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  1. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    Ok tried the shimano nasci this morning way to windy but another problem again surfaced cast line and lure stops short took me awhile to pull line out and get a ok cast . I could’ve changed the lure but weather was against me .I'm almost over this braid see if it improves with a heavier lure otherwise I may strip it and get a different braid on the reel
  2. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    So I’ve looked at the shimano nasci reel removed any of the line that had issues like a giant loop less line on it still more than the Okuma reel I’ll see how it handles latter in the week
  3. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    Ok had a great chat with HBT think both reels were over spooled with braid .
  4. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    Thanks been doing it manually for years. It just seems to be with the 2 reels with J braid as I said I have an ancient 1000 sienna cheap braid no issue . Just the jbraid on 2 different size and brands of reels
  5. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    Happens with 4 gram or 5 gram lures as well . I tend to notice the single loop when casting the multiple loops that tied up on the leader knot the drag knob and on the reel shaft was a shock but has happened on this Okuma reel and the shimano reel both with Jbraid I have an ancient sienna 1000 wiyh cheap braid not a loop never an issue . And I hate in the tackle shop being told it’s due to it being a 1000 reel when it only happens to Jbraid not the cheap stuff ! And the Okuma reel is a 30 larger than a 1000 smaller than a 2500 reel . now casting perfectly
  6. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    Ok reel and j braid were fine today pity the bream at west lakes were watching me and laughing
  7. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    So yesterday the Okuma reel had line in a knot on the leader loops going around the drag knob and line around the shaft under the spool
  8. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    Ok both reeks were spooled at 2 different tackle shops . The 1000 just keeps on getting large loops I’ve given up on it . Almost every cast loop that turns into knot around the top of the spool . Last time couldn’t untangle it . The Okuma reel it gets loops going around the top of the spool . Yesterday they did but also giant loop that got a knot and three ends connected to the knot . I had to snap the line or it snapped when I tried to untangle it . So I had then 3 ends somehow I got 2 of the sections off retied the leader to the spool and it was fine lost somewhere between 2 to 3 metres . Th
  9. Mickyj

    Ok J braid

    Might be just myself I have 2 reels spooled with J braid . Reel 1 shimano 1000 Reel 2 Okuma 30. Now I’ve been told the shimano reel is due to it being a 1000 size . I have an ancient Sienna 1000 braid no issue it was cheap stuff from the tackle shop . The Okuma 30 is larger than a 1000 smaller than a 2500 . Today I had to cut metres of jbraid off and then it was fine. So is it idiot me or is this a jbraid issue
  10. My thought exactly where you buy your braid get them to spool it up and they will tell you the best braid and what weight of line
  11. Mickyj

    Ok bought these

    Bought these 2 lures to try out bad weather and my health issues ( don’t ask not nice) hopefully I’ll be trying the shallow Berkeley pro tech Saturday anyone trued either of these
  12. Mickyj

    Savage reels

    Yeah tackle world worker said it was to costly one reel needed the bail arm fixed the other one I’d never liked the bearing ( I think they said it was ) was crooked that reel was the dearest and I couldn’t cast far with it . Thanks for the info
  13. Mickyj

    Savage reels

    Thanks Kelvin was wondering I had issues with the last 2 Daiwa reels I’d bought tackleworld said it was Cheaper to buy a new reel so I did . Just saw these and wondered what they were like .
  14. Mickyj

    Savage reels

    I think so saw them in a catalogue wondered what they were like
  15. Mickyj

    Savage reels

    Ok sorry I’ve been stuck at home with Covid . Savage reels were in a catalogue I was just interested in what they were like .
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