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  1. You tube. There is a video of catching KG whiting with soft plastics by The Full Scale. This has all you need to know. It is a great video shot in Baird Bay using the exact grubs you have got.
  2. I was talking to two guys at Berry bay a couple of months ago and I gave them some spots to try for KGW and in return they told me that they caught yellowfin down from the shop in Corny pt. I told them that I wanted to try areas down this way as I live in Marion bay and it's only 40kms from home compared to Stansbury which is 120kms. I go crabbing to Stansbury but haven't tried for yellowfin and one of the guys gave me a spot to try at Stansbury. I found an interesting page on FB called popping yellowfin whiting WA . An interesting page
  3. apparently there are yellowfin around corny point . I tried last summer. Waded out to the weed line but only managed kgw on clickers. I want to try flahetys beach between Turton and Hardwicke bay which looks interesting.
  4. If you can post some pics you might get more replies
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