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  1. It’s funny everyone says support your local tackle shop . Where I live basically around the corner is BCF and across the road and up the street is Anaconda . i do wish there was a local one close to me
  2. The lure didn’t work this morning had one jump that’s all the other two lures I flicked got nothing as well
  3. Cheers it’s been a couple of years since I’ve used a surface lure thanks for the info .
  4. Here’s the one I bought
  5. Got one today was thinking surface lures again it’s not very big but I’ll give it a go
  6. Anyone used these lures savage gear walking 53mm 2.3 grams
  7. It’s an interesting question . I ran into a guy at the Pat catching undersized STs and keeping them . Innocent me asked why keep them his answer great mulleway bait . Me but they are not 21 cms legal size he said again great bait . I said as long as you don’t get caught he laughed . And watched me return undersized STs I caught and landed . we need more fisheries officers
  8. I’m with you Adrian I will only stop fishing when I’m forced to knee back no more head injuries and my diabetes stays good Micky
  9. I lost my job due to my brain injury back in 2015 can’t find paid work . I will not defend Centrelink but at this time they are doing their best . I’ve had Centrelink issues cut off due to their error but back on Newstart. Sorry to everyone who has lost their job but be unemployed over 55 there are zero jobs in Adelaide. Now Wert if you think Centrelink is bad wait until you see a job provider in my case I’m with a disability employment service I heard every second meeting we will cut you off of Newstart various reasons main one attending the industrial court for my court case . so while Centrelink isn’t great get ready job providers are worse plus there’s no jobs for over 55s in Adelaide And I was lucky to escape Nazi DES workers I took Centrelinks advice and volunteered for Newstart my age group 55 to 65 volunteer for 15 hours a week no need to look for jobs that aren’t there or go to meetings every two weeks or do another useless 12 month course . I was enjoying my volunteering job until they shut shop due to the virus
  10. I’m a bit late seeing this post lure clips work great I’ve used them in various forms on salt water flies hardbodies and plastics . The knot I use is a fly fishing knot called lefties loop knot . I’ve had so many experts tell me those knots don’t work fishing with lures then I show them a mulleway or larger bream ( funny I have caught them ) and they go quiet
  11. Honestly I only go there when I get like $10 off or my family gives me a gift card
  12. Well BCF and Anaconda are in walking distance of my home
  13. I only buy from BCF or Anaconda when I get a deal or my family give me a gift card I prefer tackleworld for DC they are cheaper
  14. Anaconda got me one trip not by not giving me the discount . I got a $20 voucher from them the double clutches were $24 thought I’ll pay $4 . Get to the check out oh they are on special $19.90 you have to spend more money to get the $20 off . Yes I bought some lure clips and talking to customers they were stumped trying to work out what else to buy . This week I got 2 Anaconda vouchers but you must spend $60 and $80 to get discount.