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  1. Underpants

    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    What you smoked gar fillets? Shame on you !!
  2. Underpants

    webcam upgrade

    There's a page of links, top right. Pages>SA fishing webcams
  3. Underpants

    Buying live worms?

    Ive never studied any biology so don't understand how the whole 'species' thing works! Your common garden worms live in a non-salty environment...your garden. Seaweed worms have evolved to live in, eat, etc composting seagrass at the high tide line = rather salty. Sure you could probably catch yfw on garden worms however they will die almost instantly in salt water and turn to mush as the salt passes thru their skin.
  4. Underpants

    Buying live worms?

    Setup a worm farm with your own tigers is pretty simple. I've even got a healthy population in my compost bins. Then when you want some bait turn the bin over a bit til you find them. Even easier to collect if its a worm farm. Store in a little plastic tub with a bit of compost or moistened coir fibre. Sheldon's Bait does "Catchall Crawlers" which are available locally i think these appear to be bigger than tigers.
  5. Underpants

    which Sunglasses to buy?

    What is the make & model of the frames?
  6. Underpants

    which Sunglasses to buy?

    Yeah agree with the Cancer Council sunnies . Best thing is I know they've done all the work so I don't need to think about getting great eye protection. All else fails, the $ always goes to a good cause. Scored a pair of polarised photochromatic Spotters, courtesy of one of our S&H comps and site sponsor. They are awesome. I'm shortsighted and usually wear contact lenses out fishing. I'd love prescription lenses in high end sunnies but they are way too $$$. Otherwise I'm sticking with the polarised pair from my '2 pairs for no out of pocket expense'.
  7. Underpants

    Rod/line squid

    Yeah but we can have 3 hooks per line and the Vics can only have 2 !
  8. Underpants

    Rod/line squid

    2 + 1 teaser. See: http://pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/fishing_gear/permitted_devices#toc14
  9. Yeah that's it. There's a carpark not far from Daly Head. Been a while since ive been there and was down that nice long staircase! Have seen some folk 4WDing into the dunes to access the beach south of the the carpark, locals i assumed and possibly via private property?
  10. A little light on detail for the pros... ?
  11. Underpants

    Oct/Nov edition & a S&H cap.

    Nice. Will have to grab the mag! Alex starting to pack a bit of muscle too!
  12. Underpants

    Heavy Surf Rod

    I've got a Penn Prevail and it's a great rod. There's also its cheaper cousin the 'Allegiance Surf'.
  13. Underpants

    How do I smoke Tommy's?

    Mmmm brisket............Bloody chefs !
  14. Underpants

    How do I smoke Tommy's?

    Hunter69's on the money. Trial and error, personal taste. Best to brine if you like them moist. Pretty much all meats are brined before smoking - think bacon & ham etc. You can do it rough and simple, dust with salt & herbs etc and then smoke but they will come out a bit more like jerky. Then there's the type of wood you use too! Redgum seems to be rather popular but i find it too 'harsh'. I prefer fruit (apple, cherry, olive, peach...) or hickory. One of those small box smokers with the metho burners, i go with an objective 'handful' of sawdust over the hot spot, where the burner sits underneath. A few older threads:
  15. Underpants

    Wading Tub

    Very Nice TL! Does look a little familiar . I like the triple rod holder to manage 2 rods and keep that landing net handy and tub free. Might have to borrow that idea! You'll be able to take a slightly heavier outfit to tackle one of those flats bronzies soon One thing ive noticed: After a season or 2, the conduit wears down from sand ingress and needs to be replacing.