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  1. Just to keep the juices going ive put up some more picks of other species that have taken a liking to the vibe/blade
  2. They are one of my favorite & most successful lures for deep water use in my boat when chasing bream & schoolies. they are very good snag detectors & i've had a few find new homes in the onka when fishing them from the bank & tend to stick to hards & softs in there these days. my most successful method of use was a good long cast but you need to just feather the last bit of the cast to make the lure lands with out tangling up i'll let the lure sink to the bottom & even let it sit there for a few second have had bream pick them up on the first cast. after a few seconds i give the the rod a sharp upward lift you will feel the blade vibe then let it drop be ready tho bream will quite often hit on the drop. ive dropped in a couple of photos of some of the many bream ive caught on vibes over the years. cop the fatty in the 3rd pic gave me a reel tussel to get him out of 10 metres of water.
  3. if you use the the split ring on the tow eye of the lure that could be your problem i have found a lot of these split rings have sharp edges on the end of the wire the line of the knot slips into or is located at that point & will break off i have had it happen to me in the past all my lures now have no split ring on the tow eye & are now tied straight to the lures tow eye with a loop knot
  4. always take em off, tie or clip the go straight to nose or bib loop
  5. if your launching at the new ramp with the pontoons & stay with in the channel markers there should not be any problems remember tho its 7 knots speed limit
  6. it may be the tow eye is slightly cocked to one side if the lure is spinning clockwise try pulling the eye to left ever so gently & with a very minisule adjustment with a small pair of pliers retry lure & the reverse if the lure is spinning anticlockwise. also i would tie a loop knot rather than a blood knot it gives the lure a little more freedom of movement thru the water.
  7. I could not see any difference in the blanks or rods FT/FSU (i was in fishing retail thru 1970s up to 2009) in these models other than different manufacturers cosmetics placement of winches etc. there were some fluro models 1980s (fluro yellow, orange, blue, green etc) brought out at one stage did'nt last long tho.
  8. pretty much all the rod building/blank makers have had ago at this. Because it was such a popular rod /blank FT120 4w (4 wraps of fibreglass) & later the FT120 5 (5 wraps of fibreglass) there were also some graphites made (i think were actually composites) i owned one of these for a few years, good rods for there day. Back thru the 1970's 1980's butterworth i pretty sure were the first to bring out these fast tapers then rumors were it was sold on to snyder glass & from there just spread to china. wilson & juro still make rods from these blanks last time i looked
  9. just another tip keep your sounder transducer cable away from other wiring if possible ie run it it down the other side of the boat away from battery/power wires it will reduce electrical interferance
  10. self adhesive ziptie cable holder is one name i found on google i'm pretty sure i got some from jaycar it was some years ago now electrical outlets or bunnings mite stock them
  11. JAYCAR sell a stick on ziplock strap holder i have used these in the past & are bloody hard to remove with a properly prepared surface in fact i had to a screwdriver to pry some off when i needed to relocate some wiring
  12. The white paper from the sa fisheries research i read a few years back said a large mulloway congregation off the murray mouth to breed around sept to november (not every year somewhere between every 3-5 years) the ova is then swept up in currents that head out into the southern ocean these then over the following year or 2 grow to a few centimetres long & drift back in on landward based currents the fingerlings take up refuge in estuarys & creeks open to the sea & spend a few years around these areas (coorong is one of the major nurserys & the worms that live in there are one of the major sources of their nourishment) once reaching maturity they leave these nurserys. There is also a minor breeding of mulloway takes place over of the west coast as well from time to time.
  13. please note- i meant garmin striker plus 7sv not garmin elite! oops.
  14. if you have one of the larger yaks i would go for the garmin elite 7" sidescan etc excellent unit have one on the front of the bream boat & the garmin 9" (touchscreen) echomap on the console. bcf have specials every so often on the 7" of which they are nearly as cheap as u can get online might be worth waiting for? I have used sidescan sounders now for 12 years & these garmin have done their homework & are much better than the older units i used in the past & easy to operate. the photos are from the 9" & are of a wreck a steamer sunk in the murray river but gives you an idea of the clarity & definition you get plus heaps of screen options.
  15. its just a thought what colour is the line clear? or fluro coloured? green blue?& i like to use a good quality clip tied with a locked blood knot works out to be 98% breaking strain of the line.