder it was in over, tearing the wood. So I imagine he was patching the hole in his Gunnel back at the dock, and something went wrong during that process.
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