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  1. Obviously bleed and get straight on ice when you catch one. Knock the fillets off ribs and all no need to scale, then cut the ribs away completely, like straight down pin bones and all, that part is just packed with bones, good berley though, or crab bait but not worth even trying to save to eat in fact it can mess with the next bit. The fillet you have left will be almost diamond shaped, skin from the tail end, start it with the knife but once started you should be able to just pull the skin off, it will also pull away any pin bones you missed making a mess if you tried to get greed
  2. I find a pencil float and my toes does the job beautifully for spooling up. For reversing a few minutes with a couple of old handlines, then getting it back on with the old pencil float and toes is a simple task I actually find relaxing, actually handling the line during this process also has the added advantage of letting you potentially feel any imperfections you might miss doing it mechanically. Then when the line is dead (which can be many years after purchase with quality braid) the old cut job per above or just pulling it off works fine. I'd spend less than an hour on this
  3. I agree, with a few exceptions most fish are absolutely delicious if treated right and prepared correctly, I agree that people who won't eat certain fish have likely just.not had them prepared correctly and finally I also rate fresh snook up there with anything. But most importantly in my message GO FISHING! There's never been more justification and it's good for the soul.
  4. This is a sign the world has gone mad if anything is. Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy the old snook, both catching and, when fresh, on the chew (just accept you're losing the entire rib section then skin for A grade fillets, mmmmm), but $20kg for whole fish would be near on $40kg for fillets which is crazy talk. Tommies, mullet, bloody STs(!) etc are a similar sort of price & don't even start me on the real crazy stuff like cockles and pillies. This is bait people! Not $20 per kg food! No-one on here actually buys seafood of course so I guess what I'm getting at is, now mo
  5. It remains the Team Daiwa blacks for me, still comfortably the best bang for buck rods I've used, i have broken 2 but neither was on a fish and both were avoidable had I just been more careful. Mate has had some Shimano jewels, nice rods also and the storm gomokus are also pretty sweet and relatively tough too for modern rods. Lightweight rods are prone to breaking though, if you want light weight a degree of fragility is unavoidable. If however by light weight you mean line class and actual weight is not a huge issue but durability is then a sabre per Rybak's suggestion would b
  6. Haha, you're unstoppable. I was kind of thinking of a plug with a wire spike you could thread small ball sinkers (or similar "innovative ideas man" invention) onto which would be able to fit internally, be adjustable and keep the weight down low where you want it. When you take the tackle world by storm with this all I ask is for a healthy supply of floats
  7. Just thinking you could make the end removable with an internal ballast system, that could be handy and keep you busy for a while.
  8. Wert


    You can jag a few gar on small (5g or less ie halco twisty) chrome lures with sticky hooks pretty reliably when they're thick too, gar love shiney things, they also love a squid jag under one of those flasher floats, works better than burley sometimes, but if you actually want to catch gar then a small hook with appropriate bait and rig is 20+ times better.
  9. Wert


    How's the gar hunt going Des?
  10. Wert

    West lake bream

    You've never fished West Lakes?!?! How is that even possible?! I mean it is younger than you but that's no excuse, Monday morning looks perfect for fixing that......
  11. Wert

    West lake bream

    West Lakes is surprisingly good for bream on lures but the reality of bream on lures is it can be hard work, especially in the middle of winter. Seems likely you have the right gear so my advice is mix up your retrieves (anything can work at times from slowing right down ie 5 second plus pauses to straight cranking in as fast as the lure will reasonably allow) , keep moving around, target structure and just keep casting. You'll get onto them eventually and in the meantime you can enjoy the STs.
  12. Honestly? Caught more legal snaps including my pb since they were banned than ever before, it turns out that I should have been trying not to catch them all along, especially on lures, look forward to keeping the odd one or two 50cm or so bycatch snapper I catch.
  13. Wert

    Knot help please

    Interesting indeed, for the record I too mainly go mainline to swivel with snap (not a snap swivel, i like small quality rolling swivels and snaps to suit line class), for heavy rigs no snap, uni knots and perfection loops for tidy reliable simple knots. That said at times, ie land based lure tossing, the mainline to leader thing is the way to go and I always use a knot I accidentally invented by watching a tutorial wrong, it's basically a double double uni knot, because it's what I know and it works great. Worth a mention too, i always snood hooks and connect lures by loop or clip,
  14. Wert

    Snelled Ganged Hooks

    I also run 20lb tough trace (among others) find it to be really good but it is unforgiving if you don't get your knots right, I suspect due to its stiffness. The hooks themselves can be a problem too, some hooks can have a sharp edge at the end of the hook where it forms the eye, 20lb is pretty light line for an average 3/0, the snood may be slipping up and getting cut almost like clippers if the eye's "join", hope that makes sense, it's a bit hard to explain without demonstrating. My last thought is perhaps a lighter gauge hook like a mustard penetrator (my go to for lighter tackle
  15. Any colour works, if i had to choose.... Probably chrome... probably
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