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  1. Mickyj


    Ok I walked to both BCF and Anaconda. I looked at a savage blade at BCF liked the colour but the weight looked to heavy 6 or 8 grams from memory. Anaconda I looked at strike pro blades then TT blades bought a TT 1/8 looked smaller probably size I was looking for . The ones that were recommended above I’ll still look for those but I’m with out a car hopefully until some time in September .
  2. Mickyj


    Will do thanks HB
  3. Mickyj


    Thanks for that I’ll go looking for all these when I can . And will try them out
  4. Mickyj


    Thanks HB will keep me occupied will do micky
  5. Mickyj


    Thanks DES I’ll keep them in mind . Don’t worry I’ve caught all those excluding FH on hardbodies trumpeter on them not on plastics . Something for me to think about while I can’t fish . Light lure on light line I enjoy
  6. Mickyj


    I did some looking yesterday . I may already have one in my collection. I’d like to know the best way to use them . On a 1-3 kilo rod 4 LB leader . I assume like a plastic sink two twitches repeat is that right ?
  7. Ok yesterday there was a special at a certain store I can walk to so yes bought one more another 50 plus shirt . And my daughter remembered to bring the crows fishing shirt home for my Father’s Day gift lol . That’s 6 shirts in total including 1 got at the charity op shop I volunteer at . I think all the places that have these shirts can stop having them on sales I have enough lol
  8. Interesting about hats I had my daughter with me looking at BigW and Kmart problem mainly the ones i wanted had mesh in allowing sun through . So I paid a massive $8 for a hat from Kmart looks like I’m going to school but like a cricket one will keep the sun off as will they solar tube I bought . For myself long sleeve fishing shirt hat tube ect are to keep the sun off me . And those that know me by the waters edge no more shorts when it’s in the 30s
  9. Funny this should come up I’ve bought some recently including a upcoming Father’s Day gift of an Adelaide crows fishing shirt . I purchased a Daiwa one from a certain store that gave me $20 off if I spent $50 so I selected that one in grey and a solar tube it was around the $50 mark for the 2 . Getting the $20 discount was hell on earth eventually they gave it to me for the discounted price . Now having time I googled a certain tackle shop on port road they had one up for a price went in there couldn’t find it the one I thought it was . Was marked just under $50 . I asked the person behind the
  10. Mickyj

    West lake bream

    I’m out of action but reading the replies . Slow retrieves then go slower. Have pauses count to 5 then retrieve . Now posters have mentioned structure very true . I learnt many years ago fly fishing for bream at the lake that shadows to bream are structure . Seeing it’s west lakes there’s areas I’ve caught bream in summer and then areas in cooler weather I’ve caught them . Lures for myself minnow shaped lures work well and sometimes smaller ones . Also beaches at the lake sometimes bream will sit on the clear sand between seaweed beds just things I’ve learnt bream at the lake and sometim
  11. Actually this lure was difficult but I carry small fishing pliers one shake and the owner hooks came free . Sorry I thought you were just talking this lure . Casting issues on smaller lures I’m thinking my 2500 reel it had issues with double clutch lures as well
  12. May I ask why ? Been told it’s worth $30 was offered plastics and hardbody lures for it
  13. Ok with my S Factor running out I bought some gulp scent and yes it works .
  14. Ok a wise fisher I talk to has told me it’s a expensive Japanese lure called Duo . And the Lure actually worked around dawn today Owner hooks are great . Ok only tiny STs but fun
  15. The charity I volunteer for jobseeker at was donated this lure . It was given to me to use. I’ve also got two trout fishing jackets lucky .
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