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  1. Looking forward to trying it out regards Micky
  2. So idiot me and many other fishers I learned today I clean my reels the wrong way . I’ve now learned to wipe reel over with a damp cloth then a dry cloth . Now the issues with the Diawa Laguna 1000 that I had ( besides the rust I found on the handle ) since 2014 new . The size 1000 of this Diawa Laguna compared to a Shimano Sienna 1000 of the same age it was half the size basically. Made the spool of the reel to small to handle 6 lb braid I was using . This new 1000 reel is a better size . Will clean my reels differently from now on .
  3. Ok this reel I remembered in the tackle shop yep 1000 size bought it and it’s spooled with j8 braid 6 lb hopefully sometime this week I’ll test it out .
  4. Thank you Adrian they had some but not the size range or some reason they didn’t have them in stock this brand they had was a few hundred out of my price range
  5. Thanks Adrian something to look at
  6. I guess I’d better go looking one day when I have time .
  7. I’m getting their Adrian free public transport for me now . I’m trying to do what I do to relieve stress lol then I go lure fishing . Do love my lure fishing concentrating on shallows at present . I’ll get there in the end thanks Adrian
  8. Looks fantastic and cold your a way better fisher than me
  9. Seeing the Diawa Laguna 1000 from around 10 years ago has basically gone to a better place not sure how I missed the corrosion on it . I do have a shimano sienna in better shape from that age and a larger reel I’m using . If I decide to go looking for a better quality 1000 reel which isn’t to much money but great for flicking hardbodies around any clues ? hope that makes sense
  10. Mickyj

    Anyone used these

    So after testing both colours combat will land bream
  11. Mickyj

    Anyone used these

    Thanks they aren’t to hard to get out of tiny STs with pliers .
  12. Mickyj

    Anyone used these

    Silly question are the hooks barbless they come out very easy when landed
  13. Mickyj

    Anyone used these

    Weed on beaches or sand flats at the lake or the local .
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