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  1. I found a post where you did mention Cranka Crabs....strange I must have missed that post, or not retained the bit about Crankas . It seems they can work as you say but best used where live Haswell crabs can be found, match the hatch. I probably wouldn't use them on the flats then but maybe around the Mangroves, good to know. Cheers
  2. Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge Des. Your posts are my go to for learning and planning when targeting YFW, with limited success (not due to your info I should add but my application of it). I was wondering if Cranka Crabs would work for YFW, if you or anyone else has tried them? Maybe they'd be too big for their mouths and they wouldn't go after them. Other posts you've made show small crabs in gut contents. Appreciate any input. I don't get to the Northern flats very often so don't get much opportunity to experiment but I'm curious if Crankas could work. Ch
  3. So true, but sadly the food shortages that are occurring in many instances are the result of government ideologically driven agricultural policies in various countries along with ineffectual sanctions designed to hurt Russia that are actually hurting the countries applying the sanctions more. The problem with $cience today is that it doesn't take place in a political, or economic vacuum. There are too many "unscientific variables" that find their way into the process and I believe influence many findings and outcomes(i.e. funding sources....whoever pays the piper influences what music
  4. Any particular Japanese online stores you'd recommend MAH? Cheers
  5. Does seem some what conflicting. I heard the logic from Spurrier (Chief Health Officer) that organised team sports often involve participants that may live in many different areas around Adelaide gathering in one place and therefore risk of geographical spread would be greater. Hope that makes sense and explains the inconsistency.......still seems a bit illogical to me.
  6. Surely the Woodville Pizza Bar would have been asked for a list of their employees from SAHealth if the other infected security guard from Peppers worked there as well. Maybe some of the heat should be put on them instead of just this individual worker, after all they were employing him weren't they? Not just selling him a pizza! Why are the F'N staff from these Medi-hotels working more than one job! Get the right staff and pay them enough wages Steven Marshall otherwise this is quite likely to happen again somewhere.
  7. Are the masses that are flocking to the shops unnecessarily in blind panic realise that now is the worst time to be in places with high densities of people in terms of coming into contact with this virus? The behaviour of many people at the moment is a disgrace.
  8. Wouldn't take SkyNews reports as gospel Mike they play loose with the the facts and plenty of dogwhistle political messages in their reporting. Just my opinion. Hope everyone is coping ok in these trying times and staying healthy. At least at the moment we can still go out for a fish. Cheers all
  9. Aff


    I watched the episode of Big Angry Fish when Nathan, one of the shows presenters, introduced his scoots. Apart from the the fun of making his own lure he said he made the scoots because he was fed up with the Leather Jackets destroying his soft plastics. I've never used them so can't attest to their effectiveness but I can see that they would probably hold up better to a mauling by a Leathery.
  10. Going by those prices I'm thinking its more economical to buy mid priced quality reels, work them hard, but with care. Obviously avoid water and sand intrusion. Wash them down etc. after use and replace them with new ones when they no longer perform to acceptable levels. Seems wasteful though....such a throw away society we live in now days. I guess the cost is wrapped in the service person's pay. The value of those reels listed above would however justify their servicing costs.
  11. Not real keen on the concept of a fishing license. I can see the merits in them but I don't want to be taxed for something that I'm doing for fun, whether I'm catching fish or getting donuts, it just doesn't feel right.
  12. Did that just burst outa someone's guts as in the Alien movie?
  13. I feel your pain....stores in this town often don't stock what we want. No wonder online shopping is taking over.
  14. Could be a reverse thread Micky. I'd check with a reputable tackle store someone should know, if not contact Daiwa Australia for advice.
  15. @Hunter69, he's on the money regarding fish cooking weights.
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