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  1. Hopefully will crack the boat out for the first time in a while and putt around the port, outer harbor, St Kilda area enjoying what looks to be cracking conditions, any fish will be a bonus though I do suspect it will be pretty easy to at least get on the end of some STs.
  2. The perfection loop works great, these days I actually use a different knot an old pro taught me, no idea what it is called and never seen a diagram for it but it's quite similar, more fiddly for attaching a lure also but nostalgia counts, never had a failure on either.
  3. Job gone, everyone well, don't get me started on centrelink, seriously the state of our welfare system is as big a disgrace as the behavior of the scumbags who are looking to take advantage of this nation wide emergency. Think I NEED to go fishing, it's good for the soul.
  4. Wert

    Shallow stream

    Very nice couple of small stream trout on fly, I'd rate that as better than your regular bag out's in the boat, either way you are a fish catching machine. Just wondering if you noticed any snakes out? I'm usually done with trout in the hills by this time of year due to the bastard poison bitey murder sticks but with the cooler weather we've had was thinking of giving it one more go this weekend.
  5. Wert

    Storm gomoku

    Yep, going from memory so may be a little off on the numbers, got a 6ft green short butt 4kgish rated one for my little fella for about $70 on special because he likes green and Im an awesome dad.... Also because I wanted a new light outfit to play with. With 2000 daiwa excellor LT and some expensive super fine 6kg braid it is actually a bit of a beast and I've loved it so far used as arounder everything rod. I'd honestly give it a crack on snaps in the boat if given the oppurtunity.
  6. Well the mix certainly gets fishermen to bite. Me included. Bread, curry, bran, garlic, fish oily thing of some kind, tumeric and.......... I dunno, Love?
  7. Honestly, the main wharf/pier in town blew my mind though it was 25 odd years ago on a u16 rep footy trip around April I think. They dropped us kids down there for a few hours. Straight up spotted long tom and milk fish just cruising the shallows then watched a dude further along for about half an hour, he caught various emperor and trevally up to about 50cm one after another, a small black mully a hammerhead about 6ft and he got blitzed by what he reckons was a big spanish mack which smashed one of those emperor he'd put out under a balloon as a livey. It was too much for me, I climbed underneath and scrounged about 10 metres of line a couple hooks and some oysters for bait, landed a few emperors myself and some colourful reefies from in the pylons then got smashed by a bigger trevally which ate one of the reefies i was trying to pull up and snapped my line. It was time to go then anyway but i did spot a bait school jumping on the way back and as best as i can tell it was getting pillaged by what i think was a barra about 1m long. Like I said 25 years ago and have never been back (one day....) but I remember it well, you can't forget insane stuff like that, I don't know if it is anything like that normally or now days but i am pretty confident that if you can find decent access to deeper water and structure and fish like you would a jetty here but with beefed up gear you will do well.
  8. Daiwa for me, I like the feel, the weight and the look. They work well too. So much good gear on the market though, lets hear from the abu guys