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  1. Wert

    Snapper rod

    It's the 1 piece 6'9" 30-50lb one.
  2. Wert

    Snapper rod

    I picked up a Terez from Kuerschie earlier this year, I'm a Daiwa man but gotta say it's a beautiful stick, sensitive enough for whiting but powerful enough for decent eagle rays (so far) and hasn't snapped yet nor do I think it will unless I do some reckless highsticicking. Highly recommend.
  3. Around that area you can also collect bloodworms by turning over rocks a bit buried in the sand/mud down by the low tide line plus you'll get shrimp and small crabs as well, just watch for blue ring occies. Prawns, pillies etc all work perfectly well too. Just remember in SA you probably want to be using smaller hooks for general fishing than what you're probably used to On the east coast.
  4. The cloth is way tougher on expensive ones, when using cheap ones I've had the cloth come off just casting and retrieving (though a jag stripped of cloth can work fine) and no cloth at all on the good old oita in red/yellow with white belly, one of my all time faves, also as my wife says "never pay full price" Rubbish durability is the biggest issue with cheapies in my experience, had a few just fail, never an issue for better quality ones and for me at the small difference in initial outlay which I make up in time it's an easy decision to go the more expensive jag. Each to their own
  5. I strongly believe that the more expensive jigs are almost always better in every way, better quality and designed hooks (cheapies tend to rust instantly) stronger construction and more squid attracting ability, I'd go so far as to say this is basically a fact and have come to this conclusion having targeted squid from pre yo-zuri days 35+ years ago including a 6 month stint as a pro deckie 15-20 years ago during which time I'd have caught more squid than I'll ever catch for the entire rest of my life, just so many squid. However 2 out 3 times it simply doesn't matter, especially recreat
  6. I'll also miss my visits from the big bugger with the diagonal scar on his nose, we chat sometimes, he comes up and is all "oi! Give me some fish!", He has some real attitude on him, and I tell him "get away you jerk, they're my fish, get your own, I'm fishing here and not allowed to give them to you anyway" but sometimes if he comes back to the ramp at garden island to help me put the boat on the trailer, I'm not going to lie, he might just get the odd ST or left over bit of bait.
  7. What absolute nonsense is this!? Hooking dolphins must be the rarest event in fishing, I've had them play with livies many times but they always seemed to be 100% aware of this hook and line but throw something in not attached and bang, gone. I'm all for not murdering dolphins but they are highly intelligent alpha beasts and I don't see what difference this rule will make or how it could be sensibly policed. My fear would this will turn them from a welcome if occasionally annoying visitor into a target for rocks sinkers and similar from idiot fishos which I'm sure we all know st
  8. I have 3 suggestions assuming you don't have an old reel laying around you can harvest for material and a good clean and buff with wet & dry is not an option. Go look at some new reels, work out which have similar sized washers and buy a set of them then adjust if necessary. Go the make your own route, plenty of options for material like you allude to, experiment with one reel and find what works. Retire the old warhorses, from recent posts of yours I'd suggest those poor things have seen way more punishment than even the worst serial killer of a reel deserves, $500 should g
  9. Hey! That's nearly my shark steak marinade I got from an old professional fisho's wife years ago. Half soy, half orange juice a bit of garlic and honey, cook hot and fast. I can highly recommend this style of marinade for any big slabs of fish you plan on cooking steak style.
  10. I like to start a session with the knot just above my finger with my preferred amount of line between rod tip and lure, this is purely on personal preference. I do well on lures compared to mates who prefer both longer and shorter leaders generally across most targets plus I always seem to be the one getting interesting bycatch, except on bream & yfw though for some unknown and immensely frustrating reason, bream are like my kryptonite for lure fishing, yfw sit at my feet and laugh when I am wading around with a lure tied on, I feel like they're punishing me for smacking them so hard
  11. Not a yakker but the number one spot I'd be practicing my ocean yakking would be anywhere along the coast from Tickera down to Port Hughes, lots of great spots close to shore, no swell really, waves are generally from the wind and gentle currents compared to anywhere else. Good luck what ever you decide on, let us know how you go.
  12. Not great, unlike overhead surf casters at the heavy end of the scale BC reels are no good for getting distance with super light weights. Top end BC gear is ok on the light stuff but won't match a light spin setup for distance it is however way superior for accuracy, with practice you'll be hitting pigeons at 20m with ease so perfect for flicking around lutes at structure from a boat or yak.
  13. What MAH said. Larger longer spool will give slight distance advantage, I feel this is less noticeable as line diameter reduces but smaller reels perform better else where, I'd personally favour comfort over an extra metre or 2 cast distance 99% of the time. The rod & caster do the real work with casting if you want more distance I reckon you'll get much more by getting skinnier slicker braid assuming you're not already at the limit for that.
  14. Masterfoods seafood cocktail sauce here, harder to quit than cigarettes.
  15. Wise. Some things you can't really compromise on. But you can keep an eye out and get great stuff on discount
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