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  1. Actually this lure was difficult but I carry small fishing pliers one shake and the owner hooks came free . Sorry I thought you were just talking this lure . Casting issues on smaller lures I’m thinking my 2500 reel it had issues with double clutch lures as well
  2. May I ask why ? Been told it’s worth $30 was offered plastics and hardbody lures for it
  3. Ok with my S Factor running out I bought some gulp scent and yes it works .
  4. Ok a wise fisher I talk to has told me it’s a expensive Japanese lure called Duo . And the Lure actually worked around dawn today Owner hooks are great . Ok only tiny STs but fun
  5. The charity I volunteer for jobseeker at was donated this lure . It was given to me to use. I’ve also got two trout fishing jackets lucky .
  6. Mickyj

    Reel sizes

    As I posted I was told what I wrote by a Tackleworld Australia employee that’s a fact . And I also wrote I’m not looking to buy one at this stage . Just found it strange that there were zero on the shelves of Tackleworld Australia . I’m sorry if I upset anyone I was just shocked Daiwa stopped making 1000 size reels or I should say I was told that by an employee of Tackleworld Australia that’s all
  7. Mickyj

    Reel sizes

    Funny Tackleworld worker told me Daiwa wasn’t making this size reel any longer
  8. Mickyj

    Reel sizes

    And so everyone understands I’m not buying a new reel my family would skin me alive if I did just yet . This post was just about Daiwa not making the 1000 size reel
  9. Mickyj

    Reel sizes

    Thanks for that I just thought it was strange no 1000
  10. Mickyj


    Before I forget I got very lucky on bream gear casting into large bait schools or salmon schools and landed mulleway. Three in three days lost a bugger one on day four . Not a bad by catch
  11. Mickyj


    I haven’t landed one in 7 years on bream lure and light line . That was in February . So I’d guess on lures it’s summer time can’t talk about bait fishing for them . Saying summer couple of years ago on a winter dodge tide in west lakes a school one or two ripped the trebles of my lure . I’m afraid it’s fishing trial and error
  12. I know I’m a little behind on the news of reels . Had a spare moment went into TW just looking asked about Daiwa in size 1000 seems they don’t go that small now . Shimano do though . Funny that . When I got home I thought I’ll check out the last reel I bought Daiwa 2500 which I’ll use next trip out . I did feel old my sienna 1000 looks really old compared with the latest one
  13. I got taken to the pictures and Karl juniors plus a $50 BCF card which so far I’ve bought one small lure with just to see if it works leaves me $40 to spend lol
  14. Seeing no one answered the question I purchased one the other day . Just under $10 ,$9.95 . Doesn’t cast as far as a DC and if you rewind to fast it jumps out the water surface . Now saying that today’s ST 8 should’ve been 10 . This one was black with red eyes can’t wait until the bream are hungry
  15. Well I have caught a lot of fish on S factor not as many on pro cure. Haven’t tried gulp hence I was asking about gulp everyone else jumped on the pro cure bandwagon I never asked about . Seeing I just bought another S Factor it might be awhile before I try gulp
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