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  1. I've been using rubber cement to stick everything down the stuff you apply to each side and let it dry before joining, like sikaflex it would stick your boat to the trailer if put on the guides but a lot cheaper
  2. peatop


    Yeah for sure when i first started kayak fishing i was using berkely sp's and they are the worst for bite offs they catch fish really well but i don't think they are cost affective, there are some sp's that definitely out fish others but i would probably only use them in tournaments or offshore where they will catch what im chasing hmm or whats chasing my sp lol My choice of sp's are zman as they last and catch, and then i use scent which helps fire up the bite, up till now I've been using x factor but the zman scented use pro-cure so this time i bought some in squid, but im interested in trying some of the other flavors aswell
  3. I've been sceptical on both sides of the coin as far as the affect on the lure, can the fish see the clip and another weak point. I called into my local fishing shop yesterday and while looking around i had an interesting discussion with one of the owners about different clips, knots and split rings for lures, he was one of the local commercial fishermen in days past but the summarized version is tie the line straight to the lure no split rings, clips or swivels, one of the things he mentioned was swivels create bubbles. But hey this is his opinion, when im changing lures in the bay all trip long i think im still going to use clips, but for offshore im going to just tie a loop knot from the leader to lure
  4. I've been using a quick change lure clip that you twist you lure on, i started using a similar one for squid jigs until i came across these that i now use The lures work very well on them but find the thicker wired lures and big jigheads 5/0+ can be difficult to get on, then everthing I've read and watched on vids tend to say fish with big eyes can easily spook using clips (understandable imo) i am by no means an expert or experienced for that matter but if i use a fluoro leader so the fish can't see it why add a clip that the fish can? But i do use the clips whenever i intend multiple lure changes, i also have a couple of fluoro leaders with a good quality split ring tied at one end for my offshore lures. I have also asked the guys in my local kayaking forum about the use of clips and lures, the responce was the majority said no clips, and loop knot to the lure however this was more in responce to fishing for pelagics. Another thing to consider about split rings is they damage the line so it should be checked often for wear at the loop or knot.
  5. @Aussie Dave yeah im hoping to do the SWR trip this year/season sharks don't bother me, i seem to catch my fair share of toothies, i did purchase a shark shield this year and adapted it to run off my 17.5 Ah kayak battery, after talking to minni in portland about near misses and it has also been heavily discussed in vyak at times, but yeah it all about the release, how to release them with no injuries to them or myself a lot of my fishing is done with circle hooks so it's a matter or cutting the line as close as possible to the hook count your fingers after it's done lol
  6. I don't know why the fishos have waited till now to complain, it's been on the cards since all other commercial fishing in sheltered waters has been under scrutiny, i have fished the lakes there and it has always been worse than anywhere else i have ever fished. And imo as soon as you introduce any commercial activity into a natural resource it's almost impossible to keep it sustainable, my hat come off to the state government on taking this hard ball initiative, before commercial fishing if someone wanted fish they had to get of their fat ass and go catch it lol now they can eat the shetty farmed fish
  7. peatop

    black snapper

    I was going to say they must live amongst the kelp, pun intended like jm said I've also heard of the same black snapper and recall them being around 50-60 cm so i doubt it's one of those but im no expert, but interesting i shall ask around
  8. peatop


    Yeah bucktail are another version usually named as buck tail fur is used, but i have seen many designs which include buck tail fur, how well did thise work for you?
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    I often watch fishing show on tv and youtube and one that i really like (although in it's last season)is big angry fish, one of the guys has been developing these scoots (as he calls them) basically they are saltwater flys tied onto a sp jighead, these are nothing new they've been around as long as i can remember in on form or another, i bought some tinsel, thread and glue some time ago but kept forgetting to make them until i was watching an episode the other day were they went scoot fishing (no bait). I pulled out the gear i had bought and some craft supplies i had got from my daughter and proceeded to make a few test ones. These are what I've made and thought i would share, and ask if anyone has done anything similar for saltwater use?
  10. I stopped following football once i left school, however i never liked watching most sports on tv, i often went to games at the MCG with school mates and loved the atmosphere, these days it's a no brainer if it's suitable to be on the water that's where i want to be
  11. Lol PP a man after my own heart, i too search the bargain bins, and if your really lucky you find older lures out of manufacture that you wish you had heaps off. Yes marketing is a funny thing these lures will catch you these says the sales rep! Hmm as you walk through the checkout he thinks "well that lure sure catches a lot of people, not sure about fish though" lol, when im in a tackle store and the sales person tells me "oh this lure looks real nice" i just say yeah but what do the fish think about it? I went into bfc (killing time) and was looking at jigheads and sp's for tuna and kings but i wanted something in the 50-75mm sp range (a match the hatch sort of thing) so i was looking at the jigheads pondering if the hook would be strong enough to hold a 15-25kg fish, a sales guy comes up and says can i help you? After a short partial explination of what i was doing he picked a 6/0 jighead of the shelf and said this is what you need, i just looked at him and laughed, he looked at me puzzled and i said, do you think you can get a 75mm sp to sit nicely on that jighead? Oh no you need to use a bigger sp hmmm. Although the term match the hatch is a good rule of thumb, I've found a better rule, don't be surprised, don't be surprised when you catch the fish of a lifetime on a lure meant for something else or a lure you thought will never work, I've been given lures that the person thought they would not work or didn't work only to put it on and catch a fish with them saying can i have them back now lol
  12. Different actions work on different species at times, try using all types, my collection of sp's although not wide does include many tail types, although i often feel i need more paddle tails, lol of course the action we provide is often the key to enticing the fish to bite, i watch many youtube videos on fishing and i often come across a method I've not seen before, colours are another thing you will struggle with, again try different colours, different shapes, i was given a few packets that included different coloured prawn/yabbi styles great for bream at a guess but why wouldn't a nice big red bite on them? They will be part of my sp arsenal over the next few months chasing snapper out in the channel Another youtuber uses a pink and white flick bait, he drops it down next to his yak and uses it like a jigging lure but not as fierce, he often hooks up in seconds, another was Nigal from AFN on a video used for promotion by zman using sp's to catch spotted/spanish Mackerel offshore, i love bait fishing, but sp's and hb's have come a long way over the years and im hooked
  13. I don't mind loosing lures as this is part of the game, however in the past my lures only cost $1-2 (slices) however now the majority of my lures are mainly for offshore (hardbodies) so i try not to buy cheap ones (unless recommended) as i would hate to loose a fish of a lifetime to a badly made lure, not to say that the more expensive lure are better as often it just the reputation that makes them expensive, and it's the same with soft plastics, the choice imo is totally personal, why buy brand x? If you find they last longer or out perform brand y, then use them, however it doesn't matter what you pay as long as they work for your intended use, and you are willing to pay the asked price When i buy my gear whatever it is, im usually buying a cirtain amount that I've save for, i then search for specials, if i can't find a decent special i wait until i do. The Internet is an awesome tool to locate item/s for much cheaper than the RRP, if items im buying in aus are made overseas (which sadly most are) i don't mind buying them from overseas if i get it cheaper, like braid 2000m $50 why wouldn't you buy it for that? However items that come with warranty i buy here as if you need to claim, sending it back makes it doable. If buying something i need or i can't find it cheaper anywhere else, my local tackle shop (not anaconda or bcf) a shop that only sells tackle is my one stop shop, and i often find good advice and better prices than those chain stores. Adrian, you could open a tackle shop with all those lures but my answer to your sweet collection is you can never have enough
  14. All my rods are ugly stiks as l buy them on special for the same price as some of the cheapies, last time was 5 for $150, reels although l only buy these on special being a kayak fisherman l have to buy reels that withstand the punishment they get being so close to the water, as l dont work anymore and had to buy completely new gear for kayak fishing, l bought cheap combos to start, and have been replacing them as l can afford, I've been buying penn slammers as these although not sealed can be easily made water resistant and for a $75 reel you can't beat them, once I've upgraded all my cheapies with slammers or better, l will then look into upgrading them for sealed reels, my light rods have fin nor lethals l was lucky to get them for $50 each and my overhead trolling rods have fin nor lethal ltl 20's which l got for $169 each so they should last for a while.
  15. I often hear the comment if they are hungry the will eat anything, although this is referenced to squid jigs, although this is a true statement it cover the times they aren't hungry l use Yamashita for my quality jigs, l also have jigs perchased from the post office for $5 these are all plain colours while the Yamashita are patterned, now my goto are a red rattle Yamashita and the white post office jigs, they both catch similar amounts, sometimes one works and not the other, it all comes down to what they want on the day but the post office jigs have the same action as the Yamashita, those ones in kmart well lets just say the squid need to be starving lol It's the same with any lure, it needs to have the right pattern and action to not only attract it's intended prey but make it bite, it's for this reason my goto hb are Rapala although l do buy others when l cant get the style or colours in Rapala, l bought some Aldi lures sometime ago which work well but the colours wore of after little use I've used quite a few types of sp's and although most work well, l now only buy zman for a number of reasons, they work, they last, cost affective, why dont l buy the others? The only reason l dont buy other brands is you shouldn't mix sp's in the same container and being a kayak fisherman l don't have the room for mutiple brands, l read further back that someone said only use motor oil colour, if motor oil is the only sp work for you then your doing something wrong (not having a go at anyone, this is just fact) There are many brands of both hb and sp lures on the market, they all work but some better than others, l know of people that buy overseas stock as either they are not available here or no longer available here.