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  1. Honestly I only go there when I get like $10 off or my family gives me a gift card
  2. Well BCF and Anaconda are in walking distance of my home
  3. I only buy from BCF or Anaconda when I get a deal or my family give me a gift card I prefer tackleworld for DC they are cheaper
  4. Anaconda got me one trip not by not giving me the discount . I got a $20 voucher from them the double clutches were $24 thought I’ll pay $4 . Get to the check out oh they are on special $19.90 you have to spend more money to get the $20 off . Yes I bought some lure clips and talking to customers they were stumped trying to work out what else to buy . This week I got 2 Anaconda vouchers but you must spend $60 and $80 to get discount.
  5. I hope this ok to post admin . My family gave my a $50 BCF card for Xmas . Off I headed in Boxing Day signs saying 20 percent off on all hard body lures . Picked up a laser double clutch and some leader . Off I go to pay they ring it through give me the price . Me is that with the 20 percent off the lure umm no they fixed it . Thinking I should’ve bought two lures doesn’t matter . That night I get an email from BCF $10 off any purchase must be used before Monday . Off I go grabbed another laser double clutch go to pay again using the BCF card . Young lady gives me the price is that with the $10 off yes and the 20 percent off umm no . Yes they finally took it off . This post is just a warning if tackle shops advertise 20 percent off make sure they actually give you that discount . Hope it was ok to post .
  6. I do like buying products from them . My only issue with them being told black lures work at night and you don’t fish at night . Hello bream take them during the day . other than telling fishers minnow style lures catch mulleway and their report stated they are working on them
  7. Just seems strange a few days after I talk to bait fishers fishing for mulleway at west lakes the type of lures I’ve caught mulleway on . That a major tackle chain in Adelaide announces mulleway are being caught in west lakes on minnow type lures But hey it could be coincidence
  8. Just a quick post about fishing reports from tackle dealers . Not strike and hooks report I like them very general and great information. l will say firstly after I told a couple of bait fishers at west lakes who were chasing mulleway. I have landed them years ago on minnow style lures in the Pat . I did mention a few weeks or couple of months ago mulleway broke my trebles off . So I read this weeks fishing report that mulleway are taking minnow lures in west lakes . I’m not certain they are or my big mouth got the talk going lol. And as a side note a worker at that dealer suggested I not use a mat black double clutch because I’m not fishing at night . And what colour double clutch did the mulleway take the treble off of mat black and last weeks 32 cm bream fell to a black lure . Funny what works lol
  9. Would you believe before I used Zman grubs when I first ever touched a plastic I used it totally wrong . A $2 special out of the $2 bin at bcf very much like a grub dark green . Bream loved them my first 38cm fell to it using it wrong in the Pat . Only issue every small fish would strip it to the hook
  10. Cheers not just me I’ve put a new treble on . both fish hit hard and fast been a few years since I’ve landed a mulloway all I saw with the hook thief was silver streaks first one hit and the drag was screaming until it snagged me that’s fishing
  11. Didn’t have a great time fishing Sunday double clutch snagged by fish number 1 . Got it back with the snag . I couldn’t see that fish but it felt reasonable. Second fish all I could see was a silver flash and it hit well. Then it happened lost the fish nothing unusual until I look at the lure . The lure was tip top after the snag both trebles on . Second fish took the treble and left the Diawa split ring pulled apart . Never happened to me before yes I’ve had trebles with one bit broken off never had the entire treble gone ! anyone else
  12. I have used plastics and hardbodies. What gets to me is being told only use motor oil when I ask what do you use when that stops working their answer it’s you it doesn’t stop working . I’m afraid I found it did stop working so I adapted and tried different Zman colours was using grubs . Stopped changed to Zman slim swims . Then I went back to hardbodies been using double clutches for years I find these great cast pretty well . One thing I look for in hardbodies is distance when casting and lures with red eyes ( I have lures with and without red eyes). Sometimes distance doesn’t matter but if the fish won’t hit any lure nothing helps . from me try anything and everything you can
  13. I’m probably the worst fisher to talk about Mulloway . I’ve caught three in total from 26 cm to 40cm then lost a bigger one . I can’t recall the moon or tide . All I can tell you it was 6.55 am four February mornings at the Pat . Bait fish were everywhere and these great bream by catch took the bream lures on bream gear . I had no idea they were there but they were hungry things . But it was way back in 2014. cheers Micky
  14. Adrian you must be older than me . Underdale was carp when I was young but a rep that would call into my job would tell me stories of Redfin there .