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  1. Who's been catching salmon this season?

    I haven't tried much this year but I've got a few for liveys mainly around the Port River estuary in various places, I did get some good sized ones a few months ago coming past the Outer Harbour seal colony, one was big enough to break the hook on my double clutch and get away.
  2. Double Clutch lures in stock?

    I bought one at SportsFishingScene a few weeks ago and they had most colours.
  3. 2018 Fishing goals

    Well done Kuerschie, that's a bumper year so far. For me it's more just targets, this year I got my yak XOS snapper and last year a yak SBT but I'm still chasing that kingfish, metre mully and 30kg SBT, must all be yak caught to. I've been held back the last couple of months with a dodgy shoulder, the doctor suggested it might be bursitis and sent me for scans, it'd be great to get it sorted so I can start enjoying my fishing again. Dave
  4. One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Good luck in the new job Southie. It's a shame we need to chose between a job we love doing and a job that will pay all the bills but that's life. It'll give you your weekends though and allow you to fish more which is a very good thing.
  5. Rod and reel combo for tuna and kingfish

    Hi Marten, I have two set ups for these fish, for casting plastics/jigs I have a 7 foot 8-12kg rod with a Penn Slammer (560 I think) and for trolling I have a 6 foot Triton Beastmaster 8-12kg rod and a TLD 20. On a kayak I think a 8-12kg rod is heaps, I'm not sure I'd even be likely to put that much pressure on a fish. The guys at Sportfishing Scene will be able to help you out, they are a great bunch of guys with heaps of knowledge to share. I buy all my gear there. Dave
  6. End of RecFish SA?

    According to the policy above, no, RecfishSA are to be part of the new body. "We will establish a new body for recreational fishers, including representatives of Recfish SA, ...." Just to make sure we're talking the truth not assumptions.
  7. Show us your Squid Jag Collection!

    Wow, that's so organised Kelvin, I feel bad about my pile of gear on my dining table now.
  8. Big Angry Fush Skutes

    Looks like a great plan SnapperHead, I reckon they'll work a treat, I've heard about some yakkers successfully doing the same thing for snapper and mullies. That's one of my favourite fishing shows too mate, snapper, kingfish, kingfish, snapper, all great species to target. Dave
  9. The Best Squid Jig?

    Some great info there Southie and Kelvin. That's some great tips about dropping the size when they are tentative and be in the strike zone longer, I need to get some smaller jigs to try and catch a live squid in West Lakes for a mully livebait so I'll take them with me when I think I'll get the chance to chase squid. I only fish for squid for bait, the family appreciates the tubes though, so I'm no expert. For me my favourite is the qantas (white with red head). I take 3 colours with me, qantas, black and a coloured (natural multi-coloured) one, I'll start with the qantas and coloured if the sun is out or the qantas and the black if it's a bit overcast then use what's working. Last weekend it was qantas 3, black none. Dave
  10. Photo Theft

    Looking at that instagram account I reckon I've had facebook friend requests from an account of the same name with the same portrait pics. Some scammers may have thrown this instagram together to make the fake fb profile look legitimate.
  11. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    That's great news mate, it's a beautiful spot there and I've been wanting to go there for a weekend since I got my yak but there's just so many places I want to fish.
  12. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Hi Noz, My first thought would be Deep Creek, when I was young and land based this was my favourite place. One trip me and my girlfriend at the time got about 4 and a half dozen 50 to 60 cm salmon off the rocks in about two hours, great memories. @Brutus, hi, are they still having issues with tyres being spiked at Cape Elizabeth? It's a great place to fish there and a beautiful camping spot, it's a shame a small minority try and ruin it. Dave
  13. Hi guys, I had the day off work yesterday as I had an electrician at my house replacing the meter board and after he left I went down to Yamaha Pitmans Marine on Main North Road to see if they could help me with some alterations to my offshore life jacket. As my biggest fear when out on the water is losing contact with my yak, if this ever happens I want to make sure that I have my PLB and handheld VHF radio with me, what I wanted doing is some straps sewn on at about the collar bone to hold my marine radio on my left collar bone and my PLB on my right collar bone and for these alterations to be robust enough to handle the salt water environment and be strong enough that they don't break if the air-bag ever goes off. I was directed out the back to talk to the guy who makes/alters their canopies who kindly did the alterations and all he wanted in return was that I catch a 30kg SBT from my yak so I said I'd mention his great service online. A strap with velcro on the left to hold the PLB and a strap for the alligator clip of the handheld VHF on the right. All set to go, well when I go offshore I tend to wear my normal life jacket under this one as my normal life jacket is as much a utility belt to me as it's a life jacket so they'll sit a little higher. Dave
  14. Hi guys, I got my prize pack today... Thanks again to Alan (AKA Kidney Slapper) AA Mobile Mechanic and Bjorn, you even put in my favourite soft plastics colour, Nuclear Chicken, well done. The prawn sp looks great too, I can't wait to try it on some snappers. Dave
  15. Thanks guys, I'm stoked! And a special thanks to AA Mobile Mechanic AKA Alan (Kidney Slapper) for sponsoring the comp.