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  1. Definitely coir/coconut fibre. The blocks you get from Bunnings etc and soak in a bucket of water, til the expand and fall apart. However be aware that many of these have fertilisers added which you wont want with your maggots.
  2. I run a tub, similar to TL. I also use a scaling bag with a toggle on the drawstring as my catch bag. You can easily drag this around your waist ..tho the rays, bronzies & doggies (shark) can get rather curious! A mate uses 2 of these from Motackle: https://www.motackle.com.au/yellow-beach-shoulder-fishing-bag.html 1 for tackle, 1 for fish and lure fishing mostly. Pretty cheap..100% waterproof is a bit of a misnomer!
  3. Are you finishing the FG wraps first with some half hitches and then tying he Rissuto to finish it all off? The finished knot in the vid looks to have 1/2 doz half hitches in there too....
  4. Cheers K. Will definitely be giving that one a crack. Sick of nearly cutting my fingers with 4lb braid!
  5. As per title...has anyone used the FG Wizz an aussie made FG knot tying tool? https://www.fgwizz.com.au I stumbled upon it online whist looking for a cheaper version of the Knot Assist 2.0. It looks to be elegantly simple and i like the way it leaves both hands free.
  6. Only just noticed this as i've been away.....fishing...not necessarily catching. Looks like a fine crumbing mix there. Was going to ask if one of the ingredients was the 'love of good man' ? but as its all done, I gather it's not?!
  7. Daiwa Freams LT 2000S. Kuerschie ran me thru a range of reels and i was able to have a play with the Freams LT 3000 (marginally heavier) and an Aird 2000 (same size). The Daiwa 2000 fitted right in the size i wanted, between a Shimano 1000-2500. The LT nice and light for balance but still seems solid. Not held locally so purchased online, at 20% off and free postage. Would had to of gone to Tackle World as well to try the Fuego 3000 and still have to buy the 2000 online anyway! Setup below, Just need to load up the spool and break in properly. (HB may recognise the rod)
  8. As others have noted mullet is honest 'simple' fishing. They respond particularly well to burley. Nothing fancy required, a simple bread/pellet base is fine with a bit of tuna oil...minced fish bits ect. The challenge is the consistent distribution of said burley to bring and hold them in which really depends on the scenario. Im a big fan of a onion bag jammed full of all old saved bits an pieces. I have fond memories of an April mullet session over near Pt Turton, where i waded out on the incoming tide and dropped my onion bag jammed full of goodies. 1 end tied to a brick the other
  9. Our sea run mullet are a predominately autumn scenario. You will hear the report of the odd mullet here and there, but the schools wont be around fore a while yet. Mullet are good bait for mulloway
  10. The last hr of the rising tide. Nfi re West lakes as tides are essentially artificially controlled Probably got around a month or so until the mullet swing in fully too.
  11. Dunno, appears that Fuego LT may be a Tackle World exclusive with Daiwa? Still cant tell the difference tho!! Freams LT 2000 $183 (BCF online coz they dont stock it locally!?) or Fuego LT 2000 $169 (also online as Tackleworld Adelaide don't stock it ) To be superficial....as much as i don't like red...... the black and red Fuego looks way sexxxxier than the gold and silver Freams !!!
  12. Thanks for the input folks. Had a feeling Kuerschie might have been working today so dropped in for a chin-wag and have a play few a few reels. Helped that my son was fast asleep in the car (all windows down and he's 6 so well capable of getting out!) so i could actually focus on the importand reel hardware. Hands-on is certainly the best approach and pretty easy choice of a Daiwa LT model in 2000. Roughly between a Shimano 1000 & 2500, which was what i need. Just need to decide between a Freams LT or Fuego LT....? Doesn't help that Fuego isn't on Daiwa Australia for compa
  13. I'm considering purchasing a BG as my first Diawa reel, to replace my clunky Shimano Symetre 1000 on my light 1-3kg spin setup. I'm looking at the BG as it has a good rep and is currently going for $155 & $159. I understand it's Al construction will make it a bit heavier than composite reels. I have found the Shimano 1000 size just a tad small, being cumbersome at times, for my 'man hands’. I find their 2500 oversized for the 1-3kg rod - unnecessary capacity and out of balance. Any advice on how Daiwa's 2000&2500s compare with Shimano 1000/2500, size wise? Will pro
  14. What you smoked gar fillets? Shame on you !!
  15. There's a page of links, top right. Pages>SA fishing webcams
  16. Ive never studied any biology so don't understand how the whole 'species' thing works! Your common garden worms live in a non-salty environment...your garden. Seaweed worms have evolved to live in, eat, etc composting seagrass at the high tide line = rather salty. Sure you could probably catch yfw on garden worms however they will die almost instantly in salt water and turn to mush as the salt passes thru their skin.
  17. Setup a worm farm with your own tigers is pretty simple. I've even got a healthy population in my compost bins. Then when you want some bait turn the bin over a bit til you find them. Even easier to collect if its a worm farm. Store in a little plastic tub with a bit of compost or moistened coir fibre. Sheldon's Bait does "Catchall Crawlers" which are available locally i think these appear to be bigger than tigers.
  18. What is the make & model of the frames?
  19. Yeah agree with the Cancer Council sunnies . Best thing is I know they've done all the work so I don't need to think about getting great eye protection. All else fails, the $ always goes to a good cause. Scored a pair of polarised photochromatic Spotters, courtesy of one of our S&H comps and site sponsor. They are awesome. I'm shortsighted and usually wear contact lenses out fishing. I'd love prescription lenses in high end sunnies but they are way too $$$. Otherwise I'm sticking with the polarised pair from my '2 pairs for no out of pocket expense'.
  20. Yeah but we can have 3 hooks per line and the Vics can only have 2 !
  21. 2 + 1 teaser. See: http://pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/fishing_gear/permitted_devices#toc14
  22. Yeah that's it. There's a carpark not far from Daly Head. Been a while since ive been there and was down that nice long staircase! Have seen some folk 4WDing into the dunes to access the beach south of the the carpark, locals i assumed and possibly via private property?
  23. Nice. Will have to grab the mag! Alex starting to pack a bit of muscle too!
  24. I've got a Penn Prevail and it's a great rod. There's also its cheaper cousin the 'Allegiance Surf'.
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