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  1. A little whinge

    Believe me I wanted my old lures to work lol .
  2. A little whinge

    Actually my issue was the old myth or what used to work on bream before i swapped to plastics then swapped back in 2018. The Old that used to work a hard body with an orange belly . Talking to a younger lure flicker I had info passed onto me see through lures now catch bream. That helped me because my older lures with an orange belly struggled to land anything including STs . My issues with the tackle Shop was being told that type of hard body was the only type that will catch bream in the Pat . Yes they did before I changed to plastics Move forward from when that Shop told me that two or three weeks my last bream going 33 cm fell to a hard body basically the colour of a pollywaffle wrapper Green and Red and see through ( you can see the ball bearings) . I showed the picture of the bream with that lure in its mouth I was told oh that works in clear water and no wind . If it's windy or dirty water orange belly out fishes see through lures . I mention this on the day over the long weekend I landed that 33 cm it was 20 to 30 knot wind and low dirty water . My legal before that fell to a see through lure and the wind was 50 knots. Honestly I've written the truth The other info I have used no issue extra Twitches on a totally clear hard body STs were jumping on to it Bream hit that lure with ski boats going by . Its just being told old info that doesn't work anymore . I had read info about UV and bought that lure forgot it has UV technology painted on it that worked different Shop .
  3. A little whinge

    Plus fish don't always take the same lures year after year . Sometimes tackle Shop staff tell the same thing over and over . That lure i got the 33 on was purple Green clear with a red throat and uv colours . I bought it caught an undersize bream weeks later throw it again 33 cm. Got to say I loved being told you must use the orange belly in strong winds and dirty water . So this lure worked on a dodge tide low dirty water in 20 to 30 knot winds . Now my middle name isnt lucky lol
  4. A little whinge

    Like that
  5. A little whinge

    Not much of a whinge I lost two of my favourite lures this week . Went into a tackle Shop near my parents place . I've told them before nicely that the old rule that of only lures with orange bellies work . Told them nicely before things have changed clear or see through do the trick now . I know I was one who always said that but I've listened to younger fishers clear or see through are the go . I replaced my totally see through and another one with green . To be told they don't work if the waters dirty or its windy you need the orange belly . Umm today it was 20 or 30 knots dirty water landed a 33 cm . Sorry I know I'm moaning but hello the new ones work they Even recondmened one that landed me bream !! I'm good now whinge over
  6. Cranka lures

    I still have pictures of that this one was a crank I think the types called not cranka small but fat Today I lost a clear lure to a seagull I cast before I could do anything seagull picked it up and flew off with lure
  7. Cranka lures

    By the way thanks everyone I'm enjoying relearning everything i learnt before my injury . And boy so much has changed . I got told at a tsckle Shop recently the old rule any lure used in the Pat must have an orange belly . I've learnt the old lures don't work any longer or as good as they used to . I do enjoy relearning things What still works slow then even slower and stopping the lure . All good guys My aim clear or see through do work but which ones work better or which ones dont work . Nothing better than getting a shock on a lure that hasn't produced suddenly bream go ape over .
  8. Cranka lures

    Well I'm going by what a young Fisher told me clear or see through hard bodies catch bream they do I've found that out myself The cranka I'm not sure about It's just a trial The lure that landed me bream last week I had doubts over supposedly a killer bream lure in the port and west lakes does work in the pat to . Guess it's trial and error
  9. Cranka lures

    Out of three lures I tried today including one that's got me bream the crank was the lure that got more follows . But I could feel it not sure I like it
  10. Cranka lures

    I don't recall ever buying one and using one . So I bit the bullet and bought a see through one . Not sure I like it or don't like it . Feels different I had a test run this morning no hits no touches lots of smalls following . I'll try again when there's more water Still not sure I like them
  11. Just a warning guys

    I went for a flick today down the Pat a donut . While I was flicking I noticed this teenager on a BMX bike ride behind me on the footpath . Then he moved down on to the grass . He rode behind me four times I kept checking to be sure I wouldn’t hit him .Fifth time behind and above me on the footpath . He stopped and started mumbling when he spoke up he was saying do you want me to put those hooks in your mouth you won’t like that . I looked at him thought you didn’t take your meds I said what I’ll put those hooks in your mouth then you’ll know what a fish feels . He said that a few times then said have a good day ride off . Be warned light brown hair glasses dresses in brown with a huge helmet on . If he tried that on me I’d fight back but older people and younger might be harmed . So many nut jobs out there on something .
  12. Just a quick question

    Just looked it up online looks the same reel 79 bucks I’ll keep it in mind
  13. Just a quick question

    Yep good idea HBT I’ll keep them in mind when I’m ready .
  14. Just a quick question

    i just went online looked up BCF they had a combo listed way too much money . I did see the replacement reel Nacsi if i have the spelling correct . about 70 bucks dearer than ive seen online lesson one nice place to look see what you like but sometimes a big priccy on big ticket items like reels
  15. Just a quick question

    When the weather cools down I’ll go for a walk and look thanks mrfish