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  1. Size limits same if caught in SA, but for selling there isn't a size limit as such, it just matters they were legally caught or also if they're from aquaculture, you can get tiny Barra and Murray cod quite easily for example due to them coming from aquaculture and small snapper from interstate.
  2. Wert

    Ok J braid

    Difficult to say for sure but those loops sound like your line is too loose on the spool, this happens when fishing light lures and baits, try putting tension on the line every few casts and just be wary of any obvious loose loops before casting, hopefully that helps.
  3. Wert

    Ok J braid

    You didn't say what the actual problem was but if removing a little line fixed it you may just have been overspooled? There could be any number of reasons for having issues. Regardless jbraid is good line so I wouldn't have thought that the brand is your problem.
  4. Yeah, busy ramps suck. Thoughts? It is what it is, don't let it get to you instead work around the problem. Avoid peak times if possible, if you can't do that then go a little further, Snowdon's is a good ramp and basically empty all the time, with the time saved waiting in queues the extra 15 minutes or so travel to/from outer harbour is a non issue if you have the range plus as a bonus you can troll the channel edges with deep divers and maybe pick up a surprise mully, kingy or accidental big snapper, it's not likely to happen but certainly not impossible either, especially on
  5. Oh wait, I just worked out what you meant almost immediately after submitting my long winded response above. Yes, what you say is correct and I actually do just this on the one reel I have with a spare spool, well actually it's 2 reels I have which are the same plus a spare spool which I was able to acquire without the outrageous cost of spare spools these days (remember when reels just came with spare spools?). For these reels full line changes are a pleasure, being able to play musical spools makes the process so much easier, top ups and reversals etc however still needs some vari
  6. No need to match capacity you only need "enough" capacity (so having a much bigger spool for the reversing is fine) because the line will all end up on the reel you are spooling up in the end anyway. I assume you're thinking 2 extra fishing reels which would work if you have them, especially if you have overheads which would reduce twist but I just use 2 handlines myself. It's one for the line off the reel, the second to reverse it then you wind off that one back onto the reel, I use a pencil float/screwdriver/pen or similar held by my toes as a kind of axle to hold the handline or
  7. This exactly, it also works if you lose a bit of line for topping it back up and assuming you don't lose much line and do the bulk of your fishing pretty close (or from a boat) you can often get a 3rd and even 4th refresh by cutting away the worn used section and topping up. I use expensive 8+ carrier smooth and skinny braid but doing this makes it last forever and it has proven cheaper than back in my mono days over the long run barring mishaps. Honestly if you plan on fishing long term I'd recommend learning how to do everything yourself from snelling hooks and doing up your own ri
  8. Load up the braid first, tie on the backing and fill to the spool's capacity then reverse it, can't go wrong this way. It shouldn't take too long either and this way you get it perfect first go.
  9. They should be put in gaol. Selling them for $30 is one thing, still bad but at least you get reasonable value, ripping people off like that who likely don't know better is plain low, scumbags the lot of them.
  10. Nice work putting Bob in his place, clearly needed to have a lesson in manners, the upper gulf can be full of them this time of year, I've had up to half a dozen of the buggers between 3 to 7 foot visible circling in the burley (in the boat thankfully) at this same time of off Price. Bronzies around the 5-6 foot mark are 4 out of 5 times exceptional eating in my experience with a head and tail removed trunk of around a metre being ideal for turning into steaks and "fillets", Bob looked a little on the small side (tasty but soft v excellent texture but too much ammonia taste) and let's fa
  11. Nope, not in my experience anyway, got some a few months back when visiting Dad, 2nd time I've had them, could have been the best fish I've ever eaten. Agree our big ones in SA are hit and miss, they seem to smash the worms hard often at larger sizes and take on the flavour.
  12. Wert

    Best 3 Jigs

    Phwoar, the top and bottom ones are squid jag porn, I'm off to spend some money!
  13. Wert

    Best 3 Jigs

    My colour preference is basically the same as Kelvin's, Green being my favourite since I caught my first squid on a green jag 35 odd years ago and literally thousands since. MAH's selection wouldn't make me sad either, indeed I'd be confident of cleaning up with what he picked and the 3.0 size is the most versatile in my opinion also. As mentioned squid are pretty easy most of the time and will take any quality jag but small natural colours can make the difference in touchy squid in clear water and large bright ones seem better in murky conditions, some glow definitely seems advantag
  14. No way! Not one in all your fresh water fishing exploits? Damn things are everywhere and have suicidal tendencies when it comes to a hook attached to line. I reckon I've caught more of them than any other freshwater fish (best a measly 36cm in the torrens) and never once actually targeted them. I'm also pretty sure you've done more fresh water fishing than me (not difficult) so to me this is an achievement almost the equal of those monster reddies.
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