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  1. Mickyj

    Mulloway migration info

    I would say they go into the Pat to feed . Even I've caught then in the Pat .
  2. Mickyj

    Bought this yesterday

    Spot on
  3. Mickyj

    Bought this yesterday

    Let's say I'm lucky to have got it . As my managers husband loves anything to do with Coopers . They don't or cant sell anything with company logos on them . I was lucky a few weeks ago to be given a large BWS cooler bag no booze but perfect for going to the sanfl . And a bag I take my lunch to work in a cheese Brand big enough to fit my salad container water bottle blood glucose metre . I look like Fred Flintstone carrying my lunch to work . Now if I can find some fish again life's good
  4. Mickyj

    Bought this yesterday

    I've been putting my lures ect in back packs from Kmart or cheap as chips .I go through them like you wouldn't believe . I take too much gear . When I started to fish when I was a teenager I had a similar bag left it behind one day . Thought I've dusted off my old shimano 1000 might as well take less . Besides my donation helps the animals
  5. Mickyj

    Bought this yesterday

    Now those who know me . Know I wear a back pack with my gear in it . Me being me I have taken to much . Years ago I bought a back pack from Aussie disposals didn't last very long cost way too much . I volunteer at the RSPCA store at Kidman Park . Ive bought a couple of old fishing books . But while emptying the large metal donation bins ( yes old hop along gets in the bins lol). A back pack was donated cloth almost army not quite and small . So for a gold coin donation ive decided to try again . Will cut down what I take see how long this Coopers beer back pack last
  6. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Let's not forget it hasnt got hot yet might turn around .
  7. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Cheers for that
  8. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Just an update Tackleworld didn't have the size told me like before you can't use single hooks on DC so I bought barbless trebles to try out I'll just try on this lure
  9. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Thanks TL once I get time I'll head into TW and get a small amount . Still it was awesome watching the water erupt . And I got three of the four by casting the lure into or around the boil . Worked better by just casting and they hit a still lure.
  10. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Sounds like me got to do some shopping.who sells them in Adelaide or online
  11. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Thanks for that .
  12. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Hey Mr Fish funny you should say that got some salmon 4 today at the lake biggest was only 30. Number 5 was slightly bigger i felt it hit felt like it was gone almost landed it spat the bottom trebles. When I looked at the double clutch afterwards bottom trebles intact Top ones all gone just the shaft ( sorry couldn't think of a better word ) left. I should've gotten more number 1 I got at 6.15 then by 6.50 I was going to change the lure I didn't get time the water just went on the boil and birds went off was insane and fun Double clutch hooks are crap imho
  13. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Thanks HB I went down the other week it was supposed to be high tide it was like they didn't open the gate . And a dolphin was cruising a metre out from the rock wall up from the bridge . The rocks that should be in the water were covered in weed and it was out from the steps. I'll leave the pat a little longer
  14. Mickyj

    The Pat

    Any reports of the Pat lately . Last time I went down they hadn't let the tide in . And it was still covered in that weed it gets in Winter . Is it still covered in weed ?
  15. Mickyj

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    I am getting back into double clutches a 75 mm blue back Silver side got me a 21 cm salmon next trip lost something bigger next trip one hit just before 8 am lost the lure. After I lost it put on an older double clutch I own didn't cast as well. Friday replaced the 75 mm blue one I lost same colour and a smaller double clutch olive Green Silver side . Doesn't cast as far as the 75 but landed me a 30 cm salmon . Can't wait for the bream to return .