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  1. I got taken to the pictures and Karl juniors plus a $50 BCF card which so far I’ve bought one small lure with just to see if it works leaves me $40 to spend lol
  2. Seeing no one answered the question I purchased one the other day . Just under $10 ,$9.95 . Doesn’t cast as far as a DC and if you rewind to fast it jumps out the water surface . Now saying that today’s ST 8 should’ve been 10 . This one was black with red eyes can’t wait until the bream are hungry
  3. Well I have caught a lot of fish on S factor not as many on pro cure. Haven’t tried gulp hence I was asking about gulp everyone else jumped on the pro cure bandwagon I never asked about . Seeing I just bought another S Factor it might be awhile before I try gulp
  4. Now I could throw in I have lures that catch salmon or STs in the Pat hand over fist but the same lure salmon in west lakes won’t touch . Not the same on bream lures though
  5. Anyone used fish craft lures ? Small deep diving lures .
  6. Cause I’ve tried it when I couldn’t get SFactor . Mind you some of my largest came from not using any scent . And all those years ago mulloway on bream gear bream lures no scent at all on them memories . I think using 4 lb FC leader don’t think scent or no scent I could land mulloway now.
  7. Used that wasn’t as good on the bream as S factor.
  8. Ok just wondering which is the better scent S Factor or Gulp ?
  9. Looking at these again the green one brings back memories of me landing bream and STs on flies roughly that colour . Could be a killer on the fish .
  10. I had to tell myself it’s lockdown you can’t go fishing and the weather is rubbish . Me thinks I may try a vibe again . Good fish by the way and yes the ones on fly were bigger that I saw pictures of . Yes I’m bored from not fishing I need to prowl the water lol
  11. Probably but I’m a strange fisher I want a bigger fish on lighter gear . But that’s me . Hopefully unlike on hardbodies salmon will take the same flies in different locations . I’ve got hardbodies that’s STs will swallow at the Pat but bigger salmon in west lakes won’t even be Interested in .
  12. I can’t recall the fly I finished using on bream on the surface took it from a Aussie fly fishing forum . The fly would float and bream loved it the smaller the bream hitting it the sound was like a gun shot . Iirc it had a foam material used behind wood panels . I messaged the guy who gave the design out funniest thing he said it was a joke and was shocked that I got legal bream on it
  13. My old days 10 or 11 years ago that was to heavy for bream . But your chasing salmon . Flies with green in them used to work well on either species . I got tired of tying them badly or they didn’t look good did work though . Hopefully there’s a wind iirc fish took flies better with waves on the water ( they do with lures to )
  14. Will you be using sinking line or floating line . Iirc I used to use a 6 weight .
  15. Good luck been there done that well not to where your going . Salmon and bream take salt water flies . The old days I used to wade west lakes and do it .
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