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🎣🎈🎈 Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up 🎈🎈🎣

Where: West Beach, gathering point to be confirmed at a later date.
When: Sunday 25th of November

Rock up during the day for a fish, you can catch up with other Strike & Hook fishos, take the boat out at the nearby ramp, grab a SH decky if you need one, fish off the beach. Congregate for a BBQ in the early evening for a feed, beverage and chin wag to top off the day.

Let us know if you can attend so we can gauge numbers. If you have any other comments, ideas, suggestions etc please feel free to post in the --> Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up topic!


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  1. Del

    Carp for bait and burley?

    it will do fine
  2. Del

    Carp for bait and burley?

    sounds like they are making carp jerky
  3. Del

    Carp for bait and burley?

    Fresh and Frozen. Havent taken the time to salt it.. its got good skin and flesh and plenty of blood
  4. Del

    Carp for bait and burley?

    i caught salmon, tommies, flat head, small snapper, and sting rays so far on it..
  5. Del

    Daiwa Saltiga in action underwater

    yeah nice capture.. but... please... dont stand on coral reefs!
  6. Del

    Tumby bay

    my home town, The local jetty used to be good fishing.. plenty of beaches around too. Second creek is not far out. we used to fish and snorkel this area a lot. Ski beach has some nice land based flicking to be done too. The marina is holding some decent fish from what i hear. Always got Coffin bay, Port Niell, Port Lincoln close by too
  7. Del

    Goolwa Cockles

    never used a rake... just shuffle.. rake is higher return?
  8. Del

    American White Oak Shavings

    cheers mate! grabbed a bag! will have to find something to smoke.. and see how it goes!
  9. Del

    American White Oak Shavings

    i do a bit of meat smoking.. generally kiln dried woods burn faster and hotter.. but as shavings in a smoker pan.. it might work ok. id be keen for a few KG to give it a go? where is pick up?
  10. Del

    Australia's shark attack hotspots (map)

    this map is not even up to date.. theres been many more that are not listed.. i personally know 3 people that are fatalities and 2 that were just bites.. 3x whites 2x bronzies. all around the port lincoln and EP area
  11. Del

    Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    yep in SA.. but further up the stream into vic?
  12. Del

    Colour loss with depth of water

    as a Diving instructor we may take a red tomato down on a dive with us.. and ask the students what colour it is..
  13. Del

    OnkaStomper 12

    i believe its now at $25500 raised..top effort!