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  1. A lot of KGW , I have caught over Moonta way , have had prawns in there guts , I always see what is inside a fishes belly , to help give you an idea of there eating habits , some days Pilchard will send them off as well . I found that a finely cut up pilchard will keep the school around . The last hot bite we had , all big fish , had pilchard in there guts , and biggest 50cm , my PB
  2. I made a mistake in the fish count one day and was one over the limit bye one KGW , they were in a hot bite and all big fish , they were all followed to the boat by large Snook , so I took a strip off of the smallest KGW to see if I could score a Snook , no I scored a 46cm KGW , so yeah Mike I believe ya .
  3. Fishing Wholesale , mid coast fishing tackle , they are a glass rod , very light , with lots of balls cheers
  4. Maybe have a look at the OKUMA flexi tipz , I like them but you may not , around $50 .
  5. Hamo what Samaki have you got ? I have the 10-17lb and feels very nice , yet to hook anything over 6kg .
  6. Try TACKLE DIRECT , it states it has 10 left , maybe RAY and ANNE ??? good luck
  7. All the best Adrian .............CHEERS
  8. Love the picture , but feel for your pain as I have the same problem with L3,L4,and L5 with Sciatica ,and is very painful,after a failed Lamonectomy ( cant spell check ) and many other procedures ,I was implanted with a Dorsal Column Simulator into the spine ,not fun , so I hope you go well , as bad backs rule your life CHEERS and good luck Matey .
  9. Sorry to hear matey , loss of your job is bad enough , but to lose your best mate is hard , been there and yes its hard . Hope you are doing ok , in such a bad time in every way . Stay strong man .
  10. That is some good size fish , when camping on Gordonvale river just out of Cairns , some 30 years ago we would use a clear bubble float , with a metre like trace just using bread as bait , caught some nice fish but all around 25..30 cm good fun on a light set up , we caught bigger models up at Chillagoe QLD ,in some water holes we stumbled across great fun cheers . great read .
  11. Hard hat weather , should bag it up , probably gunner be 40 degrees in a couple of days , the way the weather has been lately .
  12. Top stuff Adrian , love the video and such a nice spot to fish ...…...unreal country side and water ways love it
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