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  1. Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    Basically you need to motor out onto the deep water bommies, reef ect where the kingies/sambos hang out, NW of KI, SW of lower Yorkes. Realistcally too far for a day trip charter directly out of Adelaide. Sourthern Fishing Charters out of Wirrina - says they target Kingies & sambos? Marion is 3.5-4hrs drive. Coffins is a long haul tho.
  2. Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    Kingies & Sampson, tuna, nannies, shark & reef fish. Reel Action Fishing Charters, Marion Bay. A few other great operators out of Marion too. Otherwise charters out of Coffins, as softy suggests.
  3. Photo Theft

    Instagram...what a load of s**t!
  4. low tide jetty/ river fishing

    Low tide wading is one of my favorite ways to fish! Enables you to cover a lot of ground and find any structure where the fish might be holding that you cant usually reach. Im not overly familiar with the Southern area. You mention Noarlinga - try around casting some slugs & SPs in and around the the Onk mouth. Otherwise i'm thinking Marino, Hallet Cove, Pt Willunga, Maslins, Sellicks, O'Sullies? Basically anywhere where there is structure. Working the blue line is a great start but anywhere where there is structure; in and around holes, gutters, reef, broken ground etc. Light tackle and predominantly lures readily land ST, tommies, squid, snook & flatties. Small worm SPs will land both yfw & kgw but you'll likely need bait for the gar. Could always wade out to the blue line and burley as usual for gar. Likely bring in tommies, gar and if your lucky - squid & snook too! A bit of an idea of what i do:
  5. Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    Whoa, she's a big one. Certainly one of the best predatory insects, especially for aphids.
  6. Advice - family weekend escape - Fleurieu Peninsula

    In reality Victor may be your best starting point. There is a lot more other stuff available; pubs, restarunts, cafes, playgrounds etc, I just don't really like the place! Lots more people & tourists and the fishing spots get hit up pretty hard. Cheeky Ratbags is a great play cafe for the little ones. Whale Museum, when kids are a little older. Apparently the Pork Pie Shop does fantastic English pork pies and other traditional pies. Cockle train runs Victor-Goolwa, check the times. My son was/is obsessed with trains. This can be a proper steam train too, although I dont think so during the Fire Ban Season. Will 2nd Doobs, the Causway foreshore area is quite pretty. Nicely grassed and lined with mature Norfolk Island Pines. A couple of other ideas: Rapid Bay Caravan Park. Right on the foreshore and quick walking distance to jetty/beach and rock fishing. Great for the fishing although not necessarily much to do with the family during the day. Rental at Cape Jervis. Never looked at it but there must be some available. Would put you in the vicinity of some of Kuerschie's flathead/salmon posts from month or so back. Yankallila bakery Ive fished Deep Creek Conservation Park (so no dog) a bit. What vehicle do you have?- where i go requires 4x4 access. Nothing fancy required. My Subaru's are fine. and if your all OK with camping, would be a good spot once the weather cools a bit.
  7. Goolwa Cockles

    Took the young fella and my old lady down for a swim & cockling session today. Wanted to try Adrian's suggested but went Goolwa's main beach instead - to do the right thing & swim between the flags . Arrived ~10am carpark was full, easily 50+ 4x4s parked up the beach towards the mouth. Beach pretty popular with families, grommets ect and a few other groups of 'cocklers' out. Given we were pretty close to the main carpark, things were a bit thin, as expected! Still managed 100 or so in a casual hr. Only measured a few and probably discarded a 1/3. I'm pretty good eye-balling sizes and also recon "if i have to measure, it's too small and can go back". Son was more interested in in digging holes, making sand castles and mucking around at his first true surf beach (apposed to West or Semaphore). Nevertheless i had him chasing some in the wash as i did the 'shuffle'. Also managed to get a blister on the end of a big toe which split and filled with sand Left after 2.5hrs of hot sunshine. Almost mandatory d**khead bogged on the 4x4 beach access. (im no car person) looked like a Territory. Wonder if he thought he had a 4x4 but was only the 2x4 model? Was impressed that i saw one (but only 1 ) bloke dropping his tyre pressures.
  8. Greasing bearings on new reels

    does look to be asking for at least a layer of grease to help keep the wet stuff out.
  9. I must say i agree with ol' Poops ....in that i'm not overly excited about fishing over the Xmas & New Year's period .........Every is out and it becomes a true Googan's Paradise! I do however hope to take my lil dude out- when school Hols start but before Xmas- for his first cockling adventure (unless they close it again ) and hopefully a rock sesh down Deep Creek. Otherwise we'll be targeting reddies on some private property, hopefully with a mate and a 6-pack....... or ill just mtb instead!
  10. Kids desert

    I'm generally pretty handy on the kitchen. My son's request tonight, after eating all his dinner: Choc chip mint ice-cream with ice magic and sprinkles !
  11. Goolwa Cockles

    Nice one Adrian. Never even knew you could get in to the beach past the main carpark (Beach Rd) !
  12. Cheap Snook Lures

    Are you planning on trolling behind the yak? Try any minnow profile shallow diving HBs around the 70-90mm mark, especially those that may look like a gar- shiny silver/blues/greens etc. Im not specifically familiar with them but some of the Savage Gear ones look ok, around $12 too. Snook are schooling, so once you get a few hits in the same place it may be worth while to go more 'hands on' and switch over to SPs. Zman's are suitably tough for snook attacks, dont try to use Gulps!! Something like 3.75 in Zman Streakz, 85-110mm Flickbaits. As mentioned, metals can be good too and cheap!
  13. Goolwa Cockles

    Thanks for the heads up. My thinking too was to head down earlier in the season, at least to take my son for his first shuffle. Don't actually want any for bait but might keep a few.
  14. clip down pulley rig

    Just noticed Rig Master Tackle are selling the hardware for making your own pulley rigs. The 'pulley rig kit' looks like a reasonable starting point. https://www.rigmastertackle.com/product-category/land_based_fishing/
  15. Knife Blade Rusting

    Well a bit late now ...but i would have said a piece of steel wool and engine oil for any light rust. Used this on knives and rifles before re-bluing. Damn AR1, those stratches youve put in the blade make me grimace, Suggest polishing it out with lighter paper and then graded wet & dry? I like knives . Got an old bait knife that ive had since a kid. Its pitted and ugly looking but its 'Toledo Steel' and is awesome!