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  1. Mickyj

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    I am getting back into double clutches a 75 mm blue back Silver side got me a 21 cm salmon next trip lost something bigger next trip one hit just before 8 am lost the lure. After I lost it put on an older double clutch I own didn't cast as well. Friday replaced the 75 mm blue one I lost same colour and a smaller double clutch olive Green Silver side . Doesn't cast as far as the 75 but landed me a 30 cm salmon . Can't wait for the bream to return .
  2. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Feels good too
  3. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Cheers thanks for your trouble Looking for a smaller reel
  4. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    What size is the reel ? Like a 2000 or 3000
  5. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Here's the name of the one I looked at Revo ALX Spin 2000SH Doesn't appear in the ABU link
  6. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Territory lad the one I saw was 248 or 299 I know to look online
  7. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Ahh same company that's bigger I think HBT $399 was a $100 dearer or more than the one I was looking at .
  8. Mickyj

    Abu Gacia reels

    Yes I held one 2000 size resov name on it .I have it written down 8 Ball bearings feels really nice . Anyone tried these. And when i have the $$$ I'll have to shop around Price was out there
  9. Mickyj

    OZ Fish TV and fishing line

    Yep I was thinking that
  10. Mickyj

    OZ Fish TV and fishing line

    If I saw anything about in 2015 or anything in the world thats all gone from upstairs hehe my head injury But this line was shown the last two weeks on OZ fish tv . I just wondered if it was good should I stick it on a reel .
  11. Mickyj

    OZ Fish TV and fishing line

    Cheers just found it on Google it's name is SSP made by black magic
  12. Mickyj

    OZ Fish TV and fishing line

    I think it had three letters in the name but when I Google it cant find anything
  13. I’ve watched three episodes over a period of time . The presenter has started talking about a new line that’s better than braid and you still add a mono leader . so I know it’s not braid ,mono, or FC any clues what this line is I know 6 kilo is thin like 3 lb and may have different colours on it . Anyone else see the show or know the line and if you know who sells it .
  14. Mickyj

    Strike Pro Smelta lure No 553

    Just a thought lol
  15. Mickyj

    Strike Pro Smelta lure No 553

    Adrian do you have an Anaconda near you they stock strike Pro not sure if it's the one you need