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  1. ChuckTseeker

    Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    I see the onka lads are getting ready for this years event!
  2. ChuckTseeker

    Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    https://www.visityorkepeninsula.com.au/yorke-peninsula-bush-camping#/tours/81621 It was in our local paper years ago when it first was introduced and everyone just face palmed haha Bastards!
  3. ChuckTseeker

    Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Did You Know?............... Camping permits and fees As from 1st September 2016 the following came into effect: All designated bush camping grounds are subject to a fee and a permit must be obtained prior to setting up camp Camping is now permitted at Daly Head as well as Len Barker Reserve, Port Minlacowie, Parara and the Foul Bay Boat Ramp More choices of permit types – nightly, weekly, monthly or annual Special ‘local rates’ for ratepayers Anyone camping without first obtaining a permit may be liable to a $100 fine All camping permits are recorded on a central data base The permit will no longer be restricted to a particular camp ground, instead it will allow you to camp at any of the Yorke Peninsula designated camp grounds. Just a heads up as i just couldn't believe it when it came in, What A Joke! Chuck.......
  4. ChuckTseeker

    Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    closer to town is Rapid Bay and it has a camp ground it has a guy that comes round to collect a small camping fee but i reckon if you set up late and left early Then you have the beach right there along side, with the Jetty 500mts away Just another option......... Cheers Chuck
  5. ChuckTseeker

    2018 Footy Tipping Comp

  6. ChuckTseeker

    2018 Footy Tipping Comp

    Got my Email reminder about the footy tipping and see the Ladies comp is added to the tipping.......... We all in again? I've signed up again Personally i don't care about prizes its just "Braggin Rights" LOL! Not that i've bothered anyone the past couple of seasons haha First Games this weekend!......... cheers Chuck
  7. ChuckTseeker

    Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Hi all sorry for the delay but all done now thanks to everyone who supported the day $25,500 was a great effort cheers Chuck
  8. ChuckTseeker

    OnkaStomper 12

    for those who have never attended or seen an Onka Compa here ya go! Cheers ChuckT
  9. ChuckTseeker

    Favourite flies for SA's small stream trout?

    I have always done best with small Black Nymphs. The Bead head Nymphs get you down, also had good luck with Fuzzy Wuzzy's too. You could also try an Egg pattern with a small size 14 Nymph on a trace tied to the Egg. If you want to try a dry the ol Red Tag is as good as any best of luck cheers Chuck
  10. ChuckTseeker

    Where is this?

    Pondie bay??
  11. ChuckTseeker

    Alternatives to clear stretchy ribbing

    Nice fish! Try Spotlight i buy a lot of tying gear there Cheers Chuck
  12. ChuckTseeker


    I have had it from the start and think it is worth the money to be able to watch fishing shows when ever i want! It was the first time i have paid for ANY TV! and i am happy with my purchase. Yes there is a lot of old stuff there but they are adding content all the time. Love all the old Rex Hunt stuff too! Cheers Chuck
  13. ChuckTseeker

    Fly reels.

    I agree with sbarnden the reel is just a line storage system. I started with a real cheap silstar reel, BUT! that was too cheap and the foot broke so i bought an ABU Fly Max and still use it today has been a great little reel. I did upgrade to have a better reel when my mother went to England years ago and got me a Scientific Angler "System 2" reel dirt cheap with no taxes which is a very nice reel and worth the extra money! I got into Saltwater Flyfishing and bought an Okuma Integrity I 10/11 that reel has been ok for what i wanted BUT! the finish is not that good and i must of not cleaned properly sometime as it has a little corrosion on it doesn't affect the reel just looks a little dodgy Matched to an ABU Gold Max IM6 Graphite rod the combo wasn't that dear, picked the rod up when fishermans paradise closed to move shops As sbarnden said spend as much as you can on the rod it is along with the line the most important bit! I went with a quality Killwell rod from New Zealand for my main rod and matched with my System 2 reel makes a great light outfit. I have always used Cortland fly lines but there are many good brands out there. I would go with the simple Double Taper line to start with then move on to the line that best suits the conditions you fish, slow sink,, quick sink, weight forward, intermediate, etc etc. Love my fly fishing wish we had rivers and lakes like the other states hope this helps a little Cheers Chuck
  14. ChuckTseeker

    Eucumbene River! Fly Fishing for Spawn Run Trout Video

    cheers Kuerschie the quad is a Blade 350QX with a C-Go 2 HD Camera w/ Gimbal great quad but the new ones are even better!
  15. Gee 60! Who would have ever thought! LOL! Sounds like it's time for a trip away, doing one of my other favourite pastimes, Fly Fishing for Trout! So it's decided a trip to my long time mate, Tommieee (45 yr's) place in the Bega Valley for my 60th, passing through the Snowy Mountains and one of the Mecca's for Trout in Australia, the Eucumbene River. So a couple of days fishing was included in the trip on the top of Australia. Now after not having fly fished for a long while, let alone in a fast flowing river, let's just say it was a steep learning curve. The fishing is a lot different than our single little still pools here in South Australia. So it was no surprise I had the wrong tackle for the job! Some friendly anglers saw my dilemma and kindly re-rigged my line with the correct gear and it wasn't long before I scored a fish! This became my 60th Birthday Tea and was delicious! + was the only fish kept for the trip.The wind & rain didn't stop much at all for our fishing sessions, but! we did get a calm before the storm when we arrived on the return trip, so I put the Quad up and got some great footage! So sit back grab a drink and enjoy 11 minutes on the roof of Australia fishing for spawn run Trout. Thanks for watching! Cheers Chuck