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  1. Mickyj

    Just a worry

    Good idea
  2. Mickyj

    Just a worry

    I don’t wish to upset anyone . But I noticed on Facebook Rec fishers ranting about recreational fishers and snapper fishing . Something to do with recreational fishers taking all the snapper . Me being me I said I’m landbased how is that killing snapper numbers . Their answer they steal your spots . Me being me I said how can me catching bream in the Pat affect snapper numbers in this state the answer I got they eat the fish . Me again if you wanna eat Bream from the Pat go ahead . Guess someone in Rec fishers had a cross to bare .
  3. Mickyj

    fishing the onkaparinga

    If you use plastics like grubs or slim swimz ect do not just use one colour because bream will take more than just motor oil . hardbodies years ago I learned what worked in the Pat didn’t always work in west lakes vice a versa as well . Or last year I bought a dark green hardbody matches almost a plastics colour nothing would touch it in west lakes but the Pat first fish to take I bream . I bought the same lure in grey bream STs and mullet in the Pat just mullet in west lakes guess what I’m saying is experimenting with lure colours can help
  4. Mickyj

    fishing the onkaparinga

    Tinker is spot on with lures go slow slow and slower and pause . if it helps I count to four in my head wind once or twice pause count four repeat . what I’ve learnt in winter in west lakes yes I caught one winter bream go deeper water . Unless your using bait watched a west lakes bait fisher get four over 30 with mince meat on a west lakes beach . you might get luckier in warmer weather but I don’t fish the onk
  5. Mickyj

    New whiting fisher from North Haven

    Whiting at north haven brings back memories of my bait fishing days . I used to sit on the rocks and catch whiting .
  6. Mickyj

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    Vertigo is a mongrel as is infected sinuses but I’ve suffered head spins in the past from my brain injury 6 fractures right side of my head it’s just the right side of my sinus which is improving. Hopefully I’ll get out tomorrow not to fish I’m afraid . now I think you bought the black one in the 75 size that’s a very good colour I’ve caught a fair few fish with that colour in the smaller size and something big broke that off I’ve replaced it in the smaller size hope you land a few salmon in this weather
  7. Mickyj

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    Ok seeing I was mentioned lol . I’m sick as a dog this week vertigo and infection so not leaving the house yet . Good question to ask simply the easiest way to use a double clutch that hardbody tragic reminded me once . Retrieve very slowly then slow it down even more . Yep so either one or two slow turns or retrieve of the reel then pause and a twitch . Twitches will sometimes work well and at sometime won’t attract the fish . I saw the post about moving the double clutch fast for salmon yes that works as does slowly but honestly if salmon are on the bite they will hit a lure once it hits the water . Like the slow retrieve a oldie I know from the Pat a bait fisher reminded me to always hit baitfish schools . Another thing I needed to remember after my injury . Now while it’s great not every bait school holds predators but they do . With double clutches I’ve landed more on the 65 used more of those but I now have 4 in the 75 m . None with red eyes for some reason lately red eyes are great but not always . what everyone tells you should work on all sinking lures . colours that’s been a thing I’ve been big on since I took up hardbodies some colours work everywhere some work great in west lakes some work great in the Pat as an example I bought an olive green DC 65 last winter as I was landing salmon on everything I chucked at them in west lakes . I bought it as it was like a plastic colour I was using in Zman slim swim . End result nothing would touch it in west lakes but bream and STs loved it in the Pat . And with that $10 voucher from anaconda a$15 dc cost me $5 . It’s grey and white iirc first four fish in the Pat bream then STs and mullet loved it go to west lakes one mullet . ok I guess I’ve rambled enough but you can use the things people have posted on all diving hardbodies cheers micky
  8. Mickyj

    First Fish on Fly

    Your a few years to late for me to help you . I was a crap fly tyer but my flies caught bream and salmon trout .. it took me two months to catch my first bream then better fly fishers helped me . Me I went and went and went and just went totally using flies. I never fly fished in the fresh . But if you live near West lakes try every beach that you can fish at that's what I did . You need sinking line for sinking flies . Or if you find Whiting Popper flies you need a floating line . Good luck Don't do any other Style of fishing when you fly fish and keep moving . And I was using a 6 wt .
  9. Mickyj


    That's way too big for me but coming up from a 1000 lots of line
  10. Mickyj


    I can back that up after using it . Into the wind was still better with the 300 metre spool. But with it very close to making it to the middle of the Pat. And I can't get over how smaller the LT 2500 is compared to the first 2500 I used All those years ago .
  11. Mickyj


    Cheers baitcaster it was hard mainly I went to use the right hand after casting .I have in two trips used it left and right . Left two fish right five fish . What I can say using it casts a lot further than a 1000 size reel thanks for the advice .
  12. Mickyj


    Thanks everyone HBT you were right . I just tried it on my Sienna then did it on the diawa . All fixed Homer Simpson moment
  13. Mickyj


    Can't get it to undo on the right side I can do it on every other reel
  14. Mickyj


    If it's not the best reel I've ever bought it should be . I can't change it from left to right handed but it's fantastic .
  15. Mickyj


    Thanks everyone I was like a kid in a candy store yesterday