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  1. Goolwa Cockles

    New Years day was even worse UP for 4X4s and people in general, had to look both ways before venturing towards the water. Unfortunately the cockles in areas that are more easily accessed by foot are under more pressure and are thinning a bit. Good you managed some and had some fun with the family.

    Thanks for the replies fellas. Seems there is a lot to consider when you start paying a bit more for your kit while still trying to get value for money. The point you make Southie about the spare spool interchangeability is an important consideration. Also seems the trend in reel technology nowadays is for smaller, much lighter gear that is still powerful. The new TD SOLs fit that mold for sure. A 2500 would be a nice addition to my reel collection, 10kg of drag while weighing 180 grams, cast it all day with ease.

    Hi All, As the title suggests, just wondering if any of the tackle junkies out in Strike & Hook Land know much about the knew SOLs, the specs look pretty good throughout the range, anyone have an opinion or have purchased one yet? A bit out of my price range but am curious of your thoughts. Cheers
  4. Goolwa Cockles

    You're welcome guys. @Doodlebug73 I don't have a 4x4 so have to leg it , but good news is they were pretty much right in front of the entrance to the beach from the kiosk. We went a bit to the right away from people swimming, surfing etc, found a bit of our own space and did the pippi shuffle. I think the further you go from the masses the more chance of finding them easier because people are generally a bit lazy walking further & so they're less are likely to have been taken further away. But you don't need to go far to find good ones at the moment.
  5. Goolwa Cockles

    Hi all, Went down to Goolwa on Sunday to collect some cockles for bait now that the season has reopened. The hot weather and light winds made it a perfect day for frolicking among the crashing waves. What was surprising was the average size of the cockles we were gathering, being well over 3.5 cm across (legal minimum size). Got enough to last a little while but well under our quota. Didn't take long because finding legal ones was so easy which hasn't been the case over the last few years. They're now packed and stored in the freezer ready for summer sessions. Thought I'd do it early in the season before PIRSA shuts it down yet again. We don't eat them anyway & I don't think fish are to worried so I don't see why bait collecting is stopped even if there is microbe contamination detected. Let's face you can get seriously ill from not cooking your food properly & bureaucrats don't monitor the contents of our fridge, anyway that's another story now we're all living in this post common sense world, nanny state, economic dictatorship! So those of you who like foraging for your own bait Goolwa beach seems to be providing good cockles this year. Bear in mind please just take what you think you're going to realistically use so there's plenty for all and plenty left over for nature to replenish itself. Cheers