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  1. Yep, hard to imagine a store owner putting out a report of "nothing much caught here this week" when their whole business relies on people buying stuff from them to catch fish! Of course they embellish.
  2. I was kinda wondering if there'd be a few less boats at the marina than usual on a Saturday. I don't usually go out on weekends, but maybe this time. Or just save it 'till Monday.
  3. So with some really nice weather and conditions coming up over the weekend, the burning question is - watch the Grand Final, or take the boat out? Must admit, I'm struggling a bit!
  4. malb

    Freezing Crab

    Yeah, I know, but nobody home to eat them at the moment. Well, except me, so maybe I'll just have to step up! Cheers.
  5. Hi all, Just after some tips on the best way to freeze blue swimmers? Raw? Cooked? In shell? etc. Any thoughts? Mal
  6. And yet they can broadcast a moron killing people in NZ live, and that's not a problem.
  7. You should have taken it straight back to BCF. As the retailer, it is actually their responsibility under the consumer law. They are not allowed to pass the buck back to the manufacturer (and to be fair to BCF, they may well not have, I don't know). Tough lesson learned by the look of it though. And interesting to hear about the shoddy service from such a big company. Not good enough from them. Thanks for that.
  8. malb

    Chopper reels

    Shore based fishing. Salmon, mullet etc.
  9. malb

    Chopper reels

    Anybody know anything about Chopper reels? They look pretty good for the money, but would love some first hand knowledge before I shell out for one.
  10. The other thing about it is that in South Australia, the prevailing winds are southerly, so nearly always onshore. Might work some days, or in some places but a bit inconsistant.
  11. malb


    Yeah thanks Cal. They really ought to do well in the lakes. Always did well up in Menindee Lakes and Bancannia. May take a while, but it'll be interesting to see if they might come good in the lower lakes now the water has improved.