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  1. Yeah that would be one tool where it’s really worth reading the instructions from my brief reading, people carrying them around while plugged in and walking around the prongs while live, weren’t the best ideas
  2. Thanks Doobie. Yeah I did a bit of a deep dive on weird worm catching methods. there was a product recall in the USA after 30 deaths. People were dying for worms by plugging these device directly into mains power a car battery sounds like a much saner option https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/1993/electric-worm-getter-worm-probe-recalled-by-six-retailers-electrocution-hazard-cited
  3. Yeah that’s the sort of action I was after unfortunately I haven’t raised a worm yet
  4. If you can - fish everything unweighted with alot of slack in your line. Any resistance on spooky fish will make them drop the bait. If you have to use sinkers - make sure its the bare minimum to get you bait out there and that its a running sinker. The first time a fish should feel any resistance is when you set the hook as you see your slack line tighten Live 10c to 20c sized crabs are my number one bait for bigger bream - live marine worms would be the best all rounder for all sized bream. Second string baits are Live garden worms (especially after rain out the front of a d
  5. Even seagulls have their own technique which is supposed to mimic heavy rain im tipping just before or during a thunderstorm would be a good time to try
  6. It’s done on a few different continents with a variety of different implements worms should start surfacing with in a minute guys claim it works in Australia but it most popular in countries with moles that hunt underground rainfall, barometer, oncoming storms, recent rains and light levels are all supposed to play into the techniques effectiveness
  7. Has anyone ever had success with “worm Grunting” in Australia (Sending vibrations down into the soil to scare worms up to the surface) I just had my first crack, at a few known worm spots, with no luck
  8. I've only watched a bit but I'm loving it so far - Love the history and larger than life characters - its a refreshing change from flyfishing style interviews where they get all pretentious and philosophical. In this one, a guy jams a hook through the skin on his hand and says its the pain that makes fish go cross eyed when you hook em Loving it.
  9. Thanks for the tip My worm farm has a feeding tray up top where I load the veg and I let it rot up there. The worms come up through the holes to munch on it when it’s ready
  10. Veggie scraps aren’t cutting it - so its time for worm chow it’s only been 3 days but I swear they are getting bigger already
  11. Yeah I’ve got them on Berkeley gulp worms with a small stinger hook in the tail
  12. ........,. Have you checked with Ray and Anne’s. They some times have good deals on Cockles
  13. Just found my old squid tenderiser from when I used to be a guru just a tip - if you do use one - never tenderise squid on top of a school. Get it done earlier or anyone anchored on the same school, will want to lynch you for scaring all the whiting away
  14. Back in the day - all the whiting guru's used to carry metal meat tenderisers to bash the squid before using it for bait Collecting and cleaning fresh mussel is quite labour intensive - even if you are good at it - yanking on their beards and shucking them takes a while. Back when I used to fish for whiting, the pippies were real cheap aswell - Unfortunately you will hear alot of anecdotal evidence that pippies remain a stand out bait - Stuff like - "they werent touching squid or bass yabbies, all they wanted was the pippie" Maybe marinating chicken flesh in cockle juice over ni
  15. Yeah maybe real men who dont wear heated vests just don’t notice them
  16. I’ve often heard people say the bones cook out or dissolve while cooking but I’m yet to experience it. The ones in Vic keep all their rib bones intact. (But I cook mine whole) Are the rib bones the ones that cook out during frying?
  17. Yeah I just give a light dusting with flour so it doesn’t soak up as much as bread crumbs just a thin layer of oil in the fry pan for me one other tip is to be careful not to break rib bones while cleaning gut cavity when you are cleaning a heap there can be a tendency to get a bit rough when gutting. Each bone you snap off the backbone while gutting becomes one you pick out of your mouth while eating.
  18. Thanks Doobie - the red stuff is from the sweet chilli drizzle near the end of cooking - the brown bits are slightly over done bit of garlic - other than that just flour, salt, pepper and shallow fry
  19. Easiest way to cook, is whole in my opinion - scale, gut, cut the head off - and chuck em in the pan Only thing you need to watch, is cooking them all the way through so the meat separates from the bone - then you pick them up like a piece of corn and train your mouth to gently pull the flesh off. The bones should stay on the back bones if you are gentle Once you get your cooking times right and your mouth tuned, you can churn through a pile of gars pretty quick
  20. Yeah with in seconds of cracking the carps skull with a hammer on the bank. Wasps materialised out of thin air. Melbournes pinkies don’t mind a bit of carp for bait. I use it almost exclusively while the boys are using more traditional baits And filleting carp to make baits is pretty straight forward. Just the same as a snapper just fillet skin salt and fish
  21. Yeah the sprinting is just a by product of the “adrenaline fuelled madness” that is carp fishing And I waited till after dark for 2 reasons. After the “adrenaline dump” from chasing carp,I was a bit shagged but most importantly - as soon as autumn hits. The European Wasp population explodes. They come out of their hell holes and swarm on a dead carp. But they go back to their holes in the evening. So figured I’d break up the process to limit the amount of “continuous time” I’d be standing next to their favourite food
  22. And that’s the prep work done now all that’s left is to battle the European Wasps tomorrow. If you mulch it - they will come
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