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  1. Aff

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    I feel your pain....stores in this town often don't stock what we want. No wonder online shopping is taking over.
  2. Aff


    Could be a reverse thread Micky. I'd check with a reputable tackle store someone should know, if not contact Daiwa Australia for advice.
  3. Aff

    YFW fillets

    @Hunter69, he's on the money regarding fish cooking weights.
  4. Aff

    NZ Snapper Industry

    Hi all, I was watching a new fishing show on the TV on Sunday, I think it was called 'Fish of the Day', and the host was saying that in NZ recreational fishing connected to snapper species provides around $88/kg (of the fish) to the country's economy. This would take in tourism connected with fishing, charters,tackle/bait sold etc. I'm assuming. Compared to $9/kg of snapper that the commercial catch contributes to the NZ local economy. Of which 70% is estimated to be shipped off overseas. I know stats can be presented in ways to support a particular position, but those two numbers really jump right out at you. I wonder if there are similarities in Australia's fisheries? If there is, you've really got ask if we're getting the most out of our fish stocks given the current priorities and approaches to fish management? I found this information interesting anyway thought I'd pass it on. Aff
  5. Aff

    Wading Tub

    Nice wading tub TL, very neat looking job. You've inspired me to have a go at making one. Am just wondering if any water seeps in through the bolt holes at the bottom and sides? Did you put in some silicone or some kind of water proofing around the bolt/nut? Or are the tightened bolts water proof enough? Cheers, Aff
  6. Aff

    Couple from the Coorong

    Cue the voice over for the first photo......"Space...the final frontier...." Wicked photo DethCal
  7. Aff

    Single Hooks

    Cheers Plankton, Are those circle hooks designed for lures or do you use regular circle hooks that would be used bait fishing? Would like to give that a try sometime in the future too.
  8. Aff

    Single Hooks

    Thanks for the replies. What you've both said makes a lot of sense. I want to look after the fish if I decide to return them plus also not put a treble in my hand (fishing Karma ), actually only had that happen so far with small hard body lure trebles....Ouch! I'm making use of the shitty windy weather to do all the tackle and gear prep that I've put off for a while now. Tight lines!
  9. Aff

    Single Hooks

    Hi all, I'm in the process of changing my treble hooks on my salmon metal lures over to single inline hooks. Is it best to face the gape of the hook outwards/up, or facing back towards the lure (shape of a J )? I've seen both hook placements in fishing mags so both options must catch fish but which way do you think is better? Keeping in mind I'm only talking about metal type salmon lures. Cheers
  10. Aff

    Port River dredging

    Strange how the LIBLABS (Tweedledumb & Tweedledumber) both stayed quiet on this issue during the election campaign given it had been mooted some time ago. No thorough environmental impact study has been carried out just rubber stamped by the EPA, what's "reasonable" mean anyway?.......I think it's "reasonable" to assume they're gunna fnck up the local marine environment.
  11. Aff

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Congratulations on the new job Southie. I recognised you in the store from your online S&H avatar and the times I've been in store and were served by you,you were always patient, helpful and informative with my multitude of questions. I'm sure you'll be sorely missed by the store and customers. Thanks mate and good luck for your future work endeavours. Look forward to those reports.
  12. Aff

    What are you using now

    My understanding in regards to the merits of fluorocarbon leader is that it is as close as any form of line or leader can get to the refractive index of water, thus making it virtually invisible, but not completely. Maybe the budding physicists among us can substantiate or debunk this claim. I imagine the only thing completely invisible in water is,...well...um water.
  13. Aff

    Goolwa Cockles

    New Years day was even worse UP for 4X4s and people in general, had to look both ways before venturing towards the water. Unfortunately the cockles in areas that are more easily accessed by foot are under more pressure and are thinning a bit. Good you managed some and had some fun with the family.
  14. Aff


    Thanks for the replies fellas. Seems there is a lot to consider when you start paying a bit more for your kit while still trying to get value for money. The point you make Southie about the spare spool interchangeability is an important consideration. Also seems the trend in reel technology nowadays is for smaller, much lighter gear that is still powerful. The new TD SOLs fit that mold for sure. A 2500 would be a nice addition to my reel collection, 10kg of drag while weighing 180 grams, cast it all day with ease.
  15. Aff


    Hi All, As the title suggests, just wondering if any of the tackle junkies out in Strike & Hook Land know much about the knew SOLs, the specs look pretty good throughout the range, anyone have an opinion or have purchased one yet? A bit out of my price range but am curious of your thoughts. Cheers