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  1. Mickyj

    1-3 kilo rod

    Are you flicking lures at bream then yes at least 6 lb braid and 4 lb leader
  2. Mickyj

    1-3 kilo rod

    I’m loving it with my 1000 reels haven’t respooled the 750 yet but it’s good with the 2500 . Funny how you can feel the tiny tiny fish now for legal or bigger . braid I’m using 6 lb on the sienna 5 lb on the laguna and other diawa reel plus all three use 4 lb FC . Into the centre of the Pat today into the wind was like a 2-4 kilo rod
  3. Mickyj

    1-3 kilo rod

    Thanks I’m loving the diawa hyper had to get it from BCF family gave me a $50 gift card so it cost me $80 after the $50 card
  4. Well Sunday was all thunder and lightning just don’t want cops storming down the hill telling me fishing isn’t exercise again seeing I’ve finished my volunteering for job seeker for the week I have time for a quick fish tomorrow
  5. Is it now ok to go fishing ?
  6. What I don’t get 10 people running close together the cops ignored mamils on bikes close together ignored but me ive heard reports police have stopped two people from one house in a car and told them it’s illegal to do that but you can exercise together
  7. At a guess the ATO should goose step in cash in hand jobs aren’t legal and if anyone is getting benefits Centrelink should goose step in
  8. Don’t tell doobie he was correct didn’t cost me money but fishing isn’t exercise and the cops were shocked I’d driven from Richmond
  9. If I could actually land a big fish again I’ll have a heart attack from shock
  10. If I go I’ll be wearing a mask the Lone Ranger
  11. You’ll never know if I go or stay home
  12. It’s strange back when we couldn’t be close people were being close . Kids are playing basketball in the park behind my house right now . Flicking a lure and walking is a bit different to standing on a jetty .
  13. Let’s put it this way when it concerns money our federal government comes after you all guns blazing... that’s what found out from Centrelink they cut me claimed I owned a house which put me over limits ..... that was Xmas Eve 2019 took me weeks to prove I don’t and forced them to give me rent assistance for the first time .... and my experts said houses are not assets especially when you don’t own one
  14. I would think the ATO will have a field day