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  1. Does this tackle shop still exist? I'm still looking for somewhere to get live bait for fresh water if possible haha
  2. I've had this problem before with a similar lure and now I have started to tie loop knots onto my small lures, gives it a more free action withough gettling forced to follow the line if that makes any sense. Like I said, seems to work for me. If that doesnt work, try a light set up? Good luck, and let us know what makes a difference.
  3. How would casting go from that height tho? I dont think i have see a jetty low enough for that, any suggestions? And rocks I know a few good places but wouldnt that be hard with the line hitting the rocks? Wow just looked them up, maybe a little out of my price range haha, any a bit cheaper that are still good? Will do thanks mate.
  4. Cheers for the reply Hunter, Yeah I'm pretty sure it is tapered. I have been getting lessons from a mates old man, he has been fly fishing most of his life and I feel he knows quite a lot. Do you need to cast from a boat for snook? (I don't own my a boat myself but a close mate does so I might be able to work something out) No, I am actually in the market for some new waders. Any suggestions for a good buy? For sure I would love to go for a fly some time.
  5. Cheers for the reply Doobie, I have heard mixed reviews about burley (wont go to into pros and cons) but my initial thought would be that it wouldn't make it harder to catch fish at the least haha. I'll definitly be trying to get out there again soon and hopefully next time have my phone handy for a sneaky pic. Thanks again.
  6. Depending on how much you want to spend I have heard that the Shimano Terez (around $200 I think) is pretty good so maybe its worth having a look? Good luck with the rod hunting.
  7. Hi all, This is my first post about fly fishing as I have only recently been introduced to it and taken a liking, so by all means please comment with your thoughts. I am interested in both fresh and salt water fly fishing but am limitted by my gear at the moment. I have a 7wt rod topped off with 8lbs fluoro that I intened to use for a salt water set up. So after a few days of practicing my cast spread across the last fortnight I decided the trip I already had planned to the yorks would be the perfect chance to wet a fly for the first time. The beach we were staying at has a low water level for about 150 meters so I put on a pair of waders and started covering some ground. I worked my fly in all sorts of spots of differing depths and structures but the fish were very thin. I recall only seeing one sizable fish but quite a bit of small bait jumping around at times. The afternoon tide was a bit dodge at this beach and as the sun started to go down so did my hopes. I was about to call it quits as I lost visibility but then one of my mates kindly offered to run and grab me a head torch so I decided to give it another few minutes... and luckly I did. After turning my light on and walking back out it was about 5 minutes before I got my first bite and I was hook up. After a short struggle and alot of splashing around I landed a small tommy roughly 15-20cm long. Not a monster but you always remember your first . I was a little surprised that I didnt see or catch more fish as I know its a quiet area that doesnt see to much pressure. I was hoping that some of you could offer me some advice or tips (e.g do people use burley?) for future trips, or even if someone would be keen to head out some time with the fly rods. Keen to hear some feedback, Cheers, H.
  8. Haha I think I have an old pair of thongs that suffered a bust out so I might give that a try. Thanks for the tips and the link
  9. Has anyone here had experience in changing the seals and broken parts in a bait pump?
  10. Harrison22

    P.b Trout

    Congrats mate, what a cracking fish!
  11. Yeah I have watched a few videos of people catching worms to try and get an idea of what is involved before trying it. Looks like it could be a bit of fun too. I dont suppose anyone on this site sells worms privately? I've seen a few people in the adelaide area advertise them on guntree.
  12. Thanks for the tip Fatso good to know as I am heading to some flat areas soon, haha wow that sounds mean when I read that back
  13. Haha anchovy following the golden rule, never talk in certainties. They will remind you
  14. Cheers fellas, Might have to make a full day out of it then, catch bait then fish. Will also give me a chance to test tube worms against clickers
  15. Thanks very much David and Doobie, I'll be sure to update you with pics when I eventually get time to go for them. Do they keep well? Say if I wanted to get them one day and fish the next couple of days?