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  1. Nice session Simon. Picked a nice day with the "Decky". Water clarity looks great. Thanks for posting.
  2. Got a nice 21 lb Mully from the southern breakwater many years ago. Was having no luck on the bream, so caught a salmon trout and chucked it out at the entrance to North Haven on a single 2/0 hook, no sinker. 5 mins later my line was disappearing out to sea. The Mully eventually came back in through the entrance, with boats heading out to sea, was worried they would run in to my line, but luck was on my side, and another angler managed to gaff it for me. I was stoked, as it was my first decent Mully. :D :D The Mully was caught on the last of the run out tide.
  3. If you launch at Garden Island , ramp its free. Ive had no problems there, as long as you park during daylight hours. Plenty of people about to watch out for any thieving low lifes. If your new to the area, suggest you have a good look around at low tide. All the channels, creeks in to the mangroves will be clearly seen for future reference. This time of year is great if you want a feed of salmon trout. Fish where the mangrove creeks join the main channel. Fish the last half of the run out tide. Should get plenty. Canoe SA put out a great little map of Barker/Angas inlets. Includes all the
  4. Came across this great buy at the newsagent this evening. :woohoo: 2 fishing Dvds, 2012 copy of Freshwater fishing mag,and a great kayak book. All for $15.00 !I would have paid that, just for the book. From newsagent at Hollywood plaza.
  5. Only fish of the day! Caught by Lazeylure (Snaggedlure)
  6. It sure did Cal. Bucketed down till just after Blanchetown.
  7. Now Del, Which one is Helga, and which one is Ingrid :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: You lucky man
  8. Nice looking blade there Tony.Price is reasonable too Ideal for fishing the Finnis Good luck using them on your next trip.Just keep them away from the apprentice
  9. Good one Matty Watch out TonyB, the young apprentice is snapping at your heals Have to try some of LBB'S spoon flies Matty. Should clean up on those Reddies.
  10. :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol:Some of those protective plastic covers are a bugger to get off to! ::)Nice one L.L.Thanks for sharing that. The pressures of competitions does things like that, even to the top anglers. Bit like leaving your bungs out of the boat, when launching. :o :icon_lol:
  11. Nice Couta TonyB. :icon_eek:What big lovely teeth you have (the fish) :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol:You keep fishing the salt till the 27th mate.Give me a chance to grab that trophy :stir: :stir:
  12. Dave, i didn't think the cattie would take a lump of metal either. :oKept on swimming around my captured Reddy,thought it might grab the whole lot ( fish and net) : so decided to scare it off by sending the spoon down. ;)As soon as the spoon landed on the bottom that cattie swam straight for it, and picked it off the bottom. :icon_lol:Put up a good fight on 4lb line ;D ;D
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