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  1. Who's fishing over Easter?

    A dozen or so STs came to play, with a bit of size starting to show, up to ~40cm.
  2. Who's fishing over Easter?

    Wading tomorrow: Flatties, yfw, squid and see of there are any decent STs turning up yet.
  3. More Fungi...

    Codswallop! They're Fly Agaric not your 'magic mushrooms'. Also common in and around your Pine Mushrooms Yes they are reported to produce hallucinations but are rather toxic. If you're lucky will result in abdominal cramping, vomiting & diarrhea. Unlucky, permanent liver damage. Are 'edible' with correct preparation, apparently delicious too! https://honest-food.net/eating-santas-shroom/ Stick with the standard Blue Meanies for your 'shroom experiences.
  4. More Fungi...

    As a kid we'd used to find Field Mushrooms every Autumn, as per Adrian's bag. Very, very tasty indeed. Sadly, somewhere along the line they became far less common and Agaricus Xanthodermus (see below) or 'Yellow Stainer' became very dominant. They look similar to field mushys but are toxic. Easily distinguished by the yellow bruises that develop when damaged. These also smell somewhat like 'hospital disinfectant' too. Im no expert but if you want an easy one to identify - both dead easy to find and identify, you cant go past the Pine Mushroom. Literally anywhere were there is an average stand of mature radiata pines will likely produce these, especially in the hills. I picked a heap from the young fellas school in Crafers (cant find that photo) and could have easily gathered 100+kg at Kuitpo and Mt Crawford forests last season. They look kinda weird as they are realllly orange and ooze orange sap when cut - hence also known as 'Saffron Milkcaps'. Their only downside is their mild flavour, not strong earthy you might expect from Fields or Porchini. My favorite is simple: Quick pan fry in butter and a little garlic, brandy flambe. Served on toasted rye bread with some freshly shaved pecorino
  5. More Fungi...

    Havnt since ive seen a field mushroom here for nearly 20 years. Yellow Stainer's have well and truly taken over .
  6. More Fungi...

    Great pics there Adrian. Love the fungi, so many different shapes and colours. So delicate and beautiful. Looking forward for some Autumn rains over here to kick off our season. Hopefully many-a-feed of Pine Mushys . Maybe this year...ill find the elusive Porchini. Got a few spots sussed to check out, when the time comes .

    As below. Sth coast for sambos. Im heading over with the fam during the school hols.
  8. Kangaroo Island Land Based

    Im now heading over mid-school hols with the family so looking forward to your report
  9. Dicky Anti reverse

    Want a reel schematic for reference too. AIRD.pdf
  10. Dicky Anti reverse

    As Southie suggests. Take it apart and have squiz. Sounds like the anti reverse bearing. Have a look, clean it out with some inox and dry most of the excess lube off. Too much lube and the anti reverse wont work at all. A strip down i did on a little Symetre, should be pretty similar:
  11. Kangaroo Island Land Based

    Prime season for the mullet run. Salmon should be back too. Defiantly be beach fishing Emu for mullet and have a go for a toothie of a night, depending on tides. Much of Flinder's Chase is inaccessible for fishing. Sandy Beach (walk in) and West Bay are excellent surf beaches for salmon. Hanson & Vivonne Bays . D'estrees Bay - Wreckers & Wheaton's beaches, a few of my faves. I'm unfamiliar with Peneshaw thru to Emu, mainly focused on Sth Coast salmon fishing. NFI re boating or charters. Would again depend on what you wanted to target: gar, kgw, snaps....nannies, kingies, tuna. Tuna will likely still be around and are not far offshore for the charter operators. KI looks small but there are a lot of kms between drinks. Focusing on a couple of things is not a bad idea unless general 'exploring'. Also it's not called 'kangaroo' island for nothing. There are plagues of 'roos & wallabies, i couldn't recommend driving of a night!
  12. Kangaroo Island Land Based

    Does depend on when, where you are staying, what style of fishing & intend targets? A few ideas:
  13. Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    Basically you need to motor out onto the deep water bommies, reef ect where the kingies/sambos hang out, NW of KI, SW of lower Yorkes. Realistcally too far for a day trip charter directly out of Adelaide. Sourthern Fishing Charters out of Wirrina - says they target Kingies & sambos? Marion is 3.5-4hrs drive. Coffins is a long haul tho.
  14. Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    Kingies & Sampson, tuna, nannies, shark & reef fish. Reel Action Fishing Charters, Marion Bay. A few other great operators out of Marion too. Otherwise charters out of Coffins, as softy suggests.
  15. Photo Theft

    Instagram...what a load of s**t!