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  1. Hey just a thought , put all of your fish frames , in chicken wire , like in a roll , frames in chicken wire ,roll the chicken wire up , like a tube , when they have been blown , wrap in news paper , and bury , take out and shake the maggots out …...EASY , most of the fish stays in the mesh , shake , shake and put the SH&t in the neighbours bin . not Rocket science ……….…………. and you don't need a Vernier, to measure , fish don't go on size ……..of maggots …….? and the science that goes into …….. maybe catching F%^k all .
  2. Even better beats , the week end rush and lots of Wankers to put up with .
  3. You may need a doctors appointment , the answer is FISHING lol , listen to it on the radio , best of both worlds .
  4. I bought a 4 piece travel rod 17-24 pound , light as and love it , $27 delivered to my door , and matched it with a 3000 reel , CAPICI ,13+ball bearings spinning reel $32 delivered to my door , loaded with Mongrel 15lb braid . Worked a treat on the salmon , and is kept in my boot with a handle full of lures ,just in case a school is spotted while driving . Both rod and reel have been fine , and love the set up myself cheers
  5. STICK THE SWIMMING ….lol , rather a warm bath lol TOOOOOOOOOO COLD , but would love to fish the waters there ….looks amazing ……..great country scenes , and flowing water , pristine ...in my mind , and FISH , LOVE IT …….nature at its best ………
  6. Great stuff Adrian , such beautiful water ways , unreal and fish to catch ……..love your work , and your videos are fantastic ,...…..love it cheers
  7. OH MY GOD go fishing ….?
  8. The POWERS to be will dictate ,the whole thing ,WITH NO IDEA AT ALL , it is so sad that us rec .. fishos .. have so much passion ,in a sport that we love ,and spend lots of money and time ,trying to keep our habit alive ,only to be F@%$ed by government ,pirsa or what ever , WAKE THE F$#K UP , realize what is happening ,and realize something should have been done 10 years ago ,but no ,you are a bunch of low life scum in my mind ,have no idea about fishing ,just $$$$$$$$$$$$$, GET A GRIP AND LET US REC FISHOS HAVE A CHANCE ,absolutely disgraceful ,...…..HOPE YOU CHOKE ON A BONE FROM IMPORTED FISH , oh sorry that would be from here MAYBE ???? A BIG JOKE END .
  9. PIRSA was told years ago and nothing was done ,owned and run by Corrupt enterprise ,all about money ,money , money dickheads . To late WANKERS , unless you put a complete stop to long lining ,limit boat charters more ,and stop the pros taking as much as they want , and F%#K the idiots coming in our gulf with super trawlers .
  10. lofty64

    Storm gomoku

    Yes I have a Storm Gomoku 1-3,6ft and I love it handles metre mullys ,80cm king fish and had caught large snapps by the previous owner .
  11. Shake the gents into ,a sawdust mix ,with bran ,tends to clean them and feed them ,then into clean sawdust ,come wood shavings ,with some fresh bran ,lasts for a long time