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  1. Wert

    Best 3 Jigs

    Phwoar, the top and bottom ones are squid jag porn, I'm off to spend some money!
  2. Wert

    Best 3 Jigs

    My colour preference is basically the same as Kelvin's, Green being my favourite since I caught my first squid on a green jag 35 odd years ago and literally thousands since. MAH's selection wouldn't make me sad either, indeed I'd be confident of cleaning up with what he picked and the 3.0 size is the most versatile in my opinion also. As mentioned squid are pretty easy most of the time and will take any quality jag but small natural colours can make the difference in touchy squid in clear water and large bright ones seem better in murky conditions, some glow definitely seems advantag
  3. No way! Not one in all your fresh water fishing exploits? Damn things are everywhere and have suicidal tendencies when it comes to a hook attached to line. I reckon I've caught more of them than any other freshwater fish (best a measly 36cm in the torrens) and never once actually targeted them. I'm also pretty sure you've done more fresh water fishing than me (not difficult) so to me this is an achievement almost the equal of those monster reddies.
  4. Honestly I generally prefer to pay up for quality (but not necessarily super expensive) stuff, I've found that long term you win, quality gear, lures and accessories may look similar to cheaper stuff but they just function better (no weird sinking lures for example) and last so much longer. That all said cheap makes complete sense for a lot of your tinkering and that net looks the goods, for sure longer inserts would help but I don't see binding doing much and it may also be counterproductive due to potentially holding moisture and helping corrosion. Another solution you might consid
  5. I've used nail polish on stripped metals, works ok but you do need to try to keep your layers thin and give it plenty of time to set or it can end up soft, that it's already something you have access to and essentially free makes it totally worth it though.
  6. Seems to help I reckon, squid definitely like it too, had a tube pop open in a ziplock with my floats and the buggers were mauling my bobber while I was trying to catch some reefies from the rocks last summer, squid sometimes eat floats I know but this was ridiculous.
  7. Yeah the drag rating says that but I can assure you that the Penn has all the stopping power you'll ever need on a 7kg outfit you'd probably be good up to about 30lb, drag ratings are marketing as much as anything, though the Daiwa ATD is nice and a bit smoother than the penn HT100 (I fish them side by side often) 12kg is what you'd run for tuna and complete overkill. The weight is relevant for balance and on the old ugly stik is a heavy rod with heavy components so should balance up nicely with the extra weight, if it's one of the new carbon ones different story. The Penn is also bu
  8. Thanks for that bjorn. So not exactly bad news, just not the results they'd hoped for. Reading some of the other articles it seems others have had the same observations as I have, still I'm willing to trust the scientists and am all for a healthy fishery. My only concern is about the commercial sector, they're going to be propped up for the next 3 years then what? Open slather like before? Seems kind of crazy to go to all this effort only to trash everything again. I guess only time will tell.
  9. Just got a notification through the SA fishing app, surely this is a joke? Does anyone know if a.) This is for real? & b.) Was any alternative to full closure considered such as a reduced slot limit? Everytime I fish Spencer Gulf I get snapper bycatch, I like to fish reefy ground in shallow water 5-6m max for a mixed bag (also it's where I find the bigger KGs) and snapper up to 60cm can be thick at times, surely out in their actual territory they are doing ok? I'm not a scientist, I don't have the data but my personal experience tells me snapper are easier to catch now when
  10. I've only given them an in shop spin but they do seem nice, I also note that they have the quality drag system found on the higher end reels which is nice. I do have an exceller which is pretty similar and my only complaint is a bit of body twist under heavy load which my higher end reels don't have, not much but noticeable, I suspect the Laguna will be basically the same. At the price point though that or a Shimano will be good safe value. HOWEVER, even though I'm a real (reel?) Daiwa fanboy, at that $100 mark especially matched on an ugly stick for some all round dirty work, I
  11. Wert

    Snapper rod

    It's the 1 piece 6'9" 30-50lb one.
  12. Wert

    Snapper rod

    I picked up a Terez from Kuerschie earlier this year, I'm a Daiwa man but gotta say it's a beautiful stick, sensitive enough for whiting but powerful enough for decent eagle rays (so far) and hasn't snapped yet nor do I think it will unless I do some reckless highsticicking. Highly recommend.
  13. Around that area you can also collect bloodworms by turning over rocks a bit buried in the sand/mud down by the low tide line plus you'll get shrimp and small crabs as well, just watch for blue ring occies. Prawns, pillies etc all work perfectly well too. Just remember in SA you probably want to be using smaller hooks for general fishing than what you're probably used to On the east coast.
  14. The cloth is way tougher on expensive ones, when using cheap ones I've had the cloth come off just casting and retrieving (though a jag stripped of cloth can work fine) and no cloth at all on the good old oita in red/yellow with white belly, one of my all time faves, also as my wife says "never pay full price" Rubbish durability is the biggest issue with cheapies in my experience, had a few just fail, never an issue for better quality ones and for me at the small difference in initial outlay which I make up in time it's an easy decision to go the more expensive jag. Each to their own
  15. I strongly believe that the more expensive jigs are almost always better in every way, better quality and designed hooks (cheapies tend to rust instantly) stronger construction and more squid attracting ability, I'd go so far as to say this is basically a fact and have come to this conclusion having targeted squid from pre yo-zuri days 35+ years ago including a 6 month stint as a pro deckie 15-20 years ago during which time I'd have caught more squid than I'll ever catch for the entire rest of my life, just so many squid. However 2 out 3 times it simply doesn't matter, especially recreat
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