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  1. Wait on, back up a sec, you do realise the seals, despite the common name, are a native species which was nearly hunted to extinction in the early 1800s and has still not recovered to the previous population level? My understanding (reconfirmed by mr google) is that their diet is primarily mass schooling fish and squid species found off the continental shelf like arrow squid, slimies and tunas, probably because they are more plentiful and easier prey than more dispersed shallower water species. Put simply the seals are not the problem and my money would be on the primary cause for inshore fish mollusc and crustacean depletion being primarily due to overfishing and habitat destruction which are both to a large extent caused by pro fishermen. As it happens science would tend to agree with me. I really don't see why pro fishing of all types, but particularly the more destructive practices like netting and long lining are allowed to continue given how effective and successful aquaculture is these days, certainly at the very least it needs to be a much more effectively policed and regulated industry. Over the years I've personally witnessed pro fishermen rape and pillage breeding congregations of fish, flooding the market and causing the price of fish to bottom right out, their solution? Catch more fish! Yet when the fishing gets tough they never for a second consider, at least out loud, that they might be part of the problem. There is no way I'm taking the word of pros about anything related to fish stocks. Net boats regularly haul seagrass beds along our gulf shallows decimating stocks, destroying habitat and helping to clog the place up with rafts of seagrass. I watched in early November last year as 3 boats were running back and forth between Pt Wakefield and just north of Ardrossan all day, god knows how many tons of YFW, mullet and tommies they smashed, not to mention all the bycatch, mainly juveniles of various species, chucked back dead they were responsible for on that day alone and I'm pretty sure I can tell you what caused the enormous blanket of weed that pushed up the gulf with the tide..... not seals. I'm sorry if this offends in anyway, that is truly not my intention, but to blame depleted fish stocks on a still recovering population of seals which nearly went extint due to "pro" sealers is at best misinformed and ludicrous, at worst it is downright dangerous. We only need to look to the USA to see where misinformation being treated as fact can lead, certainly not better fish stocks that's for sure. Finally please note I am certainly not one of these aforementioned greenies, I do reckon seals are kind of cool but I do not disagree with taking sensible population regulation measures if scientifically supported, trust in science and observation, not anecdotal opinions from people with a vested interest.
  2. Yep, that's pretty much it. No need for a shock leader, that's more for surf casting. Ezyrig just does the job of the running swivel in the pic. I used running swivels myself previously but found the ezyrigs kinder on your connecting knot and mainline. I also found i got least tangles with a 3:1 trace to dropper ratio and prefer the lengths i mentioned earlier, circle hooks are another personal choice but I'm telling you once you get the hang of them you wont go back.
  3. Ezyrig running on main line, rolling swivel with or without clip pending your preference. 1 foot approx sinker dropper a bit lighter than your main line (sacraficial), 3 foot approx trace with a 4/0 circle or 2 snooded on 40-60lb fluro, maybe a glowbead if your into that (I love em, pretty). For the lure trace of about a metre of 20-40lb fluro attached however you like should do the job. Good luck.
  4. Hey guys, thought I heard something on the news while cooking so just had a Google and it seems I heard correctly, apparently about 150k snapper fingerings are going to be released into each gulf over the next few months. It seems they got the brood stock from the appropriate gulfs so genetically everything should be ok and it only cost $500k which is pocket change even for a poor state like ours. Dare I say our government is actually doing something positive for our fish stocks and fisherpeople in this state? Only time will tell but I actually feel this could be a positive thing. Now if they could thin out the trumpeters and puffers a bit things would really be looking up.
  5. Are you raking or nets, raking you'll be fine, they'll still be there just gotta find em, nets not so good, need the tide to spread the smell of your bait. I'm planning on a little snorkeling and spearing myself, should be nice.
  6. Wert

    Light reels

    Oh, I had 2 words for it too: 'Butt plug'
  7. Wert

    Light reels

    Haha, just remember you started out looking for a small budget but quality reel to match your light rod, now you're looking at a much bigger reel almost 3 times the price...... For what it's worth I love my 2500 sol and the vanford looks to be at a similar level of quality. Sooooo, why not get a little sol for the infeet AND a vanford 3000 for heavier work, now to work out what rod to match it with!
  8. Wert

    Light reels

    I can highly recommend the excelor 2000 LT, got one for my youngest lad matched to a green gomoku 6ft ultralight, running 6kg braid (in green). If you hadn't picked it yet I mainly chose it because his favorite colour is green but also because it should be able to handle tiddlers up to whoppers. When the heavy metal snapper I mentioned in a different thread were biting their heads off this was the rig I cracked out and it handled it great, fishing it harder than it was designed for I caught fish up to 50cm, the drag stayed smooth throughout even though I probably had it tightened more than it should have been and smaller fish I just skull dragged, easy caught 50 fish on it and afterwards it was still as tight as it was out of the box, it has been used a lot more than this obviously but this was a proper workout. The only negative was under the heavy pressure there was a little reel flex but if you don't plan on redlining it like this constantly on 6kg you'll be fine, overall it has so far massively exceeded expectations and I will continue to pinch it while my young fella is not looking, my goal is to get a rat king or salmon around 60cm on it this summer. I hope this is useful but at the end of the day the most important thing is that you like the gear you use.
  9. Not a stone lover but I do love a quality knife, being able to fillet hundreds of fish before having to sharpen your knife is brilliant. Those sharpeners are great for cheaper softer steel knives, I have one for my bait knives, but they will take chunks out of properly hardened blade and ruin it, I found this out the hard way so thought I'd chuck a warning out there.
  10. Haha, just saw this, should be a disinformation warning. My spinfisher LL can do it and the thunnus, it's called flipping the bail. Nice collection BTW, plenty of generations, that closest baitrunner would have to be around 30 years old, no instant antireverse and the old original lever out when in gear design
  11. Maybe, but for me fishing is my number 2 reason for life behind family so I give it the love it deserves. It's something ive been doing since as long as I can remember (40 years) and would wet a line on average at least weekly and in the past sometimes a lot more often so to me it is worth getting technical and in depth with equipment to make the most of the experience. Better quality gear makes fishing better. I don't just believe the hype, I try for myself. High quality thin braid improves cast distance (important from shore), water resistance (important from boat) and sensitivity (important). Mono v fluro is per above and hooks, swivels etc can all have the same discussions. Rods and Reels are another thread unto themselves but needless to say a sub $100 combo will never match the effectiveness of a $400 set up not to mention the longevity and pleasure of use. You don't need to be rich either, I'm not I save, sometimes for years knowing that in the long run I'm probably saving money and getting a better experience, and yes, I catch fish too. Sorry to go on but I feel like sometimes people think if you have good gear you're not a real fisherman and it is just so untrue, fair enough each to their own but don't say I don't even fish.
  12. For me fluro for trace wins in every way except price and I will personally never go back, I can't say I've tried them all of course but the ones ive chosen to use, BCF Kato, Berkley, and a number of randoms from clearance racks I thought looked good, have significantly out performed my old mono traces, schroeder, schneider, maxima, platypus and many others, in every way. It's not all just subjective either, sure I've done the underwater look for myself thing (fluro wins easy for my eyes) but also fished the 2 side by side in the type of conditions that count eg drummer in reef, snapper off the rocks bream around cover and also when fish are touchy and again fluro easily was better for abrasion resistance and seemed to keep getting bites when nothing touched the mono. The only bit i do agree with a tiny bit is the knot strength BUT only on average if you count every knot tied. Poor knots will fail in fluro where mono is more forgiving so properly test the knot to see if it is going to fail before using, normally any issues with the knot and it goes well below breaking strain, but if you get it right then again much better than mono. Oh, it's normally significantly less stretchy too, like wayyyy less. So when I see these types of claims I'm just not buying it and calling click bait because hard work and experience has taught me otherwise.
  13. Lower yorkes has options galore per above. Best of all you can always find a spot with the wind at your back and so many great pubs if you want a hot feed and cold drink or to escape the heat.
  14. If there was no headshakes or tailbeats my money would be on a big ray, some submarine sized beasts in that area. Regardless it's always nice to hear a reel singing!
  15. Black Sniper 3 piece rod? Cracking bit of kit but a bit heavier than what you use, I fish 8kg hard on mine and it loves it, just ask the tarpon in my avatar.