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    Lure is spinning while I'm retrieving

    Thanks for the feedback all. I won't be back on the flats until the 16th of Feb so I'll let you know how things go with your tips onboard sometime thereafter. Gary
  2. Hey all, I've recently got into the surface whiting fishing bandwagon but I'm having some trouble with the lure spinning across the surface. My setup is: Shimano Raider 762 Bream Spinning Rod 7 ft 6 Shimano 2500 real 10Lb braid 8Lb mono leader, roughly 50cm long Bassday Super Pen 95mm Atomic assist hooks Size 10 trebles The leader is connected with a double uni knot and I'm using a blood knot to attach the lure to the line. I assume the lure isn't meant to be spinning while I retrieve it? Any tips that might make it swim straight? Gary