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  1. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Let's not forget it hasnt got hot yet might turn around .
  2. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Cheers for that
  3. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Just an update Tackleworld didn't have the size told me like before you can't use single hooks on DC so I bought barbless trebles to try out I'll just try on this lure
  4. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Thanks TL once I get time I'll head into TW and get a small amount . Still it was awesome watching the water erupt . And I got three of the four by casting the lure into or around the boil . Worked better by just casting and they hit a still lure.
  5. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Sounds like me got to do some shopping.who sells them in Adelaide or online
  6. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Thanks for that .
  7. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Hey Mr Fish funny you should say that got some salmon 4 today at the lake biggest was only 30. Number 5 was slightly bigger i felt it hit felt like it was gone almost landed it spat the bottom trebles. When I looked at the double clutch afterwards bottom trebles intact Top ones all gone just the shaft ( sorry couldn't think of a better word ) left. I should've gotten more number 1 I got at 6.15 then by 6.50 I was going to change the lure I didn't get time the water just went on the boil and birds went off was insane and fun Double clutch hooks are crap imho
  8. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Thanks HB I went down the other week it was supposed to be high tide it was like they didn't open the gate . And a dolphin was cruising a metre out from the rock wall up from the bridge . The rocks that should be in the water were covered in weed and it was out from the steps. I'll leave the pat a little longer
  9. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Any reports of the Pat lately . Last time I went down they hadn't let the tide in . And it was still covered in that weed it gets in Winter . Is it still covered in weed ?
  10. Mickyj

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    I am getting back into double clutches a 75 mm blue back Silver side got me a 21 cm salmon next trip lost something bigger next trip one hit just before 8 am lost the lure. After I lost it put on an older double clutch I own didn't cast as well. Friday replaced the 75 mm blue one I lost same colour and a smaller double clutch olive Green Silver side . Doesn't cast as far as the 75 but landed me a 30 cm salmon . Can't wait for the bream to return .
  11. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Feels good too
  12. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Cheers thanks for your trouble Looking for a smaller reel
  13. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    What size is the reel ? Like a 2000 or 3000
  14. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Here's the name of the one I looked at Revo ALX Spin 2000SH Doesn't appear in the ABU link
  15. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Territory lad the one I saw was 248 or 299 I know to look online