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  1. lofty64

    Get your line on tight

    OH MY GOD go fishing ….?
  2. lofty64

    What going on with your the Snappers?

    The POWERS to be will dictate ,the whole thing ,WITH NO IDEA AT ALL , it is so sad that us rec .. fishos .. have so much passion ,in a sport that we love ,and spend lots of money and time ,trying to keep our habit alive ,only to be F@%$ed by government ,pirsa or what ever , WAKE THE F$#K UP , realize what is happening ,and realize something should have been done 10 years ago ,but no ,you are a bunch of low life scum in my mind ,have no idea about fishing ,just $$$$$$$$$$$$$, GET A GRIP AND LET US REC FISHOS HAVE A CHANCE ,absolutely disgraceful ,...…..HOPE YOU CHOKE ON A BONE FROM IMPORTED FISH , oh sorry that would be from here MAYBE ???? A BIG JOKE END .
  3. lofty64

    What going on with your the Snappers?

    PIRSA was told years ago and nothing was done ,owned and run by Corrupt enterprise ,all about money ,money , money dickheads . To late WANKERS , unless you put a complete stop to long lining ,limit boat charters more ,and stop the pros taking as much as they want , and F%#K the idiots coming in our gulf with super trawlers .
  4. lofty64

    Storm gomoku

    Yes I have a Storm Gomoku 1-3,6ft and I love it handles metre mullys ,80cm king fish and had caught large snapps by the previous owner .
  5. lofty64

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Shake the gents into ,a sawdust mix ,with bran ,tends to clean them and feed them ,then into clean sawdust ,come wood shavings ,with some fresh bran ,lasts for a long time
  6. lofty64

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Put your fish frames in a fine chicken mesh , let them get blown wrap in news paper, then bury , bring out and shake ,all gents come out with a little fish crap ,pick out fish bits ,easy as , can also have it on a pole if you don't like the smell .
  7. lofty64

    Wading bags

    Some good ideas there ,and maybe look outside of the box, I have had a tool bag ,that I use when fishing creek beds , along the beach or rivers, made out of canvas , simple bag with 1 main flap ,a main area and 2 pockets on the inside ,I have had this bag for 10 years ,and still going strong . I was a boilermaker /welder so has to take some hard knocks ,tools etc . I will try and get a picture up , as it is simple ,and works .
  8. lofty64

    Smoked Shark

    Mackerel the best fish to smoke imo , same as dmck YUMMO .
  9. lofty64

    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    Hi Doobie, as said above I just rub in a little brown sugar (raw) and a little salt. The tommies and Mackerel ,that I caught awhile back ,I fillet and do the rub thing, and fill my little metho burner to the brim ,when it runs out of metho they are smoked ,around 15......20 mins . I gave a lot away and all loved it . Mackerel is the favourite.
  10. Hi Matey ,

    I have a Silstar Power Tip 1 piece 6ft ,PT-601TBL ,Baitcasting Rod ( overhead) .

    Great for Snapper , in very good condition if you are interested .

    I have no use for it anymore ,as I use spinning reels now .

    Its 4-6kg I believe cheers .


    1. Dylbaa


      Hey bud! Thanks for the offer! I should have said graphite. It's going to be used for flicking lures for callop, cod and the occasional Barra trip. Cheers

    2. lofty64


      It is light action ,but all good matey cheers

  11. lofty64

    Adelaide fishing

    BAIT FISH …………….easy as , good fun and you catch more fish . STOP looking at videos', thinking it is easy , because , it isn't . sorry but all videos make it look , like you catch fish every time, wrong …… just my 2 cents...
  12. lofty64

    Adelaide fishing

    I am Sorry a lot will not agree , but I have tried the lure thing , and soft plastics , maybe I have no patience , so I stick with bait , live bait or fresh cockles ,worms ,clickers what ever , maybe I am no good at lure fishing , but I cant stand fishing for 3hrs casting lures , and then try again for 6 hours for maybe one fish , F@#k that , bait for me . IMHO
  13. Sorry a little off of the above said rods and blanks , but on the subject , I have a 13ft surf rod made by Len Butterworth ( not for Len Butterworth ) . I have had this rod for 30 years ,and was 1 piece ,but had it made into a 2 piece ,as it is 13ft long ,and hard to travel in a normal car ,without roof racks. It is a 13ft , 2 piece Powergraph SS5156G . Surf rod . Just wondering if they still hold value , if anyone is in the know ? cheers .
  14. lofty64

    Why don't I catch fish?

    If you are going for garfish , I suggest always move your bait a little ,sometimes they don't even move your float ,they are just sucking on the gents ,just light lifts now and again as sometimes you will feel some weight ,and you know they are there . Also check your maggots on the hook , if they have had the guts sucked out , you know they are there ,so you just have to work for them . As said above I have fished for over 40 yrs ,and Gar can be very finicky at times ,and they will do your head in . The last trip I only managed 7 gar ,the time before 37 gar ,the time before that NOT ONE GAR . So don't give up , Gar is one of the harder fish to master at times , but worth the effort as YUMMO to eat . CHEERS
  15. OK give up, maybe your dinner after a Monday fish ?