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  1. Ok tried the smaller one this morning . Took me awhile to find some kind of bait fish school well small circles nothing would hit the lure . And yes it was cold but warmer than Monday to Wednesday morning waiting outside to start my volunteering job and no fog today
  2. I chose a bad morning it was raining I kept flicking it got really heavy thought I’ll pack up go home . Got back to the car drove off rain stopped
  3. Tried the double clutch last weekend zip all going well this week I’ll try the small one in the picture
  4. After a hospital appointment with my dad all good . I went into TW looking to buy a mat black double clutch. Ended up buying three lures they didn’t have any mat black double clutches I fell to one double clutch I’d be not buying everyone says they are good I’ll try it tomorrow. The one I’d like info on the Jackson one any one used this one .
  5. Ok what was that HB ? Winter last year after I bought a Matt black double clutch got told by the tackle shop guy are you fishing at night . Me no I’m chasing bream ect that got a laugh . so just after buying that one ( I need a new one ) it’s a dodge ride nothing in west lakes. I’m leaving see a small fish jumping cast at it and I can see the small Mulleways hitting the lure violently feel it to and they ripped the trebles off iirc they got very close in to some steps .
  6. Sounds about right not the tennis balls my mullieway have fallen to hardbodies on bream gear only landed three upto 40 cm and lost a bigger on 6 years ago . The Pat was full of bait fish schools . Fourth one would’ve been bigger but spat the lure . The ones I landed spat the lures at me on the land
  7. It looks bigger and yes it was
  8. Much bigger than the tiny one I bought now you got me thinking
  9. Cheers next time all I saw today at the Pat was a rat chasing my lure next trip back to the lake
  10. No I should’ve bought a bigger one actually I haven’t found any fish in weeks the blood worm run I guess
  11. Great lures Adrian can’t wait to see them land some trout