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  1. I do like buying products from them . My only issue with them being told black lures work at night and you don’t fish at night . Hello bream take them during the day . other than telling fishers minnow style lures catch mulleway and their report stated they are working on them
  2. Just seems strange a few days after I talk to bait fishers fishing for mulleway at west lakes the type of lures I’ve caught mulleway on . That a major tackle chain in Adelaide announces mulleway are being caught in west lakes on minnow type lures But hey it could be coincidence
  3. Just a quick post about fishing reports from tackle dealers . Not strike and hooks report I like them very general and great information. l will say firstly after I told a couple of bait fishers at west lakes who were chasing mulleway. I have landed them years ago on minnow style lures in the Pat . I did mention a few weeks or couple of months ago mulleway broke my trebles off . So I read this weeks fishing report that mulleway are taking minnow lures in west lakes . I’m not certain they are or my big mouth got the talk going lol. And as a side note a worker at that dealer suggested I not use a mat black double clutch because I’m not fishing at night . And what colour double clutch did the mulleway take the treble off of mat black and last weeks 32 cm bream fell to a black lure . Funny what works lol
  4. Would you believe before I used Zman grubs when I first ever touched a plastic I used it totally wrong . A $2 special out of the $2 bin at bcf very much like a grub dark green . Bream loved them my first 38cm fell to it using it wrong in the Pat . Only issue every small fish would strip it to the hook
  5. Cheers not just me I’ve put a new treble on . both fish hit hard and fast been a few years since I’ve landed a mulloway all I saw with the hook thief was silver streaks first one hit and the drag was screaming until it snagged me that’s fishing
  6. Didn’t have a great time fishing Sunday double clutch snagged by fish number 1 . Got it back with the snag . I couldn’t see that fish but it felt reasonable. Second fish all I could see was a silver flash and it hit well. Then it happened lost the fish nothing unusual until I look at the lure . The lure was tip top after the snag both trebles on . Second fish took the treble and left the Diawa split ring pulled apart . Never happened to me before yes I’ve had trebles with one bit broken off never had the entire treble gone ! anyone else
  7. I have used plastics and hardbodies. What gets to me is being told only use motor oil when I ask what do you use when that stops working their answer it’s you it doesn’t stop working . I’m afraid I found it did stop working so I adapted and tried different Zman colours was using grubs . Stopped changed to Zman slim swims . Then I went back to hardbodies been using double clutches for years I find these great cast pretty well . One thing I look for in hardbodies is distance when casting and lures with red eyes ( I have lures with and without red eyes). Sometimes distance doesn’t matter but if the fish won’t hit any lure nothing helps . from me try anything and everything you can
  8. I’m probably the worst fisher to talk about Mulloway . I’ve caught three in total from 26 cm to 40cm then lost a bigger one . I can’t recall the moon or tide . All I can tell you it was 6.55 am four February mornings at the Pat . Bait fish were everywhere and these great bream by catch took the bream lures on bream gear . I had no idea they were there but they were hungry things . But it was way back in 2014. cheers Micky
  9. Adrian you must be older than me . Underdale was carp when I was young but a rep that would call into my job would tell me stories of Redfin there .
  10. I don’t wish to upset anyone . But I noticed on Facebook Rec fishers ranting about recreational fishers and snapper fishing . Something to do with recreational fishers taking all the snapper . Me being me I said I’m landbased how is that killing snapper numbers . Their answer they steal your spots . Me being me I said how can me catching bream in the Pat affect snapper numbers in this state the answer I got they eat the fish . Me again if you wanna eat Bream from the Pat go ahead . Guess someone in Rec fishers had a cross to bare .
  11. If you use plastics like grubs or slim swimz ect do not just use one colour because bream will take more than just motor oil . hardbodies years ago I learned what worked in the Pat didn’t always work in west lakes vice a versa as well . Or last year I bought a dark green hardbody matches almost a plastics colour nothing would touch it in west lakes but the Pat first fish to take I bream . I bought the same lure in grey bream STs and mullet in the Pat just mullet in west lakes guess what I’m saying is experimenting with lure colours can help
  12. Tinker is spot on with lures go slow slow and slower and pause . if it helps I count to four in my head wind once or twice pause count four repeat . what I’ve learnt in winter in west lakes yes I caught one winter bream go deeper water . Unless your using bait watched a west lakes bait fisher get four over 30 with mince meat on a west lakes beach . you might get luckier in warmer weather but I don’t fish the onk
  13. Whiting at north haven brings back memories of my bait fishing days . I used to sit on the rocks and catch whiting .