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  1. I had one of those rapala lure jigs in bright orange and it worked a treat, was slow sinking and the bib was more for action than depth after the first 50cm. Will grab one if I find one on special but for most applications the classic Oita style is a bit more practical and much sturdier. Definitely worth adding one to the collection for the egi addicts though, especially if you like casting over shallow rocks and reef land based.
  2. I have it on good authority that BB's seafood is infact fresh local product, that squid there however......... this is the reason I rarely eat seafood I didn't catch and clean myself.
  3. In the Port I've caught eaglies on live STs a number of times and Kelvin confirms they get up into the coorong so I reckon we can just about call it.
  4. No tail beats, head shakes or tooth marks in the bait? Sounds very flat, black and flappy to me so I'm going with ray of some kind.
  5. This plus keep them upside-down the whole time and it will keep the guts separate from the meat and make em heaps easier to clean.
  6. I switch between an old Ugly Stik 3-6.5kg with a 2500 spinfisher and a TD black 3-7kg Mangrove masher rod with 2500 Sol. Both with skinny 16lb siglon. They're very different and represent my dream outfit when I was a kid and my ideal modern if it swims I'll catch it rig. I like both a lot, the newer one is light, powerful and great for all fishing, I use it all day, the old one is heavier and really only good for bait fishing but geez is it nice for that. Then there's the baitcasters.........
  7. Not these days thanks to kids, work etc, probably around 30-40 sessions a year on average. In my late teens I at least went for a walk and flick as a minimum every day for over a year once (was my finishing yr 12 challenge) over 5 or so years fished easily over 100 days a year, its easy when you live in a small coastal town with a jetty and have no grown up responsibilities. Hopefully I am able to get back to that level of fishing in the near future, given half a chance I'd live by, or better yet, on the water and never be not fishing.
  8. By whipping you mean the binding? You learn something new everyday. I'm not sure it is necessary, more a aesthetics thing and throwback to the old school ceramic guides you had to bind on, but it may help stop some catching and I'd 100% do it myself, have done dozens of times in fact over the years. If you don't have binding thread I'd just recycle the thread from the broken tip and use the missus' clear nail lacquer as varnish. Also you may not even need a new tip, if the old one is undamaged apart from having been attached to the snapped off part use a lighter to heat the old
  9. I get my kids to do it, my 18yo worked it out from the manual no worries, apparently you can hook straight into WiFi or put the update on USB or SD card (can't remember which) if your WiFi might drop out.
  10. Bloody things are everywhere, undersized whiting are probably the most common fish I catch. Agree with David that once you suss out where they hang out getting a feed isn't too hard, you can even choose between lots of smaller ones you need to get the measure out for, or fewer but much larger models you only need the camera for. Just this Saturday (glorious day) drifting around in about 3m off Port Gawler my Dad managed a 35cm model, among other stuff, on an SP, If that is a thing that can happen so close to Adelaide then they must be doing OK.
  11. I had to work this out because my fiance likes eating my bait for some reason, best way i found was putting the clusters in iced FRESH water for 15 minutes first then just using the doobie method above rub as much of the gross bits off you can, rubbing with paper towel also helps. Dry off well. Should be clean as, hot oil will sort the rest out.
  12. Sometimes a squid jag under a float works as a teaser and gar will just congregate around it, I've jagged plenty on all sorts of lures but like doobie says, target them on lures and you'll go hungry. Back on topic like mrfish said if looked after right they're good for 5 days no worries but gar, like whiting also freeze well, I do normal fillets myself, gar are super easy, they even have built in lines to follow just make sure you dry well with paper towel then layer them on fresh paper towels and seal as air tight as possible. They last 6 months easy this way. I like my gar crumb
  13. Very nice! That big Trevally would have gone especially hard, did it just forget it's supposed to wrap you around pylons...
  14. Regular old running sinker, keeping it simple gives the big boys less chance of hanging you up. I did best on the second part of the outgoing but I saw fish landed during all stages.
  15. I had a pretty good time up there in July 2019, check my yarn in the interstate fishing reports titled "first time darwin landbased", went up September that year and smashed it again, pretty much all my fish were on SPs. Best spot for me was along the fenced part of the main wharf, seaward side which looks back towards the restaurant/start of the jetty, on the outgoing tide late night to early morning was best for me, you can see where I mean in the pics. Met up with the dude who grabbed my barra again the second time I was up there and he kept getting smoked on pretty heavy gear night af
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