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  1. I looked it up looks good would like to see it before I buy it though . I’ll get it sorted
  2. I was there yesterday didn’t see it the worker didn’t know about it . Early days yet I’ll keep looking a walk there is good exercise .
  3. Not yet Softy it came to me yesterday morning about 10 am and I tossed up 5 minute walk to BCF or slightly longer walk to anaconda and get swooped by a pluver . Found out with the stick takes longer than 5 minutes lol . It’s just me thinking if I can’t find what I want I’ll just keep using the back pack . But once I’m free of the stick I’ll be back sticks not permanent kids want me bait fishing again nope .
  4. Wow looks good . Haven’t waded in a decade but wow
  5. Thanks in a couple of weeks I’m back volunteering for jobseeker at a charity op shop I’ll keep an eye open
  6. It’s a bit like a back pack but water proof thanks
  7. I want one that I can carry lures line scissors pliers . But less lures than I carry in my back pack . Thinking of making it easier to walk when I get back . I do live near anaconda as well but I’ll drive during the week .
  8. I’m hoping not to far away to be able to fish again . Went by foot to BCF five minutes around the corner from home . Longer with the walking stick. I was thinking of buying a smaller bag that I can sling over my shoulder take less fishing . BCF had smaller bags nothing to sling over the shoulder . Anyone have a clue as to who sells them . I know when I’m back it will only be short trips . Thanks guys
  9. Just quoting you I used to live at Taperoo on the way to outer harbour left there about 10 years ago . Rats and brown snakes were always a big problem from Taperoo to north haven . When I bait fished the north haven marina used to watch the rats run up the rocks and straight into the expensive houses . That was the 80/90s . I never went out far on the break water iirc used to be a little wharf there used to catch STs there in the late 90s early 00s. Then I got attacked and stung by European wasps . Good luck
  10. Cool when I get walking again I’ll give you a message
  11. When I can walk without a stick and fish again I may send you a message look good . Can you do a red eye or is it to hard . by the way I’ve caught lots of gulls them picking the lures up
  12. Ok while I’m layed up I can answer some of your questions 1 if you see bream they see you 2 soft plastics if it’s high tide cast the direction the tide comes in or if it’s low tide cast the other direction . That’s what I was told when I went from hardbodies to plastics . 3 bait I haven’t used it in years but perhaps burley up with something 4 on your soft plastics try some scent 5 I assuming when you use the plastic you cast let it sink two twitches and repeat I used to do that , hope that helps
  13. Mickyj

    Light reels

    I have the Exceler but the 2500 model it’s fine on the lighter rod . Got to say my old laguna 1000 feels so much better on the 1-3 kilo rod so light .
  14. You could go online and buy it over the net many places are free shipping
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